The Morning After

The Morning After

The pleasure of Josh’s hot wet tongue on my swollen clit as Richard’s cock slowly moved in and out of me sent waves of pleasure racing up and down my spine. I love having two cocks fucking me at once. It gets distracting though as you try to please the one orally with your mouth while your pussy is being stuffed full of hot juicy young cock.

It’s hard to do though when you have a big long fat cock slowly snaking it’s way in and out of your dripping wet pussy. Your mouth comes open and you moan and moan and push back trying to get every inch inside you.

I held Josh’s hard cock in my hand and pumped up and down on it swirling my tongue over the head of it. I kept my mouth open and flicked out my tongue and then I’d wrapped my lips around his cock allowing him to face fuck me.

Richard began to really pound his cock into my sloppy wet cunt and grabbed me and took me doggy style. I gripped the sheets and bit the pillow as his long thick cock plunged over and over into my willing wet pussy. Tiny jolts of pain radiated out from my cervix whenever his long cock would slam into it.

My moans came in short loud sighs as Richard’s cock took my breath away each time it hit the bottom of my cum filled cunt. I was once again screaming out in orgasmic bliss. Yes, yes, oh god yes Richard oh fuck yes uh huh that’s it baby that’s the way to fuck mommies pussy. Oh god Richard oh god you’re so big. Your cock feels so good in mommies tight little pussy.

Fuck mommy Richard uh huh fuck mommies pussy my darling baby boy. Yes Richard give it to me, fuck mommy’s hot wet cunt with your big huge cock. Oh god mom oh god I feel it coming mom yeah oh shit yeah I feel it oh god mom I’m going to bust. Richard grabbed my hips and furiously slammed his cock in and out of my spastic cunt.

Our loud groans and moans now mingled in the room as we both worked towards the release our bodies demanded. No they needed! Sweat poured down my face as I felt a fine sheen of sweat cover my body as Richard sawed his long fat cock in and out of my orgasmic cunt.

Richards hips slammed into me like a well oiled machine as I clawed and clawed at the sheets as scream after scream resonated through out the room as his hard young cock moved like a piston into my orgasmic cunt until I was reduced into nothing more than a creature of wanton lust.

I looked over my shoulder into the eyes of my own son, my own flesh and bl**d. His face contorted in sexual pleasure as he held me fast by the hips. His chest heaving as he pounded my pussy with fast determined strokes. He was on the brink of cuming. I saw the thick cords of his neck stand out.

Yes, uh huh that’s it Richard do it honey yes that’s it that’s what mommy wants. Oh god how I want your scalding hot sperm to fill my pussy yes oh god yes baby uh huh fuck mommies pussy baby fuck it hard, fuck it real, real fast until you spray mommies cunt with your searing hot sperm.

Yes mom Richard grunted and groaned oh mom oh god I’m busting. Oh shit oh mom oh mom his voice raised an octave as I felt his cock swelling and wildly pulsing as gob after gob of his hot burning sperm painted the walls of my spasm rocked cunt.

A third orgasm swept over me and radiated out in a heat wave spreading up into my tummy I hung my head down as I thrashed my head wildly from side to side as Richard emptied his young hot stringy sperm deep inside my already cum filled cunt.

When he pulled his hard cock out of me I felt an empty void where it hard been. Our mixed fluids of pleasure ran out of my pussy and trickled onto my butt hole I sighed out, oh god I need a shower so bad.

Joshua was on his knees between my legs watching as my pussy opened and closed forcing the loads of their cocks out of me. Richard said that would be fine mom but the power is still out, oh god I groaned.

Well power or no I’m a sweaty mess and it feels like it’s one hundred plus degrees in here.
Richard reappeared with a drink for me and two beers. I looked at him, but held my thoughts about the beers as the two boys sipped at the bottles.

I lay back and threw my arm over my eyes enjoying the after glow of such an intense extreme sexual experience. My thoughts turned to Richard and what had happened between us. My mind fought back and forth. I could have stopped everything. Why didn’t I ? Was the question that loomed over me.

My thoughts were interrupted by someone’s soft wet lips encircling my nipples as his tongue trailed from one hard crinkled nipple to the next. Taking little nibbling bites as it traversed between my breast. I let out very soft low moans. I kept my arm over my eyes protected by the dark.

