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So I had been with an e****t that didn't look like what was advertised, but I did not accomplish my goal of burying my manhood into the warm wet depths of a woman. I was still very determined, but was looking for anyway of sexual exploration that would satisfy my constant hard-on. I was constantly cruising the e****t postings trying to find "THE ONE" that would finally be the loss of my virginity. I began to also look in the personals for any woman that might want to get freaky. I had it stuck in my head that if I was this horny, than there had to be some younger women out there that are like me and want to explore themselves, or maybe older women that just love sex so much that they are open to fucking a younger guy they don't even know just for the sexual thrill.

Most of the postings looked fake, or possibly a guy posting as a woman, which is totally not my thing. One day I came across a posting that felt real enough to email. It was titled "Bukkake Party" and said that there was a couple looking to have a bunch of random guys come over that night and shoot their loads all over the woman. It said that the guy would be taping the whole thing for "personal use only". A risky thing to be on tape blowing your load all over some lady with a bunch of strangers, but a risk I was willing to take, for the sake of pleasure and experimentation. I emailed them and expressed my interest and swiftly got a response asking for one facial pic and one cock pic. Usually I would not just send this out into the internet without knowing who is on the receiving side of the email, but something inside told me to go for it. Again, within only minutes of sending my email, I got an email back giving me the address, time to be there, and had a picture attached. It was going down. I open the picture to view a surprisingly younger blond girl (probably about the same age as me, definitely no more than two or three years older).

So again I prepare. I hop in the shower and clean up, hop on MapQuest and get directions. It's about 30-45 mins away. A drive well worth it if you ask me. About an hour before the time to be there I hit the road to make sure there was time just in case I had trouble finding it. Following the directions I had lead me right there, and I was early. I sat outside and waited for a few minutes, thinking to myself that anything could happen, for all I know this could be a set up to rob me, or even worse... All I know was even with these thoughts, my cock kept saying go for it. So when it was about time to be there I head to the door and knock. A guy answers holding a beer and says to me, "You here for the party?". I tell him I am and he invites me in to sit down on the couch. I notice that I am the only one there beside him, and someone in the bathroom in the bedroom... I could here the water running in the sink and a shadow moving from in front of the bathroom light. He says I'm a bit early, but others should be showing up soon. My heart is pounding wondering what was going on. Then another knock at the door. Another guy comes in, good I'm not the only one... Then another showed up, and within a few minutes there was probably about 7-8 guys there to cover this chick. And that's when she comes out from the bedroom... She is wearing some super sexy clothes and tall boots, I was getting really turned on.

She stuck up her index finger and motioned for us all to follow her into the bedroom. Her man with the camera took place in the corner of the bedroom and she plopped down onto her knees on the middle of the floor in front of the bed. She tells us that she will blow all of us, but we aren't aloud to cum in her mouth, only on her face and tits. No problem here :). All the guys start to drop their pants and she quickly gets to work. The first cock near her face she grabs onto and sucks into her mouth. And within seconds she's grabbing another and jerking on it while she blows this one. Then another, she is now jerking on two cocks while blowing a third. She starts switching it up and blowing the other two, and then grabbing others to switch out. The crowd of guys only seems to be growing bigger and bigger (no pun intended, lol). It wasn't long before she is locked onto my erection. She grabs it and pulls it into her mouth. I try to hold back, but it is too much. Within seconds I know I am going to cum... I try to say it out loud, but no words come out, the thought of what was happening and the pleasure was a sensory overload, I try to back up and pull out so to not cum in her mouth, but she is sucking so hard it keeps sliding back into her mouth.

Finally, after what felt like and eternity of her being latched on (even though it was only a few moments) I think she started to feel my cock spasm, and she releases me. I pull away and begin to cum all over her face. Pleasure. I was the first one to cum on her. By now there was probably 15-20 guys crowded around this sexual being and everyone wanted their turn. I went out front, deciding if I wanted to go back in for seconds. As much as I wanted to, I headed home. Happy.
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3 years ago
Not to bad. The first time at parties like this is different but now that yo have been you will know what to expect. Thanks for posting