beach house Part III

I woke up and leisurely stretched and rolled over on my side. I was watching the two boys now dressed in jeans and t-shirts. I could definitely smell food. I got up and walked out to the kitchen and sat down at the breakfast nook. Well Richard I said. When did you become a chef and laughed at my own remark.

Well all those conversations in the kitchen with you might of helped, you think? Stop being a smart ass, I laughed, it smells good whatever it is. I leaned over and said. What is it anyway? Oh I call it “ Beach House Slop “ . I scrambled some eggs, crumbled bacon and diced ham, and mushrooms, and melted cheese into it all.

Well it certainly smells good honey. I’m starving. I looked at the clock and did a double take. Oh I slept for 6 hours?, why didn’t you two wake me up? Oh we were busy m*****ing you in your sl**p. At that Richard cracked up causing us all to laugh.

Well you’re two pigs I said accosting a woman in her sl**p. Shame on you two. Did you get everything from the house then. I asked Richard. Yes mom, of course. So I don’t have time for a shower before we eat the famous “ beach House Slop “ ? No it’s ready now. I was just getting ready to wake you up anyway so you should just eat first.

Well ok there Mr. bossy one jeez, excuse me. I laughed as Richard handed me a plate of food. Joshua yelled out toast everyone? Yes please I answered oh and a glass of milk if it’s not to much trouble. Joshua brought me a glass of milk and bowed and said. For my goddess. I ruffled his hair and said. Joshua you’re too sweet. Maybe Richard and I should adopt you.

Oh god I groaned out ok maybe not. He looked up with a hurt look on his face and asked why not? Oh let’s see then I’d be having sex with two of my son’s. I laughed and said. That would really make us social outcast. I threw my head back and laughed so hard.

Joshua snuck his head up between my legs and I reached down and said. Oh no you don’t , that thing needs a break. You two have it a little sore enough already. Josh looked up and smiled and said here let me kiss it and make it all better. I giggled and said. You sex maniac, that can just wait, now stop it and let’s eat.

Mom? Richard said. Um I mean, well, ok see me and Josh had these girls over and…are josh and I like good lovers? Honey you and Joshua are willing lovers, who want to please me, any man who wants to please a woman is already on the right track to being a good lover.

I could see more was troubling him. Ok Ricardo, out with it, what’s this really about? Joshua spoke up and said, well you see sex with you is really like incredible, because see you , well you talk and make noises. Yeah Richard said. See these girls were like really quiet.

Ah ok so you think you two? Let me get this straight. Ok you two, understand this. Not all women are alike, nor men, but women tend to be more inhibited. We’re fearful if we enjoy it too much or are to forward, then you men think we’re whores and sluts. Or some women are just brought up different and change as they get older and have more sex partners.

There’s no real answer, other than everyone is different. Me for example; yes I’m very vocal and I blushed to say it in front of Richard but I’m a very sexual woman as well. Some men like loud passionate sexual women, and then some men like quiet conservative women.

I looked at them both and said. And just how old were these two anyway? Richards face broke out in a huge grin, mine was eighteen and Josh said yeah mine was s*******n. Did you two tell them your real ages?. I knew they didn’t when the both looked at each other then down at the table. Well I’m sure your two big cocks had them convinced you were older and we all laughed at that quip.

I shook my head and laughed and said . Yup two little pigs, you’re both little pigs. Now help me clean up these dishes and then maybe we can play a game or watch a movie. Ok but hey mom, can me and Joshua still have sex with you? I mean we could come down here all winter and spring.

Oh honey mommy can’t say that for sure, listen you two…come here, I hugged them close and kissed each on their lips. Ok I’m not going to lie, I’ve enjoyed myself a lot. But I can’t make that kind of promise to you two at all. Now I’m going to go take a shower and get cleaned up.

I suggest you two do the same if, we’re going to have any more sex. I’m not having it with two sweaty boys. That means we can right? They whooped and high fived each other. They both hugged me and there were those never ending hard cocks poking into me. My face turning red I turned around and said, well we’ll see. Then went to take a shower.

