i begged like a dog

few m8s rd and usual playing cards and darts etc and also most important loads of booze :) anyway it was hitting bout 11ish and i decided to nip in and change my clothes, as i was changing i saw my thong and thought (it will do nicely) so boxers shorts off and thong on and i went bk into the living room and opened a new can of beer. time was passing by and so was the beer and i was feeling so horny with these thongs on and 3 of my m8s enjoying themselves aswell. another hour went and i bit my tongue and pulled my jeans down revealling my thong and nearly erect cock, i walked over to 1 of my m8s and said (plz give me ur cock) my m8 looked shocked and started looking at my other m8s, my m8 behind me said (come over here and beg like a dog and il give u cock) i slowly kneeled over to him and started begging (plz can i have ur big cock babe, shoot ur load in my ass plz) few mins later he whipped it out and said now suck it bitch, i started sucking on his cock and then started to wank myself at the same time, i looked up and saw my m8 nod to the others and by surprise i felt the other two wanking beside us and really enjoying themselves. bout 30 mins had passed by and lots of sucking each other off it was time for my punishment my m8 said, i looked up and saw my other m8s behind me lubed up and looking wet, he said ( get on all fours and spread wide sissy boy) i did what he said and was kinda loving i was just about to be fucked. finally my m8 slid his cock in my ass as i started to moan in pleasure, getting fucked n two cocks swinging about waiting to be sucked off my m8 said he was ready to cum and bang out my ass and a big load of cum on my face, i felt so girly i said to the other two Next please. they grabbed me and bent me over a armchair one m8 banging my brains out and the other standing up while i sucked him off, 30-40 mins later they both came on my face and what a messy face i had :) hope u enjoyed and i have a few more stories to tell so will be putting up SOON xxxxx
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