George's House

George called me Saturday and told me to be at his house no later than 9:07PM. I said yes George I’ll be there. He said you’d better be or I’ll have something waiting for you.

I had time to soak in the tub and shave my legs and trim my pussy. I love being immersed in hot water . After trimming my pussy my fingers lingered on my clit and one ventured inside me.

I closed my eyes and began to dream away and reached up with one hand and cupped my breast and playfully pinched and pulled at my nipples. Soon the bathroom resonated with my soft moans and sighs as my fingers began to rub my clit faster and faster.

I let out a shrill sigh and felt my thighs shake and tremble as I teased out an orgasm in the bathtub. I quietly lay there in the warm afterglow of my orgasm. My eyes felt heavy and I drifted off to sl**p.

I woke up suddenly and jumped out of the tub and looked at the clock on the wall in my bedroom. I cussed out loud and went into a panic as it was 8:52:PM. I frantically threw open my closet door and quickly searched for a nice skirt and blouse.

Then I grabbed a pair of black pumps and began dressing. I looked at my hair and shrieked oh god. I grabbed a brush and quickly ran it through my hair and tied it back in a pony.

I raced out the door and drove like a mad woman to George’s house. Tears formed in my eyes as I realized I couldn’t make the 40 minute drive to his house in time. I quickly pulled over and dabbed at my eyes and slowly counted to ten. I regained my composure and said to myself C’est La Vie.

All during the drive to George’s house I felt my face burn red with anger at myself. I pulled up to George’s at 9:25 Pm. Rather than race up the stairs I walked knowing I was going to be in trouble no matter what.

George opened the door as my foot hit the bottom step. He said you’re late. I said yes George but let me explain, he cut me off and said you’re late, now get in here right now. I said yes george in a meek quiet voice.

He barked out go stand in the corner while I decide what to do with you. I turned and said but george it was the traff…I stopped talking as I saw his steely cold eyes on me. I just wanted to cry I was so angry with myself.

I stood in the corner and the silence was unbearable. I heard George talking on the phone in a low voice, I gulped and swallowed hard. George yelled at me why are you still wearing clothes?, get undressed now and fold your close in a neat pile.

I unbuttoned my blouse with shaky fingers. I hated when George was mad at me and yelled. I had trouble unzipping my skirt because I was shaking so badly. Off came my pumps and I was totally nude.

George said turn around and raise your arms over your head but keep your eyes cast on the floor. Yes George I replied. I watched in horrid fascination as he put a clothespin on my nipple. I bit my lip and moaned but said not a word.

My eyes followed his hands to my other nipple as he clipped another on my other nipple. George reached between my thighs and patted them and said spread your legs open. I replied yes george. This time I cried out as he pulled my pussy lip and attached what looked like a tiny metal hairclip. Then he did the same to the other.

He grumbled to himself and walked away and came back with three more of the metal clips. I looked as he took the clothespins from my nipples and put the metal clips on them instead. I bit down on my lip as these really hurt.

Then to my horror his finger found my clit and he put the last metal clip on it. I screamed out in real pain and terror. George said there , there Anna, turn and face the wall. I looked at him searching his eyes. He placed his finger on my lip and said hush now little one.

I turned to the wall. George tied my hands together and put a blindfold on me. The shocking thing was he put a leather leash around my neck and attached a chain to it and led me to the living room.

He told me to kneel down and then lean forward over the footstool. Yes George I said, he bound my hands to my knees and tied my knees to the legs of the footstool. Then he grabbed me by my ankles and spread my legs as far apart as possible and tied each ankle to a wooden stick.

I never felt so open and exposed in my life, my butt cheeks were spread wide open. My puckered butt hole and pink wet pussy were on wanton display. The doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat, there was no way he’d let anyone see me like this I thought.

My cheeks burned with humiliation as I heard George say, all of you have asked me over and over just how beautiful Anna’s ass and pussy are, well, there she is gentlemen on total display for your viewing pleasure.

