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To my friend

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[Story] More cock of My PP

As I was getting older and I became the head alter boy I had a lot of contact with my PP and the more I had to go to his study and had some more sex.He would say ok now I will start with the foreskin bull your pants down and we will begin.Having my pants down he would then pull my foreskin back and forward untill my Willy was getting harder and the skin was getting tighter and I said it hurt a bit he went to a drawer for some oil and then put it on my Willy and told me to rub it in it felt great.
He then said to me to undo his buttons on his pants.One by one until all was done he then asked ... Continue»
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Try this
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My farm experience

I had a friend who was a farmers lad and I went to the farm a lot and I saw a lot of sexy things such as horses cocks, pigs screw cocks of which I liked to see but Billy and his s****r Win showed me how we could play with them.First they would bring another horse that was on heat so the stallion grew his dick and Win ,who owned the stallion,would play with his dick stocking it up and down he ,the horse seemed to like that as it had been done a lot of times.Win said would I like her to do that to me I said Yes please so Bill said we had better go into the Barn.In the Barn was a lot of hay so Wi... Continue»
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My intrduction to sex

Well here goes.It started when I was an Alter boy and my PP said that I should know how to look after myself.I did´t know what he was talking about so I went with him to his rooms and I soon found out. He said to me to open my pants at the front which I did then he looked at me and said do you know that I must pull my foreskin back because later on in life I would be glad for doing so early in life.
He then showed me what to do by holing my Willy and slowly try to pull my foreskin back but I said it hurt me so he then said I must try at all times to do it.
After a few weeks after Mass he ask... Continue»
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