Roger and I ( Part 3 )

Roger pulled me closer to him. I felt his hard cock press against my soft silky butt cheeks. I smiled and reached back and shifted until his cock fit snuggly into my butt crack. Roger whispered into my ear “ I think you liked that just a little bit huh? “

I looked back at him and giggled and said “ yeah just a little bit . “ we both cracked up and I rolled on my side facing him. My eyes searched his. I was looking for anger?, jealousy? Any sign that what we just did had made him unhappy.

He kissed the tip of my nose and said. “ it’s okay Anna. Really I loved it, and I think you did too. “ I smiled and kissed him. Our lips met softly, gently. Roger rolled over on his back bringing me with him.

I was laying on top of him and I could feel his hard thick cock pressing into my tummy. I smiled down at him then begin to kiss the side of his neck and leave little love bites on his neck. I felt the bed shift and heard the click of the camera.

I’m not sure why but I grabbed the sheet and pulled it over us. I whispered into Rogers ear I love you so much. I hope this wasn’t a mistake that hurts our relationship. I really love you Roger and don’t want to lose you because of what happened.

It won’t hurt us at all. I love you Anna and I love you more now than ever. We shared a fantasy, we made it come true, that makes us stronger in my opinion Roger told me. My heart melted at his words.

I slowly kissed and nibbled my way down his body. I made swirling circles around his nipples with my warm wet tongue. I pinched his other between my forefinger and thumb.
I giggled as he took in his breath and I bit down harder on his nipple.

His hand held me to his nipple as I teased it with my sharp teeth and then my warm wet tongue. I kissed my way down his stomach. Nipping and kissing and then leaving little red love bites behind as I made my way to his throbbing hard cock.

I let my hair swish over his throbbing cock and his heavy cum filled balls. I ignored his cock completely and began to gently suck on and take his balls in my mouth swirling my tongue over one then the other.

I smiled a devilish smile to myself as I let my saliva run down his balls and onto his crinkled butt hole. I tentatively probed him with my finger as I gently sucked on his balls.
I looked up at his face looking for a reaction to my probing finger.

I heard him sigh out and close his eyes so I probed further all the time watching his face. He looked down at me and our eyes met and I smiled and raised my eyebrows and he nodded his head.

I held his hard throbbing cock in my hand as I slowly licked and swirled my tongue along the bulging veins of his thick cock. I massaged his balls and held them up as my tongue flicked out. I heard him gasp and groan as my warm wet tongue made contact with his puckered butt hole.

Under the sheets I felt safe from Freddy’s probing eyes as I gently pressed my finger against Roger’s crinkled brown hole. I was surprised to feel Roger push back against my finger. I wet his tight anus with my saliva and worked my tongue into him.

I don’t know what I expected but it was soft and very smooth and Roger reached down and ran his fingers through my hair and encouraged me by saying, god yes Anna holy shit that’s great. I made slow little circles around his puckered up butt hole and I felt it relax.

I wet my finger with my warm saliva and slowly pushed , attune to Rogers body. I felt him tense a little as my finger slid into his tight anal canal. I paused and began to suck gently on his heavy balls.

I moved up and took his cock deep into my mouth. I began to suck his cock and swirl my tongue along the soft rim under the head of his cock. I felt his cock swell. I made sure his cock was coated with my hot wet saliva.

I began to slowly twist and pump my hand up and down his fat hard cock as my tongue danced over and along his sperm filled balls. I heard him moan out as I pushed more of my finger into his tight puckered butt hole.

I began to massage his prostrate and I was amazed at how hard his cock became. It swelled even thicker and throbbed wildly in my hand as I began to rapidly move my twisting hand up and down his hard fat cock.

Roger let out a long grumbling growl in his throat as his hips rose and his whole body tensed as his cock seemed to swell even larger in my hand. I moved my hand more rapidly almost in a frantic pace as I knew Roger was ready to explode.

