Anna the Slave Prepares Her Sons

I lay between the boys on my tummy. I looked at them and giggled and shook my head. Moments before I had told them of the landlord Cyrus’s demand of me. They both had threatened to go slay him. Now I was laughing at my two little hot heads. Look you two we really have no choice. Brutus’s face was dark with anger. Listen Brutus this was and is no easy thing for me.

I know mom Janus spoke up. Good I said. This could be worse really, although you’re my sons, what if he would have demanded I have sex with him or his sons. I’ll go cut his heart out now said Brutus. You’ll do no such thing. We have to use our heads in this situation.

Your father will take care of Cyrus when he returns. For now we must concentrate on staying in good favor with Cyrus and keeping you two alive. I was shaking with anger and furious but I couldn’t let the boys see how shaken I really was.

We had sat in my bed and discussed what had happened and why it had happened. Brutus and Janus reacted just as I thought they would. I had to calmly explain to them that I would do what ever necessary to keep them alive or out of the salt mines.

Now I had to giggle as I lay between them my head waist level with my chin cupped in my hands looking at two very hard thick young cocks waving in the air. Brutus? Janus? You two understand why your mother did what I did. You also have to understand that I’ll do it again and again if it keeps you two safe.

We know mom. It’s just that if we could we’d break that bastards neck and run him through with our daggers we would. Yes I know but I paused looking at their cocks sticking up and had to laugh. Here you two are talking like that and your cocks waving in excitement.

They looked at me sheepishly and said we’re sorry mom it’s just that you’re laying there nude; were nude and …they’re voices trailing off. Hey you two have seen me nude before I said. I’ve seen you nude since you were both babies.

Yeah well we’re not babies anymore mom, Janus spoke up. I smiled and nodded as I looked at their cocks. No you’re surely not that at all. My god Janus that thing amazes me every time I look at it.

I u*********sly reached out and palmed his heavy balls then slowly ran my hand up the length of his shaft. I felt a shiver run up my spine as I shifted and began to slowly run my tongue over the wrinkled flesh of his balls.

His steel hard throbbing cock bounced up and down on his stomach as his balls tightened as I slowly and gently sucked them into my mouth. There was an awkward silence then I felt Janus’s hands on my head gently stroking my hair as he moaned out as my tongue made slurping sounds on his large heavy balls.

I raised my head up briefly and smiled at Brutus. I scootched up between the two of them. Listen you two. Let’s put shame and modesty aside for now. After all I’m f***ed, well we all are f***ed into this situation. I kissed them both and said I love you two with all my heart, but let’s make a promise to never speak of this again once it’s over.

Brutus and Janus said we’d never tell anyone mother, no one at all. I nervously smiled and said you two really do understand what could happen to you if…I let out a long sigh and settled back on a pillow between the two of them.
I was so angry with Cyrus. Yet I couldn’t deny that my body was reacting to the warm feeling of my two sons bodies touching mine. Over and over I admonished myself for the stirring ache in my vagina.

A plethora of emotions over came me when I realized my vagina was getting very wet and I could feel my warm juices trickling down over my butt hole and forming a small puddle where I lay. u*********sly I had reached out and was now fondling the boys penises. My thumb gently spreading the pre-cum of their hard throbbing cocks.

When I realized what I was doing I jerked my hands away. I immediately regretted it as I thought of what I had done and would have to do with my two sons. I had to make them feel comfortable and make them feel they were doing no wrong.

I nervously giggled and sat up and leaned down and the kissed the tips of their cocks. My pussy began to burn with an ache at the taste of their sweet pre-cum. I leaned back again and teasingly stroked the shafts of their young beautiful cocks.

I sighed and f***ed a smile on my face and said why don’t you two sit up. I’ll lay here and you two explore and touch and ask whatever questions you want. Janus said shouldn’t we wait until it’s dark mom? No I said not at all. Remember. No shame I said as I spread my legs exposing my soaking wet cunt for them.

