Slug Bug

My son and I were playing “ slug bug “ driving over to his grammas house from his donors side of the f****y. She’s always treated me nice and even supported me against her own son. My son said hey the next one who see’s a yellow slug bug wins and the loser has to do whatever the winner says. I said fine and kept looking for a yellow slug bug. When Richard yelled out slug bug yellow and said no hit backs. I told him unfair because the slug bug was being towed he said doesn’t matter you lost. You have to do as I say now. All through the visit with Grace I would look at Richard and he’d just smile. I was wondering what he’d have me do. My pussy would trickle a little bit as I thought of what was waiting for me. Grace asked me if I was ok, and my smartass son said she’s got a lot to think about today is all grams moms good. I laughed and said yeah mom’s always good, a little frustrated and confused but I’m good. We made small talk about my new job working as a receptionist. I got her recipe for meatloaf and it was time to head back home. We got in the car and Richard looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said you’re so in trouble and started laughing. I said well beware as there’s always another game of slug bug. I turned and said so what do I have to do? He said I’d find out later tonight. I reached over and rubbed his cock through his jeans, he laughed and said that won’t help. I said fine and sat back wondering what kind of evil things my little boy had in mind for me. I reminded myself he wasn’t so little anymore. I was imagining a “ naked week-end “ which a lot of times if we play truth or dare or silly games like that, that’s usually what I have to do regardless if his friends are visiting or not. I manage to stay scare though when his friends are there. When we got home I prepared the meatloaf, stuck it in the oven and told Richard as he was walking out the door supper would be ready in about an hour. My mind was nervously and frantically searching for what Richard would have me do. My pussy started to tingle so I ran upstairs and took a shower. Something about hot water on my body makes me horny, so it wasn’t long before I was slumped against the wall. Slowly teasing my clit and fondling my breast with my other hand. I imagined my fingers were this guy at works cock pumping my pussy with slow gentle strokes and nibbling my earlobe. My knees buckled and I slid down the wall picturing him behind me as I slid down, his cock found my warm wet pussy and nudged it’s way inside me. I reached up and cupped my breast as I pictured him taking me from behind. I ran my hands over the back of my neck up through my hair and down onto my breast as I imagined his hard cock exploring the depths of my quivering cunt. My fingers rubbed furiously over my clit as I pinched my nipple and felt the stirring of an orgasm. I was biting down on my lip and moaning out loud in the shower stall when the door opened and there stood Richard he reached up and turned the water off and hurried me over to the bed. He bent me over the bed I heard him unzip his jeans and then I felt his hard hot cock in one f***eful shove bury it’s self in my warm wet pussy . He was making hard fast thrusts into my pussy as I started to scream out he put his hand over my mouth and held it there as he drove his hard cock into me causing my ass cheeks to jiggle as he pounded my sopping wet cunt, until I felt him go ridged inside me and his cock exploded into my cunt spraying it full of hot stringy scalding sperm. I pushed back and clutched down on his cock with my pussy muscles as my own orgasm coursed through out my body. He withdrew his cock from me and I slumped onto the bed he came over and bent down and kissed my cheek. He said we have company mother, part of your losing is that you have to put on one of your completely see through lingerie gowns. I said I’ll get you for this, and laughed as I got up and got back in the shower. I told him run down and check my meatloaf. He said it’s fine he’d already taken it out. As the hot water poured over my body my brow squinted trying to think of what I had in store for me and what I’d gotten myself into. I washed the sex off my pussy and that started it twitching and I called myself a slut and laughed. Well if we had company I was going to do my face and maybe pin my hair up. I sat on the bed putting lotion on my legs and thighs and tummy. I walked to the door and yelled for Richard. He said he’d be right up. I asked him to please put lotion on my back. His hands felt good on my back, he had fucked me but it was over to fast and my body was responding to his hands as they spread the lotion on my back and then my butt. He ran his hand down my butt cheeks and let his finger linger on my anus, then just stuck the tip in and said there all done. I told him give me a few minutes to get ready and I’ll be down and we can eat. I had second thoughts and put on a skirt and a low cut loose fitting lace trimmed spaghetti strapped top. I was not going to sit at