I shifted my head an engulfed his cock in my warm wet mouth and my head bobbed up and down , burying his cock deep into my throat then sucking hard on his cock as I moved my wet lips up and trapped the head of his throbbing swollen cock and let my tongue dance wildly over and under the velvety soft head of it.

I massaged his prostrate faster and was caught completely be surprise as huge gobs of scalding hot stringy sperm blasted out of his hard thick cock and poured down my throat. I swallowed frantically , my cheeks puffed out as I swallowed what seemed like gallons of his burning hot sperm.

I slowly removed my finger and lovingly bathed his shriveling cock with my tongue. I swirled my tongue around sucking and cleaning and milking every last drop of his hot cum from his tight balls.

I threw the sheet back and breathed deeply the cool air of the room I scooted up along Roger’s body and lay on him. I whispered into his ear. Mm I think you liked that huh? Roger pulled my face to him and kissed my lips and answered “ oh yes wow where did that come from? “

I smiled and said “ I don’t know I just felt like doing it. “ I rolled over on my back and let out a long satisfied sigh. Roger kissed me and said “ well I’m glad you did “ I smiled at him and said “ me too. “

Roger kissed me and our tongues met and slowly intertwined as we kissed wetly and noisily as my breath quickened and I felt my nipples crinkling up and getting hard. Roger broke our kiss and kissed my neck and along my shoulder until his warm wet mouth found my hard nipple and sucked gently and bit down softly on it.

I had forgotten about Freddy until I head the clicking of his camera. I held Roger’s head and pushed my breast up hard against his sharp teeth and let out a tiny whimper as he bit down harder on my engorged nipple.

I u*********sly spread my legs allowing Roger ( or Freddy’s camera? ) access to my now swollen dripping wet pussy. Knowing Freddy had an unobstructed view of the soft silky shiny wet lips of my tight little pink pussy sent a shiver running up my spine.

Roger moved off to my side and kept his lips teasing my increasingly hard bl**d engorged nipples. I felt a shift of weight on the bed and looked down to see Freddy laying on his stomach just inches from my hot dripping wet quivering cunt.

I moaned out loud and felt sexually wicked. I reached down and began to touch myself, I gasped out when my fingers touched my burning hot swollen clitoris. My pussy lips were swollen and sopping wet.

I closed my eyes and sighed out as Roger bit down hard on my nipple. My hips began to writhe and undulate and my upper body twisted under Rogers warm wet lips and sharp teeth alternating between my nipples.

I felt a surge of sensual pleasure rush over me when Freddy asked me to hold myself open and finger myself for his camera. “ oh god I moaned out as I held my sopping wet pussy open for Freddy’s eyes to devour.

I felt so wicked, so slutty. I felt my pussy spasm and gush as a river of my hot pussy juices flowed out of me and trickled down over my pink little butt hole. I heard Freddy say “ hold her legs up. “ pull her legs back to her tits. “

My face burned red as Roger grabbed my legs and held them back. I knew this exposed my puckered little pink butt hole as well as opened my pussy up for Freddy’s camera. “ Anna touch your butt hole “ I heard Freddy say. I looked over at Roger. Unsure of what to do.

Roger winked and shrugged , then leaned down and kissed me and whispered in my ear. “ god you look so hot, look at my cock Anna, just look at it I’m hard as a fucking rock just looking at you like this.”

Look at Freddy’s cock Anna, look he’s just as hard as I am, you look so sexy and so beautiful, god yes, please touch your butt hole. Come on baby tease us. You’re incredibly sexy and hot as hell.”

I smiled over at Roger, I felt , I don’t know, sexy and wicked but I loved the feeling, of being so exposed to their eyes. My pussy kept quivering and twitching and it felt like I had a steady flowing river of hot aromatic cunt juice gushing out of my pussy hole.

My whole body tingled with sexual energy. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the smell of my sex permeating through out the room. I gave in to the primal urge to let myself go as my fingers slowly teased my vaginal opening, scooping my juices and smearing them on my pink little anus.