I propped my head up on my pillow and closed my eyes and said go ahead you two and laughed as I said what are you waiting for? It’s not often two sons are given this kind of opportunity. Janus it appeared was going to be the spokesman for them. I heard him ask can we touch you um, anywhere?

Yes you may, and you may touch me with what you want, where you want, go ahead I giggled. Use your fingers, your lips, and tongues. Uh Brutus spoke up and asked can we touch you with our cocks? Well yes Brutus, but I’d hope you’d save that for last and explore my body just like the two young curious boys you are.

Come here and lay with your mother I told them. I turned my head and kissed them both as I took their hands and placed them on my breast. My nipples hardened and I drew in my breath. Why don’t you two start right there. I moaned out a soft long whispering sigh of yes, as they bent over and their lips encircled my nipples.

I was fighting myself not to just enjoy the attention I was receiving, and leave the boys with the impression I was a wanton slut for letting them touch me, oh god I thought I’d already let them both fuck me. My heart knew what I was doing was the right thing. It was the only way to save their lives.

I resolved then and their to not only let the boys fuck me but I was also going to take advantage of the pleasure their young hard cocks brought to my aching wet cunt. I sighed out as Brutus bit, licked and sucked at my nipples. I gasped out as he took my nipple between his forefinger and thumb and pinched hard enough to make me bite my lower lip.

Yes brutus that’s it just like that my darling son. Janus watched what was transpiring between brutus and I and sucked my nipple into his mouth and bit down with gentle pressure until I moaned out and held his head to my breast.

Oh god I thought let them hurry and explore the soft warm silky folds of my aching cunt. My hips were undulating in a chaotic rhythm as I thought of Janus’s thick heavy long cock penetrating me.
My hips rose and my back arched as I envisioned his hard throbbing cock splitting my slippery wet pussy open as it plunged ever so deep into my tight hot dripping wet cunt. Janus was the first to move away from my rock hard nipple …my eyebrows arched in surprise as he began to kiss and nip along my tummy his tongue leaving a wet trail towards my enflamed slippery wet pussy.

Yes Janus I hissed out uh huh kiss and use your tongue just as you are. It feels so good when you do that. Brutus leaned over me and began kissing me, gentle tentative kisses. I held his face in my hands and kissed him wetly and passionately, opening my mouth and teasing his lips with my tongue.

His kisses became deep, filled with love and passion as his tongue found mine and our tongues intertwined. Brutus broke the kiss and looked at me he began to speak but then turned away. I said Brutus whatever it is remember I told you don’t be ashamed to ask or speak what’s on your mind.

Listen Brutus a man must be gentle yet assertive and strong in his woman’s bed. Do you understand? No not really I can tell. Brutus my son, please use a firm hand and indicate what you want. Please do this for me my son.

I saw his eyes fall upon my mouth and I smiled a devilish smile at him. Come close and kneel at the side of my head. I placed his hand on his hard throbbing cock and said now my son let me know by showing me with your beautiful hard cock what you want me to do to it.

He was hesitant so I slowly licked my lips and moaned softly. I put my hand over his and pulled his cock towards my wet lips. My eyes met his and I slowly closed them and opened my mouth. I felt the soft smooth skin of his rock hard cock touch my lips and I moaned out as I closed my lips around it and swirled my tongue along the underside of his thick hard cock.

Brutus groaned out and began to thrust his hips forcing his cock down my throat. I relaxed and let his hard cock enter the back of my throat. I reached out and held the shaft of his cock and slowly pumped my hand as my wet lips made smacking sounds as I sucked hard on his hard young cock.

I jumped when I felt warm breath on my neck. Janus whispered in my ear you’re so beautiful mother. Does it feel good to suck Brutus’s cock? I groaned out a muffled yes. Suck him mother. Suck his hard cock. We understand mom and we love you more than life itself.

We know why you’re letting us do this. I felt tears running down my cheeks at his gentle loving words. I’ll be very careful and gentle this time when I fuck you mother. Oh god I thought yes, oh god yes Janus please hurry and fuck your mother.

I could feel my pussy twitching and the hot juices pouring out of it and running down onto my puckered asshole. First though Janus said I’m going to explore your vagina with my fingers and mouth as you instructed us to do.

