Sex in the Bar

Being a old Ex sailor it is no surprize to me that I am not shy.
I live in Thailand and worked there a couple of time over the years.
Down south near the Malay border there is a great little town where a lot of expats work and live.
I am a sociable guy and love a few beers with the boys/girls/ anybody who wants a drink.
We have a bar in one of the darkside of town where anything goes.
After dark or even during the day you can do anything in the bar.
Lady boys sucking you, young girls sucking you in teh bar besides your mates when their drinking. No shame no problems.

One day I was there after a weekend of parties and feeling horny after taking a majic pill, I had this lady boy about 20 years old come next to me.
As the room is dimly lit and a romantic feel around the bar, my mate had a girl topless and he was sucking her big lusious mounds... I started to feel my cock grow.
This little ladyboy was so close to me that she could feel i was enjoying the view. So she got a little frisky and started to whisper in my ear, hmmmm big boy, I think your sexy she was saying. With the hot breath and the occaisional touch of her tongue in my ear I was hard as a rock.
By this time I did not care who or what she was... I grabbed her hand (her as a boy) and I put it on my now throbbing cock. She whispered again, hmmmm so big, so hard, hehehe yes I said.. you like ya... With that next thing I see her open my jeans and had my cock in her hand hmmmmmmm It felt so nice and soft.. My mate was looking at me and said you know it is a boy, yes I said, so fucking what, a mouth is a mouth,, I let her go down and she started to suck.. wow what a mouth... slurping sucking hmmm it was hard and she just could not get enough. all the guys in the bar maybe 10 of them were also looking, drinking and having a good old perv... hahahhaha I was laughing to myself as I watched my cock being sucked. It was not long after all this attention I could feel my load boiling and i just let it come. It gushed in he rmouth and without a drop she swallowed all... After finished she got up gave me a quick kiss on the lips, put my cock back in my pants and she went back behind the bar... So I just ordered another beer, and watched my mates enjoying there fun with the girl.. But I realized a guy can suck better than a girl anyday...
I have been back on many occaisions to this bar but all the times I was with a girl. either playing their tits or pussy in teh bar... My next adventure will be about a great girl open legged on teh bar stools being eaten by my hungry mouth.
91% (7/1)
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2 years ago
must go to Hat Yai some day
2 years ago
Great short story cant wait to go to Thailand.
2 years ago
You're right about the guy/girl thing.