See Deshawn and Jane

It was the hottest day in town for the past twenty years. Jane was watching the weather forecast from the living room of her grandmother's house, fanning herself and grimacing as the swamp cooler strained to keep the temperature in the house below 80 degrees. Jane glanced at her watch and groaned in disgust. Her mom had wheedled her into watching the house so the handy man wouldn't steal anything and now he was almost thirty minutes late. And there was nothing to do in this old house!

Before Jane could finish her complaints, she heard a loud knock at the door. Jane hurried to answer and caught her breath in surprise when she saw him standing there. It must have been the handyman but Jane had expected one of the local winos or one of the i*****l immigrants from around town her f****y usually hired. At the door stood a black man with a shaved head, slightly above average height but not too tall, with arms so large they strained the thin fabric of the white t-shirt he wore. Her eyes flicked down from his face as she noted how the t-shirt stretched over his broad chest. She looked up at his face into his wide brown eyes underneath sharply arched eyebrows. His mouth was curling itself in a bemused frown as he opened his mouth to speak, seemingly oblivious to Jane silently undressing him with her eyes.

"My name is Deshawn. I was supposed to be here to do some yard work at 1. I am so sorry that I am late. I got lost," Deshawn blurted out, all the while grimacing and sweating in the late summer heat on the doorstep. "Are you the homeowner?" Deshawn was more than a little surprised. The woman he had spoken to on the phone was older, middle aged at least. In front of him stood a petite red-head in her early twenties at the most, Deshawn was doing his best to check her out discreetly while apologizing, but he couldn't help but marvel over her pert breasts underneath the tank top she was wearing. The hem of the shirt didn't quite reach the waistband of the shorts she was wearing and left her cute belly button and flat stomach exposed. Deshawn's eyes quickly flicked down and he had to fight the urge to lick his lips as he examined her tightly muscled legs underneath lightly tanned skin leading up to her short shorts. Even with the tan, she had a freckles sprinkled on her arms and face.

Jane laughed, "No that's my mom! She had me put the ad out and you probably talked to her on the phone. I'm Jane."

"Oh! I was going to say that you looked and sounded much younger in person than you did on the phone!"

At this point they both laughed and Deshawn left for the tool shed to get started working on the yard. Jane shut the door and bit her lip, daydreaming slightly about what she had just seen. The afternoon might not be so bad after all! Jane sauntered over to the couch and plopped down on the couch, fanning herself absentmindedly with the local newspaper.

Jane awoke with a start, somewhat surprised that she'd allowed herself to fall asl**p. She stretched and cursed softly. She looked around ruefully remembering the handyman who she was supposed to be supervising.

"I wonder what he's up to" Jane murmured to herself. Pushing herself up from the couch she went to the window of the living room. She parted the blinds just in time to catch Deshawn standing shirtless in the blistering sun, sweat glistening on his brown skin, pouring water from a jug over his head. Water splashed on his upturned face and cascaded over his broad chest. Individual droplets dribbled slowly over rippling abdominal muscles. Jane lingered at the window, admiring as Deshawn's naked upper body shimmered in the sun. Deshawn tossed the jug aside in a growing pile of rubbish in the yard and returned to clearing brush from the yard and was soon out of view of the window. Jane sighed, a little disappointed that the peepshow had ended.

Deshawn was cursing softly under his breath as he strained under the weight of the log he was moving. Deshawn had been clearing brush and throwing away garbage that had accumulated while the house had been vacant. Sweat was dripping down his face and stinging his eyes. Deshawn could feel the rough bark digging into the skin across his sloping t****zius muscles and the back of his neck. He'd been working continuously for a couple of hours and the heat was beginning to get to him. His mouth was dry despite the enormous amounts of water he was consuming and he had begun to tire.


Deshawn turned at the sound of Jane's voice. Deshawn turned in her direction and for a moment wondered if he was hallucinating. Deshawn's jaw dropped as his mind registered what he was seeing – Jane stood in front of him wearing sunglasses and a tiny leopard skin bikini holding a pitcher of lemonade and some plastic cups. The brown, black and tan colors in the leopard print on the fabric of Jane's bikini perfectly set off her skin and red hair, and her pert breasts peeked out from the underside of the cups of her halter top style bikini. Deshawn licked his lips appreciatively, forgetting that she would likely see his reaction.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Yeah thanks!"