Soon my lover was gently kissing my lips while twisting and pulling at my aching nipples. His tongue would dart out and lick my lower lip. Then rain kisses down on my whole face.
I squirmed and rolled side to side. His finger found my bl**d swollen clit and slid further down in between my sopping wet pussy lips.

He dipped his fingers into my vagina and gathered the mixed fluids and rubbed them slowly and lightly over my clitoris. Oh’s and ahs in gentle whispers could be heard deep in my throat as I sighed in heightened pleasure. I slowly massaged the soft mounds of my heaving breast. My fingers pausing and pinching my nipples softly then hard until I bit my lip and raised my hips.

My wet excited cunt was quivering and the tell tale deep twitching beginning at my butt hole up to my pussy lips was markedly visible. I brought my feet together and let my knees fall open as I offered my dripping wet pussy to my lover.

I felt him position himself over me then I felt the hot silky smooth tip of his thick cock seeking out and finding my waiting wet cunt hole. My lover inched his way into me slowly and I in my impatience I lifted my hips and reached out and pulled him down into me.

Yes, oh yes I whispered in his ear, knowing now who my lover was I bit his ear lobe and softly said that’s it Joshua make it last I pleaded with him. Fuck me honey , but please fuck me slowly and gently. Oh yeah Josh replied it’s so hot and wet inside your pussy. It’s the best feeling in the whole world.

I so wish you were my mom too. I looked up into his face and brought his lips down to mine I kissed him softly at first then with passion as his cock moved in and out of my tight dripping wet pussy. I held him tightly to me and whispered in his ear uh huh oh yes Joshua.

That’s it Joshua fuck mommy with your hard fat cock. Make mommies pussy feel so good my little baby boy, uh huh oh god I moaned out yes, yes oh yes my darling baby. Mommy loves your big hard cock in her slippery wet cunt. Oh god you make me so wet, my pussy aches for your tender young cock.

Josh fell into his role very quickly. Yes mom, oh mom god I can’t believe I’m fucking my own mom. Yes baby you’re fucking mommies cunt I whispered back as I bore down with my pussy muscles on his throbbing hard cock. And it feels so wonderful doesn’t it baby? Mommy loves it when you put your hard young cock in her wet juicy pussy my darling boy.

Oh mom it’s the best in the whole world. Yes baby yes it is, now really fuck mommies pussy. Mommy wants you to really do it to her real fast and real hard. Can you fuck mommy like that I asked ? Oh yeah Joshua said. I really can mom. You’ll see. I’ll really fuck you real hard mom and real fast.

I wrapped my legs around him and said uh huh you’re fucking mommy just how she likes it my sweet little boy. Oh how mommy loves the way you fuck her hot little pussy with your big fat cock. Once again I felt an impending orgasm radiate into my tummy. Hot little fingers of pleasure caressed the inner walls of my slippery hot pussy.

Yes I screamed out as I wrapped my legs even tighter around Joshua as I moaned out in a long wailing sigh of a****l lust. Yes oh god Joshua that’s it uh huh pound your mothers cunt oh god baby really give it her. Give it to her fast and deep as you can.

My fingernails raked across his back. He grabbed me and held me as he got on his knees and began to pummel and pound my pussy into a sloppy squishy burning hole for his hot throbbing cock to ram into over and over until he screamed out and mom, oh mom, oh god mom I’m doing it mom, I’m coming in your hot sweet pussy.

Yes , oh yes darling do it, yes do it , cum in mommy, uh huh that’s it honey fill mommies pussy with your burning hot sperm. With a final deep thrust into my sopping wet cunt Joshua held me as I felt the shaft of his cock swell and then I felt hard strong throbbing beats pulsate against the walls of my burning hot pussy.

His cock erupted deep inside me and I felt hot stringy gobs of sperm shoot against my cervix and flood my pussy with copious amounts of his young hot cock crème. He continued to pound into my pussy. Wet sloppy sucking noises from my cum filled cunt filled the room. He gradually slowed down and fell to my side.

Drink, drink Richard. I managed to barely get out of my dry parched throat. Richard held my head as I gulped down the soothing liquid. I sat up long enough to lay my head back on my pillow. I looked at Joshua and smiled. Then I went no way Jose, oh there’s no way when I saw his cock hard and throbbing on his tummy.