I smiled to myself at his words but the molten hot juices flowing out of my dripping wet pussy told me I needed his cock in me more than anything right now. I let Brutus’s cock slip from between my lips and said Janus please fuck me I need to feel your cock in my slippery wet pussy more than ever right now. So please , please fuck me Janus. Fuck me now oh god hurry janus I moaned out.
I spread my legs and felt my heart beat faster and faster as janus positioned himself to enter me. When I felt the hot soft skin of his massive cock come into contact with my swollen dripping pussy lips I cried out and grit my teeth. I closed my eyes tightly as he gently nudged my sopping wet entrance.

I felt my pussy spasm and quiver in orgasmic anticipation. Janus was being very gentle and slowly introducing his thick fat cock into me. I moaned and gurgled around Brutus’s cock as I felt the plum sized head of his huge cock pushing me open.

My pussy lips fluttered and clenched as I felt him slip deeper into me. My hips began to twist and undulate in tiny circles as I felt his thick throbbing cock impaling me. Ugh, ugh I gurgled and drooled around Brutus’s cock.

Janus smiled down at me and said are you ok mom, I’m being as gentle as I can. Uh huh I shook my head. I took Brutus’s cock out of my mouth and looked down and let out a long deep moan when I saw he only had the head of his throbbing cock in me.

I looked up at janus and grabbed his face and pulled him to me. I kissed him deeply and whispered in his ear go ahead janus fuck me real slow, oh slow honey I gasped out as I realized he thought I meant to put all of him in me.

I kissed him again and whispered go slow janus, fuck me real slow uh huh just like that. Oh god yes just like that. Oh janus you’re so big oh god it feels so good. I could feel my pussy slowly opening up to him. I whispered a little more janus I’m ready for you, just go slow.

A bead of sweat broke out on my forehead as I bit down on my bottom lip as janus began slowly thrusting his gigantic fat cock in and out of my slippery wet cunt. He moved his hips slow and his cock made shallow probing thrust into my flowering wet pussy.

Oh god yes I moaned out oh god Janus uh huh oh yes uh huh that’s it fuck me uh huh fuck me just like that. Oh god yes fuck my tight little pussy with your big fat cock. I looked up at him and shook my head and said more Janus a little more.

Janus growled and with a twist of hips I felt his steel hard cock slip deeper into my dripping wet pussy. I looked over at Brutus and smiled and said I’m sorry honey. Come here and let me suck your cock for you.

No, no it’s ok mom. I can wait, besides we want this to be for you too. I reached over and grabbed his thick hard cock and pulled it to my mouth and kissed the head of it. Brutus smiled and sat back on his haunches with an intent look on his face as he watched his b*****rs huge fat long cock sliding in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

You’re really the most beautiful woman in the whole world Brutus said. You’ll never need a special friend as long as you’re our mom. Fresh tears stung my eyes at his sweet words. I thought to myself Anna you’re little men are wise beyond their years.

I was brought back to reality and gasped out and let out a long wailing moan as I felt Janus bury his long hard cock into my slippery wet cunt. I threw my head back as my pussy went spastic and quivered around his thick hard stalk.

I looked down in amazement and shuddered in delight as I saw just a tuft of pubic hair pressed into my shaved pussy. Oh god janus I moaned out as I felt an orgasm begin ripping through me as he pulled out of me and began to thrust his throbbing long cock
Slow and deep into the yielding soaking wet folds of my orgasmic cunt.

Janus smiled down at me and groaned as I lifted my hips to meet his long deep thrust.
I looked down at his hard fat cock as it split me open. My eyes big in wonderment at the sheer enormity of his young cock.

I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around him and urged him on to fuck me, to fuck me hard and deep to take me, to pound his long cock into my soft wet cunt. I screamed out yes janus yes that’s it uh huh that’s it oh god yes fuck me uh huh fuck your mothers hot wet cunt with your long thick cock.

