Beach House Part II

After we all piled on the bed. I made it clear I was getting some sl**p. I kissed the boys and got under the covers and said snuggle with me and before I knew it was in dreamland. I woke up sweating and had thrown the covers off of me in my sl**p. We had forgotten to turn down the thermostat.

Every light in the beach house was on, I walked through the house turning off switches and feeling really good about the day. I turned on the faucet and was so relieved when a spray of hot water came out. I opened the shutters and smiled at the morning sunshine.

I checked on the boys and had to hold my hand over my mouth to quiet a giggle as I walked out of the room. Each had a very hard and very stiff penis sticking up. I looked back and mentally kicked myself and said Anna, get in the shower for god’s sake.

I stood there letting the hot water wash away the physical events of the night. I carefully went over in my mind the sexual things that took place between Richard and I. As much as I’d liked to have blamed the “ d***k factor “ and the ‘ staying warm factor “ there was little I could do but face the fact I let my son have sex with me.

What was I thinking when I let them talk me into that silly game of “ Chicken “ . My mind flashed back to my words “ I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t d***k. “ Well yes having a few drinks did have a role in it. In the end though I could have stopped it if I really wanted to.

I closed my eyes and looked back in my mind as I watched Joshua’s hand moving up my leg, I shivered in embarrassment when I felt my own hand brush my pussy lips. I shook my head and thought I need to stop thinking like this and just shower. I was shaving my underarms when I heard a voice go woo who. I giggled and said get out of here.

Well I would mom but it’s the only toilet in the house. I stepped out of the shower and said um Richard we need to talk. I glanced down at the sizable cock that was getting harder and harder as I spoke. I looked up and a surprised look crossed my face. In a shaky voice I said Richard. Richard said I can’t help it mom.

Well take your shower then we’ll talk. He said ok and got under the water. I was tidying up and brushing my hair when I heard him say hey mom, wash my back. Sure I said. He stood there facing me his hard cock bobbing up and down in the air. Oh please I said , turn around this minute Richard.

As I washed his back my mind kept wondering about what was going on in front of him. I could see his arm moving. I turned him around and whispered what in the heck are doing? Then stopped as I realized he was just washing himself.

Richard threw his head back and said oh god mom you thought I was jerking it?. I said no, no I did not. I didn’t sound to convincing though. Richard hugged me to him the water poured over us both. He said look mom, it happened. I’m not going to make this into some evil thing, because it wasn’t. I love you mom.

Oh god Richard I sobbed as I held him tight to me. Honey look I said it shouldn’t have happened, but it did mom Richard said and it was the greatest most loving thing to ever happen to me. I held his face and searched his eyes. You really believe that Richard? Yes mom I really do. My heart ached with joy.

I said we still have to talk about this more though I said. Richard said mom, seriously. What’s there to talk about? I silently moaned and backed away when I realized his throbbing hard cock was firmly planted into my tummy.
Huh Richard went. Is that it mom are you afraid it’s going to happen again? I stood there staring at his very hard veined wet cock. I looked at him and bit my lip and stammered out no, no, tha…that’s not it at all.

I didn’t know if he was holding me close to him in a hug on purpose but there was that huge cock of his poking me again. I love you mom Richard said and kissed me. I was startled when I felt his warm tongue pushing into my mouth.

My lips parted and our tongues wetly entangled. My knees felt weak and I felt a gushing flow of newly aroused juices making my pussy moist and ready for penetration. Oh Richard I love you so, but is this right Richard?

Yes he said as I felt his finger slide into me and explore the inner walls of my dripping wet cunt. Oh my beautiful darling boy your mother loves you more than life itself. I stepped back and went down on my knees. I took Richards thick hard cock in my hand.

I stared up into his eyes as I took the head of his fat cock into my mouth and pumped his wet shaft as my tongue danced over and around the soft silky head of his large cock. I spread my legs further as my fingers lightly waltzed over my sensitive swollen clitoris.

Mom , mom I heard Richard say as his legs trembled and I felt his body tighten up. My hand vigorously pumped his throbbing hard shaft as I sucked the head of his cock in and out of the slurping vacuum my lips created as I wrapped them around his swollen cock.

I felt his cock jump and buck then gobs of his hot sweet sperm began to fill my mouth as I feverishly sucked at the head of his massive cock like a woman dying of thirst and his hot sperm was like a fountain of cold refreshing water.

