Anna and Her Son Brutus

Brutus held himself over me and supported his weight as he slowly ground his hard cock into my cum filled butt hole. I closed my eyes and I drifted off thinking how much he reminded me of his father.

Their cocks were almost identical in size. I lay there drenched in sexual pleasure as my young son’s cock renewed the intense feeling of having a man’s cock in my special place.
Brutus leaned down and nibbled and kissed my neck and whispered your ass will be mine now until father comes home.

I pushed my hips up raising my ass to take him even deeper inside me. Yes Brutus I sighed out it will be yours from this night forward. There was a new confidence in him as he boldly began to fuck me with a new air of possessiveness.

His next words shocked me as he whispered. Surrender your rosebud to me. Take my cock deep into the sweet passage of your soft bowels. Don’t deny the pleasure my hard throbbing cock brings to your tight dark forbidden tunnel.

For a moment it was as if I was in a time warp. I couldn’t speak and tears filled my eyes. The words my son just used were the words his father would say to me as he took me anally and thrilled me with each slow deep plunge into my warm waiting bowels.

I looked back at Brutus who had a distant look on his face. His eyes were closed as he slowly and deeply drove his thick hard cock into my warm moist bowels. He looked so much like his father. Had he had black hair I would have sworn it was Julius fucking my sweet rosebud.

Ah my goddess of love Brutus sighed out as he plunged his hard thick cock past the tight ring of my asshole as I shivered with pleasure at his words as he fucked my tight shit hole. Memories of nights with Julius flooded my heart and mind as I cried out yes my love take my hot tight asshole , fuck me as only you can my love.

Yes my goddess your rosebud opens to receive my mighty shaft into the tunnel that leads deep into the dark passage of your hot bowels. Oh my love I cried out. Yes, oh yes my sweet love take me, fill my bowels with your mighty shaft.

Yes my love fuck me, fuck me my sweet lover, fuck my dark passage with your hard thick cock. Yes my golden haired beauty the sweet round globes that surround your tiny pink asshole yields to the strength of my throbbing cock.

I cried out my husbands name, yes Julius yes my love , fuck me my sweet husband. Take my rosebud , fuck me like a wanton wild a****l. Make me your whore. Fuck me like a common slut. Oh god yes, oh yes fuck me so hard, so deep, yes I cried out take my shit hole and pound me into submission my love.

Oh yes my sweet slut Brutus said as he gripped my hips and began to slam his hard meaty cock deep into my asshole. Take your man’s long hard cock like the bitch in heat you are. Yes, oh god yes uh huh I’m your bitch, I’m your whore please fuck me, please fuck me till it hurts. Julius oh god I need to feel you fill my sluttish bowels with your burning hot sticky sperm.

Fuck me , fuck me , fuck me I wailed out. Yes please fuck me oh god Julius how I love your rock hard cock buried deep within my hot moist bowels. Yes my beloved husband fuck me. Fuck me as only you can. I surrender my heart and body to thee my husband. Oh I cried out as Brutus plunged deeper and deeper into my gaping wide asshole.

I knew it was my own son Brutus behind me fucking me. I also knew that somehow he must have heard Julius and I making love. As he used all of the words and sayings and fucked me now like his father had so many times before.

A slow loving smile spread across my face when I heard my son say yes Anna my loving wife your shit hole is now mine to take with my mighty sword of love. Prepare to be fucked like the goddess you are my beautiful little slut.

Brutus pushed me roughly down until my face was pressed into my pillow. He grabbed my hips and stood up pulling my ass high into the air. Oh god I cried out in shock as now I felt the massive power of his thighs and hips working in unison as he drove his hard young cock deeper and harder into me.

No longer was my confused mind an issue. The only thing that mattered was I was reliving my love making with my husband through my son’s hard swollen cock stabbing deeply into my tight puckered shit hole.

I could feel the taut elastic skin surrounding my anus clinging tightly to my sons hard long cock as he fucked me with a renewed passion. I clawed desperately at the sheets as he had no mercy with my pink rosebud as he pounded his hard throbbing cock into my tortured happy asshole.

Each powerful thrust generated a new moan of joy as I shrieked out my husbands name as my son used his fathers terms of endearment awakening a longing in my heart and a deep arousing need for my love and emotional bond to my husband.

Yes, yes Julius my love I cried, how I’ve longed to feel your steel hard shaft pierce my bowels again. Oh god Julius I sighed out. Yes my love fuck me with your hard thick stalk of burning flesh. Sweat ran down my face and I clenched my teeth as my asshole lovingly accepted the brutal pounding of my son’s cock.

Brutus ripped into me as if possessed by the soul of a crazed wolf. He growled low in his throat as he pummeled my bowels with blindingly fast deep strokes that had my butt hole tingling with pleasure as he assaulted my shit hole until I cried out his name in submission.