Deshawn took another step toward the wood pile he'd been building and tossed the log in its general direction with a grunt. The log landed with a thud and Deshawn strode in Jane's direction arm outstretched eager to take the drink and get a closer look at Jane's gorgeously displayed body.

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome!"

Deshawn took a cup and gulped lemonade shamelessly ogling Jane's breasts. "I wonder how she'd look wearing just the sunglasses" he thought to himself as he drained the rest of his lemonade.

"Trying to get a little sun?"

"Yeah, it's a nice day, so I thought I'd lay out for a little while".

Deshawn nodded, still shamelessly checking out Jane's shapely legs and flat belly.

"Well I better get back to work..."

Deshawn turned but pulled up short at the sound of Jane's voice.


Deshawn turned to see Jane holding a tube of suntan.

"Can you help me put this on? I burn really easily without it."


Jane handed him the lotion and turned away slowly, smiling to herself at the reaction her bikini had gotten out of Deshawn. She bent at the waist casually and spread out her towel knowing that Deshawn was enjoying the view of her firm buttocks in the string bikini – it was a Brazilian cut that covered slightly more than a thong but still left a large portion of her ass exposed to sunlight and was cut extremely low in the front as well. Deshawn gaped as he watched Jane's ass from behind. He just wanted to reach out and squeeze both cheeks with his hand – in fact he would in a minute, had she not invited him to when she asked him to rub lotion on her? Deshawn squeezed a generous amount of lotion on his hand and reached for Jane's shoulder blades as she lay on her towel supporting her head on her arms. Deshawn began massaging suntan lotion into Jane's back and shoulders in slow languorous circles. Jane moaned softly.

"That feels good!"

"I am glad you like it."

Deshawn kept rubbing and soon was rubbing against the straps of Jane's bikini top.

"Let me get that out of your way."

Deshawn didn't answer and silently held his breath as Jane reached behind her neck and quickly united her bikini top. Not satisfied with that she reached for the middle of her back and slowly pulled at the string of her bikini top until it was completely loose and both sides of her top lay open at her sides. Now she lay in front of Deshawn completely topless but on her belly. The curve of her breasts was visible from the sides but the ground protected her modesty. Deshawn gaped at her body from behind his incredulous gaze traveling from where he knelt at her shapely, toned thighs, over her tiny leopard skin bikini bottoms, up the smooth curve of her back to the red and blonde curls of her hair covering the back of her neck and shoulders. Recovering himself, he pushed her hair aside and resumed application of the suntan lotion.

Jane lay still on her belly enjoying the feeling of Deshawn's hands on her body, groaning softly as he kneaded the muscles of her back gently and slowly. As Deshawn's hands traveled down her back Jane could feel her face and her groin get warm in anticipation of Deshawn's hands on her ass. Deshawn took his time and rubbing the small of her low back and Jane held her breath in anticipation waiting for the welcome feeling of large hands cupping her butt cheeks. She exhaled in disappointment when she felt his hands instead on the back of her legs. Deshawn worked his way methodically down her hamstrings and calves, carefully working lotion into every inch of her body but neglecting her buttocks. Seemingly satisfied with his work, Deshawn began to rise.

"Can you do my butt too? What you were doing felt really good!"

"Are you sure? I didn't know if I should since that seemed a little personal."

"It's ok, go ahead."

Not needing any more encouragement, Deshawn quickly squeezed more lotion onto his hands and began massaging Jane's buttocks. He was instantly impressed with how springy and smooth her butt was under his hands. Unable to resist, Jane moaned and squirmed slightly under his touch. Deshawn continued massaging and squeezing her ass, stopping reluctantly when he finally concluded he'd delayed long enough. Deshawn rose and exhaled as he stood over Jane's prone body.

"Thank you, that was very nice."

"You're welcome."

Deshawn hurried away to finish his work not because he had much left to do, he was really nearly finished with what he had come to do – Deshawn rushed away to hide the erection that had grown in his pants as he rubbed Jane's nearly naked body.

Jane for her part lay still on her towel, but her heart was pounding in her ears. She had a half a mind to roll over with her breasts uncovered and ask if he would do that side too, but thought better of it. She did untie the sides of her bikini bottoms. Jane carefully arranged her bottoms so that the strings in back were arrayed on the small of her back and the strings from the front lay at her sides. If a good strong gust of wind came, she would be lying in the sun nude in her grandmother's fenced in back yard with only Deshawn to see.