I moaned deep in my throat as I felt his hot cum flooding my mouth and running down into my waiting tummy. I looked up at him and said does that thing ever go soft. As I pushed him back on the edge of the toilet and straddled him and guided his cock into me.

I leaned forward and bit into his shoulder and shuddered as his thick cock worked it’s way into my scalding hot tight pussy. Mm Richard I teased as I bit his ear and whispered oh my god Richard that thing is huge.

When I had him completely in me I looked at him and smiled and said I could so get used to that big fat thing of yours in my pussy. I began to raise myself up and ease back down onto his thick hard cock. My vaginal sheath tightly holding his cock as it slid in and out of me.

Soon my pussy was transformed into a hot wet dripping creamy hole as Richard held my butt cheeks and began to pound his cock up into me. Oh god Richard I moaned out uh huh oh god yes my loving boy that’s it give it to mommy uh huh fuck mommy’s tight wet cunt with your big huge cock.

Oh god I grit my teeth and held on to him as his fat thick cock pounded my pussy into a series of stabbing bites of pain that sent me into a long moaning wailing orgasm that echoed off the bathroom walls. Yes , yes, oh god yes, oh god Richard oh my god you’re so big. You feel so good in mommies tight little cunt.

Oh god I screamed out as I threw my head back as rocketing bolting shivers of pleasure shot up and down my spine. Orgasm after orgasm radiated out from my sopping wet pussy until a final gut wrenching orgasm made me fall forward on Richards chest.
Richard stood up keeping his hard thick cock buried to the root in my quivering spastic cunt. I held on tightly. Surprised and a little amazed at the strength of the powerful stabbing strokes he pounded my slippery wet pussy with.

His breathing was deep and hard, his chest heaving. I took his face in my hands and moaned out oh god my baby darling boy that’s it darling, oh god yes fuck your mother, fuck her hot wet cunt. Fuck her hard and fast. Just like that my darling baby boy.

Cum for mommy, cum for mommy Richard, cum in mommy’s pussy my darling son. Yes , yes, oh god yes Richard uh huh I screamed out when I felt his thick cock balloon and swell inside me and his grunts and groans combined with mine as we screamed our way through our simultaneous orgasms.

He carried us back into the shower both of us sliding to the floor me still on top of him as I felt his thick hard cock going soft and wetly slipping out of me. What felt like gallons of sperm poured out of my wide open cunt. I smiled and said, mm I think mommy won that one. It finally went soft.

We sat there both smiling, both knowing this was a magical moment shared between a mother and her son.

The story should end there, as it’s the perfect ending, but in reality it’s the perfect beginning of our long and passionate love making that we shared over the years…

We both heard Joshua laughing over the down pouring of water that had since turned cold, but we were both impervious to it. I stood up on shaky legs and said how long you been standing there. He glanced down, my eyes following. I cracked up laughing oh god I said, by the looks of that thing long enough I laughed.

He jokingly said my turn? I turned and swished my hips and said as soon as you get cleaned up. Great he mumbled the waters fricking cold. I stopped and shocked myself when I put my hand over my pussy and said. This isn’t cold. It’s nice and wet and very hot. Oh god he rolled his eyes.

I said I’m worth it and walked out of the bathroom. Richard came out and said you’re suddenly in a much better mood mom. Yes I am Richard, you’re right you know, what we did, is done, no lightning bolts came down and zapped us. I walked up to him and said. You’re also right about it being so tender and loving.

I smiled and said. Even if you did get a little rough. He started to say something and I put my finger on his lips. I took his hands in mine and said. If ever you hurt me, sexually I mean, I’ll let you know. So you were saying? He shook his head and hugged me and said. I was saying you’re the best mom in the whole world. Our lips tenderly met in a soft kiss.

My own words and actions were shocking to me to say in the least. I thought of Richard’s big hard cock and knew I wanted more. A picture of Joshua’s fat hard cock flashed through my mind and I smiled and said yup I want some more of that too.

Joshua came walking out of the bathroom with his towel hanging from his cock. I never laughed so hard in my life. I said calm down, we need to see what items we’re going to need. I opened the fridge and mentally ticked off the items we needed. Richard? You feel like braving the daylight and bringing back a list of what I write down.

He screwed up his face and I said. Look here mister this was your idea now you’re going up to the house to get what we need. Hey Joshua said. That means were staying another night? Maybe I said with an impish devilish smile.

