Alyson is Addicted to Her Black Cock

Alyson couldn't stop thinking about the previous evening and Roger's big cock. She had trouble sl**ping and although she had had so many intense climaxes the thought of it just kept making her more aroused. She woke early in the morning, reached over to Graham and rubbed his cock. As she got it hard she straddled him and it slid inside her so easily. Although she managed to make herself cum she was immensely disappointed with his size.

Later on her way to work while driving in her Mazda sports car she just couldn't think of anything else but Roger's huge cock. As soon as she got to work she emailed him. It read:

Hi Roger, just had to tell you how much I enjoyed last night and I'm desperate to do it again. When can we meet, anytime, anywhere? Just say I'll be there. Alyson xxxxx

She kept checking her email and was disappointed when after a couple of hours he still hadn't replied. She began to think she was too old for him when she suddenly saw his reply. It read:

Hello white cum slut. I really enjoyed fucking and licking your white cunt and filling it with my black cum and as you sound so desperate for more it will now be under my conditions. Come round to my place tonight and I'll tell you the conditions and I'll tell you now they are non-negotiable. Either you accept my conditions in full or you don't get my big black cock in your white cunt ever again. Bring your pathetic husband with you so he can hear what you are agreeing to. Roger xxx

Alyson felt herself getting aroused as she read it. She loved the thought of being controlled by him. But more than that she was going to get some more of his big black cock. She had already been fantasising about what she wanted him to do to her. She had even thought of him fucking her arse even though she knew it would never go inside her.

She rang Graham and told him that they were going to Roger's place later. They had dinner and Alyson put on a black quarter cup bra, ultra short skirt which clearly showed the tops of her seemed stockings and a pair of 4 inch high heel shoes. She checked she had plenty of her deep red lipstick on and they jumped into Graham's 4 x 4 Volvo and drove the shore distance to Roger's place. It was a smart apartment just outside Durham. They spoke about what he was going to expect but whatever they came up with was just speculation. Alyson was getting more and more aroused all the time.

They rang the doorbell and a naked Roger opened the door and they went in. Alyson couldn't take her eyes off his huge cock. As Grham shut the door behind him Roger grabbed hold of Alyson and kissed her passionately on the lips. Her hand went down to his cock. She wanted it NOW.

He sat on the sofa and she pulled her skirt up round her waist and straddled him. She lowered herself down and slowly impaled herself on his huge black cock. Roger said to Graham, 'undress the white slut and then sit and watch.'

Graham unzipped his wife's skirt and took it off, then unbuttoned her blouse and threw it on another chair. Then he reached behind his wife and undid her bra. Her huge tits with very hard nipples popped into view. Graham was now hard and he sat on the chair opposite.

Alyson was now riding up and down on the huge black cock. She loved moving up slowly and then plunging all the way down. Suddenly Roger grabbed hold of her arms and stopped her fucking him. She was almost about to cum and she pleaded, 'Oh let me cum please.'

'Right here's the deal. You can have my big black cock whenever you want but you're mine. I own you. Graham can only fuck you when I say so. You'll fuck my mates whenever they want and they'll use any of your holes that you want. I'll also rent you out to couples and women. I'll take you dogging and anything else I can think of. But you'll get more sexual pleasure than you've ever had before. One of my mates is even bigger than me. What do you think, do you want my big black cock in your white cunt?'

'Oh yes, anything, I'll do anything, just fuck me now and make me cum,' she pleaded.

'What about your husband, doesn't he get a say?' he asked.

'Just fuck me, I'll sort him out later, for fuck sake make me cum.'

'So you agree with my terms do you?' he asked.

'Yes, yes, fuck me NOW, make me cum,' she pleaded.

Roger released his grip on her arms and she rode up and down on his huge black cock. As Alyson plunged down he pushed up. Her climax was almost instant and huge, followed by a second and third one before Roger splattered her cunt and womb with his black cum. She sat impaled on his cock and then said to Graham, 'fuck the slut in the arse.'

