Anna and Tiberius and the Promise Kept

I stood staring out into the city below from our meager apartment. A feeling of excitement and guilt coursing through my mind and heart. I felt , rather than saw Tiberius approach me from behind.

His strong warrior hands rested briefly on my shoulders as he bent and gently kissed my neck and cheek. His hands ventured down my creamy smooth shoulders and cupped my breast. I sighed out into the night as I turned to face him.

My mind filling with lustful thoughts as our lips met and I felt his tongue part my lips. I opened my mouth to his as his finger gently pressed into the slick moistened crevice of my pussy lips.

I thought of how I would let my husband’s best friend posses and use that treasure that my husband had discovered long ago. A treasure of immense pleasure that I enjoyed giving to my husband.

I felt my rosebud spasm tightly and then release as I thought of Tiberius’s long hard thick cock slowly, gently opening me up. Then with a growl and grunt push himself into my tight damp shit hole until I moaned out in pleasure and grit my teeth as his hard thick cock burrowed deep into my bowels.

I looked up and smiled and whispered be gentle sweet Tiberius. Be gentle when tonight , this wondrous night , you take that which was promised to you. I lay my head against his massive chest and slowly tangled and tickled my way through the hairs leading to his thick heavy cock.

My fingernails gently raked across the skin of his heavy balls and then up to and slowly encircling his hardening cock, I smiled as I felt his thick long cock begin to swell as my soft little hand moved up and down his now pulsing cock as his excitement rose at the touch of my fingers.

I looked up and smiled and whispered a soft sweet sigh of delight as his finger slid past my soaking wet vaginal lips and entered me. Our lips locked as we pleasured each others sexual organs with slow yet urgent strokes and caresses.

My vagina began to make wet sucking noises as Tiberius slid yet another finger in me.
I felt my knees weaken and I leaned into him and bit gently into his shoulder and whimpered and sighed as his fingers began to slide rapidly in and out of my dripping wet quivering pussy.

I looked down and watched as his fingers slid in and out of me. Coated with my ever increasing cunt crème as my pussy responded and began to pour out a river of my excitement.

I felt my breath quicken when his thumb wet with my excitement found my clitoris and wetly slid up and down easily over my enflamed swollen clit. I whimpered when he withdrew his fingers from my sopping wet tight cunt , but quickly drew in a sharp breath when his finger found and encircled my pink little rosebud.

Yes I whispered, yes Tiberius ready my pink damp rosebud for your long hard thick cock. My body was aflame with desire. My husband and two sons had already found the deep arousing treasure that awaits in my bowels.

Now though I would once again feel a man deep inside me, possessing me , taking that which I offer willingly in pleasure. Awaking once again that sexual being in me that is unleashed only when a man takes me in my sweet tight pink damp asshole. My rosebud.

I become totally ensconced in the raw power of having a man’s hard thick pulsing swollen cock piercing my anal sphincter. To gasp out in pleasure as I feel him slowly entering me. His fat bulbous cock head spearing me open as his mighty thick shaft borrows it’s way deeper and deeper into my soft wet bowels.

I wrapped my arm around Tiberius’s neck and lifted one leg and curled it around his hip and buttocks and pressed myself tighter to him as I cried out in orgasmic delight. My hand now rapidly pumping up and down his thick hard vein filled cock.

Oh god yes, yes I sighed and cried out as I felt the first rumblings of an orgasm stirring as his thumb slid wetly around my engorged clitoris in quick little circles. I threw my head back and groaned out and writhed in ecstasy when I felt his finger quickly plunge into my tight damp asshole.

Tiberius held me as I went limp when my orgasm exploded through out my body and I screamed in orgasmic pleasure as he kissed me and plunged his finger deep into my pink tight rosebud.

Tiberius swooped me up and carried me to the bed where he gently lay me down. He cradled my head and offered me a drink of wine. I sipped long and deeply before collapsing back onto the pillows.

I there gathering my breath and my thoughts when Tiberius surprised me by kissing his way down my body until he was at my feet. he picked up my foot and began to knead and massage and kiss and lick my ankles and toes.

I giggled and squirmed as he kissed his way back and forth kissing one foot then the other. Slow deep quiet sighs escaped my lips as he slowly worked his tongue between my toes. Then he would take my toe into his mouth and caress it with his tongue.

