Anna the Slave takes Pleasure with Her Sons

I dried myself off and thought about what had transpired in the last two nights. My two sons were learning the wonderments of a woman’s body and what pleasure she can offer a man. They were learning fast I smiled. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a wanton woman. I saw a mother who was protecting her sons from death.

I made a face at myself; then I thought what mother wouldn’t do what I did.( Am doing ) I corrected myself. I sighed out and shook my head. I had promised Brutus to let him take me anally. What if he doesn’t want to I thought.

I giggled to myself as I remembered the intent look on his face. The trembling in his hands as he placed them on my buttocks as I told him to hold me open and look as long as he’d like to. I had even encouraged him to put a finger in my hot wet pussy and smear the juices around my butt hole and probe it if he wanted.

As I looked in the mirror and recalled this I saw my nipples crinkle and harden and felt a deep twitch inside me as I remembered him fingering my excited pussy and then gently probing my butt hole with his finger.

I turned and looked at my round butt in the mirror. He’d do it I thought. I knew the boys were waiting for me in my bed but I lingered in front of the mirror. I liked what I saw. I’d had two c***dren and my tummy had the tell tale pouch from giving birth.

My breast were still fairly firm and not yet sagging and as I looked I shook my head yes as I thought I still I have a nice round butt. At that I smiled at my reflection and wondered how tonight would go.

Brutus it seemed to me was content in watching, which was quite curious to me. Janus I laughed to myself couldn’t keep his cock out of me. What a cock it was too. My pussy twitched and began to moisten as I thought of his thick fat cock buried in my tight wet vagina.

Tonight though I knew was going to be about Brutus. Janus would participate also but I’d lavish more attention on Brutus. I shook my head as I thought of their hard young cocks. I loved them both but Brutus’s cock was a nice meaty thick veined one that with time and patience would find it’s way deep into my bowels.

I shivered as I felt my spine tingle at the very thought of having a man in my tight pink damp asshole again. Oh god Julius I thought hurry home safely to me. I missed my husband terribly. I swallowed hard and thought how will I ever explain what I’ve done.

I turned fiery red with shame as I realized when he came home and made love to me, he would know, he would know that another man had possessed me. Now all of my anger burst out as I clenched my fist in frustration. Cyrus you rotten bastard I’ll kill you myself I hissed through my teeth.

I took a deep breath and cleared my head of such thoughts. I had to concentrate on the boys and keeping them alive. No matter the cost. I would deal with my husband when the time came but for now his two sons were going to fuck me and fuck me proper in front of Cyrus my horrid landlord.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as I said out loud. Anna what better lovers could you ask for in the absence of your husband other than his two sons. Yes I shook my head at my reflection. I reminded myself they both had nice thick cocks. Brutus was actually… well maybe a bit bigger than his father.
I turned and left the bathroom smiling again and in better spirits as I thought of those two young endlessly hard cocks plunging into my waiting warm wet pussy. My pussy once again began to moisten and itch in anticipation of being thoroughly fucked until it was filled with gobs of gooey hot sticky sperm.

Hello you two, I paused and struck a pose for them in the doorway. Hello mother they replied. How’s my two young boys tonight I asked them as I crawled up between them on the bed. I could see they had bread and cheese and wine in a basket. I looked at them and said you forgot the fruit.

I got up on my hands and knees and slowly crawled off the bed. I could feel their eyes on my wet weeping vagina and pink puckered butt hole. I paused and looked over my shoulder and was glad to see their cocks were stiff and hard.

As I walked to get the fruit I wondered if I was beginning to enjoy my role a little too much.
Of course I told myself I could stop anytime after saving the boys lives. After all that’s why I was doing this; to protect them.

Oh god I thought what if Cyrus demands we continue to entertain him. This I’d never considered. What if saving my son’s lives would entail them fucking me anytime Cyrus so demanded.

My hand flew to my mouth to stifle a cry as I thought of that possibility. He wouldn’t dare I thought, he just wouldn’t dare. My nipples hardened and my pussy twitched and I felt my cheeks burn with shame.

