Hi, everyone, this isn't my best, but then i wrote it as " therapy " anyway i hope you enjoy it, Anna

Richard had just left for the store when David came walking through the door. I was sitting in the kitchen in a towel as I’d just come in from the pool. I said hi to David as I was walking to the fridge to get a beer.

David asked for a soda and I handed him one and sat back down. I wasn’t expecting the words that came out of his mouth when he asked shaved or bush? I laughed more than anything and said well you’ll never know now will you.

He said all I have to do is come over when your swimming then I’d know. I said yup but until then it remains a mystery. He said oh come on show me if it’s bush or shaved, he said I say bush.

I laughed and said close. He said I knew it, it’s trimmed , come on show me. I smiled at him and stood up and started lifting my towel up real slow. I stopped and sat back down. He said hey come on just show me I’ll never tell anyone.

I asked him why should I show you? I did a slow impersonation of a Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs. I watched his eyes get big as he got a tiny glimpse of my pussy. He said hey I know let’s go swimming, I laughed and said good try, but I just got out of the pool.

He said hey I know! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I cracked up and shook my head, I said you really want to see it that bad? He said hell yeah, come on show me. I stood up again and lifted my towel as slowly as I could.

I raised it up as high as my tummy then stopped and turned around once and said there are you happy? He said oh yeah but what about your tits? I said what about them their just tits like anyone else’s.

I said oh what the hell , and dropped my towel. My nipples were hard from me showing him my pussy. I cupped my breast and said there, now you’ve seen the whole package. I said speaking of which what happened to I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?

He laughed and said oh yeah ok no problem. I laughed because when he pulled his undies down his cock sprang up and slapped his belly. I thought to myself omg that things pretty darn big. He asked what’s so funny I said oh nothing really it’s nothing.

He said wanna touch it? I was like no not really and again the game of oh come on just touch it. I dare you to touch it he said looking smug, well that did it, I walked up to him and reached down and grabbed his hard cock.

I know that I couldn’t get my hand around it, and I thought omg are all the boys around here this big?. I looked up and said there are you satisfied? He said no because I want you to take it in your mouth. I said no way Jose. He said I dare you, I laughed and said that won’t work this time.

I double dog dare you he said , I smiled up at him and said nope. I realized I hadn’t taken my hand off of his hard cock yet and let it go. He said I tripple dog dare you. You’re a chicken he said but you touched mine so I get to touch yours.

Before I could say anything or move away he reached out and cupped my pussy and slid his middle finger into me. I caught my breath and leaned into him as he started to finger fuck me right there in the kitchen.

My pussy was soaking wet and I could hear his finger sliding in and out of me. I made a half hearted attempt of pulling away but he moved with me. I knew I should of stopped him but I just couldn’t.

I reached down and found my clit and bit into his chest as I made slow gentle circles on my burning hot inflamed clitoris. David tipped my chin up and kissed me, my mouth opened and our tongues explored each others.

I was sighing and moaning as we kissed and he fingered my dripping wet cunt hard and fast with his finger. I felt my knees buckle as my pussy quivered and squeezed down on his finger as I had my first of many orgasms that day.

David got down on his knees and parted my slippery wet pussy lips with his fingers as his tongue found the entrance to my dripping hot cunt. I held him to me sighing and moaning out yes , uh huh, uh huh, oh god your tongue feels so warm on my pussy.

Mm uh huh lick my pussy, oh god yes. Uh huh uh huh oh god yes uh huh I felt my pussy spasm as another orgasm ripped through my body. David picked me up and I wrapped my arms and legs around him.

He held me as his hard throbbing cock found my slippery wet pussy as he lowered me down on it, I gasped out and he growled in his throat and grunted as his hard cock slid deep inside me.

I held on tight , as he held my butt in his hands. I buried my face into his shoulder and nipped and bit into him to keep from screaming out in orgasmic pleasure as he lifted me and slammed my pussy back onto his hot throbbing cock.

More than once I felt a sharp pain as his cock hit my cervix. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and listened to the wet sounds of our sex. David said bedroom?, I said upstairs or the basement, he chose the basement he reluctantly put me down.