Graham moved onto the bed. Roger pulled her down and kissed her forcing her bum in the air with his cock still deep inside her. Graham eased himself gently inside her dark hole and Roger said, 'I said fuck her, don't be gentle, just fuck the slut, f***e your cock in her tight hole and fuck her.'

Graham pushed forward and with an effort his cock wen inside his wife's arse. It hurt her but the pleasure of the big black cock inside her cunt outweighed the pain and soon she felt her husband depositing his cum inside her.

Roger made her get off and get dressed. She could feel both his and her husband's cum trickling out of her. He said, 'Stand there and let me watch my cum trickling out. Now wipe it off with your fingers and lick them clean.'

Alyson loved being ordered to do this and she loved the taste of both men's cum as she cleaned herself and licked her fingers clean. Roger said, 'I'll be in touch tomorrow with your first assignment.'

As they drove home Graham asked, 'Are you really going ahead with this?'

'I've got to, I just can't do without his cock inside me, he gives me so much pleasure, just remember it's you I love and of course we can still have sex, he won't know about us fucking. Nothing will change I'll just get as much pleasure as you know I need.'

They sat and watched TV for a while and then went to bed. Alyson slept well, drifting off as she imagined what she was going to have to do.

Roger had spent the rest of the evening writing an advert. It read:

Slutty mature white female with great tits is available for hire for the pleasure of single men, single women and couples. All holes are available for everyone. Husband to watch and wank.

A couple of days passed and Roger rang saying a married couple wanted Alyson for the night. He said that he would meet her and Graham at 7.30 on Saturday evening and take them to their house. Afterwards he would fuck Alyson. There were detailed instructions of what they wanted her to wear. Basically it was to wear as slutty clothing as she could. No knickers and bright red lipstick. The couple were aware that Graham would be there watching.

Roger rang the doorbell and a good looking man opened the door. Roger said, 'I've got your slut for the night, that'll be £200.'

He handed him the money and followed him into the lounge. Sitting on the sofa was a very pretty woman wearing a black latex basque with cut out holes for her tits. Her nipples were coated in bright red lipstick. She had fishnet stockings on and huge high heel shoes. She said her name was Claire and her husband was Mike.

'Come here slut,' she ordered Alyson. She did as she was told and the woman kissed her passionately on the lips. Her tongue forcing her lips apart. She took Alyson's hand and put it between her legs and said, 'feel how wet my cunt is, slut.'

Alyson was amazed at how wet she was. She had never been with a woman before but knew she had to do as she was told. She started finger fucking the woman and she stuck her tongue further down her throat. She just reach for her clit and she felt Mike undressing her and said, 'don't make her cum too quick.'

Claire helped her husband undress Alyson and soon she was naked except for her stockings and high heels. Claire turned to Graham and said, get undressed and sit and watch us using your slut wife.'

Claire lay on the bed, her legs wide apart and Mike said, 'Now make her cum.'

Alyson lay between Claire's legs. Her shaved pussy clearly on show, she held her cunt lips apart and Alyson slowly licked all the way up and down her slit. She started moaning with pleasure as she got wetter and wetter. Mike was behind Alyson and she felt his cock slide between her legs. She opened them allowing him to slide inside and wished it had been Roger doing it.

As he plunged forward it pushed her further towards Claire. She had now got her hands behind Alyson's head and was shouting out, 'lick my cunt, slut, suck my clit, slut, for fuck sake hurry up I need to cum. Oh yes, slut that's it.'

She ground her cunt against Alyson's face as she quickly had an enormous orgasm. She stayed in the same position as Mike carried on fucking her and Claire said, 'Kiss me slut, let me taste my cunt juices.'

Alyson lay on top of Claire and they kissed with their tongues in each other's mouth. Then suddenly she felt Mike's cock throb and splatter her insides. She was desperate that she hadn't cum yet.

After a minute or so Claire called Graham over, his erection sticking out in front of him. Claire put it in her mouth and sucked him and got him even harder. She said, 'Kneel beside your slut wife and start wanking but do not cum until she has, then as soon as she's cum you've got to cum over her face and hair.

