Golden Shower

Jean came running to my room one day. This was not unusual everything seemed to get her excited. She was very hyper.

" You have to come with me and see what I found." she said. I followed her thinking it was just another thing that Jean thought was exciting but didn't interest me.

I followed her into Tom's room. She went to the closet and said " look at all this stuff he's been hiding in here." She a stack of magazines. Of course there was the Playboy and Penthouse magazines but there were also porn magazines. We sat there going through them and getting turned on not believing what we were looking at. Then we found a magazine that showed woman pissing on each other. Jean and I looked at one another in disbelief. We had to read the words before we realized what was going on and found out what a golden shower was. I thought it was gross but good ole pervert Jean thought it would be fun. I said there was no way she was peeing in my mouth. She said she wanted to try it to see what it taste like. I said no way. We argued about it but kept checking out the magazines. We both fell silent when we found a magazine that had women with dicks. We could not believe what we were seeing. We were convinced that it was fake. But we were fascinated by it.

Jean got back on the golden shower thing.

I said " even if I did agree where the hell would we do it. It will be a mess."

Jean said " we could get in the shower."

I was still against it. She said " it won't be much different then having cum all over you and it is easier to clean off."

I didn't know what to say to that so I shout up.

The subject was dropped at that point.

One day while laying out at the pool Jean very calmly asked me to go with her. I thought as we walked toward the house " why is she so calm." She usually is excited to show me something. We walked up the stairs and down the hall when Tom came out of nowhere pushing me into one of the bathrooms. I had no clue what was going to happen. They threw there cloths off and I just stood there clueless. Then they attacked me stripping me naked as well and pushing me into the walk in shower. It still didn't click. They pushed me down on the floor of the shower and proceeded to piss on me. I yelled at them and Tom put his hand over my mouth. I squirmed on the floor trying to get away but they had me boxed in. I really didn't mind the warm liquid on my skin but when they hit my face and I got a taste I freaked out.

Jean said " come on you have to admit it doesn't taste as bad as cum." She was right. It became just another perverted thing in our growing list of things.

We would sit around drinking glass after glass of water or whatever then run to the bathroom and shower each other with our pee.

It was best when we could drink beer because it made us piss more
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1 year ago
mmmmmmmmmm love golden showers
1 year ago
Sweet Golden Love love to suck and drink it from my ladies pussy
and have her suck my cock when I have to go , very erotic wanting to cum and go at the same time
1 year ago
love watersports,or just wetting my sexy panties if im alone
1 year ago
I have always been into watersports but my girlfriend not so much but I got her to try it a couple times and now she loves it. just livens up the sex life a little more
1 year ago
Fun little story.
So, I'm trying to figure out where you fit in all of this as it relates to real life.
1. You do/don't like GS on yourself.
2. You do/don't like GS to others.
There are 4 choices there.
Personally, tie me up on a chair in the shower with a ring gag, fine by me.
1 year ago
Now this is so fucking hot it's not funny. I have a trail of pre-cum on my belly after reading this.
1 year ago
great story... get me going bad. Kisses/T
1 year ago
love it i must i never had one let
1 year ago
Great story. Loved it.
1 year ago
yes interesting
1 year ago
very interesting