It did not escape Deshawn's attention that Jane was now nearly fully disrobed. He worked slowly so as to prolong as much as possible his work so he could study her body. Deshawn also made no move to cover his now painfully obvious boner.

Abruptly, Jane suddenly retied her bikini and stood. Deshawn bit his lip in frustration.

"Do you want a beer? I think I am going to have one"

"Sure, thank you!"

Jane padded into the house in her bare feet and quickly returned carrying two open beers and handed him one. Deshawn quickly gulped his bottle of beer down.

"Do you want to go inside and cool off?"

Deshawn hesitated.

"I should get going..."

"Just for a minute, I don't want you to pass out in the car while you're driving!"

Deshawn shrugged his acquiescence and followed Jane in the house still holding his empty beer bottle.

"Want something else?"

Deshawn turned toward the direction of Jane's voice and was quickly silenced by the sight of her bent at the waist with her head stuck in the refrigerator digging something out. Deshawn paused, his mouth open as if to answer and stared at Jane's scantily clad rump. Jane stood and turned and met his eyes. Deshawn and Jane locked eyes for a moment, than she smiled slyly.

"Here, drink this."

Jane stood on her tiptoes holding a large tumbler to Deshawn's lips. The contents of the tumbler were fizzy and lightly sweet but had an overpowering taste of alcohol. Deshawn gulped it down, but immediately regretted it.

"What was that?"

"Vodka and seven up. What? You didn't want any?"

"I have to drive 40 miles to get home!"

"I don't think you'll be going anywhere tonight..."

Jane handed him another beer as she sipped her beer, gray-green eyes twinkling impishly over a wicked smile.

"Don't worry; I've got more work for you to do."

Deshawn gasped as he felt the effects of the alcohol taking hold.

"How much vodka was in that drink?"

"A lot, I figured a big boy like you would need a lot to get d***k."

As Jane said this she grabbed Deshawn by the belt and led him down the hallway.

"Why do you want me d***k?"

Jane stood on tiptoe again pushing the beer bottle to Deshawn's lips. Deshawn didn't resist as the cold beer poured down his throat.

"I figured that the only way I could get you to stop fucking around and give me some dick was if you were d***k!"

By this time they'd reached a neatly made bed in one of the bedrooms. Jane turned and stood in front of Deshawn as he stood facing her with his back to the bed and put her free hand on his bare chest. Jane shoved hard and Deshawn sat down on the bed in surprise. Jane set her beer down on the night stand and looked Deshawn in the eye, staring at him solemnly.

"Tell me something?"

Jane straddled Deshawn's lap with her knees on the bed so that her breasts in face at eye level. She reached out with both hands to Deshawn's shoulders and shoved hard so that he fell back face up on the bed.

"Do you know how to eat a pussy?"

As the words left her mouth, Jane untied both sides of her bikini bottoms and tossed them to the side, exposing her closely shaven mons pubis. A hint of red hair had been left above the opening of her love canal, but her vulva was otherwise clean shaven. Jane crawled up the length of Deshawn's body and as Deshawn tried to come up with a coherent answer cut him off by sitting on his face and grinding her pussy on his nose.

"I want you to tongue fuck me."

With Jane's fragrant honey pot that near his face, Deshawn decided he was safe in indulging. Deshawn kissed her labia gently, then drew his tongue down the length of Jane's pussy, and finished by flicking her clitoris rapidly. Jane drew in a sharp breath and thrust her pussy aggressively at him and seized his head with her hands.

"Tongue fuck me and stop teasing me!"

Deshawn, did his best to comply, rapidly inserting and withdrawing his tongue from Jane's pussy. Jane responded by squeezing his head with her thighs and hands and grinding against Deshawn's rapidly working mouth, all the while exhorting him to continue his ministrations in a breathless tone:

"Deeper, harder, oh GOD!, RIGHT THERE!"

Deshawn was licking furiously, twisting his tongue this way and that trying to keep up, but thoroughly enjoying the taste of Jane's honey. He was also gasping for air underneath her now frantically bucking hips. Deshawn reached up to support Jane's buttocks with his hand so that he had a steady target. Jane put a hand on Deshawn's forehead and rose slightly on her knees.

"Right there! Oh yeah, I think I am going to come! Ahhhhhhhh."

Her last utterance came with a deep breath out and a shudder. Jane fell forward, her shoulders heaving and gasping for breath. Deshawn craned his neck and lolled his tired tongue out, straining to get some air.

"You taste really sweet!"