the dinner table in lingerie. As I came in the dining room the table was set and I lifted my eyebrows and said why thank you. Richard said PJ. helped too. I said well thank you boys. Richard gave me a look of exasperation which I’d expected I only smiled and sat down. After we had eaten he shocked me by saying mom Pete doesn’t believe me when I told him a lot of women your age don’t wear panties. I gulped and tried not to turn red as I now knew where this was going. I simply said it’s true a lot of woman go “ commando “ and tried to laugh at my joke. Richard looked at Pete and said do you think my mom’s wearing panties Pete. I glared at Richard and gave him a look that said you just wait mister. He smiled back at me as if everything was fine. Then Richard said mom didn’t we play a little game this afternoon and as I recall you lost. I spoke up and said Richard that was meant to be a private game. It is private he said . He walked out of the room and came back and said there all the doors are locked. Pete my mom is now going to prove to us she is not wearing any panties. I got up and walked out of the room and gave him a look that said follow me right now. As soon as I knew Richards friend couldn’t hear us I almost screamed out but kept my composure and whispered what in the hell do you think you’re doing? Richard walked up to me and tilted my chin up and kissed me his hand went under my skirt and he said just as I thought you’re getting horny. I told him I could give a shit and I wasn’t going to play this kind of game. Richard said oh mom come on Pete’s cool plus he knows I’ll beat him down if he says anything. I told Richard well you won’t have to because nothings going to happen. He looked at me with a hurt look and said mom we pinky promised on this, you agreed anything the winner wants the loser has to do. I told Richard fine but you’re going to pay for this one buddy boy. We came back into the room and Richard had taken on this air of a domineering male. He looked at me and said mother don’t you want to put on what we agreed upon? I stormed out of the room and went upstairs I was visibly shaking but the juices of my pussy was giving me away. I could feel little droplets of moisture starting to build up in my lubricating cunt. I had taken off my top and skirt when I heard Richard say it’s ok mom stay undressed. I turned and there stood Pete and Richard, Richard looking smug as Pete stared as if he were star struck by my nude body. Richard said we’re going to play Simon says and I’m Simon. Richard said mom lay on the bed on your back I gave him a glaring look as I lay on the bed. Simon says spread your legs, despite my fear and embarrassment I did as I was told.
My nipples were hardening as a river of my juices began to flow from my pussy. Simon says for Pete to take off his clothes, Pete said dude you sure this is cool? Richard turned to me and said Simon says Anna tell Pete to take off his clothes. I had cotton mouth but managed to say Pete take off your clothes. Pete smiled from ear to ear and said fucking cool man way fucking cool. I felt my face burning red as it became clear who was in charge right now. My mind was in a panic wondering what Richard would say or have me do. I noticed Pete had a very nice fat and long penis. My worse fear came true when I heard Richard say Simon says for Anna to open her mouth. Simon says for Anna to sit on the edge of the bed. Simon says Pete walk over to Anna and stick your cock down her throat. I looked down at the floor but did as I was told I took Peters cock into my mouth then down my throat. Simon says from now on Anna does whatever Pete and I say. Peter stood there with his hands at his side as he throat fucked me. Peter soon grabbed my head and groaned out as his cock began to pulse and throb in my mouth then he stood on his tip toes as spurt after spurt of his hot delicious cum splashed the back of my throat. I made sure I got every last drop and sucked at the head of his cock and pumped it to squeeze out the last of his sweet hot ropy sperm. Richard got on the bed and asked Pete if he ever saw a woman toss a dudes salad. Pete said fuck no dude you’re mom is fucking straight up fucking hot. You going to have her toss your salad man? Holy fuck I need a mom like your’s. I stood there feeling like the boys toy and I felt a twinge and pang in my pussy as I realized I liked that feeling. Without saying a word I crawled up on the bed and began lovingly pleasing my Son’s asshole with my lips and tongue. I felt a finger sliding between my pussy lips and knew Pete was getting a very close up and personal view, and touch of my tight slutty cunt. I pushed back on his finger moving my hips encouraging him to finger me. He slid a finger into my wet dripping pussy. He was finger fucking me as I ate my sons asshole out. I had this huge wash of delirious wanton sexual urge encompass me as I licked and probed my son’s asshole and his friend finger fucked me from behind. I heard Pete say can I fuck your mom dude? I spoke up long enough