Me and my cousin


I was staying at a cousins house for a funeral.She has a son who is in his twenties and he was staying there too.I was invited to stay a few days after the funeral.Jeff was really paying a lot of attention to me.I could tell he was really taken by me.I was sitting in my room late one night when someone knocked on my door.I was not dressed to see anyone but I secretly hoped it was him or any other man.I was wearing a short nightshirt without any underwear.When I opened the door Jeff's eyes went right to my nipples protruding from my shirt.He just starred until I spoke " cat got your tongue?" I said.

He quickly looked up and I was smiling.

" I'm sorry " he said "would you like a drink or something?"

He kept going back to my hard nipples and I was thinking "yeah I want something,your cock."

I said "yes I would like a nice glass of Scotch to help me sl**p."

Jeff said "I will be right back."

A few minutes later he was back with my drink and holding a bottle of Scotch.I invited him in and I know he was thinking the same as me.

We talked and drank.I was sitting in a chair and he was on the bed.

Once he had a few drinks in him he got some balls and said "come here and sit with me."

I gladly joined him and in seconds his hand was on my tit.I responded by putting my hand on his cock,which was already stiffening.All he was wearing were his boxer shorts and a tee shirt.I massaged his cock bringing it to full strength.He pulled my shirt up and over my head saying "shit they are beautiful" as my tits were exposed.

Jeff immediately started sucking my already hard nipples.I put my hand down his shorts rubbing his large cock.This was so taboo it made me wet just thinking that I was going to fuck my cousin with his parents right down the hall.

He slid off the bed dropping to the floor,spreading my legs and diving into my wet pussy.

I laid back on the bed letting him take me.He licked slowly over my lips and clit.He was good and I moaned in a whisper.I wanted to cry out and that made things that much hotter that I couldn't.

He worked on my pussy a long time until I erupted in a fully constrained orgasm which made it that much more intense.Then he stood taking his cock in his hand and placing it on my clit.He slid it up and down my pussy.I could feel another orgasm already welling up inside me.I wanted to scream.Then he positioned his cock head at my hole and drove it hard all the way inside me.I had to cover my mouth with both hands.He drove his big cock in me hard and I climaxed over and over until he exploded inside me.I had to grab a pillow to cover my face as I screamed out into the pillow.My whole body convulsed in pleasure as he emptied his giant load of cum deep inside me.He pulled his throbbing cock out slowly making me scream more.Once out he climbed on the bed pushing his cock into my mouth.I sucked him eagerly and his half limp cock came back to life.He fucked me in the mouth while finger fucking me and then had another huge climax in my mouth.I gobbled up his hot man juice swallowing every drop.

I slept real good that night.
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1 year ago
that was a very hot story im hard as fuck from reading it
1 year ago
i used to fuck my cousin
1 year ago
You are so hot! I love how adventurous and kinky you are.....don't you just love the thrill of showing off to guys and girls....I sure do. Tris
1 year ago
damn he is lucky
1 year ago
nothing beats family & cousins....
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
real nice wish you was my cousin
1 year ago
Great story. Loved it.
1 year ago
Very hot indeed..but we know you have more to tell us..thanks
1 year ago
Sound you you had a good time short and to the point good story hope to read more
1 year ago
That was very nice,he got you very relax,
I bet he was too.
1 year ago
very good