Roger and I ( part 1 )

Roger and I were lying in bed. I was on my side resting my head on his chest. We’d just celebrated my twenty fifth birthday and were finally alone. I was gently biting and kissing his chest when he asked me a question that made me laugh. He asked me if I’d let Freddy take some pictures of us making love.

I looked up and simply said no. I told him he could take some pictures of me if he wanted too though. He laughed and said “ ok as long as I can show them to Freddy. I said oh no you don’t now quit being silly and make love to me.

I rolled over and sat on his tummy and leaned down and started kissing him. I nibbled at his neck and whispered in his ear how much I loved him and how good it felt when he made love to me.

I whispered how good his big hard cock felt when it goes up inside me. I nibbled and sucked on his neck and sighed and moaned softly as I whispered in his ear how wet my pussy was getting thinking about his hard thick cock sliding up into my tight little cunt.

I told him how much I loved to take his big fat cock into my mouth and swirl my tongue slowly around it and feel it grow in my mouth and get hard as a rock. How that made my pussy start to twitch and I could feel myself getting all wet and slippery for his cock. I let out tiny little sighs and rubbed myself on his flat hard stomach.

I leaned down and teased his nipple with my teeth, taking tiny little bites until he pulled away. I laughed and said well that’s what you get for asking me to let Freddy see me nude while we make love.

He rolled me over and pinned me down and held my hands over my head and said two can play at that game and he leaned down and bit my nipple until I pulled away and whimpered out for him to stop.

He bit my other nipple teasing it with his sharp teeth. Pulling it out and biting down until I moaned out in pain and pushed him away and said stop it. He pinned me back down and cupped my breast in his hands and squeezed them hard. He pinched my nipples until I cried out in pain.

I’ll stop when you agree to let Freddy take pictures of me fucking your tight little pussy until I fill it with gobs of my thick hot cum. No I said as I pushed him away and tried to slither out from under him.

He turned me over and began to spank my butt cheeks until I kicked my feet and screamed out for him to please stop. I’ll stop when you agree he said. I told him to go to hell and tried to scamper away.

He grabbed my foot and pulled me back and put me over his knee and started to spank my silky round soft butt cheeks really hard. I screamed out stop, stop , please stop. I looked over my shoulder with tears in my eyes and said please roger, please stop this. This is crazy.

He shrugged and said I told you I’ll stop when you agree to let Freddy take pictures of me fucking your hot little cunt until you scream out in orgasmic pleasure. I hate you I said as I squirmed on his lap trying to get away.

My butt cheeks were starting to burn with each new swat he gave me. Oh god I hate you I cried through clenched teeth. Stop it , I mean it stop it right now and I mean it. Let me up I yelled back at him oh god I hate you, you bastard.

Tears fell down my cheeks as he continued to spank my bare ass cheeks. I pleaded for him to stop. He paused and rubbed my butt cheeks and I cried and said please no more, please just stop it Roger. I told you he said , you agree. I stop, it’s really quite simple.

Fine I looked over my shoulder with fire in my eyes as I said fine, if you want him to see me exposed and open to his eyes who am I to complain, right roger, who am I. go ahead I don’t care anymore if that’s what you want then just do it.

I lay there crying hoping my words cut him like a knife. He began to slowly rub my butt cheeks and his finger dipped down only to find my sopping wet pussy. God I wanted to die on the spot. My pussy gave me away. I was dripping sopping wet. I could feel my juices leaking down over my engorged clit.

I really hate you I whispered. Yeah I know I can tell how much. Your fucking cunt’s on fire and dripping wet. To add to my shame he began to finger me. My pussy opened up for his fingers as they easily slid up into me.

To add to my shame my hips began to move in unison with his plunging fingers. As he explored the depths of my tight wet pussy little moans began to escape from my lips. I squeezed my eyes shut in shame as I so readily responded to his long fat fingers in my burning hot cunt.