My nostrils flared as I breathed in the scent of my swollen dripping wet pussy. I shivered with sexual delight as I heard the click of Freddy’s camera just inches from my dripping wet hot cunt.

My anus opened and closed as I worked my sphincter muscles. Purposely teasing Freddy and his camera. Perhaps teasing myself as well. I moaned and whimpered out as I had two fingers deep inside my hot wet pussy. I began to slowly tease my butt hole with my other finger.

I moaned and sighed out as I watched Freddy just a mere inch away from my exposed dripping wet pussy and my saliva coated pink asshole. I knew he could smell me. I could feel his warm breath on my exposed pussy and butt hole.

I shivered and whimpered as I slowly snaked a finger up to the first knuckle of my finger into my warm damp butt hole. Roger had moved down and both men stared opened eyed at my total and complete exposure.

I heard Freddy say “ roll over on your hands and knees Anna. “ yeah Roger said stick that beautiful ass up in the air. “ I rolled over and rested my cheek on a pillow. I smiled over my shoulder and reached back and held myself open.

I shivered and moaned as I felt a finger touch my clit. I whimpered out a sighing moan as it continued to slide up between the sopping wet silky folds of my pussy lips. I gasped out as it pressed against my puckered up pink anus.

I knew the finger belonged to Freddy and that made it even more exciting. I heard Freddy say “ here it’s on auto focus look through here and just press down to take the picture.”
I kept my eyes closed and my head down on the pillow.

I felt his hands on my butt cheeks and slowly spread me apart. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard as I felt his warm breath on my butt hole. I gasped out and let out a long groan and pushed back when I felt the tip of his pointed tongue probing into and around my tight pink butt hole.

I heard the click, click, of the camera as Freddy began to probe and tease my pink little butt hole with his sharp pointed tongue. His fingers teased and slid wetly over my hot slippery pussy lips. I shook and moaned out with pleasure when his fingers found my dripping wet pussy hole and slid easily up inside me.

I pushed back and clenched down with my sopping wet pussy. Yes, yes, oh god yes, uh huh I moaned out. Oh god please fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes, please, please I cried out.
My eyes opened wide in panic as I felt Freddy push his cock against my tight little pink butt hole.

I pulled away and tried to push my pussy back onto his cock. I sighed out, yes, yes, a long whimpering yes, as I felt his hard thick cock begin to enter me. I quickly looked over my shoulder at Roger.

Roger looked at me with a big smile and mouthed the words. “ go ahead Anna fuck him, let him fuck the shit out of you.” I timidly smiled and pushed back as Freddy’s cock spread my hot dripping wet pussy open as his thick shaft began to bury itself in me.

Yes, ah, yes, yes, oh god yes, I threw my head back and screamed out, oh god yes, uh huh, uh huh, yes, yes, fuck my pussy, uh huh, fuck me with your big fat cock, oh god yes Freddy fuck me, fuck me yes, yes.

Freddy grabbed my hips and began to pound hard and deep into me. I opened my mouth and gasped for air as his thick fat cock tunneled it’s way inside me. Oh god, oh god, I screamed, as he pummeled my hot wet dripping pussy with his fat hard cock.

I barely heard the click of the camera, but with each click my pussy twitched and clenched at Freddy’s hard thick cock. Just knowing Roger was capturing Freddy’s cock going in and out of my hot wet swollen cunt heightened my sexual pleasure more and more.

I clawed at the sheets as Freddy relentlessly pounded his big fat hard cock into my tight little pussy. I was breathing through my mouth and a sheen of sweat covered my body as I moaned and screamed out in sexual bliss as Freddy fucked my dripping wet cunt with long deep hard strokes.

Oh, god, oh fuck, oh god, yes, yes, uh huh, oh god Freddy yes, yes oh god yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck my pussy, uh huh, uh huh oh god oh, shit, oh fuck I cried out as I felt an orgasm building deep within me as his fat cock stretched my pink wet cunt open with each deep hard thrust.

