More cock of My PP

As I was getting older and I became the head alter boy I had a lot of contact with my PP and the more I had to go to his study and had some more sex.He would say ok now I will start with the foreskin bull your pants down and we will begin.Having my pants down he would then pull my foreskin back and forward untill my Willy was getting harder and the skin was getting tighter and I said it hurt a bit he went to a drawer for some oil and then put it on my Willy and told me to rub it in it felt great.
He then said to me to undo his buttons on his pants.One by one until all was done he then asked me to put my hand into his pants and when I did I felt his cock, he had no under pants on so his cock fell out. he said I must put some oil on it and start to rub it in his cock. His cock started to get hard and harder then he said for me to pull his foreskin back of which I did and his big ,and i mean big,nob came out all wet and shining.
Taking hold of my Willy he started to play with and told me to do the same with his. my Willy was hard and his was harder and the smile on his face was a picture.My hand was up and down his shaft and hitting his nob like a piston and he love it.We played like that for ages then all of a sudden he got hold of my head and put it to his cock told me to open my mouth and suck his cock into it.That was the start of my love for that old man.

If you want more of my life with him just ask Tom
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9 months ago
yessssss! So wonderful! Please, more priest cock!
1 year ago
good altar boy!
2 years ago
A short, very sweet story. I enjoyed it.
2 years ago
Would most definitely love to hear more of this one.

Thanks for sharing.