While the boys were showering I looked in the linen closet and found some clean sheets. I was bent over straightening the sheet out when I felt a hard wet cock poking me between my butt cheeks. I turned around and stood up quickly and said. Oh no you don’t. Josh smiled and said. Oh come on it’s all hard for you.

Well that may be I said but…later and shoved him away. He tackled me and we started wrestling on the bed. He was tickling me and I slid out from under him and grabbed a pillow and whacked him one with it. I swung the pillow again and he grabbed it and pulled me to him and down on the bed.

He sat on top of me pinning my arms and tickling my ribs. I could only laugh from being tickled and at seeing his cock sticking up hard as a rock and wobbling around. I said let me up or I’ll bite that damn thing off. Josh said I don’t think so and held my arms to my side as he kissed my tummy.

Oh no you don’t I said. I mean it Josh stop it this min…my voice trailed off and turned into a soft moan when his warm pointed tongue came into contact with my clit. I fought to keep my legs together but gave in as he spread them apart. His tongue swirled around my sensitive clit, then he held me open as his tongue found my vaginal opening and probed into me.

Oh god Josh I whispered that’s it, uh huh just like I told you. Make your tongue pointy and use it like a little penis and fuck me with it. He covered my whole pussy with his mouth and sucked and blew warm air on it. My fingers tangling in his hair as he sucked each of my pussy lips until my hips rose and fell and his face was coated in my wet syrupy juices.

He looked up at me and smiled and I said . Yes Josh you’re doing fine so fine in fact finger me and suck on my clit and flick your tongue real fast over it because I’m very close to having an orgasm.

My pussy was sopping wet but when his fingers entered me I still felt that pang of pain as he finger fucked me. God I moaned to myself. How many times did they fuck me since we got here? Oh god Joshua I moaned uh huh oh god yes I cried out. I held his head to my quivering wet pussy as I shrieked out and trembled through a string of short bursting orgasms. Yes, yes I hissed out between my clenched teeth as his warm wet tongue flicked lightly and fast over my swollen clitoris. The catalyst came when he applied direct pressure to my clit in soft swirls.

Oh god yes I cried out uh huh oh god , oh god, yes oh Joshua yes, yes oh god Josh I’m coming, I’m coming yes oh god yes I screamed through a more powerful intense orgasm that struck me like a lightning bolt.

Josh crawled up and I automatically spread my legs but then I caught him and said . Wait Josh I’m to sore to take you right now. I kissed him with hard warm passion. I held him to me and said Josh, I’m sorry honey but I’m sore down there. Please understand Joshua . Can you? I pleaded.

I’ll make it up to you tonight. My pussy really needs a break from you two and your big thick cocks. I ran my fingers through his hair and tried to soothe him. Yeah I heard him mumble it’s ok I guess. Wait I whispered in his ear. Roll over honey and I’ll give you a really sloppy wet blowjob ok?

You will he said in an excited voice. Of course I will Josh. Now roll over honey. I knelt over him and shook my head back and forth letting my hair tickle and tease his tummy and throbbing hard cock. I bent down and gently sucked his balls in my mouth; slathering them with my saliva.

I let my tongue leisurely travel up the underside of his thick throbbing cock. I held it in my hand and sucked and licked teasingly up and around his cock shaft. Never taking the head in my mouth. His hips were bucking up and down and he reached for my head but I pushed his hand away.

I pumped my hand up and down his thick hard cock and made a point of my tongue flicking it fast just under the head of his cock. I brought him to the point where his cock swelled and throbbed then I’d pinch down on the head until the urge to cum washed over him.

The more I had him in my mouth the more I wanted him back in my pussy. I knew I was to sore and wouldn’t enjoy his thick cock if it only caused me pain. God I moaned out a frustrating sigh. I want you so bad Joshua. I really need you to fuck my tight little cunt with that big fat cock of your’s’

Oh god he moaned you’re killing me. I smiled up at him and slowly took his cock into my mouth until I felt it at the back of my throat. I relaxed and felt his fat cock slide down my throat. I moved my head up and down allowing my saliva and drool to coat his cock.

My pussy began to ache and twitch and I could feel myself dripping down onto my thighs.
Our mingled moans filled the room. That’s when I felt an inward evil smile and I reached down and began smearing my pussy juices around my butt hole. I knew with his hot cock covered in drool and my butt hole wet from my pussy juices I could easily take him in my me.