Freddy slowed down and began to grind his hard thick cock deep inside me. I cried out and moaned and took deep breaths as I welcomed the slow easy grinding pace that Freddy was now fucking me with.

I reached back and found my aching swollen clit and began to make slow gentle circles around and around my clit. Freddy reached out and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back causing me to groan and moan out more and more.

Yes, yes, uh huh so slow, so good, ah god yes, Freddy fuck me so slow uh huh just like that oh god you’re so deep in me god I feel your hard cock so deep inside me, oh, oh god, oh, yes, I moaned out as I felt a long explosive orgasm wash over me.

Freddy leaned over on me and whispered in my ear. “ can I fuck you in the ass Anna? “ oh god I moaned back, “ I’m not sure I can handle that. “ Freddy whispered “ Please Anna , please let me try.”

I looked at Roger uncertainty in my eyes. I groaned out when Freddy pulled my hair and pushed himself even deeper inside me. Oh god I gulped. Um oh god I moaned. Yes, yes, I sighed out as Freddy slowly began to fuck me again.

I felt him wet his finger on my sopping wet cunt. I groaned out and shivered when his finger touched my tight little asshole. Oh god, Freddy I’m not sure I can handle you in me there.

Roger put the camera down and said “ wait you get on top of me Anna “ Freddy when I start fucking her, you tongue her asshole, get her ready “ “ Maybe you can then right Anna? “ Oh god I moaned, I don’t know.

My pussy was telling me to just go along. I felt it flutter and quiver and that deep twitch that told me I was going to try it. I looked at them and bit my lower lip. I sighed out ok, ok, but if I say stop then you guys stop and I mean that.

Freddy and Roger smiled and hugged me they lay me back and laid down beside me. Roger kissed me , gently, softly, and with a deep passion. I whispered I love you Roger. Roger smiled and said I love you too.

Freddy smiled and said and I love you both for letting this happen, for allowing me into your very private lives. I smiled and rolled over towards him and kissed him softly and sweetly. I reached down and squeezed his big fat cock and giggled.

I’m glad we invited you too. I sighed out as I felt two different wet soft lips on my neck. I let out a happy sigh and grabbed both of their very hard thick cocks and laughed out loud. I could get used to this you know, I told Roger.

I closed my eyes and sighed out loud as they began to tease my hardening nipples into two little hard spikes. Freddy broke off and began to leave a trail of sloppy wet kisses along my tummy until he reached my sopping wet burning hot silky pussy.

Roger kept whispering words of encouragement in my ear as Freddy held me open with his fingers. He blew soft warm air on my dripping wet pussy and I shivered and moaned out in pleasure.

I gasped out and arched my back forcing my hips up into Freddy’s face as his tongue darted out and encircled my hard throbbing clit. Roger smiled and kissed me and began to slowly massage my breast and tease my hard sensitive nipples with his thumb and finger and lips.

Our kisses were wet and passionate as our tongues entwined and danced . So much sexual energy and pleasure was coursing through my mind and body as they brought me closer and closer to another soul shattering orgasm.

I broke our kiss and bit my lower lip and clawed at the sheets as Freddy’s tongue teased my enflamed clit until I was gasping and moaning out, yes, oh god oh god , yes oh Freddy yes, oh god I’m so, so close.

My thighs tightened and trembled as I held his head to my sopping wet quivering cunt. Now, now, I screamed out as little shivers of delight raced up my spine and exploded. My pussy gushed with orgasmic delight as my juices poured out of me and onto his hot wet tongue.

Roger quickly picked me up and I straddled him and guided his cock into the burning hot silky wet soft folds of my vagina. I let out a long slow whimpering moan as I felt him push himself up into me.

I put my hands on his chest and literally slammed my slippery hot wet tight cunt down onto his throbbing hard cock. I threw my head back and my eyes rolled back as I screamed out like a wild banshee. Yes, yes, oh my god yes Roger oh fuck I need your cock in me so bad, fuck me Roger fuck me, fuck my tight little pussy.

