I cheated on my wife with a 35yr old neighbor. Not

I was 24yrs old when I cheated on my wife with a 35yrs old neighbor. We had sex more than one time. But one day my wife was kinda getting the idea of what was happening. Cause the neighbor would always stop at the apartment. So one day my wife went thru her phone and saw all the messages we been texting. My wife and her were arguing but no fighting. She argued with me... Yeah I got a slap on the face I was turn on LOL. Anyways we moved out of state. I been trying to make it up for her for a year now. Sometime she would throw it at my face of what I did. Last week she did again and said that she gonna remind me everyday. So I told her if she would be happy if she Fuck someone else. She got turned on and had sex with me. So I told her okay she can have sex with someone I give her the hall passed but it has to be a woman. She never done anything with a girl then she started getting horny that girls knows how to lick good. I was searching craiglist for a woman mostly those girls here are butchy. I want a pretty bbw for her. For a week I couldn't find one. Yesterday my wife got home and out of nowhere she asked me if I wanted a 3some I got speechless. I thought she testing me. I asked with who. I thought she was gonna say a friend if hers. I was wrong. She wants a 3some with the neighbor that I had sex with. Her and the neighbor already became friends since couples days ago. And that my wife already forgave her. I didn't believe her. So I saw her phone that she been messaging her and on facebook. My wife want to fly her here. For girl and girl action first then I go in later. My wife said I can watch but cant joined till the next day. Now the neighbor telling her that she can do it better than me. Well she 36yrs now and had experiences with boys and girls. I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my wife this time when she gonna start liking girls. I don't know if she tricking me or being serious. What you guys think??
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11 months ago
Go for it!!! But demand you can record it for future references! Then...if y'all married don't survive this threesome encounter... Just posted the video on Xhamster!!! Lol even if it does work out still posted the video on Xhamster!!! Lol
2 years ago
First off, what the hell did you type this on, a phone? I mean, what the fuck, this ain't fucking Twitter! And SpellChek, Grammatik, something man - I've seen little kids type better, and you can read there shit!

Second, really dude? Your gonna take a poll from the audience? Are you kidding? And if the majority says leave your wife, or fuck 'em both then leave, you're gonna take their advice? I mean come on, you're obviously not giving us the whole story!

For instance, how was sex with the neighbor? Why'd you did it? 'Cause she was older, more-experienced? Maybe you thought she was hotter than your wife? Or maybe she came onto you and you liked being pursued? Whatever the reason(s), you gotta give us some coordinates, otherwise, how the hell do we know what you should do - we're not in your head!

Personally, I'd fuck 'em both, then leave because you obviously can't trust either one of those bitches ever again. From now until the end of time, they'll be doing shit behind your back, leaving you out of the decision-making. And pretty soon, you'll be nothing but a third wheel, with a dick attached to it, available on-demand to provide "special services". Better to get your priorities straight now, or forever hold your peace, "Mr. Magic Wand".
3 years ago
take the ride and pics if she leaves, you will have the pics to look atin the future. memories, saying you have a threesome and you have pics to proves it. good look
3 years ago
Mate a very good story, I have been trying to do a threesome but it has not work yet, luck you. looking forward to the next part of the story, please do not disappoint.
3 years ago
go for it you got busted once now it a goo
3 years ago
Go for it man. Get the threesome. If she leaves later, you still had your threesome.
3 years ago
go for it.
3 years ago
ha your on the payback highway
3 years ago
3 years ago
go for it man,,she will always want some cock