Waste of a good outfit

Its was New Years eve ,My friend invited me to her house for a small party . I decided to get a new outfit for the party since
I just got paid .I was feeling my self I had on these cute zip up knee high boots with leggings and a over sized sweater my hair was even agreeing with my that day it was awesome lol . I got there around 11ish hate showing up early .When i walked up to the door
I could hear the music and then her boyfriend answered the door in his boxers ,I was laughing figured he was trashed witch of course
he was but I didn't know what kind of party I was walking into. I followed him down stairs and my friend Kate who was throwing the party came up and gave me a hug .I was shocked ,She had on a corset,booty shorts and heels .She forgot to tell me it was a pj party.
my other bff Dani was laughing at me she knew they were new clothes .She was in a button up Tee and heels too .The guys in boxers and pjs .I felt so out of place .I had a few drinks before the ball dropped its was fun .Until everyone started giving me a hard time about
not participating in the dress code (mostly the guys) . I said its one thing if i had a shorts or a costume but no girl there was in a thong . I kept drinking the music was so loud it was a lot of fun .I ended up taking the sweater off it was so hot in there ,I had a tank top on still . After a few of the weird people we didn't like left my girlfriends and I started dancing ,The guys were staring it felt kind of good to put on a show .I decided to lose the tank top and show of my cute lace bra .It was starting to turn me on .My friend Kate's boyfriend was sitting on the sofa facing us she was bent over shaking her but in his face i thought it was funny so i went and put mine in hers. She was holding my ankles when the guys starting saying take it off .I could feel the zippers on my boots being pulled down she said "give them what they want bitch" .Dancing in my socks was better then the boots but I told her if I had booty shorts on i wouldn't care but I was wearing a thong.I went to get a drink and this guy whos name i never got came right up to me and said he had to put a pillow on his lap from watching me .I told Dani about that she was single too ,Grabbed my had and said lets do this.We started dancing again i was really starting to get hot and turned on ,Between the guys watching the drinks and the temp ,Like i said i was feeling my self . I unbuttoned Danis shirt she didn't even notice not all the way but you could see her chest when she moved that guy i was talking to was nodding his head .Then in front of everyone Kate starting pulling my leggings down i started to put up a fight but the cheering was getting the best of me.I sat on that guys lap put my legs up and let her pull them off. I sat there on him for a min or so scared to stand up.Then Dani saw what i did to her shirt and everyone told her i did it She pulled me up and was shaking my butt with her hands facing everyone then put her leg between mine the rubbing drove me nuts i went somewhere else ,I forgot were i was ,Starting feeling up her shirt and kissing her neck (we had sex before) Kate unbuttoned Danis shirt and we fell back on that guys lap .I starting sucking on her nipples really hard till she pulled my hair back and started doing it to me .I felt my bra go loose and the air on my chest .I knew there were at lest 6 guys in the room.I decided to just close my eyes .I felt the guys hands on my thighs pulling my legs open and Danis fingers going deeper and deeper in me i was soaked ,but staying quite .Until she slide 3 fingers in i couldn't help it .I sat up and she pulled me on the floor .I was laying flat on my back with my hands over my eyes .Kate knew i was close to cumming and held my hands down .Dani was fingering me almost a bit to hard i felt my boobs bouncing i just wanted to hold them but kate wouldn't let me .The guys were going nuts (Don't blame them lol) When i saw Kates boyfriend pull out his phone i rolled over face down.I didn't want to stop , I ended up bent over on the sofa .Everyone was like 2 feet from my ass taking pictures and videos at the time i didn't care . When Dani stopped i turned to her and pull her underwear right off and grabbed that guy he started fingering her i dont even think she knew who it was.I sat on her face and squeezed her boobs her tongue is so strong, A few guys kept feeling mine I started making out with this nerdy guy everyone keep pushing him towards me .What a freak this guy was he pushed me over on her i had my hands on her knees ,With her still going down on me he spread my ass so hard and starting putting a sharpie in my ass i have never had anal ever still haven't.It hurt so bad but when he would pull it out felt amazing .When it starting to go in easy they asked to take turns i didnt care i just didnt want it to stop maybe 3 or 4 of them did it for a little bit .Until i couldn't take it anymore i needed a dick i started sucking on the cute guy it was good size ill have to post the video they made .I made them turn the lights off before i actually had sex with him it was a crazy night i just wanted to tell my story =)

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