I realized that secretly that’s what I wanted? My hand went to my vagina. My pussy lips were coated with my warm wet juices. Already enflamed with anticipation of what? My two sons happily thrusting their eager young hard cocks into my grateful cunt.

My breast ached and my wet enflamed pussy gave me the answer I was afraid of. I wanted to fuck my young sons as much as they in their adolescent innocence couldn’t wait to touch and taste and explore their mother’s willing body.

So be it I resolved I was a young woman who’s husband was off to war. My tender young body yearned and longed for a man’s hard muscled arms to hold me. To caress me and yes to make love to me. I loved to feel my husbands cock buried deep inside me as he whispered words of endearment in my ear.

Who better to let caress me and make love to me than his own flesh and bl**d. My two sons who possessed so many of their father’s features. My heart beat faster as I thought of their two hard throbbing thick cocks pounding into the soft succulent folds of my dripping wet cunt.

I was f***ed into this role and my own sexual desires and needs now came to the surface. I had always been a very sexual woman. I giggled as I thought that’s why my husband was so enamored with me.

I willing sucked his hard cock with a wanton wild fervor. My lips noisily slurping up and down the long swollen shaft of his thick cock. My throat opening as his cock slid down into it. My eyes looking into his willing him to fill my warm wet mouth with his scalding hot strands of his thick gooey sperm.

I crawled up between my sons with these thoughts in my mind as I turned around and lay back with my legs splayed open and my fingers feverishly rubbing my swollen clitoris.
I thought of how I sucked my husbands cock back into a rigid hard throbbing state and begged him to fuck me, to fuck me with his long hard thick cock.

I moaned and sighed as I thought of his hard thick cock slicing through my slippery wet pussy lips and plunging deeply into my quivering spastic hot cunt. Eliciting moans of fuck me oh god Julius fuck my hot wet pussy uh huh oh god yes, oh god I love how you fuck me with your long hard cock.

I thought of how he was the first to take me anally and how I moaned and screamed in pleasure as he thrust his cock into my tight little shit hole. How I told him of the immense pleasure I received from him taking me like an a****l.

My thoughts shifted to Brutus and how hopefully tonight he would explore the depths of my bowels and feel my anal ring stretched tightly around his meaty cock. My hips and rose and fell in synch with each deep breath I took as I neared an explosive orgasm.

The thought of my son’s hard thick cock penetrating my anus sent me over the edge and I cried out oh god yes Brutus your cock feels so good in my tight damp butt hole. Fuck me Brutus fuck my ass, uh huh oh god yes fuck me. Oh god I’m coming yes, yes I screamed out as my fingers flew over my clit as I exploded into orgasmic bliss.

I lay back limp and spent. I could feel my warm juices flowing and bubbling out of my sated cunt. I felt the bed shift and two warm hands on my thighs I looked down and saw Brutus staring intently at my fluttering pussy lips.

Closer I whispered. Spread me open Brutus put your lips on my warm fragrant cunt, taste it my son. Yes I sighed out as I felt him spread my slick pussy lips open. He lay on his tummy and said it’s beautiful mother.

Mm I moaned touch it Brutus feel how soft and warm it is. Do you feel where your cock enters me? Yes mother it’s so smooth and hot and so wet. Does it feel good when I do that mother? Yes Brutus I sighed it feels wonderful.

Taste it Brutus lick me with your tongue. I arched my back and pushed my soaking wet vagina onto his face as I held his head to me. Mm uh huh just like that you’re making me feel so good my son.

Move your tongue just like that. Oh god yes it feels so good. Mm I moaned and sighed as his tongue explored the soft wet folds of my dripping wet cunt. I sighed out yes as his finger entered my vaginal sheath.

I rolled over on my tummy and said hold me open Brutus taste my little pink butt hole. He was hesitant I could tell. Brutus I want you to fuck me there tonight so you have to lick it and get me wet and ready for you. Can you do that for me Brutus?

I sighed out in relief when I felt his warm breath on my butt cheeks. Mm yes Brutus it’s ok go ahead it’ll make me feel so good when you lick me there. I felt him tentatively probe his warm wet tongue into my puckered butt hole.

