anesa and damian

It was a warm Friday afternoon and Anesa’s boss called the entire team in to the conference room for a meeting. As the meeting began, she noticed that there were a few unfamiliar faces in the group. An hour of boring information that she could care less about passed before the boss decided to introduce the newest additions to the team.
She hated to admit, but Anesa could care less what their names were until Damian was introduced. He was very confident in the way he carried himself. Se smiled and the room seemed to get brighter. Anesa couldn’t figure out why she felt like a school girl when he walked to the front of the room. Hell, she hadn’t had a crush in years.
Anesa chuckled a little to herself as she thought about how stupid she felt for having a crush on a man she had never even had a conversation with.
Damian was a tall man, about 6’3, with a bald head and the deepest brown eyes she had ever seen. He was a well proportioned man with the full lips and a very attractive smile. He dressed very well, and even smelled good.
Anesa could feel the moisture build I her panties as she thought about Damian and his tall sexy allure.
The next day, Anesa came to work and found a note on her desk that read:

Dear Pretty,
I see the looks you give me with those
dangerous eyes. If you’re wondering, the
thought of the looks you give me get me hard
just thinking about it.

Anesa thought to herself,” Oh My GOD! He noticed me staring.” She was quite embarrassed at the fact she had been caught staring, yet somewhat turned on knowing that Damian reciprocated her sexual attraction.
Anesa stared down at the letter for a good ten minutes with a huge smile. Not only was she acting like a school girl with a crush, Damian was treating the situation like a school boy too. All the letter was missing was the “Do you like me? Check yes or no.”
Her reaction to this strange man was too much for Anesa to comprehend. All she could think was,” How old am I?”
Rather than being an adult about it, Anesa decided to reply to the letter. At the bottom of the original message, she wrote:

Dear D,
Just incase you were wondering, my name
is Anesa, and my phone number is
You’re more than welcome to call me anytime.