Oh , George said, did I mention I intend to use the paddle on her ass?, well you’re all invited until I tire of playing with her tonight. In fact I may let you use the paddle on her yourselves.

Tears were running down my eyes as I was totally humiliated in front of god only knew who. George said I’d untie her and have her serve us beer but she looks so much better in that position, don’t you think?

I heard them all say hell yes. One voice I didn’t recognize said Jesus George she’s fine as hell, I mean just look at that sparkling wet pussy all plump and ready for a fucking. That poop hole too no wonder you’re always smiling.

Look at that pink little starfish. What I wouldn’t give to stick my cock in that. I thought oh my god they’re talking about me as if I’m not here, or I’m an object on display for their entertainment.

I felt like crawling away and just dying. George said, yeah that’s a fine little pooper you’re looking at and that cunt , it was just made for fucking. I heard another voice say hey George you going to let us sample the wares?

George said I don’t know about that, you can paddle her ass if you want though, so George said who wants to spank that cute little ass first? My mouth flew open as I realized that not only was my asshole and pussy on display to strangers.

It was also going to be paddled by unknown men. I heard I’ll do it, then I felt a hand rubbing my butt cheeks and he said her ass is as smooth as alabaster, I swallowed back a whimper of shame. Then he said do you mind George if I just dip my finger for a taste of that brown eye?

George said, well, maybe a little dip won’t hurt. George said wait a minute let me gag her first. I thought what did he just say? George came around in front of me and I gave him my very angry with him look.

George whispered in my ear, hey, tell me why your pussy is so soaking wet if you don’t find this just a little sexually arousing. I rolled my eyes at him, but silently knew he was right. Fucking me was not an option, looking and touching, well it did excite me.

George said open up Anna, then I’ll know, or else the game stops here. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. George said that’s my girl. He put a ball gag in my mouth and kissed the tip of my nose.

George said now about that finger in her brown eye for a taste. Go ahead get yourself a taste. When the strangers finger touched my butt hole, my pussy gushed a river of hot pussy juice.

A tiny whimper escaped my lips as he sunk his finger into my shit hole. He said oh I think she likes it. Then he said holy shit look at that cunt cream flowing out of her. He said come on George I got to finger that fine ass pussy.

George said well if you have to who am I to tell you , you can’t. I felt his finger on my clit then he slid it along my sopping wet cunt until his finger found the entrance to my slippery wet pussy.

He slid his finger into me and my pussy quivered and squeezed down on it. He said now that’s one hot tight pussy you got yourself there George. George said I sure do but it’s time to paddle her little ass. She was a bad girl today.

I tried to bite down in anticipation of the paddle spanking my ass but the ball gag wouldn’t let me. George said oh wait, one more thing, George removed the ball gag and said don’t forget to say thank you and count.

So began my humiliation as the paddle struck my ass I had to say thank you sir , 1 sir , and so on. Between my ouches and whimpers as the paddle struck my burning ass cheeks my shame was complete.

I heard a voice say does she do a butt plug? Another asked how about a nice warm enema? Another said hey George give her a good fucking would you? Every voice in the room said yeah george fuck her good, and don’t forget to pound her tight little poop hole.

The room was filled with “ FUCK HER PUSSY “ POUND THAT SHITTER “ I hung my head in shame and embarrassment as I realized I wanted George to fuck me in front of everyone of them. My swollen wet pussy was all the encouragement George needed.

George got behind me and said gentlemen prepare to be amazed. He rubbed his cock up and down my dripping wet pussy lips and I sighed out yes, oh yes uh huh yes George fuck me george uh huh fuck me uh huh.

Knowing that every man in the room was watching George’s cock slide deep into my pussy then pull out and ram his hot hard cock deeply back into me made me scream out. Yes, oh god yes , George fuck me George, fuck my pussy uh huh , uh huh oh god yes fuck me George , fuck me hard and deep, uh huh fuck my pussy, oh god yes fuck me.

It had to of been the excitement of having the others watch George fuck me that sent a shattering orgasm ripping so quickly through me. I threw my head back and screamed oh god George oh god you’re making me cum oh god yes fuck me george, yes , yes , yes fuck me! Oh god yes fuck my pussy!

