Sharing the wife

For the first week after having slipping Sarah the roofie and showing her off, naked
on webcam and to truckers on the highway, I walked around in a
constant state of sexual arousal. Mostly I thought about what might have
happened if I had only had the nerve to park on the truck side of the rest area
after showing her off to the long line of semi drivers on the highway. Several
evenings I seriously considered a repeat performance, giving her another roofie,
loading her in the car and heading to the rest area for the fucking she so
deserved and needed. But there were still a couple of issues to be worked out.

First, I couldn't be one hundred percent certain I really wanted to share her.
Was it something best left as a fantasy or did I really desire to see her bedded
by other men? Not being sure, it seemed more than a little risky to expose her
to the whims of countless strangers. And more importantly, my ultimate goal
would be to have her as a partner in this, not a passed-out zombie who didn't
even know what was happening to her. Although there was a kind of a strange
appeal to that thought, of finding ways to have her fucked on a fairly regular
basis by large numbers of strangers without her ever knowing it was happening.
In reality, I figured I probably couldn't pull that off long-term and should
probably stick to my original plan of trying to talk her into having a regular
boyfriend instead.

Also, as long as I was going to keep d**gging her I needed to find a dose that
would leave her at least semi-conscious so she could be an active participant.
Especially if, as I was beginning to think, my next step would be to try to find
someone willing to fuck her while she was high.

I decided to proceed in two ways. I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a man
to fuck her, I was careful with the wording so it wasn't too obvious that she
was going to be stoned out of her mind at the time. As last time, I got lots of
responses and set about sorting through them for a few decent candidates. I also
began planning for our next adventure, the purpose of which was to try a smaller
dose to see if I could leave her conscious enough to actively take part in sex.

After a number of emails back and forth, I felt like I had found a few guys who
seemed reasonable and set out to meet them over coffee. One in particular, a
young german named Jan, seemed like a good fit. He was admittedly a bit kinky
and didn't hesitate at all at the idea of fucking a woman who had had "a little
too much to drink." I explained to him that ultimately, he'd have to seduce her
somehow when she was sober, but I needed to know first if this was going to
actually work for me. He seemed eager to play along and help me reach my goal of
sharing my wife especially after seeing pictures of her naked.

Thursday I suggested to my wife that we have a few drinks Friday evening over
dinner and maybe go to a movie, she laughed and said "You're not making the
drinks are you? I don't want to end up passed out again." We both had a good
laugh, but my chuckle was more along the lines of "But my dear, that is the
plan, after all!"

So Friday night after work, we met at home and drove to our favorite restaurant.
I ordered a beer and she got a margherita, as usual. I had one half of a crushed
roofie in a small envelope in my pocked, I waited until she was starting on her
second drink and distracted her and dumped it in her glass. Our meals were
brought to our table and we ate and continued talking and drinking. By the time
we were finished eating, she was slurring her words slightly and her eyes had a
decidedly intoxicated look. I motioned to the waitress for the check, in a hurry
to get out of there and at least to the car before she passed out. Her walking
was unsteady, but she was still conscious. She laughed about not being able to
handle her liquor anymore and began to get a case of the giggles. I helped her
into the car and fastened her seat belt before getting in the driver's side. I
intended to ask her where she wanted to go next but she was not in any shape to
hold much of a conversation. Before starting the car, I texted Jan to meet us at the bar
we had pre-arranged. She didn't seem to notice my texting and continued to laugh
and sing.

I pulled out of the parking lot and she never asked where we were headed, so I
didn't offer any information. Just to see how pliable she was going to be, I
suggested she flash her tits at the car next to us. To my surprise, she pulled
her top up and shook her tits at the two men in the car beside us! They honked
and waved and she waved back. OK, I thought, this might work, she would never do
anything like that normally.

The bar where we were going to meet Jan was only a few miles away, so we got
there quickly and parked. I helped her walk across the parking lot and into the
bar. I found us a booth and we sat down. I ordered a beer and she got, you
guessed it, a margherita. When Jan walked in, I waved him over to our table. I
introduced him to my wife and motioned for him to sit beside her. She was
friendly and obviously very d***k. We all sat together and talked for a while,
as she continued to get more and more "d***k". After about 15 minutes, I excused
myself and said I'd be right back. This was the pre-arranged signal for Jan to
start trying to make a move on her to see how she'd react. The bar was not the
nicest place, so a couple groping in a booth would probably not cause much of a
scene. I could tell she was beyond the point of caring, but I wasn't sure Jan
would have success. I walked across the bar and found a suitably dark corner to
observe. It wasn't 2 minutes until they were kissing, shortly after that, I
could see his hands on her tits, rubbing and squeezing them. So far, so good.
The key now will be, will she remain conscious or will she pass out like last
time? Part of me wanted to rush back to the table and suggest a hotel as soon as
possible, but the other part of me wanted to give them more time to get
friendly. I decided to take a walk around the block.

