Teaching Brandon

Brandon was the shy one, whenever he came over he’d always look away when I was sunning or swimming. Richard and his friends teased him about being gay or a virgin.
Which I always put and end to.

The other boys were in swimming and Brandon came out of the house. I asked him if he would put some lotion on my legs and back. I expected him to say no, but to my surprise he said sure.

I lay there loving the feel of his hands on my calves. Eventually he made it to my thighs, which were slightly spread so I knew he could see my pussy begin to shine with my arousal. I asked Brandon how old he was he said 17 but I’ll be 18 next month.

He skipped my butt and I said Brandon it’s ok to put lotion on my butt. I don’t want it to burn. I told him he had a natural talent for massage. He said yeah I massage my mom a lot. My ears and nipples both perked up when I heard that.

So Brandon I asked maybe it’s not my business but if you rub her butt, just pretend I’m your mom, okay? Brandon said well that’s hard to do and he laughed. I said why is it hard? Brandon said because my mom is fat and you’re way hot.

I giggled and said well just do to me what you do to your mom, it’ll be fine. Brandon said ok, but, well um, sometimes she lets me get real close to her you know what. I said really, but you’ve never touched her. He said no never, heck no she’d kill me.

I laughed and turned and faced him and said well pretend I’m your mother. I won’t kill you if you accidentally touch my you know what. Brandon have you ever wanted to touch your mother?. He was real quiet, and I told him it’s ok if you wanted to, you can tell me.

Brandon looked unsure so I said honest. You can tell me it’ll be our little secret. He said well um yeah, but not like you think, I said oh okay, knowing darn well what he meant. I told him touch me now.

Brandon said yeah but everyone’s here and I don’t know, I feel funny about doing that. I shaded my eyes from the sun and asked him would you feel more comfortable in the house? He said heck yes, that would be perfect, but I mean, I won’t touch you and stuff like that I promise.

I thought to myself, that might be a promise he’ll have to break, as I thought of his young hands on my body. We went into the house and I laid a towel on the bed and gave him some massage oil and laid down.

I looked over my shoulder and said ready when you are. Brandon really knew what he was doing soon he had me purring like a kitten. He’d make wide sweeping motions up my inner thighs then turned his hands out and slid them along my outer thighs.

Then he’d sweep up my outer thighs and then run his hands along my inner thighs. I felt my pussy heating up and a tell tale wetness began to seep from my pussy. I asked Brandon do you rub your mothers butt?

Brandon answered yes but she’s my mom. I said Brandon pretend I’m your mom okay? He was unsure I could tell by his voice , I knew he wanted to but was afraid. I asked him Brandon when you massage your mom’s thighs you do rub her butt too right?

He said well yeah. I said Brandon put your hands on my butt, I promise it’s okay, actually I want you too. Of course he asked why I wanted him too. I said Brandon it makes your mom feel good right? So of course it’s going to feel good for me too.

Brandon said okay I know what you mean. With that he made the same sweeping motions but this time I felt his hands sliding up on my butt spreading my cheeks open . I felt his eyes burning into my puckered little pink butt hole.

He slid his hands back down the sides of my butt. His hands slid along my outer thighs then turned at my knee and slid up the inside of my thigh. I sighed out mm oh Brandon that’s so nice. He was like do you like it? I told him of course keep doing what you’re doing.

Brandon asked it’s okay right? I said Brandon for the last time touch me where you want. I love getting a massage. He said anywhere? I said yes Brandon anywhere. He was stone silent then said anywhere and you won’t get mad or anything?

I said Brandon come on it’s ok really, now just massage me ok? I heard him take in a deep breath and slide his hands up the inside of my thigh, as he neared my pussy I shifted just a little, just enough so his finger brushed up against my wet pussy lips.

I sighed out mm that felt really good, Brandon you have magical hands. He said yeah my mom likes it a lot too. This time when his hands slid up my inner thighs he didn’t hesitate but let his fingertips brush the wet folds of my very hot and wet pussy lips. I sighed out oh Brandon that felt really nice.

He said really?, because I can do it some more if you want, I sighed out uh huh I want you to Brandon, let’s make it our secret. That was all it took for me to say as his young oily fingers began to continuously brush the warm wet folds of my steaming hot cunt.