I squealed and squirmed as he slowly made his way up my legs pausing at my knees and once again teasing them with little nips and kisses. My breast ached and I felt my nipples harden and ache for attention.

As Tiberius’s tongue teasingly and wetly made its way up my thighs I smiled down at him and sighed out and began to slowly massage my breast and pinch and pull at my nipples. Deep satisfying moans filled the room as my breathing quickened as my hips began to gyrate and rise and fall in anticipation of his hot wet tongue reaching my sopping wet molten hot cunt.

I let out a frustrating moan as Tiberius’s lips bypassed my aching wet gushing cunt and he lay his head on my tummy and nipped and licked at my tender soft silken skin. Oh god Tiberius please give me what I want, I beg of you, feel me, feel my desire, feel how hot and wet my pussy is for you.

Tiberius continued up my body licking and kissing along my rib cage, I shivered and moaned out , please Tiberius please oh god I need you now. I gasped out when I felt his hard throbbing cock touch my thigh.

Yes, uh huh, oh god yes Tiberius please hurry my sweet warrior take that which is yours and offered in pleasure. Tiberius soon held himself over me, my body tingling at the feel of his hard muscled body touching mine. Tiberius kissed me and whispered “ tonight Anna, you are mine, fear not I shall posses your rosebud but all in time “

I was panting and moaning and pleading for him to take me, to fuck me, yes , Tiberius tonight I am your’s so please fuck me now, fuck my tight wet hot pussy, fuck me now my sweet warrior.

Our kisses burned with passion, my breast heaved and ached my nipples hard with desire, and when his lips softly closed around my taut hard nipple I expelled a long pleasurable moan. My hand found his head and pressed his lips to my breast. I cried out his name and whimpered with desire.

My cunt was on fire and flowing with molten smoldering juices. I gasp out as they ran down and poured over my puckered little rosebud. My hips bucked uncontrollably as I grabbed Tiberius and held his face in my hand and begged in a passionate voice, please now Tiberius, hurry please fuck me, oh god yes please fuck me, please…

Tiberius kissed me gently and began kissing my neck and shoulders. I could feel his rock hard thick long cock pressed into me as I cried out in desperate desire , please. Please give me that which I need, please Tiberius please fuck me now.

His soft wet lips enclosed my rock hard nipples and I moaned out and twist my body underneath his. My breathing was labored as my hips undulated and gyrated as I opened my legs and my hands raked down his back and settled on his buttocks as I tried to pull him into me.

“ Anna, sweet Anna “ I heard Tiberius whisper. “ my lips and tongue must first taste the long awaited treasure that is your rosebud “ then do it now I screamed out. I can’t wait any longer Tiberius I’ll simply go crazy with desire without your cock in my sopping wet enflamed cunt, or at least feel your tongue upon me.

I felt his strong hands sliding under my soft round buttocks and sighed out at the strength of his arms and shoulders working together as he pulled my molten hot sopping wet pussy to his face I whimpered and moaned out as I felt his warm soft breath upon the soaking wet soft succulent folds of my engorged swollen pussy lips.

A bolt of light flashed as I closed my eyes when he ran the flat the of his tongue just above my sweet little pink asshole gliding warmly and wetly along my pussy until it delved in between my sopping wet swollen cunt lips and slid pointedly into me.

I gasp out and my head thrashed wildly side to side as I felt Tiberius hold me open and his tongue probed deeply into my dripping went tight cunt hole. My passion rose as my hips moved rhythmically as my trembling fingers pulled him deeper into my burning wet pussy.

I could no longer hold back and a litany of oh gods and yeses began to fill the air as sweet Tiberius brought me closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm. I moaned and sighed and screamed oh god, oh god, yes, yes, oh god yes, Tiberius as I felt a river of burning hot cunt juice flow out of me and into his sweet waiting mouth.

My thighs trembled and shook as my eyes rolled back in my head as I felt the spark of an orgasm igniting a deep glowing ember of passion within me. I wailed out a long keening cry and moaned as an intense orgasm erupted and I felt my pussy contract and my pussy lips fluttered like butterfly wings as I screamed out over and over , yes, yes, oh god, yes, yes uh huh, oh god yes.