Mike was still hard and carried on fucking Alyson, her climax happened very quickly and as Claire felt her body shuddering with the orgasm crashing through her body she sucked her tinge deeper into her mouth. Graham knew his wife was cumming and a few more rubs of his cock and he was splattering his wife's face and hair with his cum.

Claire held her face and started licking it clean, saying, 'Oh I so love the taste of cum.'

Claire got up and went to the bedside cupboard and bought out a large double headed black strap on. She handed it to Alyson and said, 'Put it on me slut.'

Alyson knelt on the floor and attached the straps round her upper thighs and tightened it. The two headed dildo stood out in front of her. Mike lay on the bed and Claire said, 'Suck him off, slut.'

Alyson bent down and took Mike's cock in her mouth. She sensed Claire behinds her and then suddenly felt something small being inserted in her arse and then a cold liquid as Claire used a small plastic syringe to inject baby oil deep into her back passage. Then, as she clamped her lips tight around Mike's cock she felt both dildos started pushing inside her. The larger one slid in her pussy easily and with a bit of gentle of pushing the other one slowly slipped inside her arse. She loved the feel as she was doubly penetrated. The harder Claire fucked her, the harder she sucked Mike. She squeezed his balls and stroked his shaft, determined to get a mouthful of his cum. The two dildos were now getting her so aroused and she knew she was about to cum. Then she felt Mike's cock throb and pulsate and spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat. Mike hadn't even finished cumming when her enormous climax hit her.

Claire slowly withdrew the strap and told Alyson to lick it clean. She kneeled on the floor and sucked and licked the two heads clean. Claire said, 'I need to pee, come to the bathroom with me, you joining us darling?'

Mike got up and the three of them went to the bathroom. Claire said, 'We're gonna piss over you slut.'

Alyson said, 'I don't do that.'

'You fucking do now, slut,' Claire replied. 'No get in the bath and open your mouth.'

Reluctantly Alyson got in the bath and knelt down. Mike stood in front of her, held his cock and aimed it at her open mouth. The warm spurt of pee was soon spurting inside her mouth. Alyson made sure she didn't swallow it, but as soon as her mouth was full it started running out and down her chin onto her tits. Claire now started. She held her cunt lips open and a steady stream of female pee splattered her. Her aim wasn't as direct as her husband's and some went in her mouth, some on her hair and some on her tits.

They let Alyson wash herself and then she joined them back in the bedroom. They dressed and phoned Roger who arrived in his car a few minutes later. He checked that Claire and Mike were happy with her performance and drove them home. As he dropped them off he said, 'I'll be in touch tomorrow and arrange your big black cock reward.'

The next day Alyson went to work and hadn't heard from Roger. It was lunchtime and as she went outside he was there waiting for her. He led her to his car and said, 'It's your reward time.'

They found his car in a multi-storey car park and they got in the back. She said, 'We can't do it here.'

He replied, 'we can and we're going to.'

He took his trousers down and was already rock hard. The sudden sight of his huge cock had Alyson very aroused and she slid her panties to one side and lowered herself down onto him. She sighed and gasped with pleasure as she felt the cock fill her up. He reached up and undid her blouse and took her tits out of her bra and squeezed her erect nipples. She could feel her cunt juices trickling out of her as she bounced up and down on his big black cock.

Suddenly she glanced someone out of the corner of her eye. She shouted, 'someone's watching.'

'Let them, let them see what a slut does in her lunchtime,' he replied.

Alyson looked as the man now looked in the back window. Roger leaned over and opened the window. The man's hand came in through the opening and squeezed her nipples. Amazingly Alyson found this turned her on even more and soon she was having a huge orgasm. The man then opened the door and sat beside them. Nobody said a word as he leaned forward and sucked her nipples.

Then he took his trousers down and took his cock out. It was hard but not very big, she reached out for it and started rubbing it.

'Wank him off, make him cum over your tits,' Roger said.

As she continued to fuck herself up and down on Roger she rubbed the other guy's cock. It was about the same size as Grahams.

Suddenly he said, 'I'm cumming.'

She pointed it to her tits and he spurted over her tits and bra. Amazingly he just stood up, put his cock away and walked away without saying anything.

'You enjoyed that, didn't you?' he asked.