Brandon said your’s is shiny like my moms gets when I massage her. I said Brandon do you touch her like you’re touching me? He said a little bit. You don’t touch your moms pussy at all?

Brandon said well a little bit once my finger kinda almost went in her. Oh I said. Okay ,
I see. So you touch her like you’re touching me, just not inside of her pussy? He said I kind of… well , I did once but I think my mom was sl**ping or something. I asked why do you think that? Because she didn’t say anything or even stop me.

I sat up and turned facing him and said, what if I was to let you touch me anyway you want? His eyes got big and he said anywhere? Like I can touch your pussy like I did my mom? I mean put my finger in it? I said yes, but it has to be our secret, that’s the only way I’ll let you.

If you can promise I might let you put something else in me. He got a huge grin and really big eyes and said you’d let me do it to you? I said we’ll see Brandon we’ll see. With that I laid on my back and said massage my thighs and where ever else you want.

His fingers slid up my thighs but only once because soon his fingers were massaging my dripping wet pussy. I caught my breath when his finger went inside of me. Brandon was very apprehensive which had me somewhat perplexed, I thought he’s 17, he massages his mother then why is he being so apprehensive?

I asked him Brandon not that it matters at all but have you had a girlfriend. H e said like a prom date but that was all. Brandon are you a virgin, it’s ok , honest, he turned red which gave me my answer. I asked him would it be better if you came back tonight when it’s dark?

Brandon said no. I said okay then you can touch me anywhere and with anything, would you like to taste a woman’s warm wet pussy. You can put your tongue on me and in me, I’ll guide you, but only when you need help, is that ok?

He said heck yeah, I mean I can touch you anywhere right? I shook my head and closed my eyes. I reached down and held myself open and said do you see there at the top, that is my clitoris it’s very sensitive.

A man should always spend a lot of time kissing , licking, and sucking it and making fast little flicks of his tongue on it. Brandon said ok so I can try that?, I smiled and hugged him to me and whispered in his ear yes Brandon you get me nice and wet and I’ll help teach you how to fuck me, would you like that?

Brandon said yeah this is so cool. I had to laugh as I pulled his head to my soaking wet pussy. Some men are just naturally good at pleasuring a woman and the way he was holding me open and sticking his tongue up me as far as he could, I had an idea Brandon was doing more with his mom than he let on.

His tongue sought out my clit and soon had my hips gyrating as I held his head to my dripping wet pussy and sighed out yes, uh huh oh god yes Brandon, faster , faster Brandon, yes, yes uh huh just like that. I arched my hips as a powerful explosion erupted from my pussy flooding Brandon’s mouth with my orgasmic hot cunt juice that ran like a river out of me.

I lay there catching my breath and enjoying my post orgasmic bliss when he crawled up on top of me I opened my legs for him. He had a little trouble so I reached down and guided him in me.

He froze after his young cock was buried in my slippery hot pussy. He said I can’t believe how hot you are down there. I looked up at him and said you mean how hot my pussy is?
Brandon said yeah.

I let his cock soak in my pussy and I fondled my breast and pinched my nipples between my thumb and finger. I whispered go ahead Brandon do it to me. Fuck me, fuck my hot tight cunt it’s ok Brandon, fuck me, go ahead.

I started to rotate my hips and push up on his cock. Mother nature took over from there as Brandon began to pound into my pussy with fast hard strokes. He made one deep thrust into me and I felt his sweet young sperm come shooting out of his throbbing cock.

I began an orgasm of my own when I felt his hot sticky sperm splashing into my quivering cunt. He grunted and groaned keeping his cock firmly buried in my cum filled pussy. I squeezed down on his cock and milked every last drop of his gooey hot sperm into my slippery wet cunt.

Just as I was going to say it’s ok Brandon most boys go soft after they empty their sperm in a woman’s hot tight little pussy. Brandon looked into my eyes with a big shit eating grin and said can I fall in love with you? I giggled and said no, but you can make love to me now if you’d like.

Brandon was a very gentle and tentative lover, his tongue softly probed my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues met, and began the timeless dance of lovers throughout the ages. I reached down and grabbed his butt and pulled him to me each time he slowly sank his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.

