Catching Some Rays

I was laying out catching some rays I was all oiled up and I had a margarita on the table
I had my allure and cosmo mags to browse through. It was one of those blah days, we all get them. The hot sun on my body helped lift my spirits though. I had my mp3 player on and was listening to my music. I bought the perfect mat for laying out as it has a built in pillow and it has another pillow for your knees. The only draw back was it wasn’t good for lying on your stomach. My house faces north and south so I have to lay east to west to get the best sun exposure. I had just put extra oil on my pussy to keep the lips from burning and yes, they will if you don’t use a strong SPF. The feel of the warm sun on my vagina always gets me aroused. I put more oil on my breast and tummy and my nipples got hard imagine that? I was daydreaming about being Cleopatra and I had men to fan me and feed me and bathe me. That will never happen, anyway I was getting into my little fantasy and my fingers wandered down to my pussy. I felt a vibration and a shadow fell over me I took off my goggles and there stood the UPS guy looking uncomfortable as all hell. I said hi there what do you have for me today? I was secretly hoping he hadn’t seen where my fingers were. He was inconspicuously checking me out and I had to smile. I closed my legs, got up, put on a robe, and said you weren’t supposed to catch me like this. He said he was sorry but I had to sign for this package. I told him no problem and I went in the house and got a pen. I signed for the package and smiled at him and said there you be, all done. He hesitated and I said anything more? He said yes, are you single? He said I know you have a son, but I’ve never seen a man around. I told him I’ve never married and my son’s sperm donor was an abusive asshole. I said men are not a high priority right now. He said oh and I asked why? He was shy and said well I’m single, have been since my wife died. I told him that was terrible. He asked well would you be interested in having dinner or something with me. I told him I’d consider a picnic and took off my robe and lay back down. He said oh ok well I’d better go then. I stood up and yelled hey I’ll leave a note in the mailbox when we can go for a picnic. He got an eyeful and said oh ok. He left and my fingers went straight to my vagina. I slowly teased my lips with feather strokes all the time imagining the UPS guys tongue on me. I delved in between my lips with my middle finger, brought it to my mouth, and sucked my juices off it. I found my clit and was making small little circles on it. My mouth was open and I was breathing hard as I was nearing an orgasm. I again felt a vibration, stopped, and took off my goggles and I swore to myself because there stood one of my son’s friends. I was caught and this time it was my turn to be uncomfortable and embarrassed. I stammered out Richards not here, reached for my robe, put it on, and went in the house. There was a knock on the door and I looked to see who it was and there stood k**e. me still in my robe answered the door and asked what Kyle? He said he needed to pick up the Wii game because he borrowed it. I went out, got my margarita, and downed it and poured another I was pretty upset and embarrassed by the whole scene. I sat down not realizing my left tit was exposed. Kyle came upstairs, I saw his eyes piercing through me I looked down, and there was my tit in plain view. I said I’m sorry Kyle you had to see what you did. He laughed and said hey I’m not you’re the hottest mom in the whole town. He said gotta a beer or another of those I told him you know where the fridge is. Funny thing is I never covered my tit. When he came back, again he was looking right at it. He said you know I took a massage class at the college. I drank down my third margarita and said is that so? He said yup sure did I could give you a massage if you’d like. I smiled and said I suppose your massage table is out in your car. He said no but a kitchen table or coffee table with cushions would work. I just sat there thinking to myself, twice I was interrupted today. I told him well what the heck; okay give me my massage mister. He said hey lets go in the basement you could lay on the bed there. It would be easier. I said why not and made another margarita. He ran down the stairs as I came down the stairs my robe came open allowing him another look at my breast and now my shaved pussy. I threw him a couple of towels, said here you go, and giggled. He said oil we need oil I said in the bathroom on the shelf there’s some baby oil.
He came back with a big smile and I let my robe fall at my feet and lay on the bed. He got on his knees in front of me and started a nice slow sweeping motion with his hands from my shoulders to my lower back, I just let out a sigh and thought well maybe the days not a waste after all and giggled quietly to myself. His fingers got lower and lower until they were touching the top of my butt cheeks. His hands slid off my butt and up my sides and over my shoulders and arms, then back down my back again. I was soon purring like a kitten. I was back to my Cleopatra fantasy and loving it. His hands went down each side of my spine and over my butt; cheeks then splayed his fingers down, under my hips, and up my sides brushing my breast. He moved to my feet and started with one leg at a time. Over my calf and thigh, his left hand over my butt as his right slid along my inner thigh. Then over my calf and thigh with his right hand over my butt and down the side of my butt and his left hand sliding in and along my inner thigh. Each time his fingers got closer to my pussy when he slid his hand along my thigh. He kneaded my calves, then my thighs.
