my slutty wife used as a cum sponge

this story is quite disgusting and is also completely true. It happened just after we were married however i only herd about it after the fact. After we got married my wife wanted to buy a lot of new house items from furniture to linen she was not working at the time and i had a subcontracting job so money was a bit tight. We applied for a few loans but were knocked back for not enough income. Then one day i got home from work and my wife said that she had found an add for loans for any purpose she asked if she could apply tomorrow i did not like the feel of it but she really wanted the money so i agreeed. The next day she went in dresses up in her short skirt and low cut top and got the loan using her car as security for the loan the interest wasnt to much and everthing went along alright for a few months until i was off with a back strain for a couple of months. At this point the loan guy started to sent late payment reminders that got more nasty until her said that he wanted to take my wifes car she was very upset she liked her car so the only option was he said he wanted her to come in and work out a payment plan. When she went in she dressed in a long flowing skirt with no nickers which she often went without and low cut top with a built in bra so her dd,s were spilling out and the edge of her areola were on show you can see how bigg they are from the pics in our profile. This guy ran his loan business from his house he was about 65 tall large built with ginger hair going bald and grey. When my wife came in he looked her up and down and said dressed to deal i see she explained our situation to him and tried to put payments on hold but he said he needed payment today or he would take the car. Crying she said she had no money today to that he said we had better make another arraingment then had we not she said yes. Then he said firstly remove that stupid little top that covers nothing and throw it here as she pulled her top over her head her massive dd,s fell out for him to see and he said fuck look at the size of those melons i am amaized you can stand straight. She threw her top to him and he threw it into the lit fireplace at that moment it was going through her mind she had to go home topless. He picked up a large strap off the chair next to him and called her over she slowly walked over to him and he smacked her hard across both tits five times hitting her big nipples with each stroke each time he made contact she yelped in pain. Then he kicked off his shoes and took off his pants and underpants to reveal a as my wife discribed as a fat long ugely cock he then pushed her to her knees and said suck it you slut. She reluctantly again crying opened her mouth and started sucking this horrible mans cock he then took the strap and put around behind his back around the back of her head and buckeled it up tieing her mouth to his cock she was unable to pull off even if he went limp he sat back down in his chair and grabbed her head and started to jack himself off. I have said before how muck my wife dosent like cum in her mouth i have only had the pleasure on a few occasions. So she was getting more and more upset and after about ten minutes of start stop jacking he said hope you are hungry baby this is a weeks worth and then he grunted and let fly what she said was so much cum she swallowed four times and it was still lleaking out she said she felt sick and just wanted to go home but he then told her that six hours would cover this months payment so she only had five hours forty five minutes to go. He was drinking large amounts of beer and coffee and was farting they smelt bad and he then jacked himself off again and just before he blew his load he said to her here is another snack and then filled her mouth with more disgusting sperm. As she was tring not to vomit while swallowing his last offering he talk to phone calls the first was as she could hear another girl who was overdue on loan payments that he told to come in tomorrow to discuss a plan the second was a business call or a friend she counld not tell other than it was a man then she herd words that terrified her and made her squirm and cry again he said that he has to take a piss really bad so i have to go as i need to see the look on the young ladies face as he hung up the phone he said ready for the main course darlin and she was histerical then he started to piss he said if you spill any i can do worse not wanting worse she was swallowing and swallowing untill she vomited he said swallow you slut she swallowed her'vomit and the rest of his foul piss he then jacked himself off again saying heres desert as he blew another load.
To be continued

69% (14/6)
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3 years ago
i agree with waterskier
3 years ago
freakie but kept me reading on i hope part 2 is soon