I whispered sweet words of encouragement , I softly whispered into his ear, little praising words as his cock would slowly plunge into me, I sighed out a string of uh huh ’s uh huh ,s and oh god yeses, mm god yes, Brandon, easy like that yes, oh god yes, your cock feels so good in me.

His lips found my nipple, as he slowly fucked me , he suckled at my breast first one nipple then the other. I whispered in his ear bite my nipples, take little nips and bites of them as you fuck my tight little pussy with your hard hot cock, oh yes Brandon uh huh bite them just like that.

Brandon followed my words of encouragement with youthful enthusiastic willingness to please me. He would pause and ask if he was doing everything right, I assured him he was doing just fine and my hot wet pussy loved his hard throbbing cock in it.

I rolled and maneuvered us into cowgirl as I sat with his cock deeply buried in my creamy wet cunt. I used my pussy muscles to squeeze and milk his cock. I told him like this my clitoris was stimulated and it was easier for me to orgasm.

I saw a look on his face and I leaned down and said no Brandon, you’re doing fine I like it on top sometimes is all. I sat straddling him and put my hands on his chest and I thrust my hips back and forth on his hard cock.

I slowly began to rotate my hips in tiny circles I sat up and grabbed Brandon’s hands and put them on my breast. Brandon surprised me by falling into a perfect rhythm as he fondled my breast and started thrusting his hips up to meet mine.

Brandon’s hands came down and he grabbed my butt cheeks and started to f***efully fuck his hard cock in and out of my creamy cunt. I cried out yes oh yes uh huh like that oh god yes right there uh huh uh huh oh god oh god yes Brandon yes fuck me uh huh fuck my pussy.

I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing as jet after jet of huge sticky burning hot sperm filled my quivering spastic cunt full of his cum. My own orgasm came within seconds of feeling his hot sperm blast into me.

I threw my head back and moaned out yes oh my god yes uh huh oh god oh fuck yes, uh huh fuck me Brandon fill my cunt with your burning hot sperm. Yes , yes, oh god yes do it , uh huh do it to me, fuck my pussy with your hard hot cock, oh god yes.

I leaned down on him and his arms went around me and he held me tight. I lay on top of him catching my breath and then rolled over and snuggled up to him. Mm that was so, so sweet Brandon. I looked at him and said you’re a very good lover.

I grinned and said ok give it up, confession time. I saw his face turn beet red. I told him Brandon don’t be embarrassed either you’re just a naturally good lover, or you’re not a virgin at all. I asked him who taught you to make love to a woman.

Well it’s our secret right? I said oh please Brandon of course all we have done so far today is our secret you knew that before I let you do anything to me. I trusted you, so now you can trust me. I asked did your mom teach you? Brandon said no, no not at all.
I said but someone taught you right? I said Brandon I’ll let you do something real special to me if you tell. Brandon said like what, I told him tell me and I’ll make a pinky promise right now to let you do something very special to me.

Brandon shifted his weight and said well you know I massage my mom right? And one time I put my finger in her. I shook my head yes, and said so it’s your mom? Brandon said no! I lay back and said well you’ll tell me when you want to.

I started to get up and he said no don’t leave. I said Brandon I’m going upstairs to get a few beers and you a coke. When I come back down here maybe you’ll tell me. If not my promise to give you something special will be withdrawn.

I turned and walked up the stairs, Richard took one look at me and said I knew it. I said knew what?. Well we all heard you mom. I said oh that could be a bad thing. He said I took care of it, but you umm well, they want some too. I said not today, you tell them not today.

Richard patted me on my butt and said go get him mom, go tear him up, we both laughed and hugged each other.

I came back down stairs and popped a beer and drank it, and handed Brandon a coke.
I got on the bed and sat up drinking my beer. Not a word was spoken between us. Brandon said, umm do you know Jeri Lynn? I said nope, I was playing the indignant one. Brandon said you have to swear and cross your heart not to tell ok?

I looked at him and said ditto k**do. I suppose if I told you’d tell what we did, am I right. Brandon said I don’t know, I said sure you would, so who’s Jeri Lynn I asked him. He said she’s my s****r, she’s 19 but we been kinda doing stuff for awhile.

