I have these two male cousins who are 10 years older than me.Back when I was 20 I was hanging out with them at their summer house.When we were on the beach I could see them checking me out and talking about me.

One night everyone had gone out for the evening leaving me alone with the two.They are also b*****rs about a year apart in age.

I was sitting watching TV with them when Cal the oldest sat next to me on the sofa.I didn't think anything of it.Then Dave sat next to me and I started to feel a little uncomfortable because they were looking at me strangely.The next thing I know Cal is against me trying to kiss me.I pulled away and right into Dave's face trying to kiss me also.I tried to get up but they pulled me down.Cal held my face kissing me hard and I felt Dave pulling at my bikini top.Then I feel my tit being sucked.I tried to fight but they were to strong for me.I struggled and really got mad when some one's hand grabbed my pussy.I screamed out but they wouldn't stop.As they continued to do what they wanted I became more sedate and just let them have me.As soon as they realized I had stopped struggling they proceeded to remove my bikini and their own cloths.They rushed me to a bedroom throwing me on the bed and quickly jumping on the bed,on either side of me.I could see both cocks were hard and pretty good size.Both clamped their mouths on my tits sucking hard.I reached down to find their cocks.They both sucked in their guts as I grabbed their cocks.I stroked both as they sucked my tits and a finger found it's way into my pussy.I quickly became wet and before I knew it Cal was ramming his cock inside me.I cried out in pain but soon turned to pleasure as he fucked me hard and fast.He fucked my cunt so hard that before long I was cumming and he dumped his load inside me.I could here them whispering and suddenly Cal pulled out.Just as fast Dave was in.He fucked me hard also but he was on his knees and holding my leg open as wide as they would go.In seconds,it seemed like, he was emptying his cum inside me.I was still cumming from the first fuck.My cunt was full of cum running down my ass.Then Dave pulls out getting down on my pussy and starts sucking up all their cum.At first I was disgusted then I thought "hey I would do the same thing."

Dave sucked every drop from my pussy.Cal had already left.When Dave finished he left the room.I laid there again thinking to myself "is that it? They don't realize that I am willing to do more."

I got dressed and went out to the living room to find I was alone
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1 year ago
As said earlier...boy did they ever lose out.
1 year ago
Mmmm lucky you
1 year ago
1 year ago
fantastic thank you!
1 year ago
that was hot
1 year ago
very nice sweets and hot i was in the same situation like you with my sexy younger cousin. She was acted exactly the same way as you in the beginning struggling and pushing me away until she gave in.
1 year ago
why cant i have cousins like u!?
1 year ago
1 year ago
poor baby next time call me when your all a lone
1 year ago
their loss for leaving
1 year ago
Great story. Loved it.
1 year ago