Yes, yes , my loving young son fuck your mother. Fuck her with your manly hard cock. My moans filled the room as orgasm after orgasm burst through out my body. I collapsed face down to no avail as Brutus continued to pound his hard throbbing cock in and out of my battered asshole.

Brutus made his voice lower as he evilly laughed and pulled me once again to my knees and held my hips. Surrender my goddess, surrender unto your master and husband. Give unto me your sweet pink rosebud so I may pleasure myself in the hot depths of your womanly bowels.

Yes I whimpered as I hung my head in total submission. Take that which is yours I moaned out. Fuck me, use me, I am nothing more than your willing slut who lives for her man’s cock. Yes Julius take me my love. I am yours forevermore.
Please Julius now my love , it is now that I need to feel your hot thick sperm fill my bowels. Now I moaned hurry my love fill me with your hot burning seed. Yes, yes, oh god yes I need you to fuck my pink little rosebud with your massive meaty shaft.

Brutus grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and back with one sharp quick movement. I cried out loudly in pain and surrender as I heard a low rumbling deep within his chest. I felt his meaty hard cock swell and throb as he roared out in pleasure as his sperm raced up his shaft and burst from the tip of his mighty cock.

I screamed out like a wild banshee as I felt his hot burning liquid fire begin to jettison in thick hot gobs of sperm that splattered and painted the insides of my bowels with his thick stringy scalding hot seed.

I threw my head back and wailed out in orgasmic ecstasy. Yes, uh huh oh god yes, that’s it uh huh oh god yes fill me with your hot burning sperm, oh god yes my love, my bowels burned with each spattering blast of sperm that splashed into the soft tender lining of my asshole.

We crumpled forward and I lay on my tummy with my son’s throbbing cock still lodged deep within my bowels. My mind drifted away as if I had my true loving husbands hard thick cock inside me. I was brought back to reality when my son Brutus asked if he had portrayed his father well.

I could only smile and sigh out yes as I began to squeeze down on his still thick hard cock with my sphincter muscles. My finger drifted down and found my hard bl**d engorged clit and began to slowly manipulate it until my hips began rotating and my ass instinctively pushed back on my son’s cock.

I felt Brutus’ warm wet lips on the back of my neck softly kissing then gently biting the soft skin of my neck eliciting a flood of renewed pussy juices flowing out of my flaming hot cunt.

My own son was bringing me such sexual joy that I felt a momentary flash of guilt. It was quickly washed away when he pulled himself slowly out of me then violently rammed his long hard cock deep into my bowels.

I cried out oh god yes, oh god Brutus uh huh that’s it my son take your mothers asshole, pound it with your hard long cock. Oh god you’re so deep in me. Yes , yes oh god Brutus oh yes I’m coming, I’m coming so hard I shrieked out as orgasmic waves washed over me.

Yes, yes, that’s it uh huh oh Brutus you make your mothers’ cunt drip with excitement. Oh god yes my love, uh huh pound mommies dark tight shithole with your hard throbbing meaty cock. Fill me once again with your scalding hot gobs of gooey thick sperm.

The room was filled with the sounds of my sons’ thighs slapping into my upturned ass cheeks and the long wailing sighs from my throat as he relentlessly pummeled my gaping wide asshole that caused squishy wet sounds to expel from the onslaught of his hard thick cock ripping deeply in and out of my battered anus.

I smiled to myself as I thought of old lecherous Cyrus peering on as Brutus took his pleasure with my tight pink anal hole. I moaned out in orgasmic delight as Brutus began to mimic the words of his father as his steel hard cock sliced deep into my bowels. Yes I cried out. That’s it my husband take your whores puckered rosebud for your pleasure.

I closed my eyes and pictured Julius’s face and the touch of his hands as Brutus grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto my hands and knees and drove his meaty thick cock into
the very depths of my bowels. I hung my head and moaned and whimpered like a submissive slut as my son took his pleasure in my gaping shit hole with each urgent thrust of his throbbing young cock.

Brutus grunted out behind me and said that’s it my whore surrender your tender rosebud to my mighty cock. Deny not the pleasure my cock gives your sweet dark bowels. Take your man’s seed into the tunnel of your forbidden fruit.

Yes, yes my love I cried out. Oh god yes I surrender my dark passage to the f***e of your raging hard cock. Yes my love take me as the whorish slut I am. Fill my forbidden tunnel with your thick hard cock.

Yes. Uh huh oh god I cried out. Yes my husband. Take me, make me your whore, your slut, I submit my whorish bowels to the power of your hard thick mighty cock. I moaned out in wanton joy and whimpered in delight as my own son brutally pounded me into submission.

Brutus grabbed me by my hair and violently pulled my head back and shouted out in a loud deep growling voice. Yes you’re like a bitch in heat. A whore who waits for her man to fill her deep dark bowels with his burning seed.