Well it’s all excited because I kept thinking about where Richard put his, and that’s all I can think about right now. I’m sorry Joshua said. Oh come here I said as I held out my arms. I pulled Joshua to my chest and ran my fingers through his hair. I let out a long groaning sigh and said oh my god you two are going to really fuck me to death.
Oh god I groaned can I at least have a drink before you “ just have to put it there” I saw Joshua look down. I quickly said oh Josh I was only Joshing, and we all cracked up laughing. Joshua said I huh really want it to be well really sweet you know, because that will be my first time ever doing it with you that way.

Oh my god Joshua. That was so sweet of you. Oh come here, Richard could you get me a tall glass of water then? Sure mom Richard said. Joshua started to say something and I put my finger over his lips and kissed them.

You young man give me one minute. Then you and I are going to go someplace very special. He looked around and I smiled and said , no not that way Josh. I rolled over and checked the nightstand, just as I had hoped there lay a bottle of lube.

Come here josh I said after taking a long drink of my water. Give me your hands. We sat Indian style on the bed and I looked him in the eyes and said. Listen Joshua what you want to do takes time and patience. You have to prepare a woman for anal sex.

He opened his mouth and I went ah…not now. First listen and ask questions once I start to explain to you ok? Yeah Joshua said. Richard my dear I need you on the bed. I lifted one of Joshua’s hands up and kissed it. I said now watch but very importantly listen.

I rolled over on my tummy and put a pillow under my hips. Ok Richard I said I’m ready . Seduce mommy, make her want to give you her butt. Richard sat astraddle me and began massaging my shoulders. He’d lean down and brushed my hair off my neck and kissed it.

He’d lean forward and say god mom you have the most beautiful butt in the whole world. It’s so round and your skin is so silky smooth to touch. God I wish I could kiss and lick your butt all over. Mm I whispered. Do you really think I have a sexy butt Richard. Oh yes mom. Honestly I’d kiss and lick it all day if I could.

Mm promises , promises I said. Richard scooted down and soon his hands were working magic on my buttocks. You have gifted hands Richard. You have a gorgeous sexy butt mom. He leaned down and began kissing and licking all over my butt. Little goose bumps appeared on the round soft globes of my ass.

Kisses were soon replaced by loving licks of his tongue. I felt him spread my butt cheeks apart and his tongue ventured up and paused just short of my puckered anus. I sucked in my breath when his pointed tongue found my puckered anal passage. His fingers gently entered my aching cunt.

Soon his tongue matched his fingers as it pushed into my butt hole slathering it with his wet saliva. I was quietly moaning and my hips made slow circular motions as I enjoyed Richards fingers in my slippery wet pussy and his tongue in my sensitive asshole.

I gasped again when Richard slowly pushed his finger into my wet butt hole. God that’s so good I moaned out. Richard now had one finger in my pussy and one in my pooper. God mom if I only could I’d fuck your asshole all night long. Are you watching Joshua I asked? Heck yes he said in a high pitched excited voice.

Good I said. Then you do what Richards doing. Once in awhile tell me how soft and beautiful my ass feels. Lick me from my pussy up to my asshole. Make a point of your tongue and put it in my butt. Make me want to take your cock in my ass. Don’t ever just put it in without making sure a woman is ready.

Joshua’s tongue invaded my waiting asshole swirling over and in my anal passage. His finger played over my clit then he’d slip two into my hot dripping wet pussy. I could hear Richard quietly coaching Joshua. Oh mom I heard Joshua say if only I could put my hard cock in your butt hole. I know it would be like heaven.

I quietly smiled and held back a giggle. I pushed my butt up onto Joshua’s tongue forcing it deeper into my butt hole. Yes I moaned out oh god yes mommy really thinks she wants you to put your big hard cock in her butt Joshua. Yes uh huh that’s what I really, really want. Please my son put your gig fat in mommies butt.

I felt the bed shift and then I felt the head of Joshua’s cock sliding up and down my soaking wet gooey pussy lips. I heard Richard say. Yeah like that Josh. Get your cock really wet and slippery with her pussy juices, then go real slow. Wait for her to push back. That means she wants it.

Joshua held his cock to my asshole and gently pressed until it began to open up my butt hole. Go slow I heard Richard say. Go as slow as you’ve ever gone in your whole life. Make her want it. That’s what works the best. I smiled and thought I’ve really taught him well, god they just don’t know how bad I want his cock buried up to his balls in my tight little asshole.