I moved up and lay on top of him and whispered in his ear. Mm I think I have a solution if you’re willing to do as I say. Yes you know I will Josh replied. I kissed him and said good. I rolled over and grabbed a pillow. I put it under my hips. I looked back at Josh and smiled and said. Does that give you any ideas?
Oh hell yes he smiled oh god this is going to be awesome. Josh I said. Come lay by me a minute ok? He lay on his back and I laid my head on his chest. I looked at him and smiled a really big happy smile. You remember Josh what we kind of talked about before, I mean getting a woman ready for you to take her there?

Yes I remember and I’ll do all of those things to get you ready. I’m serious I really want to do it to you in your butt. I giggled and said and I want you to too. Get it nice and wet Josh, get it relaxed use your tongue and fingers on me.

Um could you , I mean, would you call me your son too he said with an embarrassed red faced smile. Oh Josh of course I will. Now come here, I kissed him and said it’s fine. When we come here I’ll be your’s and Richards mother, okay? So um I can do it to you now mom?

Of course my darling son, just get mommy ready for your big fat cock. I kissed him and laughed and put the pillow under my hips and said . What are you waiting for? Josh said. I’m waiting to make love to the most beautiful woman in the world who is my mom too.

I wiggled my butt and said. Well my “ son “ make your mother really happy and fuck her in her butt hole. Josh was fantastic he kissed and nibbled my inner thighs eliciting the deep low moans he wanted from me. Low satisfying moans came from deep in my throat when I felt his sharp pointy tongue touch my puckered pink shit hole.

I lay with my eyes closed. My cunt dripping wet and my butt hole opening up to josh’s invading tongue. My hips began to move in tight circles. I could feel his tongue piercing my pooper eliciting moans of yes, uh huh yes Josh just like that, oh god I can’t wait to have your cock in my tight little pink hole.

I felt the soft hot silky skin of his hard cock rubbing along my pussy, I involuntarily drew in a breath. I quickly blew it out as I felt his cock slowly rubbing and pushing into my pink anus. I gripped the sheets and my mouth opened into an O shape when I felt Josh’s cock slip past my anal ring.

I sucked in a deep, deep breath as I felt his thick cock burrowing it’s way into my tight moist dark hole. I looked over my shoulder and whispered uh huh, yes baby, now fuck mommy’s asshole for her. Fuck her real sweet and slow.

Josh smiled at me and held my hips as he began to slowly fuck in and out of my puckered shit hole. Like this mommy?, am I doing it right? Oh god yes Josh it’s so good, you’re doing it just right, oh how mommy loves your fat hard cock in her ass.

Mm I moaned you and Richard go so deep in me. I love the way you two fuck me with your hard throbbing young cocks. Maybe we’ll have to come down here more often I said with a big smile. Oh man that would be like a dream come true. Uh huh I moaned out as I pushed my ass back onto his cock, taking him even deeper into me.

Oh Josh I sighed out, oh god you feel so good in me, how I love your young fat cock in my butt, god it makes me feel so full. Yes Josh uh huh a little faster Josh uh huh that’s it really fuck me now. Go ahead my darling son. Pound mommy’s butt hole with your thick hard cock.

Josh’s willingness to please me caused him to drive his cock hard and deep into me. Sparks of electric pleasure shot up my back as he began to go faster and faster until I clawed the sheets and whimpered and moaned as his big cock split my asshole open.
His powerful deep thrust into me caused me to throw my head back and howl out my pleasure. His fat young cock pounding into me now with faster and deeper hammering punishing strokes. I could feel a fine sheen of sweat on my body as I moaned out encouraging Josh to fuck me harder and harder. Yes Josh, uh huh, oh god yes Joshua uh huh fuck me with your big fat cock. Fuck me until you shoot your scalding hot sperm in my butt hole.

I was reduced to a whimpering moaning woman totally lost in sexual pleasure. Oh god’s and yes’s poured from my mouth along with a chorus of oh god yes fuck me’s. I was taken by surprise when I heard Josh say. You love my cock in your ass don’t you mom. You love when I pound your tight little shit hole don’t you. Well I love to fuck you mom, I love fucking your tight little butt hole.

