massage and more

I was just so tired and my body ached. I thought if only Richard were here he could give me a nice long massage. I rolled over and reached for the phone on the night stand. I dialed his number and as I did my fingers found my clit.

His phone kept ringing so I rolled over and pouted. My fingers though still on my clit. I slid my finger down and found my vaginal opening, it was hot and wet. I used my hot slick juices to lube my clit with my finger and made tiny slow circles around it.

My other hand found my breast and cupped them and massaged them, pinching and pulling at my nipples. My breath became short and fast as my fingers rubbed up and down on my clit as I fantasized about Richard taking me from behind and really giving me the fuck I was longing for right now.

The ringing of my phone startled me. In exasperation I reached over and answered it. I heard Richard’s voice and he said “ are you ok mom ? “ I said yes I’m fine, why do you ask? Then he started laughing and said oh ok then I should hang up and let you finish?

My face turned red and I stammered out, listen Richard I’m fine, it’s just that I’m tired and tense and my muscles are so sore. I just thought you could give me a massage, but I see you can’t. Richard said “ aw mom if I could I would, you know that.”

“ I said yes I know, my fingers toyed with my clit as I listened to him go on about a presentation. Suddenly he said “ hey mom, hang on a minute. Can I call you right back “ I said sure, don’t worry about me I’m fine.” He laughed and said it’s not like that, I’ll call you right back. I promise.

I hung up the phone and sighed. I lay on the bed completely nude and completely aroused from my fingers playing with my clit. I rolled over and opened my night stand and got out my trusty “ silver bullet “ I teased my clit with it as I dreamed of Jimmy James pounding my sopping wet pussy.

I lay back moaning and sighing as my hips started moving on their own volition. Soon a warm tingly feeling filled me with orgasmic bliss as I held the silver bullet to my clit and screamed and moaned out loud as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure burst like a flowing river as my warm wet cunt crème ran down onto my butt hole.

I lay back and let out a long soothing sigh and shivered with delight as my spastic quivering cunt slowed to little twitches. The phone rang and I reached over and said hello, it was Richard and he told me he had a friend who was in school to be a personal trainer but he also did massage therapy.

He asked if he could send his friend Michael over to the house. I laughed and said that depends on how good looking he is. Richard said oh mother what am I going to do with you?, I said love me.

So how old is this friend and does he work or go to college? Richard said he’s in college but does massage to help defray the cost of tuition. How old I repeated. Richard said he’s perfect mom, he’s just turned 19. I said oh, then by all means send him over.

I said I love you Richard and hung up the phone. I quickly hopped into the shower. I definitely didn’t want the smell of sex on me when this Michael showed up. I brushed my hair and put it up in a bun , did my face, I went to the den and made a pitcher of Planter’s Punch; it’s light rum, dark rum, pineapple juice and grenadine.

I put my white silk gown on and watched myself in the mirror. The robe fell open so it looked more like a cape than a gown. I went outside to lounge on the deck . I was putting lotion on my legs when I heard the doorbell ring. I shouted out I’m back here. I quickly made sure the gown was open but not in an obvious way.

As soon as I saw Michael I knew right then that soon he’d be making love to me. He was tall with tanned arms and blonde hair and blue eyes. I stood up letting my gown open long enough for him to see I was nude , then quickly held it closed.

When I reached out to shake his hand my breast were exposed and I caught his eyes taking in my bare breast. I slowly laid back on the lounge and told him to pour himself a drink. He said no thanks, I shrugged and said there’s a beer in the fridge.

Then I laid back exposing my legs but hiding the juncture between them. I asked Michael if he’d like to finish up my legs by putting lotion on them. His eyes lit up and he said, hell yes, um sorry I mean yes. I smiled and said I’m waiting. He picked my leg up ( on purpose or no ) but in doing so he had a clear view of my now exposed shiny wet pussy.

He stretched my ankle and foot then he put a hand behind my knee and pushed my leg up to my breast. I watched his eyes on my sparkling wet pussy and when I looked at his crotch there was a nice bulge.

