First time with Tom

Paula and Jean brought Tom to my room one night. I was terrified. I had seen his dick before but always soft. We all got naked and Tom's cock started to get hard as soon as he saw us naked. His cock was not small and it stood straight out.

Paula said " I will show you how to please a man before sex." She put her mouth over his cock and Tom made a loud grasp. It watched as she slid her mouth over his cock until it disappeared in her mouth. I remember thinking " how is she not choking. It looked like it went down her throat." She explained later how to do that.

Tom made her stop so he wouldn't cum. He said he wanted to cum when he fucks me. I was still terrified of what was going to happen next.

Paula explained it all but I just couldn't image how it would feel.

Jean told me to lay on the bed and she ate my pussy first explaining that it would be better for me to be wet when he penetrates me. Just that word terrified me.

I could see Tom watching, his cock staring at me. Then Jean stopped and said " she's ready."

Tom tore open a condom sliding it over his cock. I was shaking from fear as he approached.

Paula laid next to me trying to keep me calm while Jean spread my pussy lips to receive Tom's condom covered cock.

Paula kissed my cheeks and held my hand. Tom pushed his cock slowly inside my pussy. My whole body shook with fear. I closed my eyes. I didn't think he would fit in my hole but then his cock pooped through my opening and I felt his hair against my hair. He slid in and out for what seemed to be forever.

Paula kissed me softly on my lips and Jean kissed my tits and nipples.

Tom made strange noises while fucking me. Grunting and groaning. I was still scared but started to relax and enjoy the feeling. I could feel something stirring inside me. Paula told me it was my pleasure building up. I didn't know what to expect then all of a sudden I felt my muscles tense up and a strange overwhelming feeling shoot through my body. My pussy tightened around Tom's cock and he make an ugly face yelling out. He was cumming and so was I. Tom pulled his cock out and I could see his cum stretching the condom as it filled. He left. Jean kissed my pussy and Paula said " now that wasn't too bad was it?"

I had to admit it made me strangely happy. I loved how my body felt.

Jean went back to eat me and I felt like a queen being attended to by her subjects. Paula kissed my tits, rubbing my belly.

Jean ate me, licked my clit and probed my pussy with her finger. I could feel that feeling again and I wanted it to happen again.

Tom came back and Paula sucked his cock getting him hard again. He slipped another condom on and started fucking Paula as she laid next to me. He fucked her different. It was faster and harder.

Jean was still eating me. I watched as Tom fucked Paula and she screamed out time after time. My little orgasm was nothing to what Paula was experiencing. I again felt that strange feeling in the my stomach as Paula cried out and Tom made the same ugly face. Paula reached over touching my tits and smiling at me saying " now that was an orgasm and someday you will feel how good it is."

Jean said " I want Stephie to eat me and make me cum. Paula help her I need to cum too."

Paula and I worked on Jean's pussy taking turns licking her clit. Jeans clit was much bigger than both mine and Paula's so she showed me how to suck on it like it was a little dick. Jean squirmed around on the bed as we ate her pussy. Then she screamed and yelled out climaxing. As I lifted my head I saw Tom standing by the bed watching and jerking off. To my surprise as Jean was cumming Tom shot a big load of cum on her face. She just kept cumming as he emptied his balls on her face. She didn't even react. Then even more surprising she started to lick his cum from her lips and Paula licked it from her face.

Paula said " get up here and taste this." I didn't want to so she yelled at me and I reluctantly licked the cum. I was shocked that it wasn't bad. I licked her face and Tom pushed his cock in my mouth squeezing the last drops into my mouth.

Paula encouraged me to suck him more to get used to having it in my mouth. I enjoyed the control it gave me over Tom.

After that night I could get Tom to do a lot of things for me just by giving him a blowjob and it made me the cocksucker I am today.

To be continued............

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1 year ago
great story ty
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1 year ago
Hot story, thanks for sharing !
1 year ago
i love ur writing steph its great!
1 year ago
Wow ,baby you have more fun than a barrel of monkeys,,,one hot story,,,thanks
1 year ago
nice start to this story
1 year ago
Good story