I said ah so that explains that, you were a puzzle to me. Now I understand. Brandon said do you think I’m a bad person? I said no Brandon I don’t. Brandon said so I can get that special thing you promised? I laughed and said oh that, well of course. I pinky promised.

I took a long drink from my second beer and put a pillow on the bed and patted it and lay over the pillow. Brandon gave me a funny look but I said it’s ok just trust me , open my night stand you’ll find some ID Glide. He held it up and said this?, I said uh huh.

Brandon , what if I teach you another place to put your cock in a woman? He gave me a funny look and said other place , I said yes another place that some women like me for example just love a man to put his cock in.

Brandon said sure. I said ok and laid across the pillow sticking my butt up in the air. Brandon you can see my vagina right? He said oh yeah it’s all shiny it’s looks real wet.
I laughed and said that’s because it is, now I have to trust you. Have you ever heard of anal sex?

Brandon said kind of like on my computer I watched a guy do it to a woman that way. I said good. Did you like it? I mean watching, he said oh yeah that’s really hot., well Brandon I’m offering you that choice. Brandon’s mouth flew open and his eyes got really big and he was like no way.

I said yes way. But you have to use the ID glide on my butt hole. You have to go real slow and if I say wait, then you have to stop trying to get it in me ok? Brandon said heck yeah, oh man hell yes I can do that.

I laughed and said well I hope so. I lay in anticipation as I felt the cool lubricant run off my poop hole and down onto my pussy. I said Brandon try rubbing the lube around and in my butt hole. I heard uh huh then felt his finger rubbing my pooper and my excitement began to over flow.

I felt his finger slip inside me and I bore down on his finger clenching it with my tight anal ring. Brandon said wow you can do that with my, you know when I fuck you there you can do that to my cock?

I sighed out uh huh go easy but try now, try to get it in me. I closed my eyes and relaxed as I felt Brandon’s rock hard cock slowly open me up we both sighed , he grunted and I moaned out a long uh huh mm uh huh keep going Brandon.

My sphincter opened and the head of his hard cock pressed inward and his hard veiny shaft followed until he was in me as far as he could go. I sighed out uh huh like that, now real slow go slow and easy Brandon until my pooper relaxes all the way.

Oh god you feel so good in me. Brandon said is it really that good it looks so nasty and like way cool. Uh huh I replied it feels very good. You could hear me taking in deep breaths and letting them out in long moaning sighs as his young hard cock slid in and out of my lubed poop hole.

Like any man Brandon began to naturally increase the speed and power of his thrust into my pink shit hole. I reached back and held myself open and told him yes Brandon uh huh just like that honey, uh huh give it to me.

Oh god yes fuck my ass uh huh yes, yes, yes, uh huh right there uh huh mm so good I moaned and sighed out as his cock opened my pooper up more and more. As he began pounding into my shit hole.

Brandon was saying like this, is this ok, I almost screamed out yes, yes, it’s so perfect.
I moaned out it’s just perfect Brandon just do it like you are oh god yes Brandon uh huh uh huh yes fuck me uh huh yes , yes fuck me Brandon fuck my tight little shit hole.

I clawed at the bed sheets as Brandon put his full weight behind each hard deep thrust. I couldn’t stop from yelling out oh my god yes , yes Brandon, uh huh just like that , do me like that. Oh god yes I moaned as he pounded my pink little pooper.

Brandon held me fast to him as he roared out a long deep growling grunt. I felt his cock expand and throb deep in my bowels. I reached under myself and began rubbing my clit frantically as Brandon pummeled my tight little shit hole with his hard throbbing cock.

Brandon yelled out oh shit holy fuck oh fuck I’m going to bust inside you! I cried out yes, yes Brandon uh huh do it it’s ok hurry cum inside me I want to feel your hot sticky sperm shooting into my tight little asshole.

Brandon’s cock sent burst after burst of hot gooey sticky sperm deep inside my shit hole. I squeezed and milked his cock with my anal ring bearing down and gripping his cock, while my clit sent rippling waves of pleasure through out my body that exploding into a deep satisfying orgasm.