'Mmm,' she replied.

Alyson had one more big cum before she felt him splatter her insides. She lifted herself off and made herself decent. Roger took her back to work. As she sat at her desk and started work again she could feel his black cum trickling out of her, down her thighs and down her stockings. She hoped nobody would notice but in reality she really didn't care.

Later that evening she had an email from Roger saying that he had arranged an appointment with two dominant s****rs and that Graham had to be there as well. It was on Saturday at 7.30. They knew the address so they said they would go there by car. Alyson was to be dressed as sluttily as possible with lots of heavy makeup. Their names are Jean and Jill Potter.

Saturday arrived and both Alyson and Graham were horny not knowing what to expect. The other evening with Claire was her first bisexual experience and she had enjoyed it immensely.

They showered and Alyson wore her quarter cup bra that just covered her nipples, suspender belt and sheer seemed stockings. She didn't bother with any panties. Then she found her 5 inch red high heel shoes. Finally she slipped on a white almost see through blouse and a short black skirt that didn't even cover her stocking tops.

Graham drove in his Volvo and they soon found the house. Alyson tottered up to the house in her high heels closely followed by Graham and rang the doorbell. An attractive blonde woman answered the door, she said her name was Jill and they followed her into the lounge where a slightly older lady with dark hair was sitting. She stood and they all shook hands. Both Jill and jean wore black latex basques with cut outs for their tits. Both of them had lipstick coated nipples and wore ultra high heels.

They all had a glass of wine and chatted. Jean said that they were both dominant bisexuals and had been having sex with each other since teenagers. Their husbands had both been ordered to go out for the evening. They finshed their drinks and Jill made Alyson stand up, she undid her blouse and skirt and took them off. Then she reach hor her bra and took that off too.

'Nice suckable nipples,' Jean said.

Jill felt between Alyson's legs and said, 'yes and her cunt's nice and wet too.'

Jean stood up and said, 'let's go in the other room.'

Jean led the way followed the others. As she opened the door it was pretty dim in there but it was obvious that it was some sort of playroom. There were mirrors everywhere and whips and handcuffs and clamps hanging up. Jill said to Graham, 'sit there,' and pointed to a chair.

Alyson was led over to a sort of massage table with hooks and straps hanging everywhere. Jill pushed her down on it and Jean parted her legs and strapped them either side of the table exposing her cunt. Meanwhile Jean was doing the same with her hands. Alyson was incapable of moving and getting more and more aroused. Jill went and got a large clear plastic suction cup and fitted and rubber tube and pump to the end. Then she held it over Alyson's left tit while Jean started pumping it. Alyson loved the feel as her tit just grew and grew. Then when they were happy with the size Jill got some rope and bound it tight. She removed the suction cup and tit still remained large. They did the same with the other one.

Alyson could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she loved the feel she was getting from her enlarged tits. This was also having an effect on Graham who was also getting hard and he asked, 'Is it Ok if I undress?'

'Yes, but still down and don't play with your cock.' One of them replied.

Alyson thought they had finished with her tits but she was wrong. Jill then got two small suction pumps and put them over her nipples and soon had those bigger than they had ever been. She removed them and then coated her nipples in the same deep red lipstick. Finally she fitted a nipple clamp on each one and tightened it. Alyson winced as it bit into her erect nipple.

Jean had now moved down between Alyson's legs and was very slowly running a finger up and down her slit which was getting wetter and wetter. Jill came over and put a clamp on one of her pussy lips and attached it to an length of elastic which pulled it back from her pussy and then did the same with the other one.

Alyson's cunt was now being held wide open and both s****rs started working on it. Jill was above and was rubbing and pinching her clit while Jean was easing a huge black inflatable dildo into her cunt. Alyson was in heaven as the s****rs stimulated her. As she felt the dildo go further and further inside it filled her up and then Jean started pumping it and making it even bigger.

Jill said to Graham, 'Come and watch your wife.'

Graham with a huge hard on stood beside his wife. The look on her face was one of absolute pleasure. Jean said, 'Stand beside her face and wank but don't cum until I say so.'