My breath came in deep ragged gulps of air as George pounded my tight little cunt with his thick hard cock. Every time his cock would plunge deep into me It would expel a deep long sigh from my mouth.

Do her ass George , do her up that fine ass, come on george fuck that tight little brown eye. I couldn’t believe my own ears when I heard my voice saying yes george do it uh huh fuck my tight little poop hole oh god yes george fuck my ass , fuck it hard and deep.

The presence of the strangers was having an unusual effect on me , a little humiliation mixed with a new highly charged sexual awakening. I wanted them to see George really pound my pooper.

My pussy was burning hot and dripping wet as george battered my aching cunt with his thick hard cock. George surprised me when he said you want it up that tight little shitter you fucking slut.? Huh? Do you?

I realized it was all part of the game and I answered back in a loud moaning voice oh god yes, uh huh, yes fuck my shit hole uh huh give me your hard cock uh huh take me in my ass, oh god yes George fuck my slutty little pooper.

I threw my head back and screamed out oh god yes as I felt George’s cock slowly invading my poop hole. Uh huh uh huh oh yes oh god yes fuck my ass, uh huh yes, yes George fuck my asshole.

George grunted and started to really pound my brown eye with his thick hard cock. I screamed out yes uh huh, uh huh yes George cum in my ass george fill my asshole with your hot sticky sperm yes, oh god yes shoot it in me george cum in my ass.

George screamed out fuck yes fuck yeah I’m going to cum in your hot little asshole. I felt George’s cock throb and pulse as hot gobs of sticky gooey sperm splashed deep inside my poop hole filling my bowels with his hot sperm.

His finger was frantically rubbing my slippery wet clit as George filled my shit hole with his hot burning sperm my orgasm encompassed my whole being and exploded shooting electric jolts of pleasure from my clit to my cum filled butt hole.

I moaned out ecstatically and soft whimpering moans poured form my lips as I lay there spread wide open knowing every man in the room had his eyes on my exposed poop hole and my cum soaked pussy.

George said I need a beer. I heard a voice say I need to stick my finger in that sweet hot looking pussy. Another voice said I need to stick my finger in that puckered cum soaked brown eye. George said no fucking allowed boys but fingers and tongues are ok.

I heard a male voice yell out hey George what about a blow job, that’s not fucking is it. I thought to myself oh my god if he says ok what am I going to do? I felt a finger sliding along my cum filled cunt.
Then another probed into my sperm filled butt hole. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the special attention I was getting. I thought if George doesn’t mind that they finger me then I shouldn’t worry about him being upset with me.

I had a finger in my pussy and one in my butt when I felt another on my clit, my pussy became a spastic and quivering volcano waiting to explode. A voice said oh yeah she’s getting there I can feel that pussy quiver and pour out her cunt juice.

My body tensed up as a huge orgasm washed over me sending tiny sparks of pleasure from deep within my bowels, along the walls of my vagina, and bursting into a million sparks of pleasure at my clit.

I simply collapsed and struggled to get my breath under control. When I heard the same voice say hey George what about a blow job? You never answered. George said yeah give me a few more beers or her a few more beers, I just hate to untie her though just so she can drink a beer.

Well she deserves a beer or two anyway George. George brought me a beer and said can you drink it like that? I said if you hold it then yeah. It wasn’t easy but I finished the beer. George said another? I whispered how many guys are here. George only smiled.

I could feel their eyes burning into my butt hole and my pussy. Which kept me in a high state of sexual arousal. George whispered what about sucking them off? I smiled and said give me another beer or two.

George said remember Anna it’s just a game. You can stop it at any time. I whispered I know george but I’m… oh god George I’m so excited from them watching you fuck me and them fingering me. I just don’t want you upset with me.

George said what do you mean? I said no fucking me. They can’t fuck me, but them fingering me is way exciting. I mean well, sucking them off might be ok. George said does it make you horny thinking about doing it?