Next, he laid his arms on my thighs and brought them up applying pressure as he swept up and then out which spread my ass cheeks and exposed my butt hole and I was sure my pussy too. He did that for another 5 minutes, then he cupped his hand up my thigh and at my ass, cheeks slid his hand down along my inner thigh within inches of my pussy lip. He was alternating between legs and I was falling in lust with his hands. Each time he got closer and closer to my pussy and at one point even just barely brushed his fingertips over it. I was thinking ok any closer Kyle and you’re gonna feel a very wet pussy and silently laughed to myself. When I get wet, I tend to bubble up pussy juices where they are very visible and a little opaque. When Kyle told me turn over, I was thinking shit you’re so busted. As I turned over I started laughing he said what’s so funny I said nothing really. I noticed he had taken his shirt off and had a sheen of sweat all over his hairless chest. He picked my foot up, brought it about chest level, kneaded, and massaged my foot.
I caught his eyes looking at my pussy, he did the other foot same thing his eyes focused on my pussy which only made it wetter. He started slowly on my thighs kneading his way up inching closer and closer to my pussy. Kyle was saying how phat my body was when if on accident or on purpose his hand went down the side of my very wet glistening pussy. He said he was sorry and I said are you Kyle? He said yeah honest I didn’t mean it. I said ok Kyle then we’re through. He said no I want to massage the little v below your tummy. There’s a spot that’s soft tissue between the bones down there. He said give me your hand and he put it at the spot and yes it was there. The problem being it extended right into my pussy or clit I should say. As he rubbed gently it pulled my pussy up this allowed for my juices to flow down and out of my vagina. I glanced over at Kyle only to see a nice size bulge in his jeans. The wetter I got it seemed his fingers slipped more onto my already wet pussy. With a deep sigh and total abandon, I put my hand over his and guided, it onto my pussy his fingers slipped right in I was so wet. The only sound was my deep shallow breathing as he literally finger fucked me right there on the bed. You could hear as he withdrew his fingers from inside me my wet cunt made sucking squishy sounds. I bit my lower lip and squeezed my eyes shut as an orgasm ripped through me. Kyle said I don’t have any skins more to himself than me. I unsnapped his jeans and pulled the zipper down and out popped his cock ( I have to say that something has changed over the years because I don’t remember boys 19 to 21 years of age being that big ) it had to have been at least 8 or 9 inches long and fat as a long neck beer bottle. His cock had hard stringy veins all along the shaft the head was almost purple I told Kyle that because Richard would be home very soon we really didn’t have time to have sex. Kyle got this look of utter desperation on his face I looked at him and said a quickie then, I’m sorry but that’s what it has to be. He entered me and I thought omg thank god I was so wet. I lost my breath for a minute, as it seemed to me his cock didn’t have an end to it. My cunt clutched at his cock as it felt like it was tearing me open. I was practically gasping for breath as he pushed his cock inside me we were both grunting, my mouth was wide open, and my eyes tightly shut as his cock finally was firmly planted in my cunt. I was laying on my back and he grabbed my hips, pulled me up to him, and pounded in and out of pussy with hard deep strokes that had me pushing him back, his cock was going to deep. He grunted and moved my hand away and fucked me as if he was a man possessed. Sweat was flying off his brow and I was a sweaty mess as he fucked my pussy with no mercy at all. I felt his cock hitting places deep inside my pussy he was hitting my cervix that caused a mixture of pain and omg it feels so good kinda thing and that set off my ungodly toe curling explosion of an orgasm he was screaming fuck fuck fuck holy fuck shit fuck oh god fuck I love your pussy. I was moaning and screaming as well as my own orgasm rocketed through out my whole body I was a quivering spasmatic mess… He was relentless as he drove his cock in and out of my stretched pussy. My hips were thrusting to meet his every stroke as his cock kept pounding into me I felt my juices squishing out of my cunt as he fucked me with long hard deep thrust. I screamed out oh god Kyle fuck me yes just like that uh huh right there oh yes oh god oh god oh yes as my orgasm ripped through my abused cunt. Kyle threw me down on my tummy and entered me from behind pulling my hair and lifting my hips up as he held me to him and made short deep strokes into me but very fast his cock swelled and burst his cum into me it was hot and splashing in my cunt he pulled my hair back and I lifted my head and screamed out a very intense deep inner vaginal orgasm. These orgasms don’t come easy. I fell forward on my face and just lay there breathing very hard. Kyle laid on top of me then rolled off and kissed my cheek and grabbed me and rolled me on top of him and we lay there like that until I said unless we want to get busted by my son and your best friend we better get out of this bed. Again until next time… Mrs. X.
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1 year ago
I have really big hands...
4 years ago
wow amazing story, any sequal with the ups man?
4 years ago
thats was hot
4 years ago
thats was hot
4 years ago
Thanks Anna this was good but I know you can do beter it was very hot I did cum three time anyway.
4 years ago
this could have been my neighbor lady when I was in high school. We would fuck for hours on hours sometimes. God bless Mrs Wilson