Graham moved up and Alyson turned her head to him. She wanted to suck his cock but was powerless to reach it. He slowly rubbed his shaft making sure he didn't cum until he was told to.

Jill had now got a huge vibrator and exposing her clit held it gently against it. Alyson knew her climax was imminent and shouted out, 'I'm cumming.'

Jill turned to Graham and said, 'Spunk on her face and hair as she cums,'

Jill carried on holding the vib against her clit and jean carried on pumping the dildo and Alyson's body started thrashing against the ropes as she had the most intense orgasm ever. At the same time spurt after spurt of hot cum splattered her face and hair.

The s****rs hadn't finished with her and Jean withdrew the inflated dildo from her cunt. It was already well lubricated and Jean started easing it into Alyson arse, slowly at first but then easing it in further and when she was happy it was n far enough started pumping it up again. Initially it was painful for Alyson but with Jill now rubbing her clit with the vibrator the pleasure soon overcame the pain.

When the inflatable dildo was at its maximum Jean knelt down and licked Alyson's open cunt, she loved how wet it was and was soon lapping up all her juices. She said, 'When she cums this time I want it all over my face and mouth.'

Jill worked the vibrator more and soon another climax was crashing through Alyson's body. Jean had her mouth clamped tight around her cunt hole and took all her cunt juices into her mouth. She moved round to her s****r and they kissed so that Jill could taste them too.

With the inflatable dildo still embedded in her Jean said, 'I want the slut to make me cum.'

She got on the table and straddled Alyson's cum soaked face and said, 'Lick my cunt slut.'

Jean was soaking wet as she lowered herself right onto Alyson's mouth. She opened her mouth and licked her open cunt and licked up and down the wet slit. Alyson loved the taste of her and Jean moved slightly so that Alyson could reach her clit which Alyson started sucking. Jean was now squeezing and pinching her nipples and was soon thrashing around and having an enormous orgasm. Jean moved off and her s****r replaced. Jill held her cunt lips open for Alyson to suck and lick them and like her s****r she was soon soaking Alyson's mouth and face.

They had all cum now but the s****rs both needed more. Alyson was till bound on the massage table. The inflatable dildo had been removed from Alyson's arse which was now feeling a little sore along with her nipples which still had the clamps on them.

Graham was bought over to stand in front of his wife and Jill knelt in front of him and started sucking him. Alyson had never seen her husband being sucked by anyone else but the look on his face told her how much he was enjoying it. Jean stood behind him, reached round and rubbed his shaft. Within a few seconds he was shooting into the younger s****r's mouth. Jill then stood up and with her mouth still full of Graham's cum bent down and let it all run out of her mouth into Alyson's cunt which Jean was holding wide open. Jill moved away and Jean started licking Alyson's very cummy cunt. She slipped a finger into her arse and licked her cunt, she loved how wet it was with her own juices and Graham's cum.

Jill had now put a huge strap on cock on and was positioning herself behind her s****r. Jean parted her legs and let the huge artificial cock slide inside. The more Jill thrusted the harder Jean licked Alyson's cunt and clit. It was very close as to who was going to cum first but in the end Alyson climaxed just before Jill made her s****r cum.

The s****rs were now totally satisfied and weren't bothered whether Alyson wanted to cum again. Jean said, 'Right, we're done with you now, you were OK and we might use you again, you can go now.'

They unstrapped Alyson and she said, 'Where can I shower?

'When you get home, you'll have to go home like that,' Jill replied.

They got dressed and Alyson and Graham walked out to the car and drove home. Alyson had that wonderful feeling that only comes after she's been well and truly satisfied. She realised she was still wet from all the times she had cum, and also a little sore. They got home and had just sat down with a glass of wine when the doorbell rang.

Alyson opened the door and saw Roger standing there. His trousers were open and his huge black cock stood out. He said, 'I've come to fuck you.'

She replied, 'Oh I can't I've just got back from an evening with the two s****rs and I'm all fucked out.'

'I know, don't forget I arranged it,' he said.

He walked in and Alyson had no choice but to shut the door and follow him into the lounge. He saw Graham sitting there and said, 'I've come to fuck your wife.'