Deshawn moved as if to sit up but Jane pushed him down. She swung her leg over him so she was all on one side and unsnapped his belt.

"We're not through yet. Not even close."

Deshawn was in no mood to resist as Jane undid his pants and slid his pants and underwear down over his thighs. She pulled his clothing down and off so that he lay in bed naked before her and his cock sprang to attention in front of her face. Jane reached behind her and loosened her bikini top so that it feel from her chest and left her naked as well. Jane ducked her head and licked the length of his dick, then sucked one of Deshawn's balls into her mouth. Deshawn groaned at the intense pleasure. Jane pulled back and locked eyes with Deshawn.

"I know what you're thinking. You think that you deserve it huh? You think that you did a good job eating my pussy and that I am going to suck some dick. Well guess what? You got to work for that!"

As Jane finished speaking she spun around on one knee and began to wave her ass in his face.

"Don't you want some? You want a piece of this ass?"

Deshawn rose up on the bed behind her, cock in hand and grabbed Jane by the hips.

"You're God Damn right I want a piece of that ass!"

Deshawn plunged in so that he was balls deep and Jane shrieked in surprise.


Deshawn seized the moment and began jackhammering Jane from behind, enjoying the feeling of her firm smooth ass slapping against the skin of his belly and thighs, and hearing her cries as we went deeper and deeper.

"Oh, oh oh, oh, oh"

"Uh, Uh, Uh arrrrr!"

Deshawn growled and gnashed his teeth as he continued his assault. Jane mewled and moaned in response.

"Keep going you sexy b**st!"

The sound of flesh meeting flesh continued at the frenzied pace, until Jane cried out.

"I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

Deshawn finally disengaged and fell to the bed exhausted. His prick still stood straight up in the air.

Jane collapsed next to him.

"Did you come?"

"Not yet."

"Was it not good enough?"

"Oh my God, it was fucking awesome! I just haven't come yet."

Jane crawled over Deshawn's thighs and seized the tip of his penis in her hand. Deshawn and Jane locked eyes as the head of Deshawn's dick entered Jane's pussy. Jane paused in her descent and squeezed as hard as she could with her pussy. Deshawn's eyes closed involuntarily as his body shuddered. Jane continued her descent by mere millimeters squeezing as she went. Deshawn writhed in ecstasy as Jane exacted her exquisite torture. Jane bottomed out on Deshawn's dick and screwed her hips clockwise on Deshawn's dick. Jane's hips described a tight circle around Deshawn's dick and then rose until only the tip of the dick was inside. Jane tossed her hair seductively at the top of her motion, running the fingers of one hand through her hair and using the other to balance herself by pushing off of Deshawn's chest. Jane continued her hip gyrations pushing Deshawn steadily to the brink.

"Ah, Oh, Uh, Oh!"

Deshawn's pleasure was so intense that his whole body began to tense in preparation for the explosive release that was now inevitable. The veins on Deshawn's neck and arms began to bulge and sweat began to run off Deshawn and Jane's foreheads in rivulets. Jane threw herself into the moment completely; arching her back as the motion her hips became wilder and more ragged. Jane could feel the heat rising in her body as the tension climbed to an unbearable peak. Just when Jane felt she couldn't take any more, she felt Deshawn's balls twitch against her. As if in slow motion, Jane could feel Deshawn's dick pulsing as sperm pushed up from deep inside Deshawn's heavy testicles. Jane cried out involuntarily as she felt her second orgasm seize her. Deshawn cried out in response to Jane's vocalization his body rising up off the bed at the very peak of his orgasm and collapsing back against the bed. Jane had been balancing herself against Deshawn's chest; she fell forward against Deshawn as she responded to the aftershocks of their simultaneous orgasm. Deshawn and Jane lay on the tangled sheets in a sweaty embrace until Deshawn nodded off to sl**p.

Deshawn awoke alone and spread-eagled in the bed, his hands stretched above his head and a comforter pulled up to his neck. Just then, the toilet flushed and Jane walked into the room from the adjoining bathroom wearing a fluffy robe untied, naked underneath the bathrobe, her pert teardrop-shaped breasts jiggling gently as she walked toward the bed.

"Did you tie me to the bed?"

Jane ignored Deshawn's indignant query and jerked the comforter off of the bed and Deshawn's naked body. Deshawn's morning wood waved slightly from the motion of the comforter. Jane's eyes were fixed directly on her prize as she dropped her robe and crawled onto the bed.