Roger laughed as his fingers slid easily in and out of my spastic cunt. I wiggled my butt and sighed out in orgasmic lust as his fingers ravished my aching wet slippery pussy hole. Moans of sheer delight filled the room as I pushed back on his invading fingers as he furiously finger fucked me.

My pussy made loud squishy noises as his fingers plunged in and out of me. I cried out yes, yes, oh god yes roger, uh huh oh god yes I’m going to cum oh fuck yes, yes uh huh oh god hurry roger I pleaded hurry and please fuck me, please fuck me with your hard thick cock.

Fuck me roger I screamed out as my pussy began to spasm uncontrollably as my orgasm mounted and mounted pushing me higher and higher out of control until my pussy squeezed down on his fingers and my body tensed up as I screamed out in orgasmic pleasure as my pussy quivered and flooded his fingers with my hot creamy juices.

I slowly looked over my shoulder and smiled at roger and said god we need to pretend like that more often, oh my god Roger I came so hard. I don’t know what came over me. I do he said. The simple thought of Freddy seeing your pussy full of my cock.

No, I laughed that’s not it at all really Rog, you got that wrong. Oh do I he said, as he let his fingers slide up between my swollen hot pussy lips. That was fun he said, but all in all I think it turned you on thinking I was serious about letting Freddy take pictures of us fucking.

By the way he said as he walked out the door I was being serious. I stood up on wobbly legs and ran after him, oh no you don’t mister, I ran in front of him and I kissed him and looked into his eyes. Aren’t you going to make love to me Roger?

Of course I am he said as he gently kissed me. I’m going to make love to you while we discuss your exhibitionist urges to let others see you totally exposed and vulnerable.
I punched him on his chest and laughed at him. Come on I said as I pulled him by the hand to our bedroom. Come fuck me like I know you want to fuck me.
I softly moaned as Roger’s teeth found my sore nipples. Careful babe you got them sore. Suck on them softly and kiss them. Mm I sighed yes just like that I sighed out as his tongue swirled around my hardening nipple.

I brushed my fingers through his hair. I smiled to myself as he softly caressed my breast and gently pulled at my nipples. I sighed out as his fingers traced little circles around my nipples then traversed slowly down my tummy.

I could feel my pussy beginning to trickle renewed juices of passion as his finger brushed over my clit and paused. He pressed lightly until his finger slid off my slippery burning clit.He teased my clit with light pressure as I pushed up my hips and moaned out his name.

I pulled him down to me and kissed him hard as my breath came in short gasps as my tongue snaked out and danced with his. Our kisses were wet and filled with passion and desire. I moaned loudly as his finger slid over my clit and paused briefly at my sopping wet opening then curled and slid inside me.

My hips moved with pleasure as his finger slowly explored the soft wet walls of my tight hot cunt. I bit into his shoulder as he added another finger into my already fiery hot vagina.I squirmed and moaned as my pussy quivered and clutched at his fingers.

I moved my hands up and began to massage my breast as my hips rolled in long slow circles. My mouth open as I breathed deeply, lost in sexual pleasure as I felt a deep ache inside my dripping wet cunt.

I could feel the warm juices of my burning cunt flowing down over my puckered butt hole.Fuck me Roger, I sighed out please fuck me, oh god I need to feel you inside of me. I felt his weight shift as he moved between my legs. I smiled up at him as I wrapped my legs around him trying to pull him into me.

My hand reaching down and found his hard thick cock. I closed my eyes and slowly teased myself by running my hand over the soft hot skin of his fat thick cock. It jerked under my hand and I sighed out as Roger brushed my hand aside.

He began to slowly rub his cock along my sopping wet swollen pussy lips. I looked down and sighed as I watched the head of his cock turn wet with my hot sticky cunt juice. Roger teased my aching pussy before he looked me in the eyes and I silently pleaded with him with my own eyes to please hurry and fuck me.

He closed his eyes as he slowly pushed his fat hard thick cock into my waiting slippery wet pussy. He groaned with pleasure as his cock sunk slowly into my soft wet vaginal sheath until I felt his balls snuggle tightly against my pink little butt hole.