His big hard cock wet with my juices shining in the sunlight of the kitchen window made me want to get to the bedroom as quick as possible. I said this way and downstairs we went to the bed. He jumped on the bed and lay on his back.

His hard cock sticking up and laying on his tummy. I laid my body out over his and I started kissing his hairless chest and leaving little love bites on his neck. I sat up and straddled him so his hard cock was nestled between my warm wet slippery pussy lips.

I slowly moved back and forth on his thick throbbing cock. I would lean forward and I could feel him trying to get his cock into me. I let just the head of it start to go into me and I’d pull away.

I sat back up and slowly slid my pussy over his throbbing hard cock. I leaned down and whispered into his ear, would you like me to suck your big fat cock, mm? I didn’t wait for his answer.

I starting kissing and nipping down his hairless chest. I took his thick veined cock into my hand and rubbed it on my cheek smiling up at him and making little moans. I held his cock to my lips and softly and slowly bathed the head of his cock with my warm wet tongue.

I took just the head of his thick cock into my mouth and slowly made little twirling licks and quick flicks of my tongue along the underside of his now pulsing throbbing hard cock. I relaxed my throat muscles and felt his big cock sliding down my throat.

I fondled his balls and made sure they were slippery wet from my saliva. I wet my finger and slowly teased his anus he jumped a little and I took him out of my mouth and smiled and said relax, it’s ok, just try it.

I replaced my finger with my tongue and he relaxed as I licked and stuck my pointed tongue into the rim of his butt hole. He was groaning and grunting when I replaced my tongue with my finger.

I licked and sucked on his balls and made little swirling motions up the shaft of his cock. I took him back down my throat again and massaged his prostrate and I was rewarded by his throbbing hard cock that sent jets of hot sticky thick gobs of sperm down my throat into my tummy.

I kept his cock in my mouth sucking every last drop of his cum I could get. I laid down next to him and said not bad for an old lady huh? David said you’re not old you’re smoking hot, and I’ve always wanted to fuck you.

I smiled and said to David well we’ll just have to get that thing hard again. He rolled me on my back and started sucking on my nipples making little flicks on them with his tongue, while his fingers found my hot dripping wet pussy. I reached down and said here David right here put your finger on my clit and rub it real soft and slow.

I started moaning and enjoying the feel of his fingers on my clit. I said uh huh just like that David take your time go slow, uh huh oh god yes david that’s it, right there. He asked if he was doing it right. I smiled and moaned out a nice long oh yes your doing just fine.

I said a little faster now. David said wait and got down between my legs and his hot wet tongue took the place of his finger. He was tentative at first, so I reached down and held his head to me and said oh god you’re doing fine.

Put your mouth over my pussy and suck and then lick, lick each lip get me nice and wet for that big juicy cock of yours. Finger fuck me David finger fuck my slippery wet cunt and use your tongue on my clit.

I was deliberately talking dirty to get him hard again. I was moaning out oh god David that feels so good on my tight little cunt, oh god yes I’m going to cum oh god oh yes , yes david right there just like that. I raised my hips up and held him to my quivering wet pussy.

Little mini orgasms made my pussy flow like a river. I screamed out yes ,yes , oh god fuck yes oh David oh god yes uh huh right there as my spastic cunt exploded into another orgasm causing my thighs to tighten and shake.

I said fuck me David fuck me now , oh god I want your hot thick cock in me so bad, oh god I need it, uh huh come fuck me david, please fuck my hot slippery cunt with your big thick cock.

I grabbed my knees and pulled my legs back. His hard throbbing cock plunged into my wet juicy pussy. We both sighed long deep ahs as his throbbing hard fat cock was buried in my soaking wet cunt.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and reached down and found my throbbing hot clit. David watched as I played with it rubbing my fingers in tight circles. David started making slow deep strokes into me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear can I do it to your butt? I whispered uh huh mm I’d love to have your cock in my pooper. For now though fuck me deep and slow just like you are.

My tongue found his ear and I made little swirl’s and nipped at his ear. In a soft voice, almost a sigh I said mm god I love your cock in my pussy, it feels so good uh huh uh huh nice and slow yes David do me nice and slow. Fuck me deep and slow, yes uh huh like that fuck my sopping wet cunt real gentle yes like that oh god David , uh huh mm yes oh yes.

