My First Sexual Experience.

When I was in high-school I never had much luck with the girls... A make-out session here, get d***k and touch eachother there, but not much in the orgasm department... Once there was a party I went to where I hooked up with a girl and I ate her out before she attempted to give me a blow job. I was surprised how long I was lasting while she sucked my dick, but it was more than likely because of the booze. I think we had a bit too much... well, I know she had too much. After about 15 minutes of her giving an excellent effort to milk my cock, the effects of the alcohol began to be too much for her and she began to get sick. I wanted to cum so bad I almost went with her to the bathroom to try and get her to keep blowing whenever she felt she could... OR... in the back of my mind there was a thought saying, just fuck her from behind while she is in the bathroom, I know I don't have a condom, but she is too d***k to notice. This thought really turned me on, but I knew better than to try and take advantage of her while she was intoxicated beyond her limits. When I look back, I don't even really consider that my first time.

I had always enjoyed watching porn on the internet, sometime staying home all day to see how many times I could jerk off. I don't remember any record, but I do remember cumming over and over, probably close to 15-20 times some days. I began to find certain things that appealed to me, one of which was fucking a hooker. For some reason, the thought of picking up a girl who gets in your car with the sole intention of taking your cock and making you cum for money before departing your own separate ways really turned me on. It was dirty, it was convenient, and it was something I wanted to try. I had never seen any hookers around where I lived, but I knew there had to be some somewhere. I began to look in all the spots I could imagine a hooker walking late at night. But I never found anything.

I was about to leave for college, and I really just wanted to loose my virginity. This is when I notice Craigslist had ads for messages. My mind began to imagine that I might be able to find at least one girl in these ads who will fuck for cash. I looked through and found the ones that looked most sexual and promising. I gave some a call, a few hung up on me, but one was straight forward and was down. I didn't have the ability to get to her in time, and I was leaving soon for college, but I now had a new idea of where I could look. The internet should be a good source to get info on where to find hookers, as well as messages.

So I got to college and settled in in my own personal one bedroom apartment (I had intentions when I was convincing my parents to let me get my own) in Orlando, Fl. I was began researching the area on the web trying to find any information I could on where prostitutes could be found. Everything I read pointed towards an area called "O.B.T." I didn't know what this O.B.T. was, nor where it was, but I kept it in the back of my head. I then began to look at message ads in the area, and this is when I found the holy grail. Upon curiosity I clicked on the "e****ts" link and what I came to I could not believe I had not know about for all of these years. It was a complete menu of girls... Pics, "Services", Price and location (In/Out). I began to jack off imagining a girl showing up at my door, or opening the door when I go to see them, wearing sexy clothes and ready to fulfill all my dreams. Most of my "scenarios" in my head involved a mature woman teaching me everything she knew... A lot of the girls were kind of pricey, but this did not stop me from starting to save. When I had a reasonable amount saved up I looked at the ads and began to search through the ones in my price range that were along the lines of my fantasy.

What I found was a mature blond who did outcalls for $150. I called her up and told her where I was and asked her to come by as soon as she could. She agreed and I began to prepare myself. I hopped in the shower to clean up and started to touch myself and imagine how I wanted the "session" to go. Even when I wasn't grabbing my dick it was hard the the anticipation of what was to come. About an hour and half after I called her she called me saying she was outside, and will be at the door soon. I stripped down to my boxers with my dick standing at attention, pulsating the each heartbeat. Then I head the knock. I open the door to find a bit of a disappointment. She looked nothing like her pictures, and was not wearing anything I would consider "sexy". She had on a normal shirt, jeans, and sneakers... She smiled, looked down, and stepped in, rubbing my cock. She said hello and said, where do you want to go? I pointed to the bedroom and she grabbed a hold of my cock and lead me to the bedroom, slightly jerking me as we walked.

We stepped into the bedroom and she immediately began to take off her clothes, I watched, thinking to myself that she wasn't what I had imagined, but she seems very sexual. She begins to ask what I want. I tell her that I am virgin, but I want to fix that right now. She smiles at me and says she love taking younger guys virginity. My cock is rock hard, and I am ready for everything i wanted. I asked her if she would start with a blowjob, and without another word she is on her knees, pulling down my boxers. My cock is now pointing at her mouth, and I am already feeling ready to blow. She reaches in her purse and grabs a condom, and started to put it on. Within seconds of her sliding it on she takes me into her mouth. It was too much, just the thought running through my head made be begin to cum. She looks up at me, knowing I was cumming already. I was shaking from the extacy I was feeling.

She pulled the condom off, and started to rub and jerk my cock, trying to make it stand at attention again. I think my nerves were in shock, because as much as I wanted to fuck, my cock would not stand up, and I was still shaking.

I told her another day, and she left... Me still being a virgin technically.

But this was no means would be the end of my journey... More stories to come!
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