to say Simon says fuck Anna’s dripping wet tight pussy with your big fat long cock. He was young and inexperienced as he rammed his cock up inside me causing me to gasp out and grab the bed sheets. I looked over my shoulder and said go slow Pete, do it slower, you have a big cock let my pussy adjust to it. He had a shit eating grin on his face and said you’re way to cool Mrs. X as he slowed down a bit and my pussy clutched and clamped down on his long thick cock. It had been awhile since I had a cock that big in my pussy so I was moaning out my pleasure as I licked Richards asshole. Richard moved away and I put my head down on my arms as Pete started to really begin pounding my pussy I screamed out as his cock stretched the deep inner walls of my soaking wet cunt. Wave after wave of pain mixed with pleasure shot through my now wet and slippery cunt as his teen age cock ripped my juicy wet lips open with each pounding thrust inside me. I was screaming and moaning out in sheer pleasure as he held my hips and slammed his hot long cock deep into my sopping wet tortured stretched quivering pussy. I was screaming out yes yes fuck me oh god yes fuck me uh huh uh huh oh shit oh fuck yes do it fuck my pussy so hard with that long fat cock, yes give it me fuck me hard oh yes right there uh that’s it right there as I started screaming out my orgasm that shook my whole body Pete started grunting and pounding into my pussy with a renewed energy as I felt his cock grow and expand even more in my creamy pussy. I could feel my pussy juices being f***ed out of my dripping wet cunt as his cock buried itself in my aching vagina. I could feel my vaginal sheath being pulled out when he withdrew his cock only to ram it back into me. He gave one last hard deep driving lunge into my pussy and held my hips as he emptied his hot burning cum so very deep inside my cunt sending ripple after ripple of pure blissful tortuous pleasure through my quivering spastic cum filled cunt. Pete fell back on the bed and I took his still semi hard cock in my mouth to clean our mingled juices from his fat heavy cock. Richard positioned himself behind me and slowly entered me knowing now I would enjoy a slow sweet fuck. As his cock spread my pussy open I could feel Pete’s cum running out of my sloppy cum coated cunt. My pussy queefed as the air and cum was f***ed out of me by Richards cock as he slowly pushed himself into me with slow long strokes. I continued to suck and lick on Pete’s cock and was rewarded soon by a bl**d filled once again engorged cock. Richard spit down on my ass and pressed his thumb against my puckered asshole. I let out a moan and rotated my hips to show him I wanted his thumb in my ass. I was slowly bathing Pete’s hard thick cock with little swirls of my tongue and flicking under and along the head of his cock. He was stroking my hair with his fingers and groaning out and pushing his cock up into my mouth slowly face fucking me. Richard now put two of his fingers in my tight asshole and I gushed out renewed pussy juices as I knew he would soon be stuffing his hard cock up my ass. He was behind me teasing my asshole with the head of his cock pressing and withdrawing it driving me crazy with lust for his cock. He said say pretty please and I moaned around Pete’s cock and Richard said I can’t hear you. I took Pete’s cock out of my mouth and said please Richard fuck me. He said where. I told him you know where. He said yeah but I want you to say it, to beg me to. I lowered my head again feeling submissive to my own son as I heard a low voice saying please, pretty please Richard fuck me in my ass. He said yeah that’s what I wanted to hear from you. Pete said what? No way dude you’re gonna fuck your mom’s asshole?, man I gotta see this. Richard said yeah come watch she loves my cock in her ass, don’t you Anna? I lowered my head saying nothing and he slapped my ass and said Don’t you Anna in a louder voice. I said yes. He slapped my ass and said yes what? I said I love you to fuck your mothers asshole with your big hard cock Richard. He said yeah that’s right as he rammed his cock into my pussy in a hard deep lunging thrust which made me cry out as his cock slammed up inside my wet sloppy pussy. He fucked my pussy with hard driving shattering thrust as his cock pierced my vagina over and over in a relentless battering as I cried out over and over for him to fuck me to fuck my pussy fuck it hard and fast and deep with his huge fat cock. He withdrew his cock and said watch this Pete watch my cock split that hot little asshole of hers. I felt our roles reversing as he became the dominate one in our mother son relationship and I gladly accepted my new position as I felt his hot cock pressing my anus open as his cock entered my tight dark asshole. I reached back and held my ass cheeks open for him as his cock disappeared deeper into my stretching asshole. His balls were soon resting snug against my wet cunt as he buried his cock in me. I hung my head in submission as Richard began to earnestly fuck