Sweat poured off my body but I didn’t care I was lost in pure sexual pleasure. Roger began to drive his cock with short rapid thrust up into my spastic cunt. I leaned down and bit his shoulder and whispered in his ear, fuck me, fuck, me, oh god yes fuck me Roger, I love your cock in me, oh god, yes, yes, oh fuck yes I’m. I’m, oh god I’m cumming I squealed out.

Roger slowed his pace into a nice gentle long deep grinding and as our bodies met I twisted my hips into his pubic bone stimulating my already enflamed clitoris. As my breathing slowed we kissed deep and passionately.

I was looking into Roger’s eyes when he seen my facial expression and then another long deep whimpering sigh escaped my lips as Freddy’s hands caressed my hips and his warm wet tongue found my puckered up little pink anus.

I froze momentarily. I looked questionably into Rogers eyes. I kissed him and whispered please tell me this isn’t a mistake. Roger said it’s no mistake. He said we both agreed to this and our love is bigger than this.

Hearing those words I fought back tears of joy and I grinned and wiggled my butt and moaned out a long deep sighing yes. I was moving in such a way that as Rogers thick hard cock slid in and out of my sopping wet pussy I felt Freddy‘s hot wet tongue probing my pink little anus.

I could feel Rogers hard thick cock piercing my hot wet vaginal opening as Freddy’s tongue probed and twirled around the outer ring of my anus. I felt his hot wet tongue opening me up more and more as I relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling of his soft probing tongue invading deeper and deeper in my butt hole.

Roger whispered in my ear. “ whatever you do, when he fucks you in the ass look at me so I can see the look on your face as his cock slides in your ass”. I felt my face turn red with embarrassment and giggled a nervous giggle and kissed him and laid my head on his chest.

I moaned out in pleasure as Freddy’s tongue probed and sank deeper in to my butt hole. I pushed back as his wet pointy tongue slid past my anal ring and I sighed out when I felt the tip of his finger press against my anus.

I looked at Roger and whispered oh my god, oh my god as his finger slid deeper inside me.
I felt the bed shift and Freddy got behind me and I felt a dollop of saliva land on my pink little butt hole.

Oh god I groaned out as his finger pushed past my sphincter and I felt his finger slide all the way inside my tight pink asshole. I felt Freddy’s fat cock sliding along my slippery wet pussy.

I looked into Rogers eyes as I felt Freddy trying to push himself inside of my already cock filled sopping wet cunt. Oh god I moaned oh god and bit Rogers shoulder. Suddenly my head pooped up and I cried out in pain and shocked pleasure as my pussy was being stretched to it’s limits.

Oh god I whimpered, oh god , no, oh god oh fuck oh shit , oh my fucking god oh god oh god I cried out as Freddy’s cock began to slip inside me. I fought to catch my breath and when it came it was ragged and gasping.

Roger was kissing me and Freddy was whispering relax , relax as he massaged my back. I whimpered and moaned and buried my face in Rogers shoulder as Freddy’s fat thick cock inched itself deeper inside of me.

Oh god, yes, fuck, oh god, oh god I whimpered out over and over as Freddy’s cock stretched the walls of my dripping wet hot cunt until I thought I would pass out with pain and pleasure.

It felt like suddenly every ounce of air was pushed out of me as Freddy’s cock slid as deep as I could possibly take him with Rogers cock already buried in my stretched out dripping wet slippery hot silky cunt hole.

I threw my head back and screamed out as my hips instinctively pushed back until I began to tremble in orgasmic delight as I felt my cunt quiver and spasm around the two thick fat cocks now buried in my hot wet tautly stretched cunt hole.

Yes, yes, I panted and moaned out as wave after wave of orgasmic explosions coursed through my body. Oh god yes, uh huh, uh huh yes, yes now, oh god yes fuck me fuck me now, oh god your cocks are killing me I cried out.