My whole body tightened as my orgasm shot through me and my pussy involuntarily squeezed and clutched at David’s fat cock. David started pounding my tight little cunt with hard deep thrust as his chest heaved and his breath came in deep gasps of air.

I held on tight and cried out yes , uh huh that’s it, oh just like that oh yes, cum in my pussy David uh huh oh god yes, uh huh do it David fuck me . Fuck me harder uh huh harder oh god yes uh huh . When I felt his hot burning sperm splash deep inside my pussy my own orgasm came with his.

He fell over on his side and lay there catching his breath. I curled up to him and whispered in his ear mm you can fuck me anytime, oh god yes you can. He smiled and said yeah but I never did get to do it to your… you know your butt.

I giggled and looked at him and said oh I’m not through with you at all. I lay there softly fondling his cock and balls. I laughed and said how did we end up in bed like this anyway? David said um I think it was shaved or bush?

Well now you know don’t you and I playfully rolled on top of him and sat up. I grabbed his hands and put them on my breast and I raised up my butt and put his soft cock so that it was right between my cum coated pussy lips.

I sighed out mm that feels good, mm so good. I poked him in the chest and said I think we can get that thing hard enough to do me in the butt, right? I started sliding my soaking wet pussy along his cock.

I smiled down and said, mm I think something is starting to get hard again. David said yeah I think so too. I said don’t move, and I turned around and lowered my pussy to his face as I took his cock in my warm wet mouth.

I said you remember what I did to you earlier, with your butt hole I mean, he said uh yeah. I told him if you’d like you can do that to me, I love when a man licks my tight little pooper with his tongue. A man should always get his woman’s butt hole ready by licking it and getting it nice and slippery with his warm wet tongue.

I was silently praying he‘d take the hint. I can do it to you in your butt if I do?, I said of course. If you do that I’ll be ready and want you to put your nice fat cock in my butt.
I sighed out as I felt a small probing lick of his tongue on my poop hole. I pushed back and moaned around his cock as his tongue probed the tight anal ring of my pooper.

I held his cock in my hand and licked slowly around and around the head of it. I took him deep in my throat so his cock would be covered in my saliva. I pumped the shaft of his cock with slow twisting motions. I moaned out yes David uh huh just like that uh huh lick my poop hole.

David said like this is what you mean as he held me open and stuck his tongue into my damp moist butt hole. Oh god yes oh my god yes David like that uh huh oh yes just like that. I could feel my butt hole relaxing as david made a point of his tongue and pushed it deep into my dark musky shit hole.

I forgot about his cock for a minute as his warm wet tongue probed into my relaxed shit hole. David didn’t forget about fucking me in the ass though. He rolled out from underneath me and got behind me and hooked his arm under my tummy and pulled me back and up to him.

I said put it in my pussy first David get your cock all wet and slippery from fucking my sopping wet cunt. Fuck me David , fuck my pussy go ahead put it in me. He rubbed his cock up and down my dripping wet pussy lips.

I felt the fat hard head of his cock at my vaginal opening. I sighed out and lowered my head to my arms only to raise up and fling my head back as his rock hard cock entered me in one lunging thrust.

David pounded my slippery wet pussy with hard deep fast strokes. My fingers gripped the bed sheets so hard that my knuckles turned white as I moaned out over and over yes , yes, oh god yes uh huh uh, uh, uh, uh. I bit my lower lip and screamed out oh god, oh god ,yes fuck me, uh huh ,like that, uh huh, oh god yes, fuck me David , fuck me, was all I could say as he pounded his thick fat cock into me.

David slowed down and I felt him holding my butt cheeks apart I knew he was looking at my puckered pooper. I said yes David it’s ok do it now put your big cock in my tight little shit hole. I felt him withdraw his cock from my dripping wet pussy and press his fat cock against my puckered asshole.

The head of his cock popped into me and I drew in a deep breath as he pushed slowly until his cock was buried in my butt hole. David said wow that’s tight and really hot , holy shit I never expected that. I looked over my shoulder and smiled and said do it, do it to me, give my tight hot pooper a good fucking.

He grinned and said oh don’t worry about that I’m going to take my time and go real slow. I only sighed out mm and put my head back down on my arms as David slowly fucked my shit hole with slow deep stroke after stroke.

