parking garage

It was a warm summer night and we just had a wonderful night
on the town. Nice dinner, a few games of pool, and a lot of
dancing close all night. Teasing each other with soft kisses
as we dance close and enjoy eachothers touch. Walking back
to our car at the top level of the parking garage you put your
arm around me and keep me close. Once we get to the car, you
unlock my door first. Before you open it, you push me up against
the car and plant a long wet soft kiss on my lips. Then as you
pull away to open my door i suck on your bottom lip and run
my tongue along it before our lips break. Instantly you
shut my door again, grab my hand and pull me up to the front
of the car. You slowly slide your hands up under the back
of my skirt, grab both cheeks with f***e and set me on the
hood of the car. Then you slowly open my legs, position yourself
between them and lean in for yet another long soft passionate
kiss. This time while our lips are locked you slowly run
your hands up my sides and up the inside of my shirt. You slowly
begin to caress my breasts and lightly run your fingers
over my nipples. I wrap my arms around you running my nails
lightly along the back of your neck and head. lightly massaging
your earlobes and sucking on your lip as we continue with
our never ending liplock. Next think i know you have pulled
my low cut top down and exposed my freckled chest in the middle
of the garage. You slowly release my lips, work your way
down my chin and neck to my left breast. licking sucking
and kising it until you get to my nipple. Then you gently
run your tongue in circles around it before lightly sucking
it until it is so hard it may possibly put someone's
eye out. The whole time i'm gently running my nails
down your back and neck. After you get my left nipple nice
and hard you lick and kiss your way across my chest to my right
nipple and repeat the same motions as with the left, but
what is this? The right one is pierced. You gently roll the
piercing between your lips with your tongue while you slowly
run your hand down my stomach and feel how wet my panties
are. Then you slowly kiss your way down my tummy skip over
where my skirt covers and work your way up my inner thigh.
You pull my panties to the side and slowly slide your tongue
in the slit of my now hot and almost dripping wet pussy. With
long soft strokes of your tongue you massage around my clit,
work your way all the way to my ass and then back up. Still
reaching up and playing with my nipples the whole time.
I moan with the pleasure and rest my hands lightly on the
back of your head. Then I can feel my pussy begin to throb
like it's craving something more than the soft gentle
kisses you are giving it. I lightly grab your ears and pull
you back up to give me one more kiss before i get off the hood
and sit you down in my place. I work my way to your neck and
earlobe as i'm lightly running my nails up and down
your sides and along your inner thighs. I feel your cock
begin to get very hard and i unbutton and unzip your pants
as i work my way down your chest, and stomach. I pull your
now erect cock out of your pants, wrap my little hand around
it and make a few circles around the head with my tongue.
As i feel your cock begin to twitch with the anticipation
i wrap my lips around the head and swallow as many inches
as i can. Rolling my tongue along the shaft as i slowly pull
back i also wrap my hand around the base and begin to stroke
it as i suck. I start out with slow long strokes of my mouth
and hand, getting faster and deeper until you can't
take it anymore. Then you stand up, bend me over the hood
of the car, pull my panties to the side again, and slide
your hard cock deep inside me slowly. You grab onto my hips
and pull me deeper. I grind my hips and ass up against you
as you pound me harder and faster and deeper. I'm moaning
and almost screaming because it feels so good. Then as I
cum to a screaming orgasm and gush all over your hard cock
I can feel your cock fill up, begin to throb and fill me full
of your hot cum
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2 years ago
Very erotic
3 years ago
My oh my that was harding
4 years ago
i love this
4 years ago
Mmm!!! Makes me wanna try to pull that off!
4 years ago
good story really turned me on
4 years ago
Very hot story!!