By the time he had finished my legs my pussy was dripping wet and the aroma of my arousal filled our nostrils. I sat up and he had a really nice package going on , so I reached out and caressed it. Michael said Richard warned me about you.

I smiled and squeezed his cock and said he did huh? Well I can stop what I’m doing if you’d like. Michael quickly said oh no I mean you don’t have to stop. I said good and pulled his shorts down and held his cock against my cheek.

My tongue shot out and begin flicking the underside of his young hard cock. I held his balls and gently fondled them as I took his cock into my mouth. I watched his facial expressions as I took him down my throat.

I saw the look of wonderment as I kept him in my mouth and moved my head up and down on his throbbing cock. He tried to pull away but I shook my head no and held him to me as his cock burst sweet creamy gobs of sperm down my throat.

I looked him in the eye as the last drops dribbled out of his spent cock and said “ now that’s how a woman gives a man a blow job! “ I smiled when all he could do was shake his head and gasp for breath.

I stood up and said to him “ aren’t you going to take me upstairs and ravish me? I reached down and held his flaccid cock and kissed him and whispered in his ear “ come give me a good long fucking , feel my pussy, feel how wet it is for you. “ He stood there maybe in shock, I don’t know.

I guided his hand to my soaking wet hot cunt and his finger easily slid inside me. I gasped out and bit into his shoulder as I said “ come with me now it’s time to go upstairs and fuck me hard and deep with your young thick cock. “ All thoughts of a massage had left my mind , right now I just wanted that long thick cock in me. Michael gathered his wits and smiled and said “ I don’t know what to say.

“ I put my finger on his lips and said “ just say you want your hard hot cock in my pussy until it explodes and fills me with your hot gooey sperm. “

I turned and walked still holding his cock in my hand. I felt it beginning to get hard again and said to Michael “ see your cock knows what it wants it wants to feel my hot tight pussy wrapped around it.

Michael said uh yes, but I never expected this to happen. I stopped and said “ don’t you want to fuck me Michael? “ He said yes of course and I stopped on the staircase and bent down I looked over my shoulder and said “ fuck me right here Michael fuck me with your hard thick cock.

I want you to fuck me right now. Fuck me hard and fast right here. Mm I want you to fill my tight little wet cunt with your big fat cock. Michael grabbed me and I felt him rubbing his cock between my slippery wet pussy lips.

I gasped out yes, uh huh right here, fuck me right here, right now fuck me with your big hard cock. I sucked air in between my lips when his hard long cock began to slide into my burning wet cunt hole.

I could feel my pussy bubbling up and as his cock went into me I felt my pussy crème running out and down my legs. Oh god I cried out as he buried his cock into my dripping wet pussy hole.

Michael turned out to be very aggressive as he began to pound his hard thick cock into me he said “ yeah that’s it bitch, oh yeah take my fucking cock in your slutty wet cunt! “. I screamed out “ Yes, uh huh oh god yes uh huh fuck me Michael give me that fat hard cock fuck my pussy with your big fat cock oh god yes fuck it uh huh fuck my slutty wet cunt with your big fat cock.

“ Oh yeah bitch “ Michael growled out as he grabbed my hair and said “ Fuck yeah you fucking slut I’m going to pound your pussy until you beg me to stop, oh yeah bitch take that cock you fucking whore “ I moaned out and screamed yes, yes that’s it uh huh fuck me Michael god yes Michael fuck my pussy yes, yes, fuck my tight little cunt with your throbbing hot cock. “

“ Oh god Michael yes, I love your hard cock pounding my slippery little cunt, oh god yes, give it to me, harder uh huh yes, fuck me harder, fuck me uh huh fuck me oh god yes fuck me “ Michael responded with “ yeah you fucking cunt, you love my cock don’t you, you fucking whore take my cock bitch take it all oh yeah your pussy’s so fucking wet and tight god I’m going to cum yeah bitch here it comes you whore!

Michael slammed his cock into me over and over my moans and screams of god yes, and his yeah bitch filled the room. The sound of his cock pounding into my sopping wet cunt and his thighs slapping into my ass set me off on a screaming orgasm as I felt his hot sperm rocket into the walls of my hot cunt!

