I Told You

I told you so;

“You need to stop with that right now.” Her voice hissed with a certain sharpness to it, most likely worse than originally intended, even with the obvious emphasis thrown in.

“What— No idea why you even play like that. We both know it’s true.” I feigned ignorance and found my expression dropping to something resembling a mouth-breather on his first day of college calculus, but it didn’t last much more than a second and was quickly replaced with that normal smug countenance she had grown so fond of over the short time we’d been together.

“No, it’s not — absolutely not. No way.” There she went with that emphasis again. I could’ve swore that I saw the font variation roll from her tongue with the way she spat the words at me, visibly becoming more and more frustrating as we swapped blows in the verbal tussle. Something told me that she was beginning to realize just what I was doing, and however flattering she might find it to be, it was buried rather deep beneath the bundle of anger and irritation, both of which was clearly present on her pleasant features.

“Okay, so — let me get this straight: you’re saying that if I took you to that bench right there, just right there, maybe just pulled my dick out or something — you wouldn’t fuck me right then and there?” My voice didn’t skip a beat in the least bit, maybe just a bit to pepper some exaggeration in there as I threw my hand out in a lackadaisical point to direct her keen gaze on the nearby wooden bench, the supposedly proposed location of love making.

It took her a second to process what I had said, almost as if she was deliberately ignoring me or at least wanted me to get all of my bullshit out before she even bothered to process it all. I knew exactly the moment when it hit her: her eyes widened and almost fell instantly back into something much more callous and narrow. That was about the time she looked back to me, of course.

Her lips pursed shortly, hesitating on her own words, perhaps trying to pick the right ones or trying to shuffle through the many insults and shouts going through her head at that point.

“I want you to listen very carefully.” She said in the most matter-of-factually manner, not letting that stone-cold stare deviate even a bit away from mine.

”Very carefully… There is no way in frozen hell that I would fuck you in public, much less a place like this! It’s a fucking mall!” I had always loved the way she used that emphasis, and I was learning quickly that it appeared more and more frequently as her frustration elevated. By the end of her declaration, however, the emphasis had transformed into something of an exclamation b**st, as she leaned on yelling more than anything.

It took her a second or two to realize that she had reached that point, and color rushed to her cheeks, adding to the softly tanned color to create a mixture that I had grown all too familiar with. For a second, I thought to tease her about the blushing, maybe even her use of so many fucks, or even her new found penchant for yelling. However, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything back to her, no quick witted rebuttal or tongue-in-cheek remark as per usual, whether the reason being a rare occurrence of the inability to decide or something. I had nothing.

So I took action. It wasn’t out of panic, nothing like that, but it almost seems that I took the words I’d usually tease her with and translated them into an action or two. It was probably the way she was yelling, the way she was flustered like that, looking so directly in my eyes with a passion that I had only witnessed during sex. Yeah — that was it; it had to be.

Without warning, the action I took led me to grab her by the shoulders, turn shortly around a nearby pillar that seemed to pepper the mall’s inner configuration, and pressed her against the adjacent wall, just behind the support structure in what could be called a little nook, shadowy and out of sight of the most immediate view. It helped that the mall was usually this deserted on a weekday, but despite that, my instincts told me to put her there. And it was my instincts that controlled my actions at that point, nothing more than pure, reactive thought.

As soon as I felt her weight get distributed to her own feet but mainly to the wall supporting her back and then some, I dropped to my knees quicker than any baseball catcher could possibly dream of, and my hands darted shortly to the front of her dark jeans, enabling my deft fingers to work on the button and zipper like a k** with a present on his fifth birthday party. It took me only a good two seconds to undo the small button, pull down the zipper entirely, and in one deliberate movement, tug her jeans and black thong about midway down her thighs, undoubtedly exposing much more than anything she had expected.

“Wha—” It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to understand that my spontaneous actions had shocked her and let her virtually speechless, and it wasn’t until I had her jeans pulled down and a good deal of her hairless skin within plain view that she was able to catch her breath and stutter in protest.

“What are you doing!” There was no emphasis, nothing like that. She couldn’t manage to put any inflection on a single word; her entire sentence was as vicious as a snake’s hiss itself. It fell on completely deaf ears.

I found myself in this zone, for lack of a better word, something like an unspoken and surreal craze with only a single goal in mind. I didn’t care for her protests and pleading in the least bit. Knowing that I wouldn’t have much room to work with in that position, one of my thumbs pushed up into her clit with considerable pressure, and my hand shifted itself, all the while twisting rather devilishly on that little bead, and pressed into the lower portion of her stomach, effectively pinning her again her back against the wall once more in an effort to keep her from trying to move away. The way in which I managed to push my thumb against that oh-so-delicate spot peeled a generous amount of her skin upwards and exposed her pussy further. I was graciously given at least an additional half inch of her pussy lips, and I immediately went to work with my tongue, using only the tip to flick a great deal of teasing licks and laps on her naked flesh, just the start of what I had planned for her.

She immediately took a sudden burst of breath, as if she had just surfaced from the water’s edge, and placed her closest hand on on my shoulder, more of where my shoulder and neck met, in the most adorable little embrace. The pressure on her clit combined with the quick and constant strokes of my tongue had literally taken her breath away, and with the public venue thrown into the mix, her mind and body had been thrown into some kind of shock. I wish I could say what her expression was like, but given what my busy work had me doing, by that time having my head tilted to one side in an attempt to snake a portion of my tongue in the opening of her slit, I had no idea what it could show. That didn’t really concern me at that point. I had something to prove.