Oh my god yes my son, oh good how mommy loves your cock in her ass, I love the way you fuck me, uh huh god yes, I just love your hard fat cock pounding mommy’s asshole. Oh god Josh, yes that’s it fuck mommy, fuck her asshole, fuck me so good, so good uh huh fuck me baby. Fuck your mother, that’s it my baby boy, fuck your mother’s asshole. Oh god yes it’s so good.

I felt Josh tighten up. His whole body coiled like a snake. His breathing short and labored. I squeezed my eyes tight and yelped out and whimpered as his cock pounded in and out of me with deep short twisting strokes. Faster and faster he drove his cock into my stretched open asshole. I bit my lip and fell on my tummy.

Oh god oh god I cried out as I kicked my feet and pounded the bed with my fist. Oh god Josh, oh fuck, oh my god, uh huh yes, yes really pound me baby, pound me with your big fat hard cock. Yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me. Fuck my asshole Josh uh huh just like that. Really fuck it hard and fast.

Josh’s breath came in huge gulps as I felt his swollen hard cock balloon even thicker and fatter as his sperm rushed up the shaft and exploded out of his cock in hot liquid jets of fire that burned so deep down in my bowels. I whimpered and cried out yes, yes, oh god yes, that’s it uh huh fill my asshole with your scalding hot cum oh Josh, yes, oh god yes, it’s so good, so , so good.

I lay there feeling Joshua’s cock still as hard as steel buried in my butt hole his balls laying against my sopping wet pussy. It throbbed and dribbled the last drops of his hot sperm into my cum filled bowels. Joshua leaned down and kissed the back of my neck and started slowly moving his cock in grinding circles into my ass.

I smiled and squeezed his cock with my butt hole. Moaning into my pillow. I pushed back and rolled over. Josh got over me and started to guide his sperm coated cock into my hot dripping wet pussy. I looked up at him and smiled. I said. As much as I’d like that, put your cock a little lower. His eyes widened in realization as he rubbed his cock against my open shit hole.

I shifted and pulled my legs up. My pink anus now at an easier angle for penetration. A very , very deep low sighing moan blew over my lips as I felt his cock nudge it’s way into me. I wrapped my legs around Josh and pulled him down and kissed his lips. Our kiss turned into a deep passionate tongue twisting wet kiss.

Our tongues intertwining. My breath hot as it was f***ed out into his mouth as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into my wet cum filled bowels. My teeth found his bottom lip and bit down and sucked on it.
I was moaning and twisting under him as his thick hard cock speared my asshole open until he was once again buried in me. My long groaning sighs and the smile on my face told Josh he was doing just fine. I whispered out slow, baby boy, fuck mommy real slow and gentle. Do it slow Josh, oh god I whimpered I just love your cock in me.

What about mine mom, I heard a voice say beside me. I turned to see Richard and I smiled and reached out to him. Mm and you my darling sweet boy, I love you the most. I wish mommy’s pussy wasn’t so sore god how I’d love to have you in me too. Richard said I could always kiss it and make it feel better.

I smiled and said. Now that sounds really good. Ok you two hang on I said. I rolled on my side and guided Joshua back into my waiting butt hole. I wrapped my arm under my knee and pulled my leg towards my breast. I smiled and grabbed my pillow and lay my head on it and said. There you go Richard I’m ready for you to kiss my pussy and make it feel all better.

You’re such a retard mom Richard laughed. I laughed back and said. Maybe so but you love me anyway. Yes I do he said. I moaned out loudly when I felt Richards warm wet tongue lovingly exploring the soft wet silky folds of my aching cunt. My pussy quivered and poured hot wet juices into Richards mouth.

My shit hole clenched and grasped at Joshua’s cock as it slowly and deeply snaked it’s way into my bowels. Richards wet hot tongue flicking over my clit as his finger slid into my pussy soon had me moaning out in exquisite pleasure. Oh god you two, oh yes, uh huh, oh god oh god oh , oh yes I cried out as I felt my vagina quiver and spasm with tiny little orgasms.