I walked slowly, my cock was rock-hard thinking of my wife making out with
another man in a seedy bar. I had been gone maybe 10 minutes and I got a text
from Jan asking where I was and telling me Sarah was begging for him to fuck
her. I told him I'd be right back and practically ran back. When I got to the
booth, her shirt was half off and one of her tits was hanging out of her bra.
She didn't seem to notice me as she ran her hand up and down Jan's crotch. I
slid in the booth and said "Looks like we need to get you k**s a room." She said
"I just need someone to fuck me NOW!" Jan tried to quiet her as he pulled her
shirt back down to cover her tits and we both got up from the booth, Jan lifting
Sarah up by her arms and trying to help her stand.

It was a bit of an ordeal to get her to the car, but I told Jan I'd drive and
they could sit in the back seat. She immediately began pulling at her clothes and
said to Jan "Please, I need you to fuck me now!" Jan told her we were on our way
to a hotel and that she should be patient but she clearly wanted it right now. I
called the nearby Holiday Inn Express and made a quick reservation. When we
pulled up out front, I parked in a dark corner and left them in the car while I
went in and registered. It wasn't long before Jan was assisting her out of the
car, into the hotel and into our room. I walked along behind them with a small bag
I had packed unbeknownst to Sarah with toys, cameras and lube. At this point,
she didn't know I was even there.

Once we got to our room, they went straight to the bed. I pulled out my camera
and opened the d****s, neither of them seemed to care what I did as clothes
began to fly everywhere. Sarah was moaning and panting and begging for Jan's
cock. I began to take pictures. Jan turned to me and said "It's now or never my
friend, do you really want to do this?" I didn't hesitate and said to him, "Put
it in her right now!" He pulled off his pants to reveal a long, slender, very
hard prick. He said "Would you like to guide me in?" Sarah was on her back with
her legs pulled up. I reached between them and spread the lips of her pussy. "Be
my guest" I said to Jan. He grinned and leaned up close to Sarah, took the head
of his cock and slid it between the opened pussy lips. Sarah's eyes closed and she
rolled her head back and moaned. Anyone in the adjoining rooms was going to get
an audio show tonight.

I took several quick close-ups and stepped back. I had done it, I had shared my
wife with another man. All those fears I had that it would repulse me were for
naught, this was the most exciting night of my life. As Jan thrust in and out of
her, I snapped picture after picture, from different angles around the bed. I
asked Jan to move into different positions with her, I got pictures of her
sucking his cock, of him licking her pussy, of her on top, of them fucking
doggy-style. He brought her to several orgasms as I watched, I got a video of
each one. Finally he was nearing climax and asked me where I wanted the first
load. I said "Sarah, where do you want Jan's first load?" She moaned and said
"Cum in me, PLEASE cum in me!" I said "There's your answer Jan." He began
pumping her hard. I stepped back and pointed the camera at them, recording every
moment. He exploded in her with a loud yell, then collapsed on her, both sweaty,
both breathing hard.

I couldn't believe how hot the scene was, another man had just creamed in my
wife's tight little pussy. I was shaking, thrilled beyond words.

Sarah was still hot, she wasn't satisfied with the 20 minutes of fucking she had
just gotten. She pushed Jan over and descended on his cock, gobbling it into her
mouth while it was still soft, slurping and sucking and lapping at it like a
hungry a****l. It didn't take much of that for him to begin to get hard again.
He looked at me and said "We should DP her, are you up for it?" I didn't need a
second invitation, and I slipped off my clothes and climbed on the bed behind
Sarah who was on her knees sucking Jan's stiff dick. Her pussy was ridiculously
wet, he had obviously spilled a massive load in her, I began to pump her. She
lifted her head, eyes closed and whispered "Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck me!" Jan pushed her
head back down on his cock and began to hump her gorgeous face. I slapped her
ass between strokes from behind until it was a nice shade of red. Her moaning
was loud enough to easily be heard in the hallway. We were on the first floor of
the hotel with the d****s open and lights on, several people stopped and watched
as they walked to their cars. It was still early, not much after 9PM so there was
still quite a bit of activity outside.

I began talking to her as we fucked her from opposite ends. "How do you like
having two cocks in you at the same time?" She moaned in response and ground her
ass against me. "How does it feel to be such a dirty slut? Do you like it?"
More moaning. I stopped fucking her and moved back away from her to allow myself
enough room to really slap her ass hard. She yelped in surprise. I slapped her
other ass cheek again, harder. "Tell me what you are, say it!" I slapped her ass
again. She lifted her head up off Jan's dick and said "I'm a dirty slut." I
slapped her again and said "What else are you? Are you a dirty, cocksucking slut?
Say it!" Another slap. Again, with slobber dripping off the corner of her mouth
she said "I'm a dirty cocksucking slut." "Do you love it?" I asked her. "I
love it!" she said.

