" The Wall "

George had told me to be at his house no later than 7:00pm. Every time he said something like that to me I understood the consequences of being late. George said wear something seductive and somewhat reveling.

My mind was going through my wardrobe when the perfect combination came to mind. I had a crotchless cat suit with a lacy transparent top that along with my black leather mini skirt did the trick.

I got to George’s house at 7:06, I silently cussed traffic. I ran up the stairs and was met by George at the door. He told me we’ll deal with your tardiness later. I said oh George stop it, the traffic held me up I can’t control that.

He gave me an icy stare that sent a shiver up my spine. He took my coat and a smile touched his lips as he could see the outline of my areola and nipples. He took me by my hand and we went into his bedroom.

He told me bend over on the bed. He laughed as he put a butt plug in my butt hole.
He told me stand and face him. I looked down at the floor, then he said, Anna, look up at me.

I looked up at him, and he smiled , 30 minutes, that’s all, then you can take it out. I said yes George, thank you george, he said you’re quite welcome. Now lets join our guest.

As we entered the game room I saw black shades covering the windows and red lights. What caught my eye most was what looked like a cement wall along the far wall of the room.

It turned out to be cardboard and wood framing. The lines were even painted on it. There were 5 holes cut out along the wall. A banner reading “ The Wall “ was d****d over the top.

I saw Wesley, George’s b*****r and Luke was with George’s s****r Amanda. Another couple Gene and Carla were standing by Tim and Jade. I counted 4 women and 5 men, Wesley was alone.

Me, Amanda , Jade and Carla went into the kitchen to make ham and cheese sandwiches on mini buns and get assorted chips , and beer and other drinks. We brought everything out and put them on the table.

George said oh one thing I forgot girls, I ordered pizza. Me and the guys have decided you should strip now and pay the delivery boy one dollar at a time until the pizza and tip are taken care of.

I felt my face turning red as I looked at the other women. Jade said this is bullshit, I’m going home. I agreed with her and said next time try asking us first, I was headed for the door when George stopped me and threw me over his shoulder.

Tim grabbed Jade and said oh no you don’t. what to do what to do said George. Such disobedience can’t go unchecked. George let me down then bent me over a chair and told Wesley to tie my hands and feet to the chair.

I screamed let me go right now, I tried to look as mad as possible but I knew it was another of George’s games. I tried to fight the men off but soon I was tied securely to the chair. Jade was kicking and screaming away but she too was soon subdued and tied up like me.

I had forgotten about the butt plug when George said mm what do we have here I felt my face burning red as george said push it out, that’s it push it out. The butt plug made a popping noise when it came out of me, I thought thank god I didn’t fart. I wanted to crawl away and die.

It was decided that Tim would spank me and George would spank Jade to further our punishment. If either man saw us getting aroused or wet they would be allowed to finger us.

Jade spoke up first again and said no, you untie me right now. I said yes, stop this untie us now. Tim was spanking my bottom before I knew what was happening and George was spanking jade until she wailed out in anger and pain.

Amanda was made to strip, as well as Carla, I think they knew better than disobey. Tim paddled my behind until I felt the red warmth of his spanking, I cringed as I felt my pussy quiver and my juices began to flow.

Tim yelled out we have a hot one here she’s dripping wet. George said you know what to do to her pussy don’t you Tim. Tim said yes I do, and I felt his finger sliding in between my wet pussy lips and delving into my soaking wet vagina.

I heard Jade say get your finger out of me now, I mean it. George said no, and I mean it. The door bell rang and Wesley said ah I think that’s the pizza guy? I thought for sure they’d untie us but that was not to be.

Amanda and Carla had to pay the pizza man one dollar at a time. I watched from the chair as the pizza man stared up and down Amanda and Carla as they paid in single dollars. Their faces turning red each time they paid and the dollars were on the coffee table so they had to bend over and get their dollar.

This gave the pizza man a very good view of their pussies. He looked at Jade and George said oh you’d probably be wanting to see their pussies too, go ahead he told him go get a good look.

Actually go finger fuck them before you leave, go ahead George said go get your finger wet. I wanted to die from embarrassment, Jade looked at me and rolled her eyes and mouthed the words they’re so fucking dead.

