Fart slave

**characters settings and ages are all fictional**

I am a sophomore in high school. i am 5 foot 10 and athletic build. My name is matt. i had seen Morgan a 17 year old beautiful junior. she was one of the hottest cheer leaders you will ever see. i had stayed after school friday for track practice and decided i would go get something from my locker, first though i had to go to the bathroom. i was facing the urinal peeing when i heard someone come in , i thought maybe it was a janitor and didn't want to make it awkward by looking at him. suddenly a hand went over my mouth and i was pushed up against the wall. when i saw that it was Morgan pushing me up against the wall i was stunned. she said "hey matt, i read your blog, bet you thought nobody would ever find out you wrote it, i know your a nasty boy and hey would you know we share the same fetishes"
she let go of me but by than i had not only pissed on my self but her too. she walked over to the door closed it and locked it. she said "now nobody will interrupt us" and winked. by now my Bonner was bulging out of my sweat pants. she had taken off her cheer stuff and was wearing just her bra and panties. she told me to get naked. she started sucking my dick and it was the greatest blow job i had ever gotten, right as i came i heard i knock on the door "Morgan let me in its nikki" nikki i though, also one of the hottest cheer leader, my lucky day. morgan opened the door and let the blonde beauty in. they briefly kissed while getting fully naked and said they were going to fullfill my my dreams "lie down on the floor now!" nikki ordered sternly. i did as told and morgan stood above me "your lucky day boy we ate as much as possible at a mexican buffet before practice and have been working up some major gas" nikki started to give me a hand job as morgan sat on my face, i couldnt breathe at all and no farts came but than morgan let her sweaty ass up just a little, i took my chance to breathe and right as i did she let a huge fart right into my mouth. it was so good and bad at the same time as i came Morgan and Nikki were laughing. Morgan let off a few more sweet farts than suddenly stood up. Nikki was sitting on the edge of one of the toilets. "come over here and eat my farts you dirty boy" she demanded. i did as i was told and started to lick her butt hole. she said "here comes a big one get ready to eat it" i opened my mouth wide and she let off a huge fart straight into my mouth. it tasted great. "can you taste the burritos?" i definitely could. she let off many more great farts, than turned toward me and said "let me help you wash those down" and a nearly see through stream of piss started to splash on my face and in my mouth. the girls wanted to see if they could taste there stinky farts in mouth so we made out. than Nikki said "don't tell a soul and maybe we could do this again" and winked, they started to walk away but than Morgan said "wait i feel one more coming" oh boy was it one more. i got on both knees to eat her fart, it was a really wet one and she exploded with diarrhea all over my face. "lick my hole clean" she demanded i did as i was told and soon Nikki said, "i have a big one coming to, lie down on the floor" i laid down and she said i wasn't aloud to close my mouth. she let out the smelliest fart yet and than immediately started to shit in my mouth. as Nikki stood up Morgan came down and started to eat the shit out of my mouth. they gave me their panties that smelled of there farts and sweat and left. my face was a mess and i knew i wouldn't be able to get the taste out of my mouth for weeks. as i was cleaning my self up i realized what they said, i would be able to do this many more times with them.
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