I felt David tighten up and say no, no, shit no, and he started ramming his cock in and out of my pooper as I felt his cock expand and throb as jets of gooey hot sperm shot out of his cock and splashed into my bowels. I pushed my ass back to meet the hard deep strokes of his cock.

He held me tightly as I felt his whole body shiver and tremble. David said I’m sorry I couldn’t stop. I said it’s okay I need to take a break anyway lets give that cock of yours a chance to recover.

I went upstairs on wobbly legs and got a beer out of the fridge and took a long drink of it. I grabbed a few more and a coke for David and headed back downstairs, and cracked up because David’s cock was sticking straight up and throbbing.

I said oh my god doesn’t that thing ever go soft? I crawled on the bed and sat beside him and giggled and laid my head on his shoulder and took of few sips of my beer. I looked at his hard cock and said mm we shouldn’t waste that thing should we?
David asked can I do it to you in the butt again? I told him yes he could, but first I wanted to suck his delicious young cock. My tongue traced around his balls as I nipped and bit them. I slowly went up the shaft of his hard cock with the flat of my tongue then I took him into my mouth.

I could taste my mingled musky juices on his cock. I took him slowly down into my throat then slowly brought my head up twirling and swirling my tongue as it went up the shaft of his throbbing hard cock. I held his cock to my lips and made fluttering little butterfly flicks of my tongue on it.

I looked up at him and smiled and said I think it’s hard enough now huh? David answered oh yeah I know it is. I rolled on my side and said do me like this, like spooning. He got behind me and slid his cock up and down my dripping wet pussy lips, then I felt his cock once again at the puckered entrance of my tight little pooper.

I sighed out mm uh huh god I can’t wait to have you back in my butt hole. He laughed and said I can’t wait to get it back in there either. I said so what you waiting for? David said nothing as his hard fat cock slid into my cum filled asshole. We both drew in our breaths and let out deep sighs as he buried his throbbing hard cock in my poop hole.

I looked back and said ah that’s so much better. He had his eyes closed and only nodded his head as he slowly and deliberately fucked my hot tight shit hole. I moaned low and softly as his cock gently split my pooper open.

I started gripping his cock with my anal sphincter David said no, no don’t do that please. I want this to last awhile this time. I murmured mm and pushed my butt back onto his cock as it burrowed it’s way into my dark moist butt hole.

We soon had a perfect rhythm going as he sunk his fat cock into my shit hole I pushed back on his cock, though now I was whimpering and sighing trying to be quiet so david wouldn’t get to excited.

Though soon little whispers of mm, mm , and , uh hums started to escape my lips when David pushed my hair back and started kissing and giving me love bites on my neck. He rolled me on my tummy and began to fuck me a little faster with deep hard driving thrusts of his cock.

I reached out and grabbed a pillow and slid it under my hips giving him deeper access to my tight little stretched out shit hole. I couldn’t hold back any longer and a string of fuck me’s and oh god yeses and uh huh uh huh god yes right there, poured from my mouth.

David also made low growling grunting noises in his throat as he began to really pound me with his hard thick cock. I reached down between my legs and found my swollen clit and frantically rubbed it.

David now was saying oh god holy fuck oh shit as he drove his hard cock into my pooper with hard deep strokes. I looked back at David and said uh huh yes david uh huh fuck me, fuck my shit hole with that hard thick cock of yours.

He made one last deep final hammering thrust into my poop hole and yelled out as his cock began to swell and throb and shoot hot gobs of gooey thick sperm into me. I was screaming out yes , yes, oh god, yes uh huh yes do it David uh huh fill my shitter with your hot sweet cum, uh huh yes, yes oh god yes.

I clawed at the sheets as blast after blast of his scalding hot sperm splashed deep inside my asshole. We were suspended in time as his cock throbbed out the last of his hot thick sperm into me. David fell forward on me but grabbed me and rolled me over on top of him.

I lay there on my back as his hands came around and fondled my breast, I smiled and said you’d better stop that. He said not really. So my fingers found my sopping wet pussy and started playing with my clit.

I could hear the squishy sounds of my dripping wet cunt as my fingers slid around my clit and into my pussy hole. I lay there quietly moaning as I lost myself in the pleasure my fingers were giving me.