I’m so pissed off at your boyfriend and Tim I could simply kill them. I said uh huh but be quiet because we’ll get it ten times worse if we cause anymore trouble. Jade said has George done this to you before?

I said a few times but never like this, I mean with so many people around. Jade said god I could kill myself for getting wet, is that normal?, I said it depends but I think you like the idea, or at least your pussy does and we both cracked up laughing.

This brought immediate attention to us. George asked what’s so funny?, Jade said you, you call that a spanking?, and she laughed right in George’s face. I saw George and Tim bend their heads together and I said uh oh you’re going to get it good now, why did you say that anyway?

Jeez Jade that was stupid of you to say. Jade shrugged her shoulders and said maybe. I went oh my god you said that on purpose, you really do like getting a spanking, she just smiled at me, and said or getting fingered by a different man.

I smiled back and said hey Tim, you really don’t know how to spank a woman’s bottom do you? George came over and bent down and whispered I’m moving you up one level, if it’s to much say that’s enough George and I promise to stop.

I said um ok, I think, and my tummy did flip flops as I felt myself being blindfolded. I assumed they did the same to Jade as I heard her say hey what the…and Tim cut her off and said silence, or pay in flesh.

It was deathly silent as I lay over the chair, thinking to myself moving me up? I heard footsteps behind me then I heard a swishing sound cutting through the air, and George said willow branches work great.

My heart almost stopped as I realized George was going to use a willow switch on me. The first cutting bite took me so much by surprise that I cried out so loud in pain and my buttocks burned like fire where the willow landed.

George said count my little Anna and thank me for each lash. I struggled to fight back tears but said, one George , thank you george. Jade was crying out in pain as Tim gave her a good switching.

Soon I heard Jade counting and thanking Tim just like I was with George. Luke and Gene were invited to come get a closer look as our bare asses were turned into red striped globes of flesh.

George said to Gene would you like to finger Anna’s hot little pussy. Go ahead that is if it’s ok with Carla. Gene said what she thinks right now doesn’t matter, and I felt him put his finger in me and he started to finger fuck me.

My pussy gave away my excitement as Gene’s finger fucked me my pussy made squishy sounds of pleasure. I heard little sighs of pleasure beside me and thought that must be Jade getting it from Luke.

I heard George say to Carla oh you think it’s fun to watch Anna take lashings from the willow branch? Carla said no , no please no, but george must have grabbed her already and he told Gene grab another chair.

I think your woman needs to be reigned in! I heard Carla saying no Gene I’m serious I’m not going to do this. Tim said what about Amanda shouldn’t she get it too? I thought surely george wouldn’t tie Amanda up and give her lashings from the willow branch.

How wrong I was. Soon all four of us were tied over chairs and screams and thank you’s and counting could be heard as our buttocks were striped fiery red by the willow switches. I lost track of count of who had their finger in me as I was finger fucked over and over.

I thought oh my god what of Amanda , no George wouldn’t finger his own s****r. I thought oh no but Wesley I didn’t trust for a minute and I knew as long as the guys said nothing he’d finger his own s****r.

Tim said we all should fuck our partner as punishment. Gene said oh hell yes. George said what’s the punishment in that, the little women are blindfolded, let them guess who’s fucking them.

There was a long pause and a lot of whispering going on. I could tell one of the men didn’t like the idea at all. I heard George say how would she ever know if you fucked one of the others? More whispering then a shuffling of feet as the men shouted all for one and one for all.

I knew right then I was going to have a strange cock in my pussy! Or I thought the men will just have sex with their woman and make us think they each had us. Then I heard George’s words “ I’m taking you to the next level.” Then I knew that more than likely they would take turns with us.

I knew that the cock that went in me did not belong to George, it was at that point I gave in to his will and surrendered myself to him. I relaxed and gave myself to the pleasure of having the feeling of an unknown man fucking me.

I heard Jade moaning out in bliss and I also knew she was getting a strange cock in her pussy. I knew that her and Tim had been married for over 6 years and by her moans and sighs and whispered fuck me’s that she was enjoying a new cock. She had told me in confidence once that Tim was like 5 ½ inches long and skinny.