Finger my pussy too Brutus while you lick my butt hole. Isn’t it soft and smooth Brutus? Would you like to be the one to fuck me there tonight? I heard a muffled uh huh as I felt his tongue enter my tight dark shit hole. Oh yes I moaned and sighed out uh huh mm Brutus that feels so good.

I closed my eyes and languished in pleasure and thought my patience and their willingness to learn was showing in my sons oral skills. He had eaten my pussy with the hunger of a starving man.

Now he was attacking my asshole with the same enthusiasm and skill. I rotated my butt and pushed back on his tongue as it probed deeper into my dark dank grotto. I reluctantly pulled away and rolled over.

I pushed Brutus back and got over him in the sixty nine position. I sighed I just have to have your cock in my mouth while you lick my pussy and asshole Brutus. I held his turgid throbbing cock in my hand and wet my lips.

Slowly I teased the head of his cock with my tongue. Licking over and under the head then down along the shaft and taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue wetly around in slow circles.

No longer did I feel guilt. I felt love and the pleasure I was bestowing on my sons. I took Brutus down into my throat and gurgled and moaned with his cock deep in my throat. I slowly and lovingly took him in and out of my mouth sucking and swirling my tongue around and around his thick hard cock.

I lightly massaged his anus with my wet finger. Slowly stimulating him before introducing my finger into his anal passage. I was hoping he would learn from me how to enter my anus later tonight with his thick hard cock.

He started mimicking me and stimulating my anal ring with his wet finger. He gently massaged my butt hole as I had done to him. I sighed and pushed back letting him know it felt good.

I slowly introduced my finger past his tight sphincter. I massaged his prostrate while my hand moved faster up and down the hard shaft of his cock. I trapped the head of his cock between my warm wet lips and flicked my tongue like butterfly wings over and around his throbbing cock head.

As anticipated he roared out and I felt his cock throb and swell as his hot sticky sweet sperm burst from his cock into my waiting mouth. I swallowed feverishly as his balls pumped more and more of his hot cock crème down my throat.

I lovingly licked and sucked every drop of his sweet tasting sperm from his spent cock. I rolled over and lay on my back a satisfied smile on my face. Janus got between my legs and looked down at me and I smiled up and spread my legs.

My pussy gushed at the thought of having Janus’s huge cock back in it. I reached down and grabbed his thick fat cock and rubbed it up and down my sopping wet pussy lips. Soft quiet moans escaped my lips and I felt goose bumps on my arms as I thought of his huge cock entering me.

Oh god Janus I sighed out as I felt the large bulbous head of his fat cock begin to open me up. I squeezed my eyes shut and let out a long deep sigh as his thick hard cock nudged it’s way into my sopping wet cunt hole.

I clenched my teeth and grabbed the bed sheets under me and twist them in my hands turning my knuckles white. I reached down and slowly massaged my clit and gasped out oh god Janus I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that thing.

I wrapped my legs around him and raked my nails down his back as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my tautly stretched cunt. I felt his warm breath on my neck as he whispered are you ok mom. Yes, oh god yes Janus I’m fine. Just keep fucking me slow and deep just like that.

I turned my head sideways and saw Brutus masturbating. I beckoned him with my finger to come closer to me. I stopped Janus and rolled over and got on my hands and knees. Sit there I said to Brutus. I lay my head in his lap and took his hot throbbing cock into my mouth.

I felt Janus’s cock burrowing between my slippery wet pussy lips and nudging it’s way into my cunt hole. I held my breath and closed my eyes as his fat long cock tunneled it’s way into me. Mm I moaned around Brutus’s cock as my pussy expanded to accept Janus’s huge lust swollen cock.

I whispered up to Brutus I hope you want to fuck me in my ass tonight because I so want you to Brutus, would you do that for me my son? Yes Brutus said I’ll try. I told him it’s just like fucking my pussy only tighter and we need to get it wet and ready for his cock.