I moaned out oh god yes, uh huh as I held him tightly around his neck, my legs locked at my ankles around his waist as he began to plunge rhythmically in and out of the tight elastic walls of my tight quivering cunt.

Roger’s cock is not overly long but in this position the head of his hard thick cock crashed into my cervix causing me to bite my lower lip and rake my nails across his back in pleasurable pain. Fuck I gasped out fuck, yes uh huh I grunted as his hard throbbing cock pounded in and out of my soft wet tight cunt.

Oh god Roger, oh god yes, fuck me baby, fuck my little pussy, uh huh fuck me oh god I love the way you fuck my hot little pussy with your big fat cock, uh huh, uh huh, yes, yes,
oh god yes fuck me baby, fuck my pussy, uh huh fuck me, fuck me oh god yes fuck me I moaned out as his cock slid noisily in and out of my dripping wet cunt.

I reached down and grabbed his butt and pulled him deeper into me and ground my pussy up into him as I felt the sparks of an impending orgasm turn into a hot flame as I cried out in orgasmic pleasure as I felt my pussy flutter and clutch at Roger’s hard thick cock as I exploded around his pounding cock.

I cried out over and over in pure pleasure as Roger’s thick cock continued to plunge deeper and harder into my hot wet spastic vagina. Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes, I cried out as I held on tightly as he pummeled my quivering wet hot pussy.

As Roger continued to brutally fuck my slippery wet cunt I felt ripples of pleasure fluttering deep in my vagina and spread up to radiate into my breast as my nipples hardened and my face flushed with post orgasmic fever.

I felt Roger’s thick cock swell and wildly throb as he drove himself harder and faster into my hot wet soft quivering pussy. I bit into his shoulder as a brief stabbing pain shot out from my cervix as he battered away at my creamy wet cunt.

Yes, yes, I cried out uh huh yes, Roger cum in me, cum in my pussy baby, uh huh that’s it oh god yes that’s it do it, uh huh now yes, yes, yes, I threw my head back and arched my back up as his thick hard cock pounded away at my pussy.

He grabbed me by my butt and held me up as his cock continued to piston in and out of my warm wet sloppy cunt. I felt little sparks of delight ignite deep in my pussy as my orgasm caused tremors of pleasure to explode as I felt the first hot jets of Roger’s cum splatter hotly into my pussy.

I clawed at the sheets as he pulled me deeper and harder onto his big fat spurting cock.He threw his head back and roared as gobs of his hot sticky sperm raced up the shaft of his swollen cock and painted the walls and my cervix with his burning hot sperm.

I clawed away at the sheets and screamed out in pain and pleasure as an intense orgasm washed over my whole body as his squirting cock bashed into my cervix. I tossed my head back and forth and gasped out in the throes of orgasm as my whole body shook as Roger pounded and pummeled away at my battered pussy.

I screamed out in orgasmic pleasure as I gasped for air through clenched teeth as Roger held me to him and his throbbing cock pulsed as his hot thick sperm filled my quivering cunt with gob after gob of his scalding hot sperm.

He collapsed and rolled onto his side keeping his arm and leg protectively d****d over me.I turned and kissed his lips with tender passionate kisses. We broke apart gasping for air as his hand found mine and interlaced with my fingers.

He held me tight to him and whispered that’s it, I just have to get you on video while we’re making love. God I love the way you make love to me Anna. I kissed him and lay back in silence. Roger leaned over and kissed me softly, passionately and my heart melted.

Ok, maybe, just let me think about ok. Yes he yelled out and pumped his fist in the air. I cracked up and said don’t celebrate so soon. I said I’d think about it and that’s all for now mister.

I got up and went to take a shower and get something to drink. Would you like a beer or something I asked Roger as I walked away. No thanks he said I’m just going to lay here and dream about Freddy taking pictures or even making a vid of us fucking away like two little rabbits.