I felt Tiberius shift his weight and when I opened my eyes he was looking down into them and leaned down and kissed me with great passion. Instinctively I spread my legs and reached down and grabbed his hard pulsating thick cock and guided to the entrance of my sopping wet tight cunt.

As he entered me I wrapped my legs around him rocking back and raising my vagina to give him full and deep access to it’s hot silky soft tight folds. I moaned quietly as his hard thick cock plunged into my slippery wet vaginal canal expelling loud squishy wet noises as he easily buried his cock deeply inside my buttery creamy cunt.

I cried out yes, uh huh oh god yes, oh fuck me oh god yes, fuck me, oh fuck me sweet Tiberius, uh huh fuck my pussy with your hard thick cock.

I held on tightly as in response he begin to pound into me, with deep powerful long strokes that brushed and rammed my cervix causing me to cry out over and over in ecstatic sexual pleasure. God, oh god, I cried out as his thick hard cock split the walls of my dripping wet pussy open as his cock battered my cervix.

Fuck me , fuck me , fuck me , oh god yes fuck my hot tight little cunt with your huge cock I cried out as orgasm after orgasm washed over me and sent me into a sexual delirium of pleasure.

I gasped and whimpered and moaned out a string of yeses and fuck me’s as Tiberius’s thick hard long cock assaulted my creamy cunt. Each thrust splitting my sopping wet tight cunt open and causing me to beg him to fuck me harder and harder.

Oh god Tiberius that’s it I cried uh huh yes, yes, oh fuck, oh god, oh yes, uh huh please fuck my pussy my sweet warrior. Yes, that’s it, uh huh, oh god your cock feels so good in my hot wet cunt. Fuck me Tiberius, yes my sweet Tiberius fuck me just like that.

I tasted bl**d on his shoulder from me biting down. I quickly kissed and soothed away the pain. I grabbed his head with my hands and pulled him to me and passionately kissed his lips as sparks of pleasure exploded in my pussy from his massive cock fucking me so hard and deep.

I looked into his eyes with a fierce burning desire and growled out fuck me, Tiberius, fuck my pussy until I explode in orgasmic lust in your arms. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me like a common slut, pound my pussy into submission, fuck me until your hard cock explodes in my pussy and fills me with your scalding hot seed.

Tiberius threw his head back and grabbed me by my hips and raised me off the bed driving his hard vein lined cock of stone into my wet creamy cunt. I gasped out and grimaced in pain as he vigorously fucked my sopping wet dripping pussy as I cried out in pain and pleasure.

I arched my back and dug my fingers into the bed sheets as my head rocked back and forth with each new deep powerful thrust of his hips. I gasped for breath and moaned out as my pussy clutched and squeezed down on his cock as I cried out over and over fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, as his fat thick cock moved like a steel piston in and out of my spastic quivering hot wet cunt.

Tiberius slowed his pace and began a slow rhythmic deep motion that soon had me sighing contently and whispering out yes, yes, so slow, oh god, so good, uh huh my sweet Tiberius oh god it feels so good, oh god I love your cock, I love how you fuck me so deep and slow my gentle Tiberius.

Tiberius withdrew his cock from my slippery wet creamy cunt and gently rolled me over. My heart skipped a beat and I drew in my breath as I felt him settle himself over top of me. His hard thick long cock nestled in between my soft round butt cheeks.

I moaned out and sighed as he began to rub his fat thick cock into my butt crack. He raised himself and I felt his cock nudge my sopping wet well fucked cunt hole and I pressed back and raised up trying to get him inside me.

I heard a soft chuckle as he pressed my thighs together and pushed his thick cock down along my fluttering wet pussy lips. I moaned a loud long sighing moan as the fat head of his cock slid wetly between my hungry quivering cunt lips.

Please I whispered Tiberius, please fuck me. I felt his breath on my cheek then he whispered in my ear, “ all in due time my sweet Anna “ I whimpered and moaned when I felt his thick cock momentarily press against and then slide over my puckered pink rosebud.

I buried my face in my pillow and squeezed the bed sheets in frustration as time after time I felt his big hard thick cock tease my tight pink anus. In frustration I reached down and began to slowly tease my hard throbbing clit.