I said, well, don’t be mad , but yes, I think so. George leaned close and whispered in my ear “ seven “ that’s how many are looking at you right now and I can say they all like what they see. My pussy twitched and gushed at those words.

I looked at George and said I’ll do it. Just do me a favor and make like it’s your idea and let me say no a few times and I smiled at him and said I love you george. George kissed me and said I love you too.

Now let’s have some fun. George made the big announcement that blow jobs would be ok. I could suck off every cock put in my mouth. The guys all went yeah , hell yeah. I spoke up and said George I’m not sure I’m willing to do that.

George said I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s ok by me. I love you. This is just a game. I said I don’t know. He said oh come on Anna, it’s just a blow job. Well he said a few blow jobs.

George said here let’s start with me. I said um ok. George said open wide, daddy want’s to come inside. The cock in my mouth wasn’t George’s cock , this cock was short and fat. George had a longer one and not as fat.

I sighed mm you taste so good George I love sucking your cock. I had just the head in my mouth and I was giving him a nice slow swirly with my tongue. I moved my lips back and forth over the head of his cock flicking it with my tongue. When I deep throated him he grabbed my head and started face fucking me.

I felt his cock expand and throb and then blast after blast of hot sticky sperm was shooting down my throat as I swallowed as fast I could. He withdrew his cock and I licked my lips and said you taste different for some reason George.

All the men there laughed and said that wasn’t George. I went oh my god I thought something wasn’t right. George said one down Anna, 6 to go. I giggled and said well what’s 6 more?

My pussy was soaking wet knowing that I’d just sucked off a stranger. I heard the guys say come on George fuck her up the ass again. George said why?, just look at that dripping wet pussy ready and waiting for a nice hard cock.

Whoever had his cock in my mouth now just held my head and face fucked me. I sucked and licked his cock though as best as I could. I sensed George behind me before I felt his hard cock sliding up and down my sopping wet pussy lips.

I starting making little circles with my hips and pushing back on his cock. When he slid his cock into me I made a sound that was like oof around the cock in my mouth. I thought oh my god george has gotten longer…or, oh my god I realized it wasn’t george at all.

The mere thought of having had strangers watch George fuck me already had me at a high sexual plateau. Now the realization that some stranger with a very thick and long cock was fucking me sent me over the edge and I had a loud explosive orgasm.

It began with me throwing my head back and squeezing down on the cock in my pussy and me screaming oh god uh huh oh god yes oh my god yes fuck me uh huh uh huh fuck me uh huh oh god yes fuck me.

My slippery wet cunt started spastically quivering and squeezing around the hard cock that was pounding my pussy with short deep hard strokes. I felt the cock in my mouth balloon and throb.

I bit down on it hoping that whoever was fucking me would cum at the same time as the cock I was sucking. My efforts were rewarded when I heard them both growl out and grunt and their cocks burst out gobs of hot gooey sperm down my throat and splashed the walls of my quivering wet cunt.

I giggled to myself and silently said three down three to go. I have to admit I had mixed emotions about what was happening but my sexual being was crying for more. For now though I surrendered to the raw physical pleasure of sex.

I was a little embarrassed as the third cock of the night penetrated me and pushed out the sperm inside me and my pussy made little wet farts as he began to really pound into me.
Which elicited a series of long moans of uh huh’s and oh yeses that I couldn’t contain any longer.

I was in the throes of sexual pleasure when I felt another cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could between my wet warm lips. My moans came out as wet gurgling gagging sounds as droll began to drip out of my mouth as the stranger throat fucked me.

By now I was a sweaty sexual mess as sweat ran down my face and a very thick cock slid deeply into my throat. My moans were muffled as the stranger’s cock in my burning wet pussy fucked me with deep long orgasm inducing strokes.

I moved my head and screamed out yes, oh my god yes, uh huh oh god yes, right there uh huh right there oh god fuck me uh huh uh huh fuck me yes, yes fuck my wet sloppy cunt.
Oh god yes , oh god, oh god oh god I’m cumming.