Fuck me, fuck me, I gasped out, yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me, uh huh fuck my pussy oh god yes fuck it, fuck it, oh my god, oh my god, I screamed out as I went wild with pleasure. My hot wet cunt never had felt so full, so stretched open as they began to fuck me with short fast strokes.

Oh god I moaned and whimpered out as another orgasm exploded and shot like lightening through my body. Yes, yes, uh huh, oh god yes, oh my god, I can’t believe this, oh fuck, so good, so good, I panted, fuck me, yes, yes, fuck me, oh god fuck me, fuck me, oh my god I screamed out as yet another orgasm rushed through my entire being.

My pussy quivered and squeezed and clenched as I shook with pleasure and gasped out for air as they began to fuck me with longer deeper harder strokes that had me clawing at the sheets and screaming out in orgasmic bliss.

I was a sweaty mess as I gasped and moaned and sighed out over and over as I lay there like a rag doll as I grit my teeth as Roger and Freddy fucked my sopping wet stretched open cunt faster and faster as I groaned and sighed and whimpered in sexual pleasure

My voice was raspy as I cried out in endless moans and screams of bliss as they pounded my sopping wet slippery orgasmic cunt. Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes fuck me, fuck my pussy, uh huh yes fuck me fuck my cunt, oh god , oh god yes fuck me.

I went absolutely wild with total abandoned pleasure as Roger hugged me tight and groaned out” fuck Anna I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming“, yes, yes, oh Roger yes, uh huh oh god yes cum in my pussy baby, uh huh fuck me, fuck my pussy until you cum in me yes, yes, oh god yes, I screamed out.

I felt his fat thick cock swell and throb as he began to pound my sopping wet sloppy hot cunt with faster and faster deep hard strokes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered yes, yes, that’s it, Roger, oh god yes, cum in me, cum in my pussy baby, yes, yes, I cried out as I felt his cock swell and throb and then I felt his burning hot sperm shoot out and splash and paint the walls of my hot wet cunt with his scalding hot sperm.

The feel of his hot thick sperm spraying my cervix set off my most powerful orgasm as of the night. My whole body tensed as a deep tingling in my vagina rushed up into my tummy and spread across my breast.

I clawed at the sheets and bit into his shoulder as I was engulfed in pure orgasmic pleasure. I gasped for breath as I cried out oh god I love you so much Roger. I kissed him over and over with deep passionate wet kisses only lovers can share.

Our fingers intertwined and we smiled at each other and began kissing again with deep , passion. Fueled by our love for each other. I kissed him and whispered in his ear, god that was so great. I never ever thought I’d be able to take both of you at once.

I pouted as I felt his cock slip out of my sloppy wet stretched out pussy. Oh god I said as I looked up into Rogers eyes. Oh god I moaned out as I felt the fat head of Freddy’s cock on my asshole.

Roger raised his eyebrows and looked at me with questioning eyes. My mouth came open and I shook my head no, then mouthed the words “ almost “ I suddenly squeezed my eyes shut and grit my teeth.

I opened my eyes and looked at Roger and bit my lower lip and squeezed his hands in mine and let out a long whimpering sighing oh god, oh god and shook my head indicating yes as Freddy pressed his fat mushroomed cock head against my anal opening.

I quickly gasped in, my mouth open in a silent “O” as I buried my head into Rogers shoulder and really squeezed his hands hard. I quickly lifted my head and looked into Rogers eyes as Freddy’s hard fat thick cock began to inch it’s way inside my puckered pink butt hole.

I could feel our warm wet mingled juices coating Freddy’s fat hard thick cock as my butt hole began to open as his cock speared it’s way past my tight anal ring. Short gasping groans of ugh, ugh escaped my lips mingled with whimpering sighs as his thick fat cock burrowed it’s way into my damp wet bowels.

I groaned out oh god, oh god yes, oh god Roger he’s, ugh I groaned out. Oh god he’s in my ass, oh fuck, oh god , oh fuck, yes, yes, oh god yes. Rogers eyes twinkled with excitement as beads of perspiration broke out on my forehead and I moaned and whimpered as Freddy slowly pushed all of his of his big fat thick cock deep into my bowels.