“You’ve got to— stop…” Between one of those many sloppy licks, as wetness had begun to accumulate from her own denied excitement and the spit from my working lips and tongue, she managed to gasp out a few coherent words, but it was cut off short by the sudden sensation of my lips being clamped on her clit and sucking down deliciously on the growing moisture. All she could do was manage one more word of protest before letting off a tremendously satisfying sigh, the kind that undoubtedly would’ve been a moan if we hadn’t been in such a place.

I didn’t care where we were. I just continued on. The last bit of protest I could feel from her with the slightest and weakest push she had ever managed, a terribly feeble attempt to shove me off. I just guessed the increasing pressure in which I indulged her clit in those hearty sucks and slurps, accompanied by long lapping licks of my flat tongue in a simultaneous duo of motions, was enough to take any strength out of her. Her legs began to shake without control, and that’s when I knew I had her exactly where I had wanted her in the beginning.

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I grabbed her quickly, much like before, around the back of her bare thighs, wheeled her body around in a sudden twist, and left her planted against the wall again, this time supported with a hand and elbow each. I knew just by sheer instinct and familiarity of her tendencies that she was throwing a very longing expression over one of those shoulders, and that she was intentionally arching her back the way I so loved it, putting her perky ass higher in the air than any normal bend could manage. It was perfect, especially compared to the small window I was given a moment before that. Her full wet pussy was put on display, already riddled with spit on its entirety and peppered with the beginning signs of her own juices. As soon as she realized just how exposed she was, as I assumed my previous position so comfortably on my knees beneath her, she let out the tiniest of moans in contentment, having dropped all guard and embraced the notion that I was determined to eat the fuck out of her pussy right then and there.

As soon as I went back to my beloved chore, I found that the said moan was accompanied by a fresh wave of wetness, and my tongue, as I was quickly placed just beneath her alarmingly delicate clit, was greeted with that new found juice, going so far to even leak onto my working mouth. It was fairly obvious that she had begun coating the short beard, almost like a thin layer of stubble even, on my face, and even has I pulled back to take a look at her in what few glimpses I afforded myself, I easily breathed in the smell from each hair follicle. It only served to increase the fervor growing as each minute passed.

I was much more fortunate with her turned around, to say the least, and I took that opportunity to really give her what I had been planning. From behind her, I grabbed each ass cheek of hers in full and spread them apart, not that they could go too terribly more with the way she was putting herself on display, using that little extra room to literally dive my tongue into her wet sex, lapping away at her puffy pussy lips and even within the small hole without discrimination. I found my face being stuffed into her without care or thought, wanting to shove my tongue as far into her, as deep into her pussy as I could manage. The f***e behind my intentions was apparently enough to have her pinned against the wall again, as she found herself too weak to try and hold herself up by her hands or elbows, and she found herself up on the structure with her face crammed into it, gasping and moaning in pure joy at what her pussy was being subjected to.

The more she moaned, the more that she squirmed and writhed beneath my determined tongue, the more it increased my personal urge to have her utterly and completely spent on my actions. I took the opportunity to slip one of my hands from her ass and beneath her, choosing to entertain her clit all the while my tongue worked on the entrance of her now soaked pink hole. As before, my thumb pressed rather harshly on her clit and almost kneaded it in a way, prompting her to jerk away and then back against it hard in a confused manner. There was no dying the amount of pleasure pulsating through her entire body, and for a brief moment, I felt that I would’ve loved to just watch her wiggle in uncomfortable ecstasy and press back in the most obvious way, begging for more and more.

From there, it was obvious what was to come. I could tell by the way she had become almost uncontrollable in her reactions, and the waves of wetness became discernibly heavier and more frequent, causing my tongue to work even more diligently on her pussy opening, even paying a bit of mind to her clit in relief, sucking on it sharply with more flat tongue laps. It took everything in me not to shove a couple fingers in her dripping sex, but I managed to control myself to prove my point and show her that there was no way she could argue against what I was putting her body through.

At some point as my lips parted from her skin after sucking heavily on her clit, her climax came as soon as the tip of my tongue snaked between her puffy pussy lips and touched just gently on her wet hole, and despite how my mouth had been arranged at that point, I gladly continued to lap away at her entire pussy, ignoring the way her juices fell out in effortless joy. Her body tensed up in the beginning and released it all suddenly, sending most of her muscles into spasms, and accompanied by surprisingly loud and distinct moans, it surprised me that we didn’t attract any attention to say the least.

As soon as I could tell that her orgasm had finally subsided, I removed my face from her pussy with one final lick against her clit and between those lips, standing up shortly with a smug expression that would’ve pissed off the devil. I couldn’t help but admire my handy work, as she remained against the wall and tried to support herself in any way possible, her jeans still down and her ass hanging out in the open air for all to see.

That omnipresent smirk still plastered on my wet features, I took one final glance at her, taking a moment to wipe my face and beard off in one swipe with the sleeve of my shirt and spoke finally, something she would probably never forget.

“I told you.”

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