I felt hands on my head as once again the very thick cock plunged down my throat and began to rapidly throat fuck me. He grunted and his molten hot creamy sperm poured down my throat and I swallowed quickly to get it all.

I heard a loud growl and felt strong hands pull me back onto the cock in my dripping wet pussy as he shot load after load of burning hot creamy sperm into my pussy. My mouth was wide open as I gasped for air as I felt his sperm trickling out of my cum soaked cunt.

I lay bound across the footstool completely spent when I again sensed someone behind me. I heard a voice say I was saving the best for last. I felt a hot hard cock slip into me and I let out an uh groan as I breathed out.

I heard don’t worry baby I’m going somewhere else I’m just getting my cock nice and wet so when I stick it in in your pooper it won’t hurt. I thought to myself I just can’t take no more. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my tight puckered shitter.

I gasped in air as the head of his cock pushed into my poop hole. He gently stoked my lower back and slowly pushed and pushed his cock into me. I had thought that the other strangers cock was thick and long but his was longer but not thicker.

I felt my butt hole opening up as he pushed his cock deep into my bowels oh god I moaned uh huh mm it’s so good uh huh slow uh huh real slow just like that oh my god your so deep in me.

He said oh I’m going to go slow for now then when your tight little brown eye get’s used to my cock I’m going to literally fuck the shit out you. In response I squeezed my anal sphincter muscle down on his cock.

I heard him say gather around boys I’m going to show you how to fuck a sweet tight little slut’s brown eye until she cries and screams for me to stop. I bit my lower lip as he started to really hammer into my butt hole.

I hung my head and breathed through my mouth as he started to go harder and faster I squeezed my eyes shut as his long hard cock pounded deeply into my gaping wide shit hole. Little screams and whimpers escaped my lips as he rammed his hard long cock into my brown eye.

Screams of ugh and whimpering oh gods filled the room as he relentlessly pounded his thick long cock into me. Sweat was pouring down my face as I whimpered out oh god oh god please I can’t take no more.

I heard an evil laugh behind me as he said missy I’m going to give your shit hole the fucking of your life. Oh god I screamed out as his cock tore into my bowels, oh god no ugh no oh god please I screamed as he fucked my asshole with sadistic pleasure.

He had to have been standing over me as his hands were on my shoulders pulling me back onto his long thick cock as he pounded me with hard deep fast strokes that had me screaming out oh god oh god no , no please no more oh god I can’t take your cock it’s to big.

Then suddenly the pain turned into an immense pleasurable mix of pain and pleasure I no longer cried out no , now I was screaming and moaning oh god yes uh huh oh my god yes uh huh fuck me yes fuck my shit hole with your huge cock, uh huh give it to me, oh god yes , uh huh oh god I screamed out as an orgasm sent electrical jolts of pain and pleasure shooting through me.

The stranger himself was gasping for air as I heard him say oh yeah little girl here it comes and he pounded my musky gaping shit hole with his long thick cock. A low rumbling started in his chest as he pounded away into me.

I felt his cock throb and expand threatening to tear my anus open as what felt like gallons of very thick and hot gobs of sperm rocketed out of his huge cock flooding my asshole so full that his hot sperm leaked out of my battered shit hole…

Later that night as George gently began to make love to me we talked about what had happened and I told him I never thought something like that would ever happen to me. I said I mean I’d never let something like that happen to me.

George softly kissed me and said I only helped you find that sexual side of yourself. Then he asked me if I had any regrets? I went umm…nope and we both laughed. Then George made sweet passionate love to me…Until next time…Mrs. X
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3 years ago
where can I meet this George?
4 years ago
Anna, That was truly an amazing story. Thanx for letting me know that it was posted.
You've done well. you should be please with this story...I certainly was.
thanx again.
4 years ago
nice one
4 years ago
An incredible erotic feast Anna! Bravo!
4 years ago
ms. anna once again you have writen an excellnet wonderful sexy story
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
Such steamy, erotic material, Anna. Your imagination is horny! Thanks for posting!