I then turned my face and laid my cheek on Rogers chest as my hips began to slowly push and twist and turn in little circular motions as I began to sigh out whimpering yes’s and oh god’s and moaned out oh fuck me, oh god fuck my ass, uh huh oh god, yes, yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me in my tight little asshole with your big fat cock.

Then it was as if a sexual demon took over my body and soul as I pushed up and back and cried out yes, yes, uh huh, oh god, oh god, yes, fuck me, fuck me I screamed out as I pushed back with my hips trying to devour every inch of Freddy’s hard throbbing cock as it pounded deep into my bowels.

Yes I screamed out as I rocked back on my knees forcing more and more of his cock to pierce the very depths of my molten hot bowels. Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I cried out. Fuck me with your big fat hard cock , fuck my asshole, oh god yes, yes, fuck it, uh huh fuck my ass, oh god, oh god I whimpered in painful pleasure.

Fuck me Freddy, uh huh , yes fuck me, fuck me, harder and harder I cried out like a wild wanton slut in heat. Yes, yes, oh god yes I want to feel your scalding hot sperm deep inside me, oh god Freddy hurry please fill my bowels with hot gobs of thick gooey sperm.

Freddy grabbed my hips and pulled me to him and I cried out in painful delight as he drove his big fat cock faster and faster into my gaping wide asshole. Yes, yes, that’s it oh god yes, uh huh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me just like that oh god Freddy yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me , fuck me, I screamed out.

I threw my head back and moaned out like a wild banshee as I felt yet another orgasm rip through my body. I collapsed forward and yelped as Freddy held me up and to him as his hot throbbing cock rammed in and out of my gaping wide open asshole like a well oiled piston.

Oh god , oh god, I gasped out in a hoarse raspy voice as Freddy fucked me with long deep pile driving strokes. I felt his fat cock throb and swell and I heard him roar out as jet after jet of scalding hot sperm blasted into the deepest recesses of my quivering bowels.

A barely audible yes, yes, oh god yes, fuck me escaped my lips as Freddy pummeled my cum filled bowels and violently rammed his cock deeper and deeper into me. I moaned and squirmed as I felt his hot stringy sperm begin to ebb to short trickling burst that dribbled into my dark nether bowels.

I totally collapsed on my tummy on the bed and Freddy fell with me. His hard fat cock still firmly embedded in my stretched out pink asshole. Oh god, I sighed and weakly wiggled my butt up and against Freddy.

I started out giggling and then just start laughing, I mean a full belly laugh. I have no idea why I started laughing but I laughed until my tummy hurt and I had tears in my eyes. Roger and Freddy must of thought I’d lost my mind but soon they too were laughing hilariously with me…. Until next time…Mrs. X

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1 month ago
I agree with jot50. This is a woman's perspective and is demanding for some men and very demanding for most on XH
7 months ago
its refreshing to read about sex from a female point of view. so different from a mans point of view. i really like this series.
1 year ago
This is intense indeed! Thank you, Anna, for giving words to this amazing erotic experience...You truly make these sensations LIVE ~
1 year ago
1 year ago
a very well written story and erotic to the up front and personal I responded as if I were there....and, btw, it's prostate, not prostrate....:)
1 year ago
Great stories, thanks so much for sharing them.
1 year ago
Just when I thought you reached a peak... you go one step farther. You make it so easy to visualize the experience.
1 year ago
Dear Anna,
Reading that made me feel as if i were in bed with you
1 year ago
outstanding... just had to save it...
1 year ago
Excellent story,I love it :)
1 year ago
Very hot love the story
1 year ago
Oh never cease to amaze me I love it
1 year ago
special thank yous to all who rate and comment on my stories it does help me to write better, and encourages me to write more, thank you so very much for being the first to comment and rate!!!
1 year ago
the hottest of the hot....very well-written and so personal....a 10/10 and saved...exceptional :)