my asshole with long deep probing strokes that threatened to split me open. Pete said dude you’re fucking her shit hole man this is way awesome hey can I fuck her asshole too?. Richard said give me a minute to bust all up in her ass then she can sit on your cock man as she sucks my dick hard again. Somewhere somehow I realized Richard was in complete control and was orchestrating Pete and I in his game of sexual power. Richard said where you want it Anna come on my slutty little mom tell me where you want my hot cum. Tell me how you want me to fuck your asshole. In a small voice I said fuck me Richard yes fuck me my darling boy take mommies asshole it’s yours to do as you please give it to me Richard fuck me like you own me please fuck my asshole with your big hard hot thick cock shove it up mommies asshole give it to her fuck her oh god yes Richard I screamed out as he drove his cock in fast deep punishing strokes into my wide open asshole. I was on the verge of another orgasm as his cock pounded into me when he withdrew his cock and got in front of me and said suck my dick suck it hard until I bust my nut down your slutty throat. Pete didn’t wait for an invitation as soon as Richard had his cock in my mouth Pete was trying to get his fat thick cock into me. Richard screamed out oh fuck yeah man fuck her asshole dude. Pete’s cock kept probing but sliding up and over my ass cheeks so I reached back and held his cock to my asshole as he worked the head in I closed my eyes and felt a sharp pain as he pushed past my sphincter and I realized then how much bigger than Richard he was. I gasped in and held my breath as he tried to get more of his cock in me. Pete said in a very disappointed voice shit man it won’t go in. Richard said oh yeah it will he ran over to the night stand and grabbed my bottle of ID glide. He told Pete to sit back a minute as he poured some over my asshole and rubbed it around then pushed a finger in me then another as he spread the lube around causing me to moan out in anticipated pleasure. He gave the bottle to Pete and said spread it on your dick dude and on her ass that way she’ll be all slippery and ready for your cock. Richard lay down in front of me with his legs spread open and I laid my head in his lap as Pete started probing my asshole with his thick cock the lube helped out as the head of his cock slid in my ass I took a deep breath and told him hold still as I pushed back on his cock until I felt it slipping in a little bit more I moaned oh god holy shit that things big. Pete said should we stop? I said hell no not now I’m getting fucked by that cock one way or another. As I pushed back Pete’s cock slid another inch or so in my ass. I let out a long satisfied sigh as I now knew I could take it, how much though I didn’t know. Pete pressed his cock further into my stretched out anus that caused another sharp pain to shoot through me and I grit my teeth and grabbed the bed sheets as he slid deeper into my ass my eyes were open in amazement as I felt my ass relax and his cock quickly buried it’s self in me. I looked over my shoulder and said Pete don’t get carried away you’re pretty big there so take your time and we’ll both enjoy it! I reached down to rub my clit in slow circular motions as my ass slowly opened and relaxed a little as he gently fucked me. My mouth was open and I was breathing in huge gasp of air as I never felt so full in my whole life as Pete said like this Mrs. X I said yes Pete you’re doing fine. He said it felt like I was on fire in there. I giggled and said well you’ll put that fire out with your big fire hose I’m sure. Pete like all young men lose patience in a nice slow fuck and I felt him starting to fuck me a little faster with each thrust being a little more powerful than the last. I looked at Richard and took his cock in my mouth and soon he was on his knees in front of me as I got on my hands and knees I was getting it now from both ends. Richard held my head and I allowed him to face fuck me for a while and then he shoved his cock down my throat and I gagged at first then got my breath and took him back down my throat as he fucked his cock in and out of my throat. Pete started really fucking me hard now but my asshole was taking him a lot easier as he pounded away in me. I felt like such a trashy slut as both boys fucked me front and back. My whole body was rocked in pure sexual ecstasy as sweat glistened on my body and Richards hair was soaking wet with sweat too as he slowed his pace a little and said lets try a dp I said oh no Richard I don’t think I can handle that. He said aw come on mom at least try. Pete screamed out this is serious fucking porno man. I had to giggle at his innocence as I said ok you two I’ll try but if I say no, NO means NO. Richard laid on his back and I straddled him as his cock found the entrance to my warm wet pussy and he filled it with his hot hard cock. I felt Pete behind me and felt my heart beat faster as the thought of his monster cock in my ass gave me shivers of delight. I felt