I pointed to a vile of olive oil and said that helps a lot. Then I took him back in my mouth and slowly swirled my tongue around the head of his steel hard cock. I moved my hand slowly up and down the shaft of his cock and turned my attention to his big heavy balls.

I smiled to myself and thought yes they both got that from their father. Julius has big round heavy balls that slapped against my asshole every time he fucked me hard and deep. Oh god I moaned out oh god Janus yes, uh huh uh huh fuck me Janus fuck me fuck my pussy slow and deep with your big fat cock my sweet young son.

Oh Brutus I sighed I can’t wait to feel you in my ass. As I sucked on his cock I wondered if I could take Brutus in the ass while his b*****r fucked me. An involuntary negative shake of my head discouraged me.

I smiled as I rolled my tongue over Brutus’s cock and thought maybe another time. After I get used to his b*****rs thick long cock. Then maybe I thought devilishly I could take them both. That’s when I realized that I would keep fucking my son’s. My own words impeached me.

A quiet happiness settled over me as I noisily sucked my son’s thick hard cock. My pussy clenched and squeezed around my other son’s massive member. I sighed contently feeling no wrong in what I was doing, and would keep doing it until the return of my beloved Julius.

My mouth formed a silent oh as Janus grabbed my hips and started pounding into my sopping wet squishy cunt hole. Oh god’s and yes’s filled the air as he began to fuck me with deep long strokes that battered my cervix and made me whimper.

I sighed around Brutus’s cock in my mouth and twisted my hips and shoved my pussy back onto Janus’s long thick hard cock. I could feel my pussy snugly wrapped around his cock. I could feel my pussy juices squirt out around his cock making squishy sloshing noises.

My hot wet cunt was slowly opening to Janus’s pounding deep strokes. Whimpers and moans of pleasure poured over my lips and deep sighing moans vibrated in my throat as I felt my pussy open to and yield to the massive stalk of cock that now gave me only pure pleasure.

Oh god Janus I cried yes, uh huh oh my god I have all of you in me, oh god yes and it feels so good, uh huh , so good never stop Janus, never stop fucking my hot wet cunt with your sweet fat cock.

Tonight my pussy finally opened up and his cock was sliding painlessly in and out of my wide gaping cunt hole. I screamed and whimpered and sighed and begged him to fuck me to fuck me hard and deep with his wonderful long fat huge cock.

I looked over my shoulder and said wait Janus I want to do it differently. I had Janus lay down on his back and I straddled him. His cock throbbing in my hand as I held it and began to lower myself slowly down onto it.

Ugh I sighed oh god I moaned out, mm yes, oh my god you’re so big , so very big Janus, but I want your cock in me so bad. I clenched my teeth as he slid easily into me and the head of his cock slammed into my cervix.

I felt a brief stabbing pain then a huge wave of sexual pleasure washed over me as I looked down and realized he was completely in me. How I longed for him to roll me over and really fuck me with wild abandonment.

I sat on top of Janus completely impaled by his long fat hard cock. I slowly moved my hips forward then back then side to side. Deep moaning sighs quietly passed over my lips as I placed my hands beside Janus and held myself over him and began to twist and rotate my hips.

The pleasure was immense now that my vagina had accepted him. I threw my head back and moved my hands to his chest. His steel hard cock settled deeper into my dripping wet pussy.

I smiled down at Janus and said to him roll me over and take me, take me hard and as deep as you can, oh god Janus I need you to fuck me right now, I need you to fuck me hard and fast.

I knew that Brutus would watch and then I would allow him to enter me in a very special place. but now I needed to feel his younger b*****r pound my pussy with his hard fat thick cock. Now that I could take Janus with unbridled lust I wanted to feel him fuck me into complete submission.

I lay there on my back, my legs wrapped around Janus’s neck offering him complete access to my dripping wet hungry cunt. My hands reached out and held his hips and pulled him into me as his long hard thick cock burrowed it’s way into my wet stretched open fuck hole.

Yes, uh huh oh god yes, I loudly moaned and sighed as Janus rammed his young hard cock deep into my aching cunt with his powerful hips. I felt his heavy balls bouncing on my puckered asshole, and thought of Brutus’s thick veined cock penetrating my tight little pink anus.