Listening to her moan out ahs and god yes give it to me uh huh oh shit yes god yes fuck me. I just knew Tim was not fucking her when I heard her sigh out so big oh god so big and hard!

I smiled to myself as I felt a dollop of saliva land on my butt hole. Not to be out done by any other woman there I moaned out oh god yes uh huh oh yes put it in my ass uh huh fuck my little poop hole oh god oh god yes , it feels so good oh yes uh huh fuck me, fuck my ass uh huh do it to me fuck my shit hole.

I heard Carla moaning and sighing she was the quiet one, she loved having a new cock but she wasn’t as vocal as jade or I. I counted in my head, me, Jade, Carla, and Amanda. Oh my god I thought how’s this going to work?

George her b*****r, Wesley her b*****r, Gene and Tim, and then Luke. I thought who’s fucking me right now, who’s fucking Jade, and Carla, and Amanda. George was not fucking me.

Tim was not fucking Jade, that was for sure. Gene was not fucking Carla. Luke was not fucking Amanda. The thought of George or Wesley fucking Amanda had me starting to think I should say george stop and as promised he would.

Then the sinister side of me took over and my pussy gushed at the thought of who was fucking who. Amanda was softly sighing and moaning uh, uh, uh, yes oh shit yes uh god oh fuck me uh huh yes fuck me uh, uh, uh do me, uh do me so good, yes fuck my pussy, give it to me!

Four pussies and five cocks, I thought mm someone is left out, but who? Then I heard muffled slurping noises and knew right away someone was getting it at both ends. I couldn’t think no more as the cock in my ass pounded into me harder and harder.

I was moaning out oh god, oh god oh yes uh huh fuck me , oh god yes fuck me , uh huh fuck my shit hole oh god yes uh huh! Jade it had to be Jade who reached over and held my hand and squeezed it hard as she was getting a hard deep fucking from a strange cock.

I felt whoever was fucking me begin to really pound my shit hole with hard deep urgent strokes as I felt his cock pulse and throb and shoot out thick gooey gobs of scalding hot sperm into me.

I moaned out yes uh huh oh god yes uh huh oh god it’s so hot , oh god yes cum in my ass uh huh fuck my ass oh god yes! I screamed out a long spastic orgasm that rocked my whole body as his hot sperm poured into my pooper.

Jade was squeezing my hand harder as she moaned out long deep satisfying moans of pleasure as she exploded into orgasm and screamed out very loud and very long ohs and ahs and yeses and oh god yes fuck it uh huh fuck it to me yes fuck my cunt oh god yes your cocks so big oh god I can’t take it anymore uh huh fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me!

Carla’s quiet sighing moans began to turn into loud long moans of pure sexual lust as she cried out oh god, oh god oh god I’m Cumming yes oh god I’m Cumming! Amanda was making strange ooo ooo ooh noises that sounded like little grunts.

She too exploded into orgasm and joined in the chorus of female voices moaning out our pleasure as the cocks invaded and spit gobs of sperm into our various orifices.

I lay spent across the chair as the blindfolds were removed and we were untied I searched the faces of every man there trying to catch a glimmer of any sign he was the one who had fucked me and filled my pooper with his hot stringy sperm.

We all needed a much deserved rest and something to drink. We sat around the table discussing what had happened. I looked at George wondering who he had fucked, was it his s****r?, no not my George, I shook that thought out of my head. Wesley?, yes it had to of been Wesley.

Why didn’t George stop him I wondered? I got up and said excuse me I need to go potty, and Jade said yes me too. When we got to the restroom we hugged and looked at each other, I knew that look and knew that we would make love soon, if not tonight then sometime soon.

Jade asked who fucked you?, I said not George and smiled and asked her who fucked you? She smiled a wicked smile and said someone with a really big cock. I said so not Tim right? She said hell no whoever it was can fuck me again anytime, and she cracked up.

She said I don’t mean that you realize that right? I said of course but we can dream. I said ok so let’s see. George didn’t fuck me, Tim didn’t fuck you. So Gene or Luke fucked me. Or Wesley.