Michael gave one last hard deep bone shattering thrust into me and yelled “ yeah bitch, oh yeah, fuck yeah, take that cock bitch, take it all. He grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me back onto his throbbing hard cock.

Oh my god I screamed out oh fuck oh god you’re so deep inside of me god yes Michael oh god yes fuck me. Yes Michael uh huh come in my pussy uh huh oh god yes give my pussy all of your cum! We both fell forward, he caught himself and picked me up and went up the stairs I pointed at the door to my bedroom.

He threw me on the bed and lay beside me both of us gasping for air, trying to catch our breaths. Michael laughed and said now I know what Richard said about I might get a bonus ! I laughed back and said you haven’t even given me my massage.

Michael said give me a few and forget that massage I want some more of that crazy tight pussy of yours ! I smiled and said oh you do , do you?

He said yes maam you have some good pussy ! I laughed and said not bad for an old lady huh? Michael said screw that I’d pick you over any girls my age.

I said that’s so sweet. Now lay back while I get that fat cock of your’s hard again. I straddled his limp cock and rubbed my slippery cum filled cunt along the shaft of it. I licked his ear and whispered. “ mm your cock feels so good in my pussy I can’t wait for you to fuck me again and again.

I slowly kissed my way down from his ear to his neck to his mouth. All the time making little whimpering sighs. I took his nipple in my mouth and gently bit down on it, then made butterfly flicks on it.

I could feel his cock beginning to stir to life as we kissed, our tongues dancing softly , teasingly. I smiled at him and said mm something is beginning to get hard. I reached down and took his hardening cock and put it between my dripping wet cunt lips and began to slide my pussy along the shaft of his fat cock.

I fought back the urge to hold his cock to my sopping wet pussy and take him inside of me. I stayed where I was and fondled my breast as I rocked slowly back and forth on his now hard throbbing cock.

For some reason I started to talk really dirty to him. I told him how bad I wanted him to fuck my slutty wet cunt and pound me until my pussy exploded in orgasms. I told him he made me feel like a dirty little girl. Who couldn’t wait to feel his big fat cock rip my pussy open as he fucked me like the whore I am.

Oh god yes, I moaned uh huh I want you so bad, I want your cock in my pussy pounding me with hard deep strokes. I told him I wanted him to flip me over and fuck my ass with his throbbing hot cock. I was his slut, his whore and he could have me anyway he wanted.

Michael said “ jesus christ you fucking whore “ as he grabbed me and threw me on my back. He said “ you want my cock bitch?, you want to get fucked by my big hard cock huh is that what you want?

I didn’t answer right away and he slapped my face ( playfully but hard enough ) and said answer me you fucking slut! I said “ yes, yes I want you to fuck me with your big hard cock, I’m your whore. Fuck me , please fuck me. Make me your whore.

Michael played right along but I could sense that he was very dominant in bed. He grabbed me by my throat and said “ you’re my fucking whore now. You hear me bitch. “ I shook my head yes. He smiled and said “ good because I’m going to tear that pussy up you little fucking slut. “
He straddled me and tried to f***e his cock into my mouth. I turned my head away crying no, no , please not that. He said “ fuck you bitch, now suck my cock, suck it like the whore you are. I defiantly stared up at him and shook my head no. He slapped my face and yelled “ suck it you dumb fucking cunt “

My mind rebelled against his attitude and words but my pussy was flowing hot cunt crème with every word he spoke to me. I could feel the river of juices pooling around my butt and soaking the bed.

He grabbed my hair and said “ for the last time, Suck My Cock, and suck it now. “ I opened my mouth and he f***ed his cock past my lips and over my tongue until his fat cock was buried in my throat.

I gurgled and choked but he only laughed as he held my hair and began to fuck my throat with deep insistent thrusts. Michael looked down at me and said “ you love sucking my cock don’t you whore? “ I shook my head yes and sucked harder on his cock as it slid in and out of my throat.

