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I have to be careful how I tell this story because I am pretty sure that we are not suppose to use the "r" word but it is a story I need to tell.

I was at a party and as usual got quite intoxicated.I met this really hot man there leaving the party with him.We went to his apartment where I was looking forward to fucking him.To my surprise when we got there two other men were there also.I thought we would just go to his room and fuck.Well after a few more drinks with the guys I found myself being fondled by all three.I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this but soon realized I didn't have a choice.Two of them held me down while the other removed my cloths.i made a valiant effort to get free to stop them but they were to strong.None the less I fought them.I should have just relaxed and enjoyed the attention but it seemed the more I fought the more excited I became.My pussy was soaking wet and I had this strange feeling in my stomach that was a cross between sickness and pleasure.I decided I would continue to fight but make it seem as though I was hating it.

Once I was naked the man who undressed me stood between my legs with his big hard cock hanging out of his pants.The two other men spread my legs wide and he pushed his big cock f***efully into my pussy.I screamed out as if it hurt but I was really loving it.He fucked me hard as I continued to struggle.I climaxed trying not to let them know I did.I hid my climax with screams of anger and pain.After he finished filling me with his cum they flipped me over and I saw one of the other men's big hard cock hanging from his pants.I screamed as the two held my face down while the other man lifted my ass up planting me on my knees in doggy style.He gripped my hips tight and rammed his big cock up my pussy hard,fucking me harder and harder.I screamed and carried on like I hated it but my orgasm was building again.Then he stopped pulling out.I thought he was done but to my surprise he drove his cock up my ass and this time the scream was real.They gripped me tighter as he fucked my ass so hard it hurt.I swore he got bigger inside me.My asshole hurt so bad because I had no lube until he exploded inside me.I could fell his massive load of cum over flowing out of my cunt.

Then there was a quick shift and I was on my back again as the final guy knelt between my legs showing me his cock and slapping it on my clit several times.He was much bigger than the others.The thickest cock I had ever seen.I was looking forward to feeling his huge cock in me but I still struggled as if I was trying to get away.He pushed the huge cock into my cunt slowly torturing me.My pussy throbbed in pain and yet sending waves of pleasure through my body.He stroked his cock slowly all the way in then removing it completely over and over.Each insertion was like the first he was so big and I cried out as though I was in pain but it was really pleasure.These three men fucked me for hours, a captive and I never let on that I had climaxed a half dozen times easy.My screams of pain really screams of pleasure.
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1 year ago
As it should be
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
wow my cock is throbbing now
1 year ago
Wow,,,what a set up they had,,yes,it was a happy terrible nite,,,sorry..I will kiss it and make it better,,,kisses
1 year ago
1 year ago
You go girl!