I laughed and said you do that. I’m going to take a shower then get something out of the freezer for supper. Hey can we invite Freddy over for supper? Roger asked. I shrugged my shoulders and said yeah why not.

Hey he can bring his camera and stuff over. I started to protest but Roger cut me off and said I’ll ask him to bring his equipment over. Yeah ok I said you do that. You two can have fun taking pictures of each other and making recordings of yourselves.

Oh no I’ll have him take some pictures of you posing all sexy for the camera. Oh you will huh I asked? Sure he said, some bikini shots, some lingerie pictures you know innocent stuff like that. Yeah ok I said we’ll see.

Come on Anna at least say you’ll think about it . I stopped and turned around and came back and gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear. Fine I’ll think about. I turned and walked away.

There I said I thought about it, and I don’t think so, the bikini pictures?, I’ll probably pose for you guys. The lingerie, well that depends on what lingerie you want me to wear. There you have my answer. Now I’m going to go take a shower and think about supper.

I had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach set at the table. Freddy had brought a bottle of red wine to go with supper. The conversation centered around Freddy’s work as a photographer/ dry waller.

Freddy laughed and said if not for his dry wall work he’d be very poor. Roger asked him if he had any samples of his work and he said yeah, but out in the car. Roger said why don’t you get them and show us some of your work.

Freddy returned with a pretty big portfolio and opened it up and showed us photos of castles and pictures of his trip to Europe. Roger said hey man show us the good stuff. Freddy shrugged and said they’re just some nudes I’ve done of some local and not so local women.

Let me sort through the locals , I don’t want to embarrass anyone or get into any trouble as I never take pictures and tell. At that roger looked my way with raised eyebrows. Roger then said so like if you took pics of Anna know one else would see them?.

Of course not Freddy said I couldn’t stay in this business long doing low down shit like that. See Anna Roger said. He’s a professional. Yeah I said glaring at Roger. Freddy smiled at me and said you have the classic features of a typical model. You have high cheekbones and I’ve always thought you are very beautiful.

I blushed at that and thanked him. Freddy said I’ve often pictured you nude and posing for me, Freddy looked at Roger to make sure he didn’t over step any lines. Roger said that’s perfect, you see I’ve been trying to convince Anna to let you photograph her.

Well I’m far from model material. I beg to differ Freddy spoke up. Anna you’d be a treasure to capture on film. I’d love to photograph you, think it over and if ever you need or want me to photograph you it would be my pleasure.

I kind of giggled and said well a few more of these and maybe I will. You guys go out on the deck while I clean up this mess. I’ll be out shortly to join you. When I was done I walked out on the deck to find only Freddy sifting through some pictures. I asked him where Roger went. He said to the store to get more wine.

I laughed and said I see. Freddy said hey want to see some of my work?, sure I said why not. I could use a break. I sat down next to Freddy and he opened a binder that contained quite a few photos of some very naked women.

I felt my face turning red as I looked at the pictures. They were nothing like I expected they were very professional and not pornographic in any way whatsoever. Don’t blush Anna Freddy said then laughed and said you’re naked under your clothes right now.

This prompted a giggle from me and I punched him in his shoulder and said no shit huh? Hey you want another glass of wine. I know I do. Maybe a small one Freddy said. Okay I’m going to pour myself what’s left. Excuse me I’ll be right back.

Once in the kitchen I poured the wine with a shaky hand. I realized not only did Freddy take very attractive photos but Freddy was a very handsome man. I took a sip of my wine and wondered where the evening might take me.

I nervously licked my lips and thought about standing nude before Freddy, granted he was a friend, but the most he’d ever seen me in was a bikini. Yikes I thought maybe Roger was right. Maybe I did harbor some secret desire to…what? Oh Anna stop being silly I told myself.

Here’s a few poses you might like Anna Freddy said to me as I took my seat next to him. I swallowed hard when I looked at , what appeared to be just another “ housewife “ like me. She was standing in a doorway with her arms over her head pulling her breast up and her legs were spread to the corners of the doorway.