As exhausted and sore Alyson was the sight of his huge black cock sticking out through his trousers was giving her some familiar feelings. He grabbed hold of her, turned her round and pushed her towards Graham in the armchair. He pulled her skirt up and her panties down and pushed his cock towards her opening. She was still very wet and with her hole still open from the inflatable dildo Roger's huge black cock slipped easily in.

'Bend forward and put your hands on your husband's knees, look him in the eye so he can see the look of absolute pleasure as I make you cum,' Roger said.

Alyson leaned forward and rested her hands on her husband's knees. Her face was only inches from his and they started into each other's eyes. Roger started slowly fucking her, he wanted to make it last. Although she was sore the pleasure soon overtook the discomfort and pain. Graham could clearly see how his wife was getting aroused. He could also feel himself getting aroused. He undid his trousers and took his cock out. It was already hard. He started rubbing it as he watched his wife being fucked by this huge black cock. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was open as her orgasm approached. Suddenly she screamed with pleasure as Roger made her cum. Graham loved the look on her face as another man pleasured her to a huge climax.

He was frantically rubbing his cock now as Roger was now more f***eful in his fucking. Alyson now desperately wanted to feel her black lover's spunk pump into her cunt but suddenly she felt the beginnings of another orgasm and just before Roger had emptied the contents of his balls deep inside her she had yet another body thumping climax.

This was too much for Graham and a few more quick rubs of his cock and he was shooting his sticky white cum over his wife's clothes.

Roger slid his cock out and said, 'I've really just called in to say that on Saturday you're the only female at a bukkake party that I'm holding. At the moment there are about 20 guys coming. Graham you need to be there to see your wife being used as a cum bucket. I'll pick you up at 7.30.'

With that he slid his still large cock in his trousers and said goodbye. Alyson collapsed on the sofa. With her legs apart Graham sitting opposite her could see her black lover's spunk trickling out of her cunt and down her legs. They sat and recovered for a while before showering and going to bed.

Saturday soon arrived and Alyson was horny just thinking about the evening. She had never been to a bukkake party but knew it was where guys wanked and cum over her and used all her holes for their pleasure. Graham was unsure about it all but had to go for Alyson's sake.

She wore her slutty make up, stockings and high heels along with her quarter cup bra and short skirt although she realised she wouldn't be wearing clothes for very long. Roger arrived at about 7.25 and they jumped into his car and drove for about 10 minutes. They pulled up outside a big house and they all went in. As Roger opened a door to a lounge about 20 men and 3 women inside broke out into applause and started cheering. All of them were naked and all the men had hard ons.

She was introduced as Alyson and they were told she was to be used and abused as much as they wanted. He went on, 'Her cunt, mouth and arse are all available for all of you, there is nothing she won't do. If you want to piss in her mouth just go ahead and do it.'

By now both Alyson and Graham began to wonder what they had let themselves in for but almost immediately her clothes were being removed and soon she was standing there in front of them all wearing only stockings and high heels. Her erect nipples indicated to everyone how aroused she was.

Roger went over to her and held out a glass and told her to drink it. 'What is it?' she asked.

'A combination of crushed Viagra and cocaine,' he replied. She started to protest and Roger held her head and said, 'Open your mouth, slut and swallow.'

She did as she was told and swallowed the liquid. One of the men stood in front of her and looped a rope round one of her tits and slid the knot up tightly and then wound it round her tit. It hurt considerably and then he did the same with her other breast. They were throbbing and made them seem even bigger.

She was then led over to a sort of massage table and told to lie on it. She climbed up on it. Someone moved some stirrups up to the end of the table and her ankles were strapped onto each one and then moved wide apart opening her cunt which was now very wet.

Alyson lay on her back and on the ceiling were three TV screens and she was on all of them, she realised at that point she was being filmed.

Someone else fixed two clamps to her pussy lips and pulled them open and clipped them to the edge of the table. Someone else moved a stool to the top of the table and Roger turned to Graham and said, 'Sit there and hold your slut wife's head still.'