With that thought racing through my mind I screamed out yes Janus oh god yes my sweet son that’s it uh huh fuck your mother, fuck her so hard and fast oh god Janus oh god I feel you so deep in me.

Now that my pussy opened to his fat hard cock it was gliding noisily in and out of my now sloppy wet dripping fuck hole. Oh god Janus yes do it. Give me more oh god my beautiful boy fuck your mother’s dripping wet pussy, uh huh yes, yes oh my god I screamed as an intense shattering orgasm raced through my body and exploded before my eyes.

I screamed out and sobbed at the pleasure his immense young incredible cock was giving me. Janus had me almost bent in two. My knees were crushed into my breast as Janus battered and pounded my creamy wet pussy.

Long loud moans of fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, permeated through out the room. Yes I cried oh Janus uh huh yes my sweet son fuck me , fuck me just like that , oh god it’s so good. I love your cock in me uh huh oh god I screamed out as my pussy went into spastic convulsions around his thick long cock.

Janus’s powerful thrust became urgent and harder as I felt his cock swell and pulse inside me. I looked in my son’s face and begged him to come inside his mother, oh Janus oh yes oh god Janus uh huh that’s it fuck mommy uh huh fuck her tight wet pussy with your big thick cock.

Come inside me Janus, hurry Janus fill me with your hot sweet young gooey sperm. Oh god Janus mommy’s coming too. Yes , yes, uh huh I gasped out as tiny little bolts of lightening spread from my vagina up into my tummy as I felt another orgasm wash over me.

Janus bellowed out and the veins in his neck stood out like cords as I felt his cock throb and swell as he pounded into me with urgent hard deep strokes as his own orgasm neared.

I clawed at the bed sheets under me as he was lost in the pleasure of my tight wet pussy quivering around his massive cock as he neared orgasm. His breath came in deep rasping gulps as his face contorted in orgasmic pleasure as I felt the hot stinging burst of his ropy thick sperm splatter against my womb.

I squeezed down on his huge thick cock with my vaginal muscles as cries of pleasure burst from deep within his throat in a growling howl as he pummeled and pounded my orgasmic sloppy wet cunt with battering ram like strokes.

I felt my back arch as I cried out in moans of pleasure, my head thrashing wildly side to side as his scalding hot sperm splashed over my cervix and my pussy made wet sloshy sounds as Janus fucked me with hard desperate hip shattering strokes as he emptied his balls deep into my clutching quivering sloppy wet cunt.

He collapsed over me his spent cock throbbing and pumping out the last drops of his hot sweet sperm into me. I sighed a deep satisfied moan of sated bliss as my pussy clamped down on his withering cock.

I could feel our combined juices of passion running like a river down onto my pink butt hole. I smiled to myself as I thought how nice it was going to feel to have Brutus take me anally.

Janus rolled over on his back and lay with his eyes closed breathing deeply through his nose. I looked at his profile and saw so much of Julius’s features my heart fluttered with love as I leaned over and kissed my son and whispered I love you so much Janus.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for either of you two. Come make love to your mother Brutus. Tonight you’ll have my special place. A place only his father has ever had I thought.

I love you too Brutus with all my heart and I’ve been saving something very special just for you. Brutus smiled and kissed me passionately. I spread my legs as I felt him getting on top of me.

My wet cum filled sloppy cunt easily accepted his thick meaty cock. Slow and gentle Brutus, fuck me slow and gently. I want you to go real slow and enjoy my pussy. Mm I sighed yes, Brutus, that’s it honey, just like that, doesn’t mommy’s wet hot pussy feel good on your hard cock?

Yes, it’s the softest and hottest thing I’ve ever felt mom. Mm I whispered back how I love your thick hard cock in my slippery wet pussy. You feel so good inside of your mother. Oh Brutus I love you so much, yes, yes Brutus fuck me ever so slow.

We began to move like a slow rolling wave. Our hips joining in a slow rhythmic motion. Brutus nibbled at my ear and bent his head to suckle at my breast. My nipples hardening to his soft wet lips.