I tensed and cried out as one huge intense orgasm washed over me. I screamed out yes, yes, oh my god, oh yes, oh god yes. Then I felt Joshua began to pound into my pink pooper I shivered and screamed out yes, yes, that’s it Joshua do it uh huh yes Josh that’s it fill my tight little asshole with your burning hot cum.

Josh was grunting and groaning and fucking my asshole with lightning fast deep penetrating strokes. He pulled me over on top of him and pounded up into me. Both of us were screaming and moaning in orgasmic insanity. I fell back on Joshua. My mouth wide open as I slammed myself down onto his rock hard throbbing fat cock.

The mixture of pleasure and pain had me whimpering over and over as Josh slammed and hammered his thick hard cock deeper and deeper into me. I threw my head back and screamed out as yet another orgasm cascaded like a waterfall down over me. Yes. Yes, oh god Josh yes do it Josh cum in my ass, yes Josh hurry oh god I need you to cum in me so bad. Hurry Josh oh god please cum in me. Cum in me now Josh cum in me right now I screamed out.

Stars and bright lights exploded as I felt the first hot blasting gob of Josh’s molten fiery sperm blast into me. I shook and trembled as I felt Josh’s cock swell and wildly throb as what felt like gallons of burning hot sperm filled my dark bowels with creamy hot sperm.

Our screams filled the room and echoed off the walls. Two humans turned into wild lusty a****ls as we came together in sweet release. I lay there on my back resting on Josh smiling as I felt his thick sperm leaking out of me. His rock hard cock finally going soft and making a wet plopping noise as it slipped out of me.

Richard lay beside me and I laid my head on his chest. Slowly getting my breath back. I rolled on my tummy and looked up into Richards face. A wave of emotion overcame me. I want you Richard. I want you in me now. I said. We rolled together our lips meeting. My legs spreading as I felt his big cock slide easily into my sopping wet pussy.

Mm I smiled up and said. That’s where you belong my darling boy, that’s right where mommy needs you right now. Richard looked down at me and said. I love you so much mom as he twisted his hips and sank his thick fat cock into me. My mouth opened and long sweet moans poured over my lips as I closed my eyes to the sexual pleasure of my son’s cock.

The boys continued to surprise me. Joshua said roll her over man, let her get on top of you. I moaned in anticipation of what might come. As I started to get up to straddle Richard Joshua gently pushed me forward. He said no. lay on top of him.

Oh god no I thought I can’t take both of them at once again. I felt Joshua kissing the back of my neck his quiet whispers of relax made me loosen up. I concentrated on Richards big fat cock slowly moving in and out of my squishy wet pussy.

A sudden OH followed by a moaning Ah came from me as I felt the warm wet tip of Joshua’s tongue probing my butt hole. Oh god josh I slowly moaned mm that feels so very , very good. His strong hands held me open as his tongue continued to softly and wetly explore my anal passage.

A million shivers of delight ran up and down my spine as I squeezed down and milked Richards hard long fat cock as he moved his hips side to side. The head of his cock pushing along my vaginal walls eliciting long deep moans of pleasure from my throat.
We were grinding into each other with slow little circles of our hips. I love you so much Richard I whispered as I moaned out as I slid along his long thick cock.

Joshua was literally fucking me with the tip of his tongue. My hips pushing back to allow him greater access to my pink little hole. Ooh’s and Ahh’s and long moaning sighs met the tip of his tongue. Joshua began to make circles in and around my tight damp shit hole.

I bit down on Richards shoulder and sighed out oh god yes, it’s so good, I looked over my shoulder and said. Don’t stop Joshua please don’t stop. Your tongue feels so good in my butt hole. Oh god it does it feels so good. Oh god you two, the things you do to me.

That’s because we love you Josh whispered in my ear as I felt him position himself over me. I closed my eyes and sighed out oh god I just don’t know about this I said when I felt his cock pressing into my anus. He nipped at my ear and said you can do it. Do you want me to stop? He asked? I took a deep breath and slowly shook my head. Just be careful and go real slow.