Stroke and caress her back and butt Richard told Joshua. Joshua said shit. Richard said what’s wrong? Joshua said I don’t think it’s going to go in. lick it real quick and spit on it, get it real wet, put some of this lube on and in her butt hole and all over your cock it’ll go in a lot easier that way.

Joshua held me open as I felt his burning hot tongue on my butt hole. Yes oh god yes Joshua that’s the way get mommies butt hole ready for your big hard cock Joshua got behind me again and Richard said spit, spit down on your cock. I felt a dollop of warm saliva dribble over my poop hole. Now the lube. Squirt some lube on her butt.

Then I gasped out and bit my lower lip as Joshua’s cock slipped past my sphincter. I sighed out oh yes uh huh oh god yes you’re in mommies butt now Joshua. Go ahead honey fuck mommies tight hot shit hole.

I don’t know if calling them both my son is what did it but the second Joshua’s cock slid deep into my puckered up butt hole a giant wave of orgasmic pleasure shot like a lightning bolt through my body and I threw my head back and wailed out yes, yes oh god yes that’s it baby, fuck mommies little asshole with your huge hard cock.

Oh god mommies cuming Joshua your making mommy come baby uh huh that’s it oh god yes that’s it oh my god it’s so good. Yes baby fuck mommy, fuck her hard, yes, yes my darling little boy, really give it to mommy. One long continuous orgasm shook my body until I was panting like a she wolf in heat.

I was reduced to an a****l. Screaming and clawing at the sheets as Joshua’s hard fat cock plowed and pounded it’s way into my bowels. Deep primal screams shattered the room as he pummeled my damp dark shit hole with relentless bone jarring thrust.

I fell forward, sexually exhausted. Joshua fell with me his throbbing hard cock imbedded deep in my bowels. His breath now ragged and short. He made deep snorting grunts as his steel hard cock ballooned and throbbed and jets of molten hot sperm splattered into my bowels. Quiet sighing moans of yes, yes, my baby boy, oh god yes fill mommies butt with your burning hot sperm.

Ah , ah , oh shit, oh god mom I’m really doing it. Oh god I’m busting my nuts in your asshole. Yes, yes, you are my baby boy , uh huh go ahead Joshua do it , fill mommies butt with your wonderful hot sperm. Our mingling sighs and moans reverberated through the room as we both were caught up in the throes of unbelievable sexual pleasure. Joshua fell beside me immediately pulling me on top of him and began to kiss me with deep sensual passionate hot kisses.

I broke loose and said . Come here Richard snuggle with us. Oh god how I love you so my darling boy. There I was once again laying on my back between two big strong boys. I smiled to myself and drifted off to sl**p.

The power came on while I was sl**ping. When I got out of bed the boys were in their jeans watching TV. I happily smiled and headed for the shower. I stood under the hot spray of the shower and thought, well, what’s done is done.

You can’t take it back Anna. Then I shocked myself by instantly thinking out loud would you even take it back. I got out of the shower and toweled off. I looked in the mirror and a devilish smile crept across my lips. My cheeks reddened in guilt. I mentally kicked myself and said to my reflection. Oh stop it, you wouldn’t take it back and you know it.

I sauntered out into the living room with a bright smile on my face. I said you’d two rather watch TV than snuggle with me. Fine I said as I turned and ran jumped on the bed. The boys crashing beside me. I fell back with my arms over my head and my legs spread wide open and said. Take me….Until next time…Mrs. X.
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2 years ago
Just beautiful, sexy and wonderfully written.
4 years ago
Great story! You definitely can weave an excellent tale! my cock was throbbing the entire time! thanks
4 years ago
Anna that is smoking hot!
4 years ago
Excellent story, Anna!
4 years ago
your stories are always the best they never fail to get me going

what would be really great would to post vids/pics about your stories but thats just in my opinion
4 years ago
I'd love to see these two stories made into a video. It would be so hot, just like the stories. Thanks
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that was HOT
4 years ago
Anna, I loved it. This story stayed vivid in my head all day. Thanx.
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sooo sexy!
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when is this going to happen for me miss anna let me empty my nuts all over your body baby then ill scoop it all up and feed u my sperm
4 years ago
momma the stories cool lickity lick
4 years ago
of course not arron, i forgot to tell you i was off-line for four or five days my monitor blew up...i bought a new one but it's on back order, so for anyone else i forgot, i apologize
4 years ago
ru mad at me or something lady