"Hey! This isn't fu..."

Deshawn's voiced trailed off as Jane's mouth closed around his dick. Deshawn began to moan in response to the motion of Jane's tongue on his penis.

"Uhhh, Uhhh..."

Jane lips released Deshawn's prick with a wet pop. She crawled off the bed and bent to the floor for as if to pick something up. Deshawn spoke up again:

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Jane stood facing Deshawn on the bed, her hands behind her behind her back. She climbed back onto the bed, wobbling a bit as she struggled for balance with her arms behind her back, pausing with one knee on the bed and the other leg dangling. Regaining her balance, Jane began crawling forward, smiling impishly as she crawled over Deshawn's legs and up his chest till she was sitting on the lower part of his chest. Jane leaned forward, her tits dangling in his face before she answered,

"Don't worry, it'll be fun!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Deshawn could see the belt from Jane's robe in her hand.

"No don't! Come on!"

"Shut up! You're going to enjoy this!"

Jane blindfolded Deshawn, and then positioned her wet pussy directly on Deshawn's open mouth. Deshawn vigorously shook his head no. Jane laughed.

"Silly, you can't tell me no!"

Jane reached down and pinched Deshawn's nose shut. Deshawn thrashed his arms and legs briefly but as his air supply grew more and more scarce, Deshawn decided that cunningulus was his only option. Deshawn's tongue began working furiously as he became steadily more light headed. Finally, Jane released Deshawn's nose and Deshawn struggled to control his breathing, barely avoiding hyperventilation as he burrowed his tongue deep inside Jane's dripping pussy. Deshawn flicked his tongue as rapidly as he was able for a minute but lost his enthusiasm for his task since it seemed that his efforts would not be immediately reciprocated. Jane noticed his tongue's slackening pace.

"Faster!" Jane demanded. Deshawn shook his head sullenly in answer – why should he submit to being restrained against his will? Jane quickly made it obvious why he should by pinching Deshawn's nose shut and completely smothering him by literally sitting on his face. Deshawn, in a panic due to the lack of air, resumed giving Jane head like he meant it. Jane, for her part, gradually eased her grip on Deshawn's nose as the intensity of her pleasure deepened. Deshawn, seeing that his torture would not end until Jane had climaxed began probing slowly with his tongue until he found Jane's clit. Sucking in gently on it, he was rewarded by a coo of pleasure:

"Ooh that was nice!"

Deshawn, suddenly emboldened, began gently massaging Jane's clit with his tongue instead of licking blindly at her vaginal area. Jane's eyed rolled back in her head as Deshawn gradually increased his speed.

"Oh shit! That feels so fucking..."

Jane's profane tirade was cut off by the deep intense of waves of pleasure building within her. Deshawn sensing the change in Jane's reaction varied his attack by licking the full length of Jane's labia majora. Jane groaned in delight as her empty love canal began flexing involuntarily and her legs quivering.

"I am going to cum! I am going to fucking cum all in your face! OHHH shitttt, I am cumming, I am cummming I am cumming!"

Deshawn went for one last little diddle of Jane's clitoris as Jane continued her pornographic monologue. Jane's vocalizations suddenly became monosyllabic nonsense as her orgasm carried her completely over the edge. Jane pushed Deshawn's face away roughly when she could take no more and she collapsed to the bed trembling. She lay on the bed for a moment, still shaking. Gradually more coherent sound began to come from her mouth, until she said, "Shit that was good! Do you want something to drink?"

"How long are you going to keep me here like this?"

"If you keep eating pussy like that, Forever!"

Deshawn sighed in frustration, "Well if I am going to be your fucking sex toy shouldn't I get something too? This is fucking bullshit and I am going to call the cops the second I get loose!"

Jane gasped, "You wouldn't, would you?"

"Fuck yeah, I would! You're restraining me against my will and forcing me to perform sex acts on you! That's i*****l!"

Jane fell silent and Deshawn could feel the bed shift gently as she rose. Deshawn heard her pad from the room and panicked, he'd just threatened her while she was still in control!

"Hey forget it! I am not calling the cops! I didn't mean that." Deshawn sighed frustrated, at the lack of response and strained to hear something in the now silent room. He could hear Jane padding softly in the carpeted hall again and began to speak once more.

"Hey I am sorry, I didn't mean it. I've actually really enjoyed this and I was just a little upset this morning since you've had all the fu... HEY!"

Deshawn shouted when he felt something feathery soft brush his leg.