Jan had had enough talking and pushed her mouth back down on his cock. "Quit
telling me how much you love to suck my cock and do it" he said. I began fucking
her again, a massive orgasm building. Jan had her head in both of his hands, sliding
the full length of his 9 inch cock in and out of her mouth, pushing up and down from
the bed with his hips while his hands moved her head up and down in rythym with his
pelvic thrusts. She was helpless between the two of us, just along for the ride, but
quite obviously not an unwilling prisoner.

Suddenly Jan cried out "I'm cumming!" I began talking to her, "Did you hear that
Sarah, your lover is about to cum down your throat. He's going to shoot a massive
load into your mouth, be sure to swallow it all, don't lose a drop!"

The v******e of his orgasm surprised me. He grabbed her head tight and pressed it
down onto his dick with all his strength, while he pushed his hips up from the bed,
trapping his long cock in her throat as he cleared his balls into her. After what
seemed like minutes, he relaxed his grip on her head, she lifted up off his wet,
slimy, rapidly-softening member. Strings of sperm trailed from her lips. Jan wiped
her mouth, then let her lick his fingers. I continued humping her from behind. Jan
rolled over beside her and began to suck her nipples. I could feel my orgasm building,
I knew it wouldn't be long now. I grabbed her hips and slammed against her, I yelled
her name as I came, my hips convusling in spasms, driving my erupting cock deep into
her wet, slimmy cunt. I collapsed over her ass, pushing her down onto the bed, both
of us wet with sweat, pussy juice and sperm.

We were all quiet for a bit, then I whispered to Jan, "I'm going to leave you
two alone, text me when you're ready to go home." He nodded, I got up from the bed
and dressed quickly, then slipped out the
door of the room, without a room key. I walked outside and snapped a few
pictures, discreetly, through the open d****s of the two of them kissing softly
on the bed, Jan lying on top of her between her spead legs. I drove home and
began looking at the pictures. I posted the best of them on Do My Wife. Several
hours passed and Jan texted me, saying they were done and he should probably be
heading home to his wife.

The hotel was near our house, so it didn’t take long to get there. I parked and
texted Jan that I was there, he said he’d be right out. He got in the car and
handed me the room key with a smile, “Well, you have reached your goal, how does
it feel?” I said “We haven’t quite reached my goal Jan, I want this to be a
regular thing for you and her, without having to give her a roofie to get her to
fuck you.”

I drove him back to the bar to get his car. On the way we planned our next
steps. We both like the idea of a gangbang, he says he has several friends who
would enjoy helping with that. I mentioned that maybe we should plan a stag
party and have her be the entertainment. And of course, at some point, he is
going to have to seduce her when she is in her right mind. He thinks it will be
easy, but we’ll see.

I dropped him off and thanked him, he said he would call me tomorrow to start
planning our next moves. I drove back the hotel and walked to the room. She was
sl**ping soundly, naked, on the bed. It was very late, after 4AM, so I carried
her out to the car naked and strapped her in the passenger seat. Then I walked
back in the hotel to get her clothes and gather up the toys they had used. Then
I drove her home, carried her to bed and climbed in beside her.

She slept late the next day, I was up fairly early. About 1 she stumbled out of
the bedroom, looking rather bleary. “Good morning sl**pyhead!” I said, smiling.
“It’s not morning and it’s not good” she replied. “What is happening to me? I
can’t drink at all anymore!” I walked over and hugged her, "You were tired
honey, it's OK" She frowned, "But I can't remember anything after dinner, what
did we do?" I smiled and said, just like last time, "Oh, nothing. You started
falling asl**p so I drove us home and we went to bed early." "Ok", she said,
"But we must have at least come home and made love, I can feel you all over me."
I smiled again, "Well, yeah, of course we did that." "So why don't I remember
it?" she said. "I guess I'm just boring in bed" I said with a grin and slapped
her on the ass.

She was groggy the rest of the day, but Sunday morning she was up early and
showing no ill effects.

Jan and I talked several times over the next week. We both feel like half a
roofie is the right amount and that she was just about perfect - hot and horny
and the next day remembered nothing. I didn't tell him about my secret desire to
take her out to the highway again, I can't get that idea out of my mind.
Ultimately, my goal is still for Jan to get into her pants unaided by d**gs, but
for now, we both agree that we're having way too much fun with our play-toy to
quit just yet.
85% (26/5)
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1 month ago
Another hot story
1 year ago
wish i had a drug like that
2 years ago
did that to my wife she didnt need drugs but she fucked like a slut on 4 occasions even taking it up her virgin arse and loved every hour she was fucked got the photos to rember
2 years ago
I never used drugs on my wife just a few glasses of wine and the right guy seem to work.
2 years ago
A few drinks seem to work well for my wife
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice one!! I hope there's a sequel.. Cheers!