Pete pour more lube on my ass and I took in a deep sighing breath as he pressed his cock against my asshole, this time it went in a little easier but still I moaned out long and loud almost in a scream as it felt like I was completely full of hard hot young cocks. Pete said almost all the way in Richard said how much is in, Pete said about half. I said what? Only half, oh my god that thing will tear me open. As I relaxed though my asshole soon became accustomed to his thick hard cock once again as both boys began to fuck me in slow easy strokes. Richard whispered in my ear mom I didn’t mean all that stuff I was saying it just came out and I hope you’re not mad at me. I told him I know baby as we locked our lips in a long passionate kiss. They fucked me like that for 20 minutes or more as I moaned and moaned as they fucked me sometimes with hard deep penetrating strokes then slow long deep strokes. I’m quite vocal and as they fucked me I let out scream after scream of fuck me fuck me oh god yes you two fuck me fuck me with your wonderful hard cocks. We were all moaning and groaning as they fucked me with endless energy as I moaned through orgasm after orgasm. Pete was the first to start shaking and grunting and battering my asshole with hard fast deep strokes as I felt his cock jerking and pulsing and throbbing as gobs of hot creamy sperm shot out and filled my ass with his sweet scalding hot cum. My asshole twitched and had spasm after spasm as his cock spurted what seemed like an endless fountain of hot cum in me. Richard soon followed wailing out his orgasm with a chorus of yes mom oh yes oh god I love you so much mom as his sperm shot out of his cock like tiny little bullets hitting my vaginal walls with a barrage of hot sticky cum. We all lay there in a sweaty mess as I felt their sperm leaking out of me and running down in puddles onto the bed. I told Richard that he owed me a nice long loving fuck after we all showered and cleaned up. Pete said me too Mrs. X? I giggled and said I suppose but only if it’s nice and slow and gentle with lots and lots of kisses. Now you two wanna let me go clean up and change these sheets or no ones fucking anyone I said over my shoulder as I walked into the bathroom. I was letting the hot water revive me as I was singing to myself and thinking if those two think they’re fucking me again, they’re right and I laughed out loud to myself and thought Anna you’re nothing but a little cock happy slut. I came out of the bathroom and Richard had taken the sheets off the bed so I picked up the basket and carried it downstairs to be put in the wash. The boys were eating sandwiches and sitting at the table I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and sat my naked happy ass on Richards lap as I swung around to sit sideways and put one arm around his shoulder and said who loves their mother more than anyone else in the whole world. Richard kissed me and said me of course. I said then after a few more of these who’s going to take his mother down into the basement and fuck her until her pussy is nice and content? Richard said me of course. Pete said me too? Richard and I looked at each other and started laughing and I said Pete it’s a tradition that after a sexual game Richard and I make love. He looked at me with a sad face and said yeah but I thought you said we could do it again. I said I did and we will so you can either watch as Richard makes love to me or wait up here. He got a big grin on his face and said I’m serious you’re the hottest mom in the whole world Mrs.X and I want to watch. I got up and got another beer from the fridge and bent over giving them a nice view of my glistening pussy lips as I got a cheese stick and came back and sat on Richards lap. He was hard now and I said point that thing in an other direction. It was of no use as his cock found it’s way inside me as I let out a low soft moan and let him slowly fuck me there at the table. My pussy was responding to his gentle slow strokes and my juices started flowing again like hot molten lava. Richard reached around and cupped my breasts in his hands and starting kissing my neck and shoulders sending wicked shivers of delight down my spine. I moved his hands and stood up and grabbed another beer from the fridge and headed for the basement. I was laying on my stomach on a beach towel I had spread out on the comforter. Richard and Pete came down and Richard immediately started licking and kissing the back of my legs and slowly making his way up to my butt. I spread my legs open giving him better access to my pussy as he pushed my legs apart with his hands. He concentrated on licking , nipping and kissing my butt cheeks with his warm wet tongue. He placed his hands on my butt cheeks and spread them open. I moaned as I felt his warm wet tongue licking up the crease of my ass and stopping on my butt hole as he licked it in slow circular motions and sent his tongue probing into me. I began to slowly rotate and push my ass up as his tongue explored my dark moist asshole.