I sighed out and caught my breath whenever my finger touched my clit. I reached up and put my hand over David’s as he fondled my breast. I whispered pinch my nipples, hard, real hard, ah yes mm escaped my mouth.

David rolled me over and said can I watch you do that?, you know finger yourself. I said only if you promise to give me a nice slow screwing with your long fat cock. He smiled and said I promise. I said okay, but why watch when you can touch?

David said I don’t know it’s hot as hell is all I know, I said well okay. I bunched up some pillows and lay back and spread my legs. I drew them up until my feet touched my butt. My knees were spread apart giving David a clear look at my sopping wet pussy.

I held myself open and I could feel my pussy juices running down my butt crack. I slowly started out fingering myself. The wet squishy sounds of my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt hole enflamed my arousal.

Soft gentle sighs escaped my lips as my fingers gathered my juices and I brought them to my mouth and first licked my shiny pussy cream off my fingers. I gathered more and looked into David’s eyes as I sucked my finger like it was a tiny cock.

I tried to keep my eyes on his but I had to close them and moan out as my fingers danced over my clit. My hips started moving as I felt another orgasm coming on. I closed my legs around my hand and arched my back and screamed out in pleasure as my orgasm rocked my pussy.

Knowing David was watching me play with my soaking wet pussy was like a catalyst that sent me flying over and into orgasmic bliss. I fell back and I took in a few really deep breaths as I slowly came down from my orgasmic firestorm.

I sat up and drank a beer while David suckled at my breast and fingered my sloppy wet cunt. I ran my fingers through his hair as I finished my beer. I looked down and went oh my god David that thing is hard again?, and I giggled and then burst out laughing.

He looked embarrassed and I held him to me and said it’s okay we can take care of that don’t you think? David smiled and said well yeah but I mean is it okay if we do it some more? I bent down and kissed his hard cock and then took the head in my mouth and treated him to a wet sloppy noisy slutty blow job.

I straddled him and held his cock as I guided it into my dripping wet syrupy cunt. He slid easily into me as I sat down on his hard cock. I sat there and milked his throbbing hard cock with my pussy. I squeezed down on his cock then loosened my grip on him.
I put my hands on his chest and slowly began to move up and down on his cock. Quiet little sighs echoed through out the basement as we both enjoyed the soft gentle rocking of my pussy on his cock. Quiet sighs soon turned into panting sighs as I began to rock and ride him wildly.

David reached out and grabbed my butt and pulled my back and forth as I began to moan and scream out uh huh god yes uh , uh, uh, oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me uh huh god yes fuck me, yes oh yes just like that, uh huh fuck my pussy David oh god yes fuck me.

I felt David’s body go rigid and his cock began pulsing and throbbing I said yes, yes, uh huh do it now, yes, uh huh cum in my pussy David.

Give it to me, oh god yes fuck me, fuck me David, god, oh god yes, uh huh fuck me, fuck me fuck, my pussy oh god now , now , yes , hurray now, and I exploded as David filled my cunt with his hot thick gooey sperm.

I could feel his hot sperm running out of me as I had a physical draining orgasm that left me limp as a rag doll as I lay on David gasping for breath . He held me tight in his arms and kept saying wow, holy fuck and holy shit.

You’re way better than any girl I’ve ever had sex with. I said aw flattery will get you anything, and broke out into a big grin. I reached down and felt his sticky soft cock and I said I think we finally broke it huh?

David grinned and said uh yeah maybe, I don’t know though. I said well that thing better just stay right where it is because it isn’t getting anymore anything from me today. And I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes to a much deserved and needed nap…until next time…Mrs. X
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1 year ago
good shit...
4 years ago
Wonderful story, one of your best. Made me hot and wet.
4 years ago
Such a luscious, juicy and flowing re-creation of this beautifully hot fuck! This is good therapy for everyone!
4 years ago
this helped me but did it helpyou at the time?? wonderful wonderful
4 years ago
Good. Love to fuck women's asses who really want it.
4 years ago
what a wonderfull story just love the though of all the juice flooding form you.
4 years ago
I love it
4 years ago
delicious reading
4 years ago
Wow great therapy session!