I caught my breath at how beautiful she was. Obviously Freddy had worked some photo magic as he made it appear as if she were an angel outlined with a white glowing halo contrasting her body.

That pose would suit you just fine Anna I heard Freddy say. I looked away embarrassed that I had been caught staring so intently at the nude woman. I was more embarrassed because I felt a slight twitch and flutter in my vagina.

Thank God roger showed up just about that time. Oh getting started without me are you two? He placed a bottle of wine on the table and walked inside to put two more away in the fridge.

I felt flushed with fever as I kept glancing at the scores of pictures of semi and totally nude women in various poses. Roger rejoined us and said to Freddy. So you got her talked into what poses you want her in, and most important has she agreed to let you take some shots of her gorgeous naked body?

I rolled my eyes and laughed at Roger. I’m not that d***k yet, where I’m going to take off my dress and let anyone take pictures of me. Roger laughed and said by all means have another drink then. I nervously giggled and said yeah you ‘d love that wouldn’t you?

I don’t think Freddy would mind either if you took off your dress and let him take some pictures of you. Yeah typical men I said. Get a woman d***k and take advantage of her.

I held my glass up and grinned at roger and said I think I need another drink.
Can I say something without getting slapped across my face Anna? Uh sure why not I said with a nervous grin.

Well since I got here I’ve thought of nothing else than taking some shots of you. Nothing racy, well ok racy but , I’m digger myself a deeper hole here he said with a laugh.

Like what kind of pictures. Show me I said as I tapped his portfolio. Freddy said this holds nothing but nudes, but you can get a general idea of what I’m looking for if you look through it. Me and your old man need to talk about the work he wants me to do in your basement anyway. Fair enough?. Um, uh sure I said.

As I flipped through the pages once in awhile I’d pause and stare at the picture of women in various poses some borderline porno, no I thought they’re way to professional to be pornographic.

I thought well if I posed like this Roger would definitely be happy and get his wish fulfilled as the picture I was looking at showed a woman squatting on a bear skin rug and her vagina was in very clear view.

I sipped my wine and felt that twitch in my vagina again as I looked at the different poses. I got up and laid on the chaise lounge and was deeply engrossed in the photos when I heard the very distinctive sound of a camera shutter.

I quickly looked up and smiled at Roger and Freddy . My face turned as red as a beet as I realized my nipples were rock hard points in my light cotton dress and both men were staring at them.

I let out an embarrassed laugh and told them to quit staring. Roger said take a picture Freddy it’ll last longer, we all cracked up over that. I teasingly posed while Freddy took some pictures of me. I grew more brave and struck some provocative poses as Freddy clicked away.

Roger encouraged me to be more daring and show a little more skin. I replied I’m showing enough as it is, and that’s all you’re going to get. To appease Roger I unbuttoned a few buttons and cupped my breast and posed and Freddy’s eyebrows went up and he said yeah, like that , damn now that’s sexy.

I laughed and said I need a few more drinks if you guys want anymore pictures and I walked into the house to get myself another drink. I felt a warm tingle in my pussy as I felt their eyes on my butt as I walked through the doorway.

I purposely wiggled my butt just before going inside. I poured myself another drink and giggled to myself as I thought uh huh liquid courage as I took a sip and walked back out on the deck.
Until next time Mrs. X

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7 months ago
im liking it so far
1 year ago
to jodiedman: so what does " hummm..." mean?
1 year ago
nice start
1 year ago
1 year ago
Wow, hot stuff. You have some really good writing skills, Anna.
2 years ago
Nice work Anna. looking forward to the next installment as well.
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a sexy story
2 years ago
Very good start,Can't wait for part 2.
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I love this.
2 years ago
thank you all for the comments, and yes there is a part 2 coming very soon, Anna
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Wow, excellent start. You have me on the edge waiting for the rest.
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great start ,bet i know what the outcum is lol
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Please don't stop now!