One of my fantasies...

One of my fantasies

My fantasy opens up as my wife and I are talking trash, you know, sexual trash, with each other. She knows that I want to have a three-way with her and another woman, as my wife is bisexual and although she has not had too many bi-sexual relationships, that is, as far as I know, she still hesitates to include me in these relationships. For myself, I am a die-hard voyeur and have been for as long as I can remember. Starting with my mother and onto my s****rs and female cousins, I quit being a peeping Tom due to the possibility of my being caught and exposed as such. My wife and I are prominent members of our small community and work in government agencies within this very small community and our very lives would be destroyed if caught.

My wife as made contact with a woman, via Face Book, who owns a distribution company for erotic toys, such as dildoes and other sexual related items. My wife has picked up the vibes, that this woman is wanting “more” than just a sale of a dildo to her. This woman is wanting to coordinate having a party, with my wife as the hostess, in order to sell these items to ladies that have been invited to this sells party. My wife is not too keen on having this party at our house due to the fact of her work and most of the women that my wife has thought about asking to this party, are close friends and my wife is not wanting to possibly endanger her friendships with these ladies by hosting the party—at our house.

Now here is my plan ! I think my wife should ask this woman who will be providing the sexual toys, if she would be interested in having this party, not at our house, but at a motel. When the sales lady gets to the motel room where the party will be held, I will be in the closet hiding for my voyeur fantasy and my wife will be there alone, supposed waiting for the other women to arrive as if they had been invited.

As they are waiting, my wife will get into a conversation with the sells lady about putting the dildoes and other items on the night stands and around the edge of the beds. As my wife is looking at the items, conversation will get around to how the items work, how good are the items and if a large amount of feedback from other customers, have rated the dildoes. My wife will pick up a dildo and start to rub it against the pants she has on and makes the comment that she wishes she could “try out” the dildo. My wife will ask the sells lady if she has a “favorite” dildo and wants to see how it works. My wife will casually start rubbing the dildo she has in her hand, against the sells lady’s tits and then onto her pussy.

At this time, the sells lady will either: 1) gather up her items and leave the room “OR”, 2) she will start to fondle my wife’s huge tits and start taking her clothes off. My wife thinks the latter will happen and this will be where my wife and I get “our” fantasies……

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