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My intrduction to sex

Well here goes.It started when I was an Alter boy and my PP said that I should know how to look after myself.I did´t know what he was talking about so I went with him to his rooms and I soon found out. He said to me to open my pants at the front which I did then he looked at me and said do you know that I must pull my foreskin back because later on in life I would be glad for doing so early in life.
He then showed me what to do by holing my Willy and slowly try to pull my foreskin back but I said it hurt me so he then said I must try at all times to do it.
After a few weeks after Mass he asked me up to his rooms again and the same thing as before out came my Willy he got hold of it again and this time he stroked it very softly and tried to pull the skin back but this time it came over my knob.He looked at it and said I had done a good job but I must keep it clean, with that he got some soap and water and washed it for me.
This went on from time to time and I must say I liked him holding my Willy.
It wasn´t until a year later when I was given the job of head Alter boy and had to do more work than the other boys that I was given bonus and by that he gave me sweets but he had them in his Cassock and I had to ,as he said,dive into his pocket to get them.Well you know where this is going to lead.
One day we had finished all our work he said that I could dive in for some sweets but when I put my hand in his pocket no sweets just something else. He said he was sorry but come up to his room and he had lots of goodies so I went with him.He gave me my sweets and asked if I had looked after my Willy and I told him that it was fine now so he said could he look so down with mt pant and out with my Wiily which he took in his hand and played.
I asked him what was the good of doing all of this and he said that he could show me but it must be our secret and I could not tell anybody.
His cassock had a lots of buttons and he started at the top and finished at the bottom and opened It and there was his Willy but with a lot of hair around it.He then said now you can pull my foreskin back.I looked at his Willy it was so big and his knob was as big as my first thought noway was his skin going to pull over it. He said for me to go and pull his skin back so I put my hands on his Willy and it got harder and stud up more and more and moved up and down and he said I must pull back to his tum. Well I felt my Willy start to move and it got hard too and he put his hand on mine.Go on pull it back he said and by this time some stuff was dripping at the end of his Willy I touched it and it was like string with a drop on the end, then I pulled his skin back and this big knob came out pulling his skin back to his belly it seemed to grow even bigger back and forth my hand went and I looked up to his face and his eyes were wide open and his smile,well he looked happy and that was the start of my sexy life and why I love cocks.

I have tried to find a cock like my PP, and the nearest I found was to look on your search button and but in Mushroom Cocks that was how big my old friends was and I love him for it.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
That sounds so sexy and exciting mmmm