Cum on car door handles of woman....

Recently i have came up with this idea of my sperm making contact with beautiful woman. I thought of many idea's but had to try this one particular scheme i have had on my mind for some time.
Anyway my idea was to cum in a bottle and pour it over lady drivers vehicles door wen she grabs the handle my sperm wil be all over her hand!

The 1st time i tried it, i headed down to a local quick shop in town, parked my car and waited for a woman driver to pitch up, this 4*4 bakkie pulls in lovely blonde in the passenger side, husband driving parks right next to me,my drivers door was nxt to the lady's door.

They both got down and went in the quick shop,i decided to i jumped out my car i see they have a young daughter laying in the back seat,id say bout 6yrs old, as i walked i thought in my mind it wudnt be hard to pour my sperm over the handle coz the girl was asl**p...

I watched the parents pay at the till point so i rushed out to pour my sperm and go park sumwer else and watch, i did that and as they neared the van the husband goes to open the door for her.... FAILED 1ST ATTEMPT!

2nd attempt it just rolled off the handle, 3rd and 4th attempt samething...

Anyone have idea's for me?

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3 years ago
put it in a small "mist" spray bottle, dilute it with water and shake it up to make a good cloudy soup, easy to apply and great on rainy days!