I felt his hand sliding under me as his finger found my clit and made soft soothing circles around and on my clit sending bursts of pleasant satisfying explosive spasms from my pussy to my asshole. Richard moved up and placed his hard cock between my butt cheeks and leaned down and whispered I love you so much mom as his cock slid between my ass cheeks. He fucked the crack of my ass as he whispered his love for me and I whispered mine back to him. He slowly rolled me over and got on top of me and kissed me passionately as his cock snaked it’s way into my hot slippery wet cunt my hips rose up as he slowly inched his way inside me, my pussy opening to take his cock into it’s warm wet tunnel. My hips rolled and pushed up to meet his every gentle stroke into my rapidly flowing wet cunt as my juices ran out of my pussy and trickled down onto my asshole. The room was filled with our soft murmuring voices and moans of our love making as we made love and I lost myself in the emotional and physical pleasure of my son’s cock burrowing it’s way into my warm wet welcoming cunt. I wrapped my legs around Richards waist and enjoyed his hot hard cock making love to me. My eyes were closed and my lips were parted as I breathed slowly in and out making whimpering soft moans as my body came alive to my son’s grinding deep slow love making. My pussy was dripping wet with my natural lubrication as it clamped and squeezed down on my son’s cock as it spread open my cunt and pushed against the inner walls of my vagina filling my pussy with his thick hard cock. I felt a subtle change as my son began to move his hips in fast jerking motions driving his cock deeper into my soft wet cunt. His breathing became faster and I reached down and grabbed him by the ass and pulled him deeper into me and moaned out oh yes my sweet darling baby boy fuck your mother yes baby fuck mommy fuck mommies hot wet pussy with your hard thick cock uh huh mm yes give me that sweet hot scalding sperm shot it in mommies pussy uh huh oh god yes Richard oh shit oh fuck oh god I’m Cuming mommies Cuming for her son’s hot cock, yes oh yes fuck me cum in me fill mommies cunt with your searing hot sperm. Richard cried out and sank his cock deeply inside my pussy and I felt his cock throb and pulse as his cum shot out of his cock into my waiting cunt causing my own orgasm to explode in wave after wave of sheer pleasure as the joy of cuming together filled my heart with an out pouring of love and emotion as I moaned my way through yet another orgasm as my quivering pussy was filled with my son’s sperm as he stayed deep inside me and my pussy clutched and milked his withering cock for every last drop of his sperm that now trickled into me. We lay there wrapped in a tight embrace that only we could share as we kissed and whispered our love for each other. Eventually Richard rolled over and I rolled on my side and buried my face into his shoulder and d****d my arm and leg over him and lay there content and oblivious to the world. I raised my head up and told Peter he might have to wait awhile, but he said that’s ok Mrs. X I kinda sorta jerked off watching you guys. I giggled and said that’s ok Peter my poor little pussy could use a break. He said but if I spend the night can I still get some pussy from you? I told him he’d better find out if he could spend the night first then yes he could sl**p overnight in my bed. I told him don’t worry Peter I’ll make it up to you tonight but for now I’m going to snuggle with my son and take a nap… Peter snuggled up to my backside and said you're the greatest... until next time…Mrs.X
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1 year ago
ah mother fab! but being british what the hell is a slug bug, will we never teach the yanks to write in english?
3 years ago
Jerked off to it!
4 years ago
your such a sweet naughty naughty lil'lady
4 years ago
Holy fuck that is hot. Mommy got her asshole fucked hard. You are sooooo naughty.
4 years ago
you had me cumming
great stories and as you say cheaper and better than therapy
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one of the best stories I have read. Great Job
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awesome writing, thx for sharing :)
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now that's what im talking about!
4 years ago
thank you all, i had it back then, lol, i still got it just can't use it right now, how sad
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4 years ago
great story very hot
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very hot