I softly caressed his buttocks and raked my finger nails along them as I whispered out sweet quiet moans of fuck me’s and uh huh’s as his cock moved slowly in and out of my cum drenched cunt.

Oh god Brutus, how I love how you fuck me so sweet and slow. Uh huh that’s it my son uh huh do it just like that. Oh god I love the way your cock invades my soft wet cunt with it’s steel hard thickness.

I gently bit his shoulder to stifle out a moan as my pussy quivered and spasm after spasm sent shivers up and down my spine as I felt the stirring of yet another orgasm rifling through my sopping wet cunt.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into me. I held his face in my hands as his cock plunged in and out of my creamy cunt. I whispered up to him oh god Brutus, yes, my love, yes that’s it my son, oh god you’re making me come around your hard thick cock.

Do you feel it Brutus, do you feel my hot wet pussy gripping your hard young cock? Yes mother uh huh he said through clenched teeth. It feels so soft and silky smooth and I feel it tighten and grab my cock then let go.

Yes Brutus that’s because I’m having an orgasm. Do you want to come in me now if you do it’s ok to really fuck me real, real hard. Brutus smiled down at me and said but what about your special place?

I smiled at Brutus and said I’m glad you remembered about my special place. It’s a very special thing a woman let’s a man do to her. So I smiled and said after you come inside of me I’ll just have to suck your cock until it’s nice and hard again then you can fuck me in my special place.

His face broke out into a huge smile and he said I’m glad you chose me to have your special place. I am too I whispered. I didn’t dare say I chose him because his b*****rs cock was much to big for me there. Or is it? I thought… I giggled to myself. Perhaps it’s not to big after all.

Brutus closed his eyes and a look of determination spread over his face as he began to drive his young fat cock harder and harder into me. I sighed out a long deep satisfying sigh and moaned out as his cock split my pussy open.

Yes, I cried out oh god yes, uh huh oh god yes fuck me uh huh fuck my sloppy wet cunt with your hard young cock. My pussy began to milk Brutus’s cock the elastic sheath of my vagina squeezing and clamping down on him as he pounded my pussy into another electrifying orgasm.

I was limp and covered with sweat, my cum drenched cunt quivered and spasms of delight rippled through me as Brutus pounded and hammered into me with deep hard powerful long strokes. My pussy dripped creamy cunt juice around his hard thick shaft.

Yes, yes Brutus that’s it I moaned come in your mother’s hot wet cunt, fill me with your hot gooey thick sperm. Yes, yes, oh god yes my son. Now , now I cried out as I felt his cock spewing out volcanic streams of scalding hot spurt after spurt of creamy young sperm.

Brutus gave one last powerful thrust into my sloppy wet cunt and growled and groaned out as his balls churned out gobs of sweet young cock crème into my spastic orgasmic cunt. He held himself deep in my pussy as his spent cock withered and slid out of my cum soaked pussy.

Footnote: Brutus does get to take my special place. In the next installment. I’ve decided though this will be my last fictional story. I relied heavily on true events anyway to weave around this story, true only in the sex that transpires. I’ve had sex with two b*****rs and from that is where I conjured up this story.

Until next time…Mrs. X.
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1 year ago
loved this hot wet story.....cock likes it too imagining being one of the sons
3 years ago
I can only hope that these come from some sort of real experience :)
3 years ago
very well written
3 years ago
What a story, so many emotions of the heart, it wasn't until the wife took on this wonderful man and I that I found out that her vagina could taste like honey, it was amazing and we both enjoyed her juices dripping on our tongues, over and over again we pleased her.
Thanks for the story.
3 years ago
Pure quality all the way through!
3 years ago
thats was HOT as hell you can write a story love to read the next installment
3 years ago
Oh my god that was so hot. I am as hard as a rock.
3 years ago
Absolutely wonderful
3 years ago
Awesome *****5 stars***** How long do we have to wait for the next installment? You give great detail. Makes me think I was there. Thanx for Sharing.
3 years ago
thank you dz!!!
3 years ago
Love it!