He did as he was told and held his wife's head still. One of the women was now in between her legs and immediately leaned down and started licking her wet cunt. Alyson loved the feel as she always has of a long tongue slowly licking up and down her wet slit. Two well-endowed guys stood either side of her she reached up and started wanking them.

Other guys were wanking themselves, and in under a minute one of them was aiming his cock at her face and splattering her face and hair with his spunk.

The woman licking her cunt had slid her hand underneath her and was sliding first one and then a second finger inside her arse. It hurt at first but soon the pleasure was stronger than the pain. The woman moved slightly higher and took her clit in between her lips and sucked it. Alyson's first climax was almost instant.

She looked up and could see guys all around her wanking themselves. The other two women were both either side of her and sucking her huge nipples while guys were standing behind them and fucking them. Suddenly without warning someone else held her mouth open and another man shot spurt after spurt of hot spunk into her mouth.

'Don't swallow it, slut, let it dribble out of your mouth,' he shouted.

Alyson opened her mouth and felt the man's cum trickle out over her red lipstick coated lips. Graham was only inches from his wife's face and could see it all so clearly.

Roger was undressed and stood in between her legs and slid his massive cock inside her. The cocaine was making her very relaxed and extra horny and she said, 'Fuck my dirty cunt, big boy, shoot your black spunk inside my slutty wet cunt.'

Someone else started rubbing and pinching her clit and her next climax was again immediate. The guys she was wanking were both ready to cum. Graham turned her face to one side and watched as his wife opened her mouth and took another man's cum in it. As soon as he had finished cumming he turned her face to the other side and with cum running out of her mouth she took his cum in her mouth too.

Seconds later she felt Roger shoot his cum deep inside her. More guys were standing beside her and wanking and now one guy wrapped her blonde hair round his cock and wanked himself off into it. She was now beginning to look like slutty cum bucket she deserved to be.

Graham was very hard and erect as he watched his wife being used and abused. Suddenly he felt someone between his legs and then he felt his cock being taken into one of the women's mouths as she started sucking him off. Roger, although he had just cum was still hard and soon was splattering her inside again with another load of black man's cum.

Another two guys stood beside her and she reached out for their cocks and started wanking them. At the same time another man stood beside her and Graham turned her head to face him. Graham loved being sucked off and knew he was going to cum soon. Alyson opened her mouth and took the cock inside. She clamped her lips tight around it and Graham held her still as he fucked her face. Within a few minutes he had emptied the contents of his balls inside her cummy mouth.

The women sucked Graham faster and harder and clamped her lips tightly round his cock and he was soon cumming into her mouth. She then stood up and kissed Alyson on the lips. Her tongue f***ed Alyson's mouth open ans she felt her husband's cum running into her mouth. At this point she didn't know it was Grahams.

Her mouth was full of cum and she opened her mouth it all started running out. Her face and hair was covered with a mass of sticky white cum.

One of the women was now licking her cunt again as Roger's double load of cum started trickling out. Soon she stopped and moved beneath her and started licking her arsehole while someone else now carried on licking her cunt. The Viagra had her aroused and she had yet another huge orgasm.

Alyson could see on one of the TV screens that women were wanking the other guys off and making them cum in a large Martini glass. When six or seven guys had cum into it Graham was told to hold his wife's head still.

'Open wide,' one of women said and started pouring it into her mouth. Some of it went into her mouth and some run out over her lips. When Alyson saw herself on a TV screen she could see what a sticky cummy state her face and hair was.

She heard some movement but didn't know what it was but then someone said, 'Oh good it's the fucking machine.'

Her nipples were being pulled and twisted and really being abused. Someone else was squeezing her clit. The pleasure was almost being overcome by the pain and discomfort. The trouble is that it was also arousing her and soon the pleasure far outweighed the discomfort. She had lost count of her orgasms but knew another one was approaching.

Graham was still holding his wife's head and leaning forward and almost cuddling her. He could feel her arousal as her breathing got heavier. She started panting and moaning with pleasure. Suddenly spurts of someone's spunk splattered onto her nipples and someone else rubbed it in. She called out, 'Make me cum, please, please make me cum.'