I made a pot of coffee and sat on the couch with my legs curled under my butt. Joshua poured himself a cup and sat down next to me. Richard came over and I pulled him to me and said hey you know what? I was watching you in your sl**p. You look a lot like your grandpa, from my side. He said really? With a huge grin. I kind of thought I did. Yes you do Richard. Now go get us our provisions.

Oh I’d say bring me a change of clothes but, I’m not sure we’re going to be wearing much. That brought the grin to his face I was looking for. He laughed and said. Oh mom and ducked out the door.

No sooner had he gone. Joshua turned to me and said want to play that whistle game? I smiled and shook my head, but shrugged my shoulders and said why not. There’s not much to eat around here until Richard get’s back. Joshua smiled and said there’s plenty to eat. He looked at my crotch as he said it and I laughed.

Josh said hey you need to lay back on the arm of the couch and face me to play though. With your legs spread he added. I smiled and said ok. I grabbed a throw and put it over my legs as I lay back. I spread my legs but kept the blanket over them. There I said I’m ready. Josh laughed and said so I can still see your tits.

I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. He reached underneath the blanket. I felt his hand on my ankle. Let’s start from there he said. I smiled to myself and thought if you only knew just how gushing wet my pussy is right now. Josh made more of a game of it today.

He’d move his hand an inch and look at me and raise his eyebrows. I only gave him a shrugging look. When his hand was about mid thigh I could feel my pussy juices trickling out and seeping down onto my butt hole. When he was close enough to feel the warmth of my pussy I whistled.

He looked up at me with a look of confusion. I said let’s play a different version, in fact you may like this one even better. I pulled the throw blanket off me. Immediately I took in the scent of my aroused and hot pussy.

I lay more in a lounging position and spread my legs even wider. I looked at Joshua and said now in this version you start with your lips and tongue on my ankle. When I whistle you have to stop. This time there was no question in my mind. I was not going to whistle or even think of whistling for that matter.

He lay down and said oh yeah I like this game better. Remember when I whistle you have to stop I said. I saw the doubt in his eyes, and laughed to myself, now he wasn’t sure if I’d stop him this time either. Anna I thought, you’re so evil, and went uh huh to myself.

I had Goosebumps on my skin. I felt sweet shivers as Josh’s warm wet tongue licked and paused and nipped at my soft skin as his wet mouth got closer and closer to my hot syrupy enflamed pussy.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and let out soft quiet moans as he inched closer and closer to his waiting prize. His breathing quickened with each soft wet lick of his tongue. The scent of my dripping wet pussy filled his nostrils. I heard him moan when he was just millimeters away from my hot fragrant vagina.

I softly whistled. Joshua’s head shot up, his eyes wide open. No , no you can’t whistle now. He said in an anguished voice. I smiled and said. But Joshua that’s the way to play the game. I whistle and you stop. You’re messing around right? I am I asked him?
I stood up and began walking away. I stopped and poured myself a glass of wine.

Joshua I said. Are you going to sit there looking like a sad puppy dog or are you going to come finish the game. With that I walked into the bedroom and fluffed some pillows up and lay back. My head propped up and my legs spread in an open invitation.

I looked over the rim of my wine glass at his huge grinning face. I reached down and patted the bed between my legs. I raised my eyebrows in a questioning look as he stood there mesmerized as my finger slowly slid between my wet shining pussy lips.

I looked him over and decided that it was his small boyish frame that made his cock look so big. Then I giggled and told myself , no Anna his cock is that big. Come Josh I said, come play with me.

That broke the spell and he quickly got on the bed his head diving between my legs. I stopped him and went ah, ah. you have to start at my ankle, or did you forget the rules already? Mm no he said. He once again started at my ankles, only this time I knew I wouldn’t stop him for nothing in the world.

I dribbled a little wine down onto me and moaned out at as the cold wine mingled with my hot flowing pussy juices. As josh neared my pussy he put his hands on my thighs opening me even more. His hot breath made me shiver and when his warm wet mouth came into contact with my burning hot cunt I sucked in my breath and moaned out long and slow.

I sat my wine down and lay back and languished in Joshua’s timid and sometimes rough oral skills. A pleasing mixture of his inexperience, but his enthusiasm was immense. I reached down and held myself open. I gently nudged his head and said. Put your tongue in me Joshua.

Oh god yes I hissed that’s it, just like that. Make it pointy Josh, make your tongue pointy and pretend it’s a little penis and put it in and out of me. Uh huh I moaned yes Josh uh huh yes I moaned out. See where my finger is? I had it on my clit. I said put your tongue there Joshua. Make butterfly strokes. Oh god I moaned when his tongue began to flick softly and quickly over my clit.