We both were a sweaty mess and smelled of sex I hugged him to me and cuddled his head against my breast. Mm Brandon if that was your first time ever doing it to a woman like that I can’t wait to have you do me in my butt hole again.
He asked like now you mean? I looked and his cock was still throbbing hard, my mouth fell open as it was my turn to be surprised. I gave him an evil grin and said mm after I clean that hard cock of yours up I want it in my pussy. I want you to fuck me slow and gentle.

I held his cock in my hand and licked up and along the shaft pausing and flicking my tongue out in rapid butterfly flicks. Then taking him into my mouth and sucking hard as I wrapped my lips around his hard as steel cock and pursed my lips cleaning any remaining sperm off it.

I was much to aroused to wait I straddled him and guided his hard cock into my quivering cunt. I slowly sat down and then I leaned forward so he couldn’t get in me all the way. I whispered in his ear, mm ah uh huh oh that’s so good.

I eased back and sat down engulfing his cock with my steaming hot dripping wet pussy. I leaned forward again and offered him my breast to fondle and suckle with his warm wet mouth. We slowly got into a rhythm of me rocking back and forth on his cock as he slowly thrust into me.

I whispered into his ear bite my nipples Brandon, it’s ok bite them hard, harder um oh yes, just like that. Take your time Brandon uh huh god I love your cock in my slippery wet cunt.
Oh yes ooh bite them like that.

We settled into a nice slow gentle rhythmic fuck that had me moaning and whimpering and sighing out over and over with fuck me’s and oh yeses. Brandon held himself up and looked down into my eyes and I smiled and said I loved the way you fucked my ass.

Now do the same to my pussy Brandon, pound it with your hard throbbing cock. He withdrew himself from my pussy and said can we do it doggy I really like it that way, I said uh so do I.

Brandon held my hips and without a single warning drove his cock deep into my dripping wet pussy. I sighed out a gasping uh and soon all I could hear between my uh’s was the wet sucking noises my pussy was making as Brandon hammered me with his hard young cock.

I said grab my hair Brandon it’s okay grab it and pull it as you pound me hard and deep like that uh huh uh huh oh god yes uh huh fuck me Brandon oh god yes do it give it to me oh my god it’s so good, yes fuck my pussy Brandon fuck me , fuck me, yes, yes, oh god yes fuck me.

I love to listen to a hard cock fucking my pussy, the wet slapping sounds when a cock is fucking me makes me crazy with desire. Brandon had me insane as he pounded me with hard fast deep penetrating strokes with his rock hard cock.

My mouth was open as I took in deep gulps of air , I was a sweaty mess, and I’d breath deeply through my nose and take in the smells of sex, and my pussy would quiver and go into spasms.

I felt a deep, deep stirring within my sloppy wet dripping pussy as an orgasm began to build into a crescendo of pleasurable wave after wave of orgasmic spasms shooting through out my whole body.

I threw my head back and screamed out oh god yes , yes Brandon now , do it now, uh huh uh huh yes oh yes fuck me , fuck me Brandon hard and deep , uh huh just like that oh god Brandon yes, oh fuck yes, oh my god now , now Brandon do it now shoot in me , shoot your scalding hot burning cum into my hot dripping wet cunt, uh huh do it Brandon now, now oh god yes now.

I threw my head back and screamed out as my orgasm reached the pinnacle of it’s blissful pleasure and I fell forward and collapsed like a rag doll. Brandon fell on me and kept pounding me with hard deep hammering strokes.

I felt him go rigid and yell out as his hot sperm shot out of his cock and splattered my pussy with gob after gob of his steaming hot gooey sperm. He lay on me for a moment then rolled over and I watched his chest heave as he fought to get his breath.

I smiled to myself and thought now that’s why I like them young!!!…until next time…Mrs. ...X
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working through the whole gambit of stories, this one to date takes the prize so far!
there all good but this one is exeptional
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WOW. You really have a writing talent. It had a steady flow to the story. The discription was vivid enough to put images in my head. Thanx again Anna. You have done well AGAIN!!!
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Wonderful, you make a perfect teacher.
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One of your best. Would love to hear about Jeri Lynn.
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