That means George fucked Carla. I laughed and said what you told me about Tim he didn’t do it to me either. Jade said yes you’d have known if it was Tim, he’s not that endowed. So let’s pair this up?

Luke has a big one, Amanda told me that. So he probably fucked you. That means Gene fucked me, Luke fucked you, George fucked Carla, We both looked at each other and said oh my god Tim and Wesley fucked Amanda!

We decided we’d ask Amanda later on if one of the guys who did it to her had a kind of small penis. We then wondered about “ THE WALL “ as we walked out of the bathroom.
We went into the living room but no one was there.

We walked into the game room and I saw my name over one of the holes in the wall, the 5th hole had a question mark. George said ah you two got here just in time. The games can now begin. I asked what game George?

George said the game of the glory holes in “ THE WALL “ see it works like this, you go behind the wall you remember which hole had your name on it. If you forget you just pick a hole.

There are 5 holes. One is an unmarked hole. It’s for anyone of you who wants to try out the “ meat “ can go there and sample in total anonymity.

Now you will be blindfolded so step up girls. I looked at Jade and she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Her and I stepped up and said ok we’ll do it. George said and you Carla and Amanda are you in?

Amanda looked at Luke and luke winked at her so she said as long as you or Wesley stay away from my hole then yes I’m in. Jade and I looked at each other and almost cracked up. Luke said and which hole is that Amanda your butt hole or pussy hole?

We all laughed at that. Amanda said it will be gross if one of my b*****rs….and she trailed off and said ok I’m in. That left Carla who said oh what the hell I’m in too. We were blindfolded and then spun around in circles and pointed toward the wall.

We heard them saying good luck ladies. It was impossible to tell what hole was what.
We got to the wall and the men let us go. I tried to count the third hole as that one had my name on it.

When I got there someone was already there. So I took in a deep breath and said oh what the heck. George being the ringleader said okay ladies pussies to the wall or mouths, it’s your choice. We all giggled at that and said who’s doing what?

I said I’m going pussy to the wall. Jade said I’m sucking cock, and laughed. Amanda said I’m going pussy too and taking my chances. Carla yelled out um can we switch, I mean mouth first and then pussy to the wall? There was some conferring going on and they said sure why not.

Jade said to make it easier I’m sure Tim has the smallest one here, so if you get a small one you’ll know it’s him. Amanda said that’s a relief, I think and we laughed and said oh god Amanda they shouldn’t make you play at all.

Amanda turned red in the face and said well I guess I could say no, but I’ll take my chances. She laughed and said Luke and I haven’t been having much sex lately, so why not right? We all said yup why not you go girl.

The guys said okay ladies enough laughing let’s start the game. The guys were thoughtful enough to lay cushions on the floor. I backed up with my hands on my knees and waited.
Jade was on her knees beside me when a cock came poking through. She licked her lips and silently said here goes nothing.

I felt a cock probing my hot wet pussy and gasped as it found my vaginal opening and slid inside me! I looked at Jade and smiled and whispered Luke, and winked, she whispered bitch, and we cracked up.

Amanda couldn’t contain herself as a hot hard cock found her slippery wet cunt and pushed itself into her, she moaned out ooo oh god yes oooh. We all looked at her and she mouthed what? Then said ok it’s not Luke, and giggled but it feels oh so good. We all giggled and said we’re little ho’s and quietly laughed.

I looked at Carla and her hand was sliding up and down the shaft of a skinny cock we all went Tim as she took him in her mouth and deep throated him. Amanda and I were moaning and sighing away as new and strange cocks noisily slid in and out of our slippery wet cunts.

Carla turned and bent at the waist like me her hands on her knees I watched her facial expressions and knew she just took a cock in her pussy. Her mouth formed an O and she quietly sighed out a moan.

I heard Amanda go oh shit oh hell no ahhhh oh god uh uh ooo ohh I looked at her and she went my ass he’s fucking me in my ass!!! It’s someone different too. We had taken our blindfolds off and had basically figured out who was fucking who.

That and we weren’t whispering anymore so the guys basically knew who they were fucking too. I was the loudest, but felt no shame in that because I’ve always been very vocal and once I gave in to the idea I was getting fucked by someone other than George.