Michael took his fat hard cock out of my mouth and said “ turn over bitch it’s time to tear that nasty little shit hole of your’s up.” He roughly threw me around like a rag doll and shouted “ get your ass in the air you fucking whore. “ I quickly got on my hands and knees and he roughly pushed my head down onto the bed.

Michael barked out “ hold your ass open you fucking slut, hold it open so I can fuck the shit out of you. “ “ Spread those cheeks my little bitch hold them open for my cock “ I mumbled out yes, and reached back and held my butt cheeks apart.

Michael said “ which one do I fuck first they both look so hot and tight “ I was supposed to answer because he yelled at me “ which one slut, your pink little pooper, or your hot tight cunt? “ I stuttered out mm , mm my ass? “ “ good choice bitch I think I’m going to rip that shit hole apart.”

Michael held my hips and I quit breathing in anticipation of being painfully penetrated in my shit hole. Michael instead rammed his thick long cock into my pussy. I moaned out, uh, and expelled a deep breath of air.

“ yes, oh yes oh my god your cock feels so good in my pussy, uh huh , god it’s so good “ Michael said “ yeah bitch you know you love my cock fucking your nasty little pussy “ I replied with “ Yes Michael uh huh oh god I love your big fat cock in my sloppy wet cunt! “

Michael held me by my hair and I reached under myself and rubbed my clit until I exploded and squishy sounds came from my dripping wet cunt as Michael’s cock plunged in and out of my wet slippery pussy.

Michael said to me “ ready bitch , ready for my cock up your ass? “ “ I moaned out yes, Michael I want your cock up my ass, yes, please fuck my asshole. Michael please fuck my slutty dirty shit hole with your big hard cock. “ “ Oh yeah Michael said I’m going to fuck your little shit hole until my cock fills it with my cum, you like that whore?

“ Yes, yes I like that, it’s what I want. I want you to cum in my dirty tight shit hole. I want you to fill my ass with your burning hot sperm. “ Michael laughed a very evil laugh and held my hips and began to brutally fuck my poop hole with long hard stroke after stroke with his big fat cock.

I moaned out “ yes, uh huh that’s it, oh yes, uh huh do it Michael fuck my butt hole, yes fuck it just like that, fuck it with your big hard cock, yes, oh god yes Michael oh my god yes , yes, oh god yes now do it now Michael cum in me now , fill my butt hole with your scalding hot sperm.”

Michael let out a loud roaring grunt and screamed out “ oh yeah , oh yeah bitch here it comes get ready bitch , I’m gonna cum in your slutty dirty fucking asshole. “ Michael fucked me with brutal primal f***e as his cock battered my pooper until I was screaming out for him to fuck me, to fuck me hard and fast to cum in my ass to fuck me until he filled my asshole with gooey gobs of sperm!

Michael held me tight and gave one last final deep thrust into my asshole and I felt hot streams of sperm splashing the walls of my butt hole. Which triggered another orgasm as I moaned out loud and long wails of delight as I felt his big cock shoot blast after blast of sperm into my bowels.

We both fell on the bed and looked at each other Michael rolled over partially covering me as if claiming his woman. I smiled and said “ a little rough are we? “ Michael blushed and said I hope you’re ok , I’m sorry for getting so carried away, but I never had sex with someone like you. “

I said “ someone like me means older? “ Michael said well yes, but no, I mean I’ve never had sex with anyone like you before. “ “ I asked is this a good thing or bad? “ he said a good thing , so good I think I’ll fuck you again after I have one of those beers.” I smiled and said hurry back and bring a few with you. He turned and said “ beers or guys “ I laughed and said “ for now beers we’ll see about guys another time. “ …Until Next Time…Mrs. X

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3 months ago
yes and no. the premise of the story is based off true events. i added some embellishments for the reader's benefit. so in truth yes it's a true story
4 years ago
Nice one and controlled on the rough side nice.
4 years ago
great story, that is very hot
did this actually happen or is it just a fantasy
4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
to good & to hot i do agree with comsome
4 years ago
Very nice I loved it
4 years ago
Great story,
Thanks so much
4 years ago
You know how to make us elders wish we were young. Thanx again for a vivid story
4 years ago
love ur stories
what a lady