I felt the rippling spasms of an endless string of orgasms bursting into the pleasure center of my brain. It no longer mattered that I was being fucked by my own son. I was possessed with sexual lust and screamed out as my sopping wet pussy was pummeled and pounded by my son’s massive thick throbbing cock.

I whimpered and moaned in sheer a****l lust as Janus began to stab my dripping wet cunt with long hard spearing thrust. I screamed out yes, yes, oh god yes Janus, oh god Janus fuck me, uh huh fuck me just like that, fuck me so hard and so deep oh god yes fuck your mother’s sloppy wet pussy.

I felt Janus’s cock swell and throb as he pounded relentlessly into my quivering cunt. Yes, yes, that’s it I moaned out uh huh, yes, yes do it Janus now Janus now oh god Janus now , now uh huh oh god shoot me full of your hot burning sperm hurry Janus oh god yes I’m Cuming janus oh god oh god oh god.

I let out one final long wailing scream as I felt his sperm blast into my hungry cunt. I kept my arms tightly around his neck and pulled him deeper into me with my legs. I could hear the squishy sounds of my cum filled cunt being pounded by his thick fat spurting cock. Janus thrust his cock deeply into me and held himself buried in my spastic pussy.

He grunted and groaned as he held himself over me draining his sperm filled balls into my hot tight cunt. He bent down and kissed me tenderly on my lips and quietly said I love you mother with all my heart.

I lay there now feeling fresh tears stinging my eyes. I love you too, both of you and now you know I’ll do anything to protect you. I looked over at Brutus and said and as soon as your b*****r gets off of me…that’s when I realized Janus was still just as hard as steel.

I started giggling and just couldn’t stop, oh no you don’t I finally managed to say, as good as that cock of yours feels I laughed and said get that thing out of me. Oh mom Janus pouted can I leave it in for just a minute more. I smiled up and said oh I suppose just a little longer.

I began to squeeze down and milk his cock and roll my hips just a little. Janus looked down at me with a stunned look on his face and said oh god mom what are you doing?
Oh just a little thing a woman can do to please her man, why do you like it? Yes I love it. Can you keep doing it?

I laughed and squeezed and said oh I suppose I can for a minute or so. Janus starting moving his hips and I closed my eyes and sighed out as he began to slowly move his long hard cock in and out of my cum soaked pussy.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Brutus expecting to see him brooding or pouting. I felt guilty about leaving him waiting so long. I said Janus maybe you could let your b*****r fuck your mother now? Brutus surprised me by saying oh no mom it’s ok really. I love watching you. You look like an angel.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise and said are you sure Brutus? He said yes of course mother. I noticed he was masturbating his thick heavy veined cock and I smiled as I watched his hand moving up and down while I felt his eyes boring into me.

In that case I said as I looked up at Janus make slow passionate gentle love to me my son.
Janus growled low in his throat when I squeezed down on his thick hard cock. I closed my eyes and moaned quietly as Janus began to twist his hips as he moved in and out of me in a slow soothing rhythm.

Sparks flew from my clit every time his fat thick cock brushed it as he gently fucked my dripping wet cum filled cunt. I whispered uh huh that’s it my love nice and slow fuck me nice and slow now.

Oh god uh huh I quietly moaned as I felt the shaft of his cock drag along my clit. Oh god Janus uh huh oh god my sweet lover oh, oh I groaned as an orgasm gripped me and shot like lightening through me. My pussy quivered and clutched at his thick cock as goose bumps covered my skin.

I looked over at Brutus who had a smile on his face as he watched Janus and I slowly fucking. I smiled at my son and said Brutus are you ok? Oh yes mom he replied I love watching you. Well I said then come closer if you’d like. His eyes got big and brightened up as he said can I? of course come get as close as you want.

Do you like to watch your b*****r fuck me with his big fat cock? Yes mom I really do. Your pussy is so wet and shiny. I could watch Janus fuck you all night. I looked at him and said but doesn’t it make you want to do it to mommy too?

Of course Brutus said and I will. I mean I can right? Of course you can brutus don’t be silly. I want you to fuck me too just like your b*****r. Can you see his cock going in and out of my shiny pink pussy Brutus?