A low whining whimpering moan started deep in my throat and poured over my lips as I felt Josh’s cock slowly entering me. Richard held his cock buried deep in my sopping wet cunt. He reached back and held my butt cheeks open as Joshua pressed further and further into my tight little asshole. Oh god Richard I whispered as I bit down on his shoulder.

You ok mom Richard asked? Oh god honey your mothers fine, just fine, in fact I never felt better I answered back. Oh my god I moaned out louder and louder as they began to find a rhythm of fluid motion as they moved in and out of me. Yes, yes, oh my god yes, I can’t believe I have both of you in me. Oh my god I’ve never felt anything like this before.
Oh god, oh god, oh my god oh shit oh yes oh god I groaned out I’m coming oh god you two are making me cum. Oh god yes I’m coming uh huh oh god yes. A long hissing yes burst out of my mouth as a string of blinding orgasms shot through my body sending tremors and shivers up my spine.

My orgasm only seemed to spur them on as they began to pound into me. Bolts of pain ricocheted into my brain as they hammered my pussy and asshole with their over sized cocks. A pain that blended into pleasure until I felt light headed, dizzy with sexual bliss.

Sweat poured down into my face, my hair a tangled wet mess. My throat dry and parched from the continuous moans caused by the unending hammering my dripping wet cunt and dark moist asshole was taking from the two boys. I could only scream and whimper as they pummeled into me with deep fast strokes that at times took my breath away.

I lay there delirious in pleasure. Aware only of the two hard thick throbbing cocks ripping into my body. Oh god, oh god, oh god I moaned out over and over. Long whimpering loud sighs of Fuck me, oh god yes fuck me oh fuck me, oh yes, yes fuck me, oh god fuck my cunt, fuck my shit hole, yes , yes I screamed out in an endless stream of moans.

Richard was the first to go rigid as his cock swelled and throbbed inside my sloppy wet pussy. Fuck, fuck , fuck he chanted as he drove his cock into me. Joshua soon followed as I felt his cock swell and balloon with bl**d stretching my asshole even further open. Josh grunted and slammed his cock into me as his balls began to boil with his hot thick sperm.

I wailed and screamed out fuck me, fuck me, oh god you two fuck me, fuck me so hard uh huh , yes, yes oh god give it to me, oh yes , yes cum in me, uh huh oh god yes cum in me, fill me with your scalding hot cum. Their cocks swelled and burst filling me until I could feel their sperm leaking out of me.

That’s what sent me tumbling into a sexual vortex that sucked me into a world of pure pleasure where I felt myself exploding into a million fragments of orgasmic cosmic particles. When the fragments settled back down onto the bed I opened my eyes. The boys cocks were still firmly planted deep inside me.

I let out a long deep sigh and shook my head. I started to laugh and couldn’t stop. I lay there pinned by two hard cocks that seemed to never go soft. Oh god you two, you can’t be serious. Those things cannot still be hard…can they? I asked and cracked up.

My answer came in the form of my own deep moan as I felt them slowly begin moving in and out of me. Wet sloppy noises came from my cum filled asshole and soaking wet cunt as they began to gently fuck me. My whole pubic region was soaked in a puddle of sexual fluids.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and let out breathing sighs of pleasure. My pussy was so wet that Richards cock slid easily into me so I only felt the pleasure of his fat thick cock as the silky soft folds of my pussy yielded to his cock as he fucked me.

Joshua’s cock felt no resistance as my asshole was a gaping wide open hole. It was well lubricated by the numerous loads of sperm he had already deposited in me. I felt no pain, only the pleasure of having two cocks stuffing me so full as we settled into a graceful rhythmic motion into the night….Until next time…Mrs.X
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3 years ago
5 stars i would like to rate ur stories 1000000 star if it is possible keep the great work :D
3 years ago
That was wonderful and the tenderness of anal is great
3 years ago
I need the next installment :)
3 years ago
This should be required reading for anal sex.
Very hot.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Can I be your son too, then you have one for all occasions!!!!!
Also I get to make love to the most beautiful woman in the world who is my mom too.
3 years ago
That was unbelievable. I'm heading to bed soon and I know that my dreams will be peaceful. Thanx for sharing this vivd and detailed story. I'd have given you more than 5 stars if I could have.