Kiss and lick all of my pussy Josh. Not just in me or on my clit but all around it. Suck on my pussy lips gentle and softly. Yes I hissed and moaned in response to his tongue oh god Joshua, yes oh god yes. Mm your tongue’s so warm and wet on my pussy. Your doing just fine I assured him.

I felt an orgasm begin to stir deep inside me when Joshua’s tongue probed into my hot wet pussy hole. I whispered finger me Joshua, finger fuck my pussy and do the butterfly thing with your tongue on my clit. Ah yes I moaned out as my hips rose up and I held his face pressed to my dripping wet cunt.

Yes , oh god Joshua yes , yes faster uh huh oh don’t stop Joshua no, no do what you were doing. Do it again. My hips were gyrating and rolling as a violent exploding orgasm ripped through me.

Come here Joshua uh huh yes just like that, oh god yes I moaned out as his thick cock pushed it’s way into my quivering orgasm riddled pussy. Tiny electric shocks of pleasure made my cry out as Joshua’s hard throbbing cock brushed my cervix when he buried himself in me.

I spread my legs wider allowing him deeper access to my sopping wet cunt. I clawed at and frantically grabbed his firm muscled butt and tried to pull him even deeper into me as I felt my pussy bursting into another orgasm that had me screaming out over and over. Yes, yes, oh god yes Joshua oh god you feel so good in my pussy.

Yes I whimpered as he pounded my soft yielding pussy with his thick hard throbbing young cock. Oh god oh god I moaned out. Yes , oh god yes fuck me Joshua uh huh fuck me, oh god yes fuck me, uh huh fuck my pussy. Oh Joshua you feel so good in me, your cocks so big and hard. Uh huh yes, yes I moaned out that’s it oh yes, uh huh just like that.

I reached up and held my breast as they jiggled with each hard deep thrust he made into my hot wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around Joshua and whimpered and moaned as he pounded and pulverized my sloppy wet cunt.

Joshua’s hips went into overdrive as he mercilessly hammered my cunt into a spastic quivering wet sheath of pleasure for his bl**d engorged cock. Oh my god I screamed out when I felt his cock swell and wildly throb as hot molten strings of sperm shot out of his cock coating my pussy with spurt after spurt of burning hot cock crème.

Yes I screamed out as my pussy gripped and clutched at his hard cock in orgasmic delight when I felt his hot sperm filling my pussy and squirting noisily out around his hard thrusting cock. Yes Joshua oh god yes, that’s it uh huh yes , yes come in me Joshua fill my pussy with your burning hot sperm.

Oh god Joshua I screamed out as I had a violent orgasm around his big hard shooting cock. Oh god yes, oh my god I’m coming I’m coming so hard oh god yes fuck me, uh huh fuck me with your big hard cock you’re making me come I screamed out as my head thrashed from side to side as I was gripped in the wild orgasmic pleasure of a very long intense mind shattering orgasm.

Joshua fell off to the side of me and quickly threw his leg over me. He surprised me with the gentle and tender yet passionate way he kissed me. My lips parted as his tongue explored my mouth. Our tongues meeting and dancing sensually. I could taste myself on his lips and groaned out thinking of the way he had just fucked me.

His lips slid down and engulfed my nipples. They hardened instantly as he suckled and gently nipped at them. His finger searching out and finding my sensitive clit. Mm I quietly moaned as my hand blindly reached out and found his hard cock. A slow smile touched my lips as he rolled on top of me and gently entered me.

He kissed my lips and whispered I’ll go real slow this time. I smiled up at him and whispered back uh huh take your time Joshua we have all night still. My hips began to gyrate slowly as Joshua fucked me with slow twisting grinding movements that had my pussy once again churning and dripping wet as our mixed juices ran out of my pussy and down onto my butt hole.

I felt the bed shift and looked over at Richard who had gotten on the bed with us. I shyly smiled at him. Then quickly remembered our talk earlier. I reached out and brushed his hair with my fingers and smiled up at him. He said god, your so beautiful mom. I blushed deep red and fought back tears at his words.

This time without hesitation I grinned and said bring me that thing so mommy can suck it for her sweet baby boy. You two take it easy and make soft sweet love to me this time I said. I held Richards thick cock. I moaned in anticipation of having it in my mouth again.