Yes and you’re so beautiful to watch as it goes in and out of you. I love you so much mom, and I really do understand why you’re letting us do this and that makes me love you even more. My heart was filled with joy and love at the words my two sons had spoken today. Yes I thought they are wise beyond their years.

Just then I decided if I sat on Janus and faced Brutus he’d have a better view of his b*****rs hard thick cock sliding in and out of my wet pink pussy as he fucked me. I got on top of Janus and told Brutus to come as close as possible.

I held Janus’s steel hard cock in my hand and watched the look on Brutus’s face as I guided his b*****rs cock back into my shiny wet pink pussy. Mm you do like to watch your b*****r fuck my pussy don’t you?. Yes mom it’s the most beautiful sight in the whole world.

Oh god I groaned as Janus’s huge cock split my slippery wet pussy open as it slid deeply and snugly up inside me. Mm oh god yes Janus uh huh I moaned oh god your cock feels so good inside me. Are you watching Brutus? Do you love to see his huge cock fuck my hot wet cunt?
There was something sweetly decadent and deeply arousing about having my youngest son fuck me while his older b*****r looked on and masturbated. I threw my head back and moaned out as yet another explosive orgasm over took my body and soul. Yes, oh god yes, oh fuck oh shit oh god I’m cuming I screamed out as my orgasm set every nerve in my body on fire.

I was almost limp as Janus pounded his huge fat cock into my dripping wet orgasmic cunt. I was a sweaty mess as he rammed his massive pole into my soaking wet dripping pussy hole. I cried and screamed out yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me uh huh oh god fuck my pussy uh huh oh fuck me Janus, fuck me so hard and deep.

Janus held my hips and slammed his fat hard cock in and out of my dripping wet cunt.
He starting grunting and groaning as his cock swelled inside me, stretching me open as I felt his cock throb and pulse.

I signaled for Brutus to come to me and I took his hard young cock in my mouth and feverishly sucked on him begging him with my eyes to fill my mouth as his b*****r filled my spastic quivering cunt with his hot volcanic sperm.

I gurgled and moaned and drooled around Brutus’s cock as I felt Janus drive his cock deep inside me and hold me tightly as he began to empty his scalding hot sperm into the very depths of my slippery wet cunt hole.

Brutus shouted out and grunted as his hips bucked wildly as his sperm shot like a cannon out of his balls and into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed sucking feverishly on his swollen spurting cock as he held my head and emptied his balls into my tummy.

We all collapsed and gasped for breath as we lay tangled and intertwined on the bed. Soaking wet with sweat and body fluids. I shook my head and said out loud I don’t know how much more preparing I can take and burst out laughing.

I crawled between my two young boys and let out a long satisfying sigh. I held their hands and brought them to my lips and kissed them. I turned to brutus and smiled and said well there is one more place some women like your mother like to have a man’s cock. Seeing how Janus is… um to big for that place it will be you brutus who get’s the pleasure of taking me there.

They both gave me a puzzled look and I rolled over on my tummy and pushed my butt up into the air. Brutus get behind me look just above my pussy. What do you see? Uh your butt hole mom? Uh huh I answered back. That’s our next lesson. Maybe I’ll even try to take Janus in my pussy while you fuck my asshole.

I shivered at the prospect. Until next time Mrs. X

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3 years ago
thank you all, and part 3 posted tonight...there will be a part 4 but then that's it, no more fiction, Anna
3 years ago
Can't wait for part 3
3 years ago
another classic
3 years ago
Anna forget them I want you!
3 years ago
A delight to read.
3 years ago
Another 5 star story Anna. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanx for sharing. ***** 5 stars*****
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Excellent story
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Super tale
3 years ago
go read the first story, Brutus does get some...laffs and winx " Anna the Slave and Her Two Sons " and in the third story he gets most of the attention. i'm going to make it up to him, after all fair is fair, Anna
3 years ago
When does Brutus get to fuck you? If I was him, I would be pretty pissed off that Janus was getting all the pussy!
3 years ago
so awesome