Yes, yes, my love. I’m your she bitch. Your whore, your slut I whimpered out as my son held my hips and plunged in and out of my gaping wide open shit hole. Please I begged, please fill me with your burning hot gooey wads of sticky sperm, please hurry my love fuck me now fuck me hard and fast before I explode in lust and pass out with pleasure that only your cock can give me.

Yes my bitch fear not. My balls ache for release. Release I’ll find in the deep sluttish depths of your tender young rosebud. Oh god yes, uh huh hurry my love fuck me, uh huh fuck me like the little whore I am. Give me the sperm I so desire. Yes, yes uh huh fuck my asshole, oh god yes Julius fuck me with your hard throbbing cock my love.

Oh god I cried out in desperation as one orgasm after another exploded like a sting of firecrackers through out my sweaty trembling body. Fuck me. Fuck me, uh huh yes oh god yes fuck me I cried out like a wanton sluttish bitch in heat possessed like a sexual demon.

One long wailing moan exploded from my throat as my body tensed as torturous lightning bolts of pleasure filled my bowels as Brutus buried his mighty cock as deep as possible in me and held himself tightly inside my puckered butt hole as his cock throbbed and swelled just before releasing copious amounts of burning hot sperm into my bowels.

My pussy quivered and rivulets of cunt crème ran out of my spastic cunt as my anus clamped and squeezed down on my son’s massive cock as he sawed his throbbing hard cock in and out of my pink tight little hole with renewed vigor.

Yes, yes I screamed oh god yes, uh huh that’s it come for me baby, uh huh fill your mothers warm soft bowels with your scalding hot gobs of sperm, yes, yes, uh huh oh god yes , fuck me Brutus, fuck me uh huh oh god yes fuck me my precious son.

Brutus roared out as he slammed his throbbing hard cock deeper and faster into my dark wet bowels. His breathing was labored and short as he pummeled my gaping shit hole with long deep urgent thrust.

I looked over my shoulder and smiled wickedly at Brutus and said . Yes, yes my darling son, uh huh that’s it my baby boy, fuck your mother, fuck her until she explodes in orgasm. Oh god yes my beautiful baby boy, fuck mommy, uh huh oh god how I love to feel your cock pounding into my tight little shit hole.

Brutus closed his eyes and held me tightly by the hips as he continued to fuck me with hard deep powerful thrust. The cords of his neck were sticking out and beads of sweat ran down his forehead as he jack hammered his cock in and out of my tight little shit hole.

I clawed desperately at the sheets until my knuckles turned white and grit my teeth as he assaulted my aching asshole with his hard thick cock. Muffled screams and moans filled the room as my son pounded his long steel hard cock into me.

Now, now I screamed out, now Brutus, now come in mommy now my love, hurry Brutus oh god I need to feel your burning hot come filling me up now. Yes, yes, yes, uh huh that’s it Brutus uh huh fuck your mothers asshole, oh god yes my baby boy do it to mommy. Fuck her Brutus fuck her hard until she comes over and over.

Hurry baby, hurry can you come for mommy Brutus, please my darling baby boy I need you to come in me so bad. Yes, yes, oh god yes that’s it I cried out as I felt his throbbing cock explode and send jets of burning hot thick sperm splashing deep into my bowels.

I collapsed and fell onto my tummy. Brutus fell with me his spent cock still lodged deep in my twitching cum filled asshole. I let out a deep sigh and smiled as Brutus rolled off of me and lay beside me on his side, one arm d****d over me in protection or possession.

I kissed his lips and smiled at him and brushed his hair back with my fingers and said god you remind me so much of your father. I reached down and softly took his soft cock in my hand and gently squeezed it and kissed him deeply.

I ruffled his hair and thought to myself, where’s the guilt? Where’s the shame? then I kissed him again and whispered in his ear. I love you with all my heart and soul Brutus. When he started to speak I put my fingers on his lips and closed my eyes and lay my head on his chest and gave his soft young cock a final squeeze before drifting off into a peaceful sl**p.

Until next time…Mrs. X…
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2 years ago
Makes my mind run and my wife's pussy wet ,my dick hard.thanks!
3 years ago
Are ur storys real
3 years ago
WOW!!!!! Good story you sexy beast
3 years ago
3 years ago
ok maybe we women are more sensitive, i don't know all my male friends say just keep writing, but you know what?, when i see things like this...: Veiws: 2898 Votes: 9, yeah it's discouraging, i have more to write on this series, but, dunno i'm not in a hurry to finish it. Thanks to all who have voted and commented, Anna
3 years ago
Great story as always, so well written
3 years ago
Thank You Anna, What passion U describe, it could take my breathe away.
3 years ago
Excellent. I was waiting for your next installment. It was worth the wait.
3 years ago
Superb again 5/5 with ease!!!
3 years ago
your stories are some of the very best on this website
3 years ago
At was just okay. A little too much....

Just kidding. This was awesome. Very well written and so much detail it makes for a great visual in your imagination. I gave it 5 stars.*****