"What was that?"

Jane didn't answer and Deshawn felt the same thing again this time on his chest.

"Hey that tickles!"

Soon Jane was tickling him on random places all over his body – Deshawn was reduced to a helplessly laughing wreck. Deshawn was shrieking uncontrollably like a little girl:

"Oh my God!, just stop, stop, stop! Haha AHHH"

Jane was merciless and seemed bent on extracting maximum revenge for some past wrong. Just as Deshawn was sure he'd suffer a heart attack if the tickling didn't stop, he felt Jane's warm wet tongue in his ear. Deshawn shuddered at the intensity of the sensation. Jane lingered a bit, then began tracing a line down Deshawn's neck from his ear to his chest. There she paused to suckle on his nipples. Deshawn's chest heaved in response as he struggled to control himself as Jane teased him. She began working her way down again kissing Deshawn's belly as she worked her way southward. One hand seized Deshawn's cock as Jane kissed and licked her way down to the very base of his cock.

"You're not going to call the cops are you?"

Deshawn responded fervently.

"No, oh no! I would never do something like that! I didn't mean it oaahhhhAAAhhh"

Deshawn's words meandered off into gibberish when Jane sucked one of his testicles into her mouth. Deshawn's hips rose off the bed involuntarily as he responded. Jane released his testicle to suckle on the other and then licked the length of Deshawn's prick slowly. She used her tongue on the very end, circling the head, tasting Deshawn's salty precum. Jane encircled the tip of Deshawn's penis and tried to swallow the entire length of it at once. She f***ed Deshawn's prick further and further down until the tip was in her throat and she gagged. Jane pulled back and came up for air releasing Deshawn's dick with a loud pop. Jane coughed and fought to control her gag reflex for a minute as Deshawn flexed his hips and his cock twitched as he strained to get back in Jane's mouth. Jane recovered from her coughing fit and wiped her mouth.

"Fuck this shit, I need some dick!"

With that Jane reached up and jerked the blindfold from Deshawn's eyes. Jane knelt and swung her leg over Deshawn's prostrate body. She sat down on his dick and began fucking herself silly on Deshawn's rock hard erect member. Jane bounced up and down on Deshawn like he was a trampoline, working herself into a sexual frenzy. Deshawn twisted and struggled and panted trying his best to keep up with what was going on top of him. Abruptly, Deshawn heard a ripping of fabric and felt the bonds on his right arm loosen a little. Deshawn strained and jerked until both arms popped loose. Jane gasped in surprise at Deshawn's sudden herculean feat of strength, and Deshawn seized the moment. Grabbing Jane by the hips, Deshawn pivoted and rolled so that Jane was on her back and Deshawn was now on top. Deshawn's cock was still inside Jane's slick gash and his legs were still bound to the foot of the bed but Deshawn had still managed to get enough leverage to give Jane as good as he'd been getting. He immediately pinned Jane's arms on the bed above her head and sank the weight of his hips down so that her legs were f***ed outward. Jane's eyes were wide as Deshawn moved with the primal ferocity of an enraged lion. Deshawn began brutally piledriving Jane's pussy to the bed drawing his hips back and thrusting in rhythm with so much for f***e that the entire bed shook and the old mattress creaked under the weight of the onslaught. Jane was roused from her shocked silence and began crying out with every thrust:

"Ohhh! AHHHH! Uhhh!"

Deshawn increased the tempo of his thrusts and began working in a circular motion on the down stroke, rubbing the base of his cock on Jane's pubis before drawing back again. They continued thus for a few seconds more before Deshawn growled through grit teeth:

"I am going to cum! I am going to fucking cummm!"

"AHHHI am cumming too!"

Deshawn's body shuddered as he struggled to hold himself off of Jane. Finally as he was coming down from the swirl of emotion he laid his head on her bosom. Jane lay still breathing deeply as the room span around her. Deshawn lowered himself to the bed beside Jane, panting heavily. Jane rolled over on her side facing him and looked him in the eyes quietly for a moment.

"You're not mad?"

"As long as you promise to tie me up again next weekend we're cool! Give me your number and I'll be here with a rope Saturday!"

Jane laughed softly as Deshawn pulled her toward him, his large hands gently cupping her face as they kissed. Jane rolled over and snuggled up so that her butt was firmly nestled in Deshawn's lap so that they were spooning with his now flaccid penis was in the small of her back. They both fell asl**p again already planning their activities for next weekend.
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