Female mail carrier

Let me set the scene.

My living room has two windows,one on one side and one on the front with the front door and porch.I never close my curtains because I don't care who looks in even if I am naked.The young men in my neighborhood have frequently gotten some nice peeks.

This one morning I was sitting on my couch, which faces the front window, with my bath robe hanging open and masturbating with my Magic Wand.I was just finishing my second orgasm when I saw a figure in the window.It was a young female mail carrier that I have seen from time to time but is not the regular one.She is a cute little thing probably mid twenties.Her mouth is wide open staring at my pussy.Then she realized I saw her and moved quickly to the door.I got up and went to the door.She was standing there petrified.I opened the door and she said "I'm so sorry but I need a signature for this letter."

I said " Don't worry about it sweety.It's my fault for not closing my curtains."

To which she replied "no I should have looked away as soon as I saw.But I have to say you have a beautiful body."

I asked " are you interested in women?"

She replied shyly" I actually am."

My quick reply to that was "would you like to come in for a few moments?"

She hesitated a few seconds then said "ah I wish I could but I may get in trouble if I don't get this route done soon and get back the post office."

I said "well you have an open invitation anytime you have the time stop by."

She said "anytime?"

I just nodded and smiled as seductively as possible sliding my robe open just a bit to expose one tit.She nodded lowered her head and walked away.

I thought I would never see her again.

About two weeks later,one morning, my doorbell rings.When I open the door there is my sexy little mail carrier, dressed in street closes, standing with this bashful look on her face.So cute.

She said "you said anytime?"

I said "yes I did please come in."

It was perfect I had my robe on and nothing else and she wore a sexy tank top and very tight skimpy shorts. I watched as she walked to my chair.My lord what a sexy body.I could feel my bl**d boiling already.

I was not going to waste time with chit chat so as she turned around I let my robe fall open.

Her eyes examined my naked body "fuck lady you are gorgeous." she said

I stepped toward her and her hands went right to my tits,caressing them she said "oh my god they are incredible."

I dropped my robe on the floor and reached down pulling her top off.Her tits were small and firm her nipples hard.I embraced her.Our tits came together our hard nipples poking one another.Damn the sweet smell and feel of youth is so intoxicating to me.My pussy was moistening quickly.I kissed her softly.As we stood there kissing her hands explored my body.

I held her little face in my hands kissing her with purpose.I darted my tongue in and out of her mouth.

Her hands went from my tits, to ass,to my pussy over and over.

I undid her shorts dropping them down her legs and pressed my pussy against hers.We stood there grinding our pussies together.I was so wet and hoping she was also.

She dropped to her knees pushing her tongue into my slit finding my clit.My whole body tingled as she licked and sucked my clit.I held her head not wanting her to stop.She pushed deeper into my pussy and I thought I would explode at any moment.I was having trouble containing myself,my orgasm was ready to happen no matter how I tried to contain it.She was relentless and I erupted.She lapped and sucked at my gushing pussy.I screamed out pushing her mouth tighter to my pussy.I finally had to pull away because my knees were getting weak.She stood pushing me down on the couch.That is when I got a good look at her pussy.Her clit was sticking straight out between her slit.It was big.

She said to me "how bout that clit,you like that?"

I nodded my head saying "wow that is amazing,I do love it and want to suck on it.Can I?"

She said " you better suck on it that's why I'm here." She stepped up on to the couch placing the big clit at my mouth.

I kissed it a few times and she said "come on suck that thing bitch."

I sucked it into my mouth.She pushed in as I sucked hard.As I sucked her clit I slid a finger along her pussy hole.She was breathing heavy,every once in awhile she would screech and her body shivered like she got a chill.I worked my finger inside her cunt wiggling it inside her and sucked her clit.It got bigger as I sucked.She squealed and her body shook her pussy was extremely wet.She screamed out loud as juices dripped from her pussy down my hand.I kept sucking her clit hard and finger fucking her.She screamed and shook for a long time,climaxing over and over.It seemed like she never wanted to stop.She would finish one orgasm and then push in for more.

Finally she pulled her dripping wet pussy away,sitting on my lap she kissed me hard plus she licked her own cum from my mouth and chin.

She looked at me intensely and said "you did a great fucking job making me cum like that bitch.Now how would you like to feel my thwat rubbed against your pussy?"

"Oh shit," I said " I would love that.Can we cum together? That would be fabulous."

She said " you bet you fucking slut.I will fuck you into oblivion and we are going to cum over and over bitch.You wouldn't know what hit you by the time I get done with you slut."

I loved the way she talked to me I wanted to be used by her.It was a big difference from my first impression of her.I thought she may be very meak and mild.I'm glad she became dominant.

She pushed me down on the sofa crossing one leg over mine then put her big clit on mine.She rubbed slowly around and around.It felt so fucking good.She worked her clit against my clit squeazing my tit.We were moaning and breathing heavier and heavier as our climaxes grew inside us.She pushed her big clit down into my hole and I went crazy thrusting up to her every move.All of a sudden we both screamed out as our orgasms peaked and I pushed harder against her clit.We both climaxed continuously.Then I felt a warm wet felling all over my pussy.She was squirting and it splashed up my belly.She cried out squealing at one point.She finished squirting and stood up saying "I want you to taste my cum bitch." She straddled my face pushing her soaked pussy into my mouth.I lapped at it like a dog savering every drop.She got excited again and gave me another dose of her cum squirting into my mouth.When she finished she got off picked up her clothes.As she dressed she said "you are a good slut and I want to do this again bitch.I will be stopping by when I get horny again and you better be ready because you are now my bitch." With that she left and I sat on my sofa not knowing what to think of that.I am waiting for her to show up again and I will be ready bitch.

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1 year ago
Think of those well-toned legs and derriere from all the walking she does as a mail carrier! Tribbing with her would be a fantastic experience! I know because I used to carry mail, and ALL the female carriers were hot as nurses, and they all can f*ck like banshees! --And they enjoyed MY toned legs and butt, too! This is why I like to watch girl/girl tribbing! It's SUCH a trip to trib!
1 year ago
wow what a great story this made me really hard
1 year ago
1 year ago
F hot.
Made me gush pre-cum.
1 year ago
Damn hot, thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
now THAT is orally inspiring!
Even for a GUY!!!
1 year ago
lucky girl
1 year ago
Hot!!! I'll have to check out your other stories.