I began to moan and sigh louder and louder and more uh huh uh huh oh yes right there uh huh fuck me‘s … began pouring from my lips.

I think even Carla got pretty loud as she was moaning out oh god whoever you are don’t stop oh god please don’t stop I’m so close oh god yes uh do it do it do me yes do me hard uh huh oh god yes do me.

Amanda let out a stream of yes, yes, oh god yes fuck my asshole oh my god it’s incredible oh shit yes god yes fuck my asshole. Jade was now getting fucked too. The game room was filled with the wet noisy sound of cocks pounding pussies and assholes.

My own slippery wet cunt began to spasm and quiver as I felt an orgasm bursting through my body and I screamed out yes, oh god yes, uh huh, uh huh, oh god yes fuck me, fuck me oh god fuck my pussy, yes. yes oh god yes, fuck me uh huh like that uh huh just like that oh god oh god oh god yes, yes oh yes!!!

I felt my pussy spasm and squeeze down on the cock that was pounding me with deep hard and fast strokes. I heard Luke’s voice say fuck oh god fuck I’m cumming as he pounded into me over and over. I felt his cock swell and then massive amounts of sperm filled my pussy and leaked out around his hard pounding cock.

Carla was now screaming out yes oh do me oh yes do it to me oh oooh do me yes fill me, fill me with your cock juice. Tim was grunting and thrusting into her so hard I thought the wall would collapse.

Jade reached back and held herself open and began breathing hard and deep and sighing out oh ohh ah god uh, uh yes, uh huh, oh god fuck me, yes fuck me. Gene began pounding Jade’s hot wet cunt with deep powerful strokes that had her moaning out oh, ohh, ahh uh huh, yes that’s it uh huh, oh ohh ah, ah, yes fuck it , uh oh fuck it to me, yes, yes fuck it oh god, yes fuck it to me.

Jade threw her head back and a long wailing moan filled the room as she began to shake and push her ass back to get gene’s cock as deep as possible into her.

Gene started grunting and a deep growl in his throat rattled out as he pounded jade’s pussy until his sperm burst from his cock and splashed into jade’s hot wet slippery cunt. Jade screamed out yes oh god yes give it to me uh do it to me god it’s so hot, fuck me yes oh so good so good.

We all fell forward and turned and watched Amanda’s face light up crimson red as she pushed back into the wall and threw her head back and screamed out oh god yes it’s so nasty, so nasty, uh yes oh god he’s coming in my ass, oh my god I can’t believe I have a cock coming in my ass.

Me , jade and Carla, looked at each other and whispered SHIT NO WAY. But we knew that Wesley and George both fucked Amanda, I felt a bolt of anger shoot through me, Wesley, yes I could accept that, but George?, my George fuck his own s****r, no that was to much for me to handle.

I jumped up and ran out from behind the wall to see George withdrawing his cock from Amanda’s ass. I looked at George and he laughed and said oh come on, Wesley and I have fucked Amanda since we were teens.

I silently got dressed George kept saying come on Anna just stay we can talk about this, I got dressed and drove home. I sat there drinking a beer staring out the window ignoring the phone ringing.

I heard a knock at the door and I screamed go away just leave me alone. Jade said Anna it’s me can I come in? I reluctantly got up and answered the door. Jade came in and said beer in the fridge, I said yeah.

Jade came into the living room and gave me another beer and sipped at hers. She laid down on the couch with her head in my lap. She said so what are you thinking? I said I really don’t know, Wesley? He’s a creep anyway, but George I had no idea.

Jade said what if I told you me and my younger b*****r had sex growing up. I looked down at her and said I’d say you’re lying to make me feel better. She sat up and hugged me and said no, it’s the truth.

I just sat there staring at her. Jade leaned forward and kissed me with a deep passionate kiss our lips met and parted as our tongues softly and slowly danced a dance of pent up sexual tension…Until next time…Mrs. X
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4 years ago
Agree with Victor-it is rather hard to tell who is saying what. The story line is very ... interesting.
4 years ago
wonderful wonderful story & sounds like alot more
4 years ago
I like the story
but the way you have the dialog done it is some times hard to tell who said what.