She didn't have to wait long until her body started trembling again. She felt her cunt throbbing and yet again she had another wonderful climax.

She hadn't had time to recover when she felt the fucking machine being eased into place. She looked at a TV screen and saw the machine. It had a large double headed dildo attached to the end. One was considerably larger than the other. She watched as someone lubricated the smaller one which she knew was intended for her arse.

The making was eased forward until both dildos were just inside her but the machine was not turned on. She saw Roger beside her with yet another huge hard on. He took one of her wrists and strapped it up tightly and then stretched her arm out and fixed the strap to the edge of the table. Someone else did the same to her other arm.

She looked at one the screens. She was lying with both arms outstretched, her legs were strapped wide apart. Her bound tits were standing erect with huge red nipples. She saw a guy move closer to her holding a large vibrator.

Roger eased the fucking machine even closer and she could feel both heads of the machine pushing against her cunt lips and her arse hole. She heard the machine being switched on and the two dildos moved forward and eased further inside her and slowly eased out of her before going in again.

She now had men standing all around her rubbing their cocks. One of the women held the large vibrator and switched it on and held it against her clit. Once again Alyson loved the feeling as it buzzed against sensitive sex organ. Graham was holding his wife's head still as men started rubbing their cocks against her nipples and her face. Another had her hair wrapped round his cock.

The fucking machine was now speeding up and had built up a steady fucking rhythm -- in, out, in, out etc. Each thrust seeming to go further and further inside her. Even the smaller one in her arse was going all the way in. As the vibrator was held against her clit Alyson realised that yet another huge climax was approaching.

Suddenly she felt the tell tale spurt of hot cum on one of her tits as one of the guys cum all over her. He moved back to be replaced by someone else. The woman holding the vibrator was moving it expertly all over her clit and along with the constant unending fucking of the machine Alyson's body was soon throbbing with the wonderful feeling of yet another orgasm.

More guys were spunking over her face, hair and tits. She looked at one of the TV screens and she could see what a mess she was seemingly coated in cum everywhere. The fucking machine carried on its unstoppable rhythm giving her more and more pleasure. She was beginning to realise that she wouldn't be able to cum many more times. However, the machine and vibrator had other ideas and somehow her body seemed to start reacting positively to the fucking and vibrating and she felt the start of those wonderful feelings that she so loved.

Yet more cocks were erupting over her. Graham turned her face to the side for her to accept a cock in her mouth which immediately exploded cum inside her mouth. As soon as he had finished Graham turned her head the other way to take another cock in her mouth. Again this one spunked straight away. She opened her mouth and two guy's spunk started running out of her mouth and over her red lips.

Spunk was all over her face, all over her tits, all over her hair. As she blinked she felt cum on her eyelids. It was even in her ears. Most of the men had now cum and were resting around the room. She saw the fucking machine on one of the screens as she watched herself being fucked. Somehow she managed to cum one last time before Roger relented and turned it off but making sure that both dildos remained embedded inside her. Roger now stood beside her and two of the women stood beside him, wrapped their hands round his cock and wanked him off making sure he coated his white slut's face and body with his cum.

The woman who had been using the vibrator on her got up on the table and straddled her face and said, 'Lick my cunt, slut, make me cum.'

Alyson was exhausted but managed to stick out her tongue and lick the woman's slit. She lowered herself even further and Alyson's lips clamped round her clit and soon she had a woman's cum in her mouth mixing with the mens.

She jumped off to be replaced by another woman who held her pussy lips open and simply pissed on her face. Alyson opened her mouth and took the warm flow in her mouth until it was full and it started running out everywhere.

She moved off to be replaced by the third woman who like the first wanted her slit licked and sucked and she too climaxed over her face.

Everyone in the room was now totally exhausted and Alyson was released from her straps. Her tits, now very red and sore were untied and the clamps removed from her cunt lips. Roger told her were the shower was and just before she got into it she saw herself in the full length mirror.

Yes, she admitted to herself she had been well and truly used and abused. As she and Graham said their goodbyes Roger handed her a dvd of the evening and said, 'I'll be in touch soon letting you know what else I've got planned for you.'

87% (23/4)
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