My 1st threesome turned into a night i would never

It was a weekend and i had asked a few mates to come round for a drink and watch a movie with me, 8.00pm had arrived and my m8 debbie was the 1st to arrive followed by mark. I asked them what they fancied watching and they both said a horror film or a romantic, debbie then said never mind the film lets just chat, so we chatted about our day and what we had planned for the rest of the weekend, a few bottles of wine had gone by now and mark had asked what my sexual fantasy was, i was too d***k and out of nowhere debbie asks (yeah whats ur sexual fantasy) i was sitting back and had said ( i wish someone would fuck me with a strapon while im dressed like a sissy ) they both laughed and said it would be fun. Next day debbie phones me and says where you serious about ur fantasy (i could feel my face burning ) and then said yeah i would love it, debbie had said she had a strapon and would fulfil my fantasy. So later that night i went and met up with debbie at her parents caravan and we got chatting (she had said her other male friend was into strapon fun and was cumming rd) i was cool with the idea. Well we were all sitting on the bed me,debbie and chris and she said lets do it then, she pulled the covers away to reveal this 10 inch strapon that she had on and said start sucking boys, i started stripping and watching chris suck away on her strapon then i lay beside her grabbing her huge boobs and kissing them she pulled my head down to suck her off and my god i was gagging like crazy as this was my first ever cock action. After a while she went into her box and got some lube and said (bend over its pumping time ) i was so horny at this point i bent over on top off the bed and waited for her to insert the strapon, she was behind me now and started to squeeze the strapon in my tight ass, after a minute she was in and was slowly pounding the shit out of me (which i must say felt amazing) after about 15 mins she jumped off the bed and said she needed to lube me more, so after being lubed a bit more i could hear her saying are you ready and felt her coming onto the bed again and starting to insert it in me, so round 2 was away and i suddenly felt it being very different i turned my head rd to see chris was the one that was fucking me while being dressed in a corset, white stocking s and i pulled away in a shock. i could not believe what was happening, after a few minutes i couldnt resist and went down on my knees and started sucking chris off begging him to fuck me hard and proper again like a slut. As chris was banging my brains out he had said he was ready to explode and debbie then lay beside and turned me round and said cum on my boobs chris, as he exploded his hot load all over debbie and some off it on me debbie said lick it off my boobs slut, i lifted her boobs up and started licking the cum off her huge boobs which was also my first time tasting it. After this night we decided to do it a few times more whicj il try and post at some point, hope you like as it was my best sexual experience ever xxx
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3 years ago
Hot story.. Nice twist from strapon to real....
3 years ago
HOT story, very sexy.
3 years ago