Richard said mom, it’s ok. You and Josh finish. I said , are you sure Richard ? Yeah I’m sure mom. You look so beautiful right now, besides he added this is like having my own porn show. Josh said . Dude you’re going to whack it to me and your mom fucking? That’s too hot.

Joshua twisted his hips and ground himself into me. Oh I moaned out yes Joshua that’s so good, uh huh slow and gentle. I glanced over at Richard he had his fist wrapped around his fat hard cock slowly pumping it up and down. An immense thrill rushed through me and my pussy gushed at the thought of being so closely watched. By my own son I thought.

A devilish decadent shiver raced through my body and exploded in my sensitive clitoris flooding my pussy with dripping hot juices when I realized I was now moaning for the benefit of both my own son who sat inches away from me and for his friend as he pounded my delirious pussy with his steel hard fat cock.

That sent me over the edge and I whispered so both boys would hear me as I encouraged Joshua to fuck my pussy, to fuck me real slow. Yes Joshua fuck me with your hard young cock, uh huh oh god yes Joshua I moaned as I reached up and grabbed my breast and slowly massaged them as quiet little whimpers escaped my lips.

I pinched my nipples and pulled them up and arched my back and sighed out as Josh’s fat cock began to hit my cervix in an irregular pattern as he would grind his cock deep inside my tight wet pussy making sweeping circles that sc****d and brushed my cervix with his fat cock head.

Oh god yes Joshua mm god your so deep in me I moaned and moaned and bit his earlobe. You make me feel so good. I love your cock in me, uh huh Josh that’s it, uh huh fuck me slow, fuck my pussy with your big hard cock. Uh huh fuck it real slow just like that. Oh Josh you’re going to make me come. Oh god you’re going to make my pussy come again.

Joshua put his arms behind my knees and grunted out as he bent me in two and began to pound my pussy again with fierce hard relentless strokes. My head was flying side to side as I gripped down on the sheets and literally screamed out in wild sexual a****l abandonment for him to fuck me, to fuck me so hard and fast until he split my pussy in two.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over me until I was reduced to a sweaty sexual creature of wanton lust. My breath came in great rasping gulps of air as Joshua pounded and drilled his thick young cock into me. I looked up at him and screamed come in me Joshua hurry oh god I can’t take it no more please come, please come in my pussy.

Yes he hissed as his hips drove his cock deeper and deeper into me. Oh yeah fuck, oh shit, yeah I’m busting oh fuck he screamed out as I felt what I needed to send me one last time over into sexual bliss. When I felt his hot gobs of sperm violently shooting into me. I screamed out as an exploding orgasm like many shooting stars exploded before my eyes’

Mm I quietly whispered into his ear that was amazing Josh. Thank you so much. No he grinned down thank you. I smiled as I felt his cock slowly deflating and sliding out of my gooey cum filled cunt. I looked over at Richard who was furiously pumping his hard thick cock. I said Richard and he looked at me.

I said let mommy help you with that part at least. Come in mommy’s mouth baby. Let me suck you until your hot gooey sperm pours down mommy’s throat. He grinned like the Cheshire cat as I took the head of his hard throbbing cock in my mouth. I sucked and teased the head of his cock as his hand flew up and down the thick shaft of it.

He grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. I felt his thick fat cock slide down my throat as I heard Richard roar and grunt as spurts of hot thick sperm ran down my throat into my tummy.

I fell back and said come here you two. Lay with me and kiss me all over. I smiled happily and said. Oh how I could get so used to this. Why shouldn’t you mom Richard said. We could come down here a lot you know, that is if you want to. Oh honey I want to but…But what Richard said.

Josh you wouldn’t ever tell anyone would you? I heard Richard say. Holy shit no dude are you tripping? Replied Joshua. I don’t know about this I said. Even if I did this? Asked Richard as he began licking and pushing his tongue up inside my cum filled pussy. Oh god Richard you’d better stop I moaned out.

I pushed his head away and said. That you may do later but for now I need another shower and I seriously need something to eat and get out of this bed before you two fuck me to death. I bent over and kissed them both. They pulled me down back between them. Their cocks sticking up and waving back and forth.

I shook my head and laughed and said. Later you two. For now I need a break I said as I got up from the bed. You promise right mom, right that we can get some more, Richards voice trailed off. I said. Pussy? Is that it Richard? Ok I promise you two can have some more pussy, after we eat and rest up.

They ran up and hugged me. I shivered as I felt one throbbing hard cock pushing into my tummy and another into my back. I laughed as I felt hands on my breast and kisses on the back of my neck. You two are terrible I laughed out. Wiggling and twisting away. I shouted oh no, oh no as Richard picked me up and laid me on the bed.

