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My farm experience

I had a friend who was a farmers lad and I went to the farm a lot and I saw a lot of sexy things such as horses cocks, pigs screw cocks of which I liked to see but Billy and his s****r Win showed me how we could play with them.First they would bring another horse that was on heat so the stallion grew his dick and Win ,who owned the stallion,would play with his dick stocking it up and down he ,the horse seemed to like that as it had been done a lot of times.Win said would I like her to do that to me I said Yes please so Bill said we had better go into the Barn.In the Barn was a lot of hay so Win then told me to pull my pants down and started to play with my hard Dick Bil also pulled his pants down and said for Win to lie down he then pulled Wins knickers down and I saw wins,as Bill called it, Cunt, a new word for me IT was just a slit under her belly.Then Bill put his dick inside Win and moved up and down a lot. I could not see a lot but Bills bum and then he pulled it of Win and said to me go on you do it I replied no way was my dick going to fit in that small crack so that was that.
The farm was the only one that had a TV at that time and all the f****y would sit around it like in pictures Win and I were sat at the back on the couch the TV was showing the Queens crowning in 1953.Win had other ideas she had her hand on my knee and started rubbing, my dick was getting hard and she knew it then she untied my fly buttons and pulled my dick out I looked around to see if anybody saw us,Bill had a big smile on his face for he knew what was going on.Well a few mins later I felt this movement in my dick and the bang it shot all over my pants.That was my big moment but not the last bit of fun on the farm.
Posted by xtomdurham 2 years ago
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2 years ago
great post it is always fun on the farm
2 years ago
Wonderful story that I recognize from my own life.
2 years ago
excellent, like the animals and her stroking you with the family around
2 years ago
HOT story..love the beasts bit also! =)
2 years ago
nice post, love the beasts bit too :-)
2 years ago
Wish I had had that sort of experience on the farm; I married a girl from a farming family and before we got married she woudl; wank me off in the barn.