As soon as she completed her response, Anesa plopped the note back on Damian’s desk. She felt somewhat proud of herself for taking charge of the progression between the giddy pair. There was no sense playing note tag when they could just get the show on the road.
Damian returned to his desk twenty minutes after Anesa dropped the response to his note. He looked down at the note and let out a huge grin as he read the phone number on the page. The wheels instantly began to turn as he plotted his next move.
He started slow and began with a polite hello via text message. Then he tested the waters a little more by sending some flirty and insinuative messages to se how Anesa would respond. He was obsessed with her eyes with long lashes and the hazel coloring that seemed to glow green and fade to yellow, and he made sure she knew it. Then the comments about her pouty lips that were always painted the perfect deep red just to make them pop just a little more. She commented on how much bigger he was and how his bald head was so sexy.
Anesa couldn’t help but think how nice it would be for Damian to just pick her up, press her against the wall, and have his way with her. She had always imagined what it would be like to have a man capable of manhandling her. She wouldn’t fight it, but it would be sexy as hell.
Anesa and Damian flirted back and forth for a good three weeks. They sent pictures and videos of themselves doing things their mothers would most definitely be ashamed of. The sexual tension was rapidly building between the two of them. It was obvious and almost impossible to hide while in the office.
Finally, Damian couldn’t take it anymore. He made an official plan to spend an entire evening with Anesa. He just had to know if Anesa really was as interested as she was leading him to believe. They were to finally have a nice evening together on Saturday.
The day finally came and Anesa was called in for an overtime shift that morning. After her shift, she came home to find Damian sitting on her front step with some Chinese take-out and a bottle of wine. At that moment, Anesa’s nerves began to build. Damian was awesome in the assurance that he wanted to be there just as much as she wanted him to be there. He grabbed his chopsticks and fed Anesa a piece of shrimp from his dish. They drank their wine and loosened up little by little as they ate their dinner. Anesa got up after dinner to wash the plates. Damian smiled and made a comment about how cute it was to see Anesa being domestic. Then he walked up behind her and started kissing her neck. He felt up her sides, slid his hand up her shirt and under her bra, and then lightly tweaked her nipples with his finger tips. This slight gesture sent a tingle into the depths of Anesa’s soft, moist flower. She let out a soft moan in approval of Damian’s touch.
After the last dish was clean she handed Damian the remote to the TV and went to take a shower. She had been at work all day and didn’t want to ruin the evening. When she got out, she put on a white baby doll nightie with black polka dots. The bust was trimmed with purple satin and black lace. Precisely placed in the center of her heaving breasts was a tiny purple satin bow with a tiny rhinestone set directly in the center of the knot. She then slid on a g-string that matched, all the way to the tiny bow centered below her navel.
When Anesa walked out in her nightie and g-string combo, she found Damian lying in her bed wearing nothing but a pair of black silk boxers. She chuckled to herself at the thought of the cliché their actions were. He was almost amusing to look at trying to be sexy in his silk boxers.
Damian’s jaw dropped as Anesa walked out of the restroom. Her long red hair was dripping wet and little drops of water dripped down her chest and between her perky cleavage. He slowly licked his full lips as she made her way to the bed and crawled in next to him.
Anesa slowly crawled into the bed and curled up next to Damian. She could feel the moisture build between her legs in anticipation of what was to come. He leaned in and kissed her gently. The soft gentle touch on her body with his fingertips, and the kisses on her lips sent a quiver through every inch of her body. She let out a few soft moans as she ran her fingernails gently up his sides and then back down his back. Then she sucked gently on his bottom lip, forcing the hair on the back of his neck to stand at attention. Damian felt a surge run through his body and begin to feel his cock start to fill with excitement.
The lovers laid there kissing and touching. The heat was building between the two. Every now and then the chills would run up the spine of one of the excited lovers, or a tingle between their legs. The petting got heavier and Damian’s grip on Anesa got firmer. He grabbed her firm ass and squeezed tight as he pulled her on top of him. He sat up and pulled the front of the nightie down, exposing her now erect nipples. They were so hard they poked out about a quarter of an inch. Damian gently ran a few small circles around Anesa’s nipples with his tongue, flicked the left one a couple times, and took it into his mouth. As he sucked and licked her nipples, Damian could feel a slight rotation begin in Anesa’s hips.
The grind and wiggle in her hips caused a very positive reaction in Damian. His semi firm cock turned into a full blown erection. The friction caused by the bulge that formed under Damian’s boxers rubbed against Anesa’s now sensitive clit. She began to grind down harder and faster. Her sensitive flower began to get warmer and drip. She slowly ran her tongue along his bottom lip, nibbled her way down his chin, and lightly sucked on his neck. As she reached his firm stomach, she lightly ran her nails up his inner thighs. She massaged his slowly firming testicles as she as she reached the base of Damian’s now throbbing cock. Then anesa grabbed him by the base and ran her tongue from the base to head, made several circles around the head with her tongue, and lightly flicked it a few times with the tip of her tongue. Damian’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. The sensation of her tongue was amazing.
Anesa gazed up into Damian’s eyes before wrapping her full lips around his thick vein cock and taking as many inches into the back of her throat as she could. The deeper she went, the more his toes began to curl. She slowly pulled her lips back toward the head. As the base became more visible, she took the base into her petite, well manicured hand. She stroked the base and tickled his balls as she made short firm passes of her lips over the head of his cock. Randomly she would release the base and plunge her face down and take Damian’s length into her throat before resuming her short firm passes over the head again.
Damian’s toes curled, he was breathing heavy, grunting and moaning loud before he grabbed her head and made her stop. He pushed Anesa onto her back. He started at her ankles, kissed his way up her calves and inner thighs. He let out a breath of warm air over her now dripping slit. He kissed the top of her plump mound and worked his way up her stomach. She let out another soft moan. As he reached her firm breasts and still erect nipples with his tongue, he slid his hand slowly up her thigh. He lightly ran the tip of his fingers along the outer edges of her soft slit before easing the tip of one finger between the moist soft walls. He massaged her clit while her moans got louder and more consistent. Damian felt a rush of moisture between her legs as he worked his tongue and lips over Anesa’s now throbbing nipples.
He moved up a little more to kiss her lips and began to rub the head of his cock on her clit. He teased her open slit with the head, dipping it in and quickly pulling it back out. Her moans got louder than before, almost begging him to penetrate her in one long hard thrust.
Then she did it. Anesa begged Damian to bury every inch of his hard cock deep into her. He slowly eased every inch of himself into Anesa. The girth of his cock seemed to stretch Anesa’s tight opening. She could feel every inch as it slowly penetrated the depths of her womb. It was slightly painful at first, but not bad pain at all. She couldn’t help but to run her nails down his back. The more Damian pumped the better her dripping pussy accepted the thick bulge he had to offer.
She took his cock deeper and faster. She begged him for more. Damian pulled himself out of her, and positioned her carefully on her hands and knees. Pushed her face down toward the pillow and elevated her firm ass in the air. He gave her right cheek a bite before he planted his lips on the plump moist outer lips of her pussy. He slid his tongue between the walls of her sit and licked and sucked her pussy like it was the sweetest fruit he’d ever tasted. He grabbed her hips and buried his face deeper into her from behind. Soon She began to grind up against his face. She was so sweet and smelled so good. Her moans were louder and more consistent than before. Just before she gushed, Damian took one last long stroke of his tongue all the way from her clit to ass.
He got up on his knees, wet the head of his cock by sliding it along her clit a few more times and gently glided deep into Anesa’s tight opening. She screamed his name as he placed his right hand on the small of her back and gripped her hip tight with his left. He put one leg up to brace himself and remained on the other knee. Then he dug his heel into the bed for leverage and thrust himself deep into her. The initial thrust almost sent Anesa through the wall. After a few minutes; though, Anesa was just as into it as Damian. Then she began to push back harder and faster as Damian began to dig in deeper.
They were moaning and panting, louder and faster. Anesa let out a long groan as Damian wrapped his hand in her hair and gave a good firm tug. One last, long, hard thrust caused his cock to swell and sent a chain reaction into Anesa. She gushed and came to a screaming orgasm as he pulled his hard throbbing member out of her and unleashed a huge creamy load up her spine and all over her ass.
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3 years ago
Dam that was tasty
4 years ago
U r def a gifted writer! U make it so easy to picture every momment! WOW!
4 years ago
amazing story
4 years ago
Thank you :)
4 years ago
wooow that was great