No, no, a long oh god no came out in a breathless sigh as I closed my eyes and spread my legs open as I felt Richard’s thick fat cock tunneling into my sloppy wet cum filled cunt. I looked up at him and shook my head and kissed him. He said. Well you did promise mom.

I smiled and said yeah after we got something to eat. I reached up and held his face in my hands. I said. Kiss your mother Richard, then make love to her my darling boy. Yes Richard I whispered as I nipped at his neck and gently raked my nails down his back. Make love to mommy my darling.

I closed my eyes and quiet whispering moans escaped my lips as Richard’s cock found the deepest nether regions of my until then untouched pussy. I just couldn’t help myself as I whispered and moaned out oh Richard your cock is more than any man has ever given mommy.

It touches me in such deep places. Hold mommy baby, hold her tight uh huh. I tightly closed my eyes as a deep rocking orgasm engulfed me. Oh god yes, I whimpered and moaned out, uh huh yes Richard uh huh go slow baby. Let mommy feel you so deep in her pussy.

Oh god Richard how I love you so. Our lips were locked in a passionate kiss as my quivering cunt had unending mini orgasms. I love you too mom Richard whispered in my ear. This feels so good so right it’s not wrong at all mom. I know baby I answered back. Your cock fits so perfect in mommy. It makes mommy feel so good.

Our tongues wetly explored and danced together as our hips moved in perfect unison. Oh god Richard I want you to make love to mommy all night long. Oh my darling feel my pussy baby, feel how hot and wet your big fat cock makes it. Uh huh I quietly moaned. Yes baby uh huh fuck my pussy Richard. Make love to me my darling boy.

My voice came in quiet intimate whispers. My moans of pleasure only for my sweet darling boy as he softly and gently made love to me. Yes, that’s it Richard uh huh oh god yes you make love to mommy so good. You make mommy’s pussy ache for you. Oh god darling feel mommy’s pussy quivering around your big fat cock. You’re making mommy cum again.

Mommy can’t stop I whispered. You make me cum and cum over and over with your sweet hard cock. I felt Richard’s cock swell even bigger than I thought possible as he held me tight and buried his face into the pillow. Oh uh oh mom oh god mom , mom. Yes my baby, it’s ok do it Richard cum in mommy’s pussy.

Oh god yes Richard it’s so hot. Oh god Richard I let out a sighing moan as my pussy exploded in orgasm as I felt Richards balls crushed against my pussy as his cock emptied it’s sperm into places no man had ever came inside of me before.

We lay there slowly breathing. The sounds of our wet kisses and the wet sucking sound of his cock gently moving in and out of my pussy filled the room. Our quiet mummers were lost in gentle whispers. I smiled up at Richard and said I’ll never feel bad about what we’re doing again that’s my promise to you my son.

Richard’s gentle smile creased his lips and I saw myself in his face as he said and I promise to never feel bad either mom. You’re my mother and I love you like nothing in this world. That’s my promise to you. Hot tears rolled out of the corners of my eyes. Richard gently kissed them away and said don’t cry mom.

As he rolled off of me I rolled with him and snuggled up and within minutes I was fast asl**p…Until next time…Mrs. X…Part three to soon follow ( Josh fucks me in my ass )

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3 years ago
its just simply amazing
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
4 years ago
ahhh, these stories have beendriving me crazy for two days
4 years ago
Fantastic story Anna. I just found your page a few days ago. Great place to spend time.
4 years ago
Another absolutely incredible story!!! You have a great way of making the reader feel like they are actually there (oh how I wish!!)
4 years ago
wow Anna, That was the best story I've read in years!!! thanks
4 years ago
Anna, another excellent chapter in Mrs X's life. After chapter III, you should submit all three as a manuscript to someone. It would make a great movie. I love the way you let the reader know what occurred in Ch 1 without actually telling them what you were doing. That way this story could stand on it's own or be a continuation. Thanks, again
4 years ago
Anna the way you write it is as if I was there.
Shame I wasn't.
But the images you put in my mind are so intense it is better than a 3d film.
The sexual tension the graphic detail is spot on.
4 years ago
thank you, your words are always so encouraging
4 years ago
Anna, You hit my niche on this one big time. The discription is so vivid. I can visualize you in all the different position. I can't wait for the next installment. Thanx for sharing. I gave you 5*****