Tiberius nudged my thighs apart and again my heart leaped and skipped a beat in anticipation of his hard thick cock slowly pushing it’s way into my treasured rosebud. I gasp out as again I felt his long hard cock nudge my puckered aperture only to slide down along my wet spastic pussy again.

A long loud ah filled the room as Tiberius once again entered my now open sloppy wet pussy. I pushed back on his cock with each deep driving plunge of his cock as it slid between the silky walls of my succulent dripping wet cunt.

I encouraged him on with soft moaning yeses and whimpering fuck me’s as he whispered in my ear this night he’d always treasure. I too I whispered back, I love your hard cock buried in my hot wet slippery wet pussy Tiberius. Let this night never end. Fuck me, Tiberius, fuck my sweet wet cunt with your big fat cock I moaned.

“ Soon Anna very soon I’ll taste your sweet bitter rosebud with my lips and tongue. “ Oh god yes Tiberius, please do, oh god I can’t wait much longer my sweet Tiberius. “ the time is coming my sweet Anna “ soon I’ll take that which was promised. “

A long sweet shiver went up my spine as he spoke the words I had waited all night to hear. My dripping wet cunt clutched and spasmed around his thick hard cock. Long soft moans escaped my lips as he slowly fucked me with sweet long gentle strokes.

My pussy began to stir with the pleasure of an approaching orgasm as Tiberius slowly drove his cock deeper and deeper into my creamy wet pussy. I reached down and began to slowly rub my enflamed clitoris eliciting quiet moans once again as I began to whisper harder, harder, uh huh, oh god yes, now Tiberius hard and fast, hurry fuck me.

Fuck me , fuck me, oh god yes oh god oh god oh god now, now, yes I cried as another orgasm washed over me as I felt Tiberius’s cock balloon and swell as jets of burning hot sperm splashed into my slippery wet pussy as Tiberius pounded his cock in and out of my tight cum soaked pussy.

Our mingled moans and juices spurred him on as he relentlessly pounded my hot wet pussy with hard deep powerful strokes. I felt him tighten up and every fiber in his body went rigid as he cried out and groaned one last long time as he held himself deep inside my pussy.

I felt his thick long cock swell and pulsate as he filled my hungry cunt with the last remaining scalding hot strands of thick gooey sperm. He stayed inside me breathing hard and fast. I looked over my shoulder and smiled and quietly moaned before dropping my head back down on my pillow.

I slowly opened my eyes and began to smile when I felt him slowly grinding his hips into my upturned ass. I looked over my shoulder and raised my eyebrows and smiled and pushed back on his thick cum coated cock. A long delicious moan vibrated in my throat as Tiberius began to slowly and deliberately fuck me again.

I lay there languishing in the slow gentle way that Tiberius began to fuck me. Long but gentle strokes that filled my pussy with a renewed sexual pleasure. Ah I moaned as I twisted my butt up and rotated my hips. So sweetly you fuck me Tiberius.

Long quiet whimpering moans of lust filled the room as he slowly withdrew himself from me then gently and deeply pushed his long thick hard cock back into my soaking wet hot cunt hole.

Oh sweet Tiberius, mm, yes, oh yes, my sweet, sweet warrior I moaned as he fucked me with a sweet gentle passion. The walls of my pussy gripped and fluttered along his cock sucking and pulling his cock deeper into me as I lay there and quietly moaned at the pleasure his cock gave me.

He withdrew his cock from my soft wet pussy and hesitated , then pressed it into my puckered little rosebud. I gasp out catching my breath. He held his long thick cock in his hand and ran it up and down the length of my sopping wet cunt. He gathered our combined juices and rubbed his fat bulbous cock head along my tight little starfish.

I tensed up out of excitement and Tiberius whispered “ relax Anna “ mm I said back oh god I’m relaxed it’s just that I want you so badly in me there. He leaned down and kissed my shoulder and neck then whispered in my ear. “ Tonight I’ll know your sweet treasure “ I relaxed and lay forward and sighed out yes, tonight you’ll know Anna’s treasured rosebud.

I gasped and sucked in my breath as he pressed with gentle pressure against my budding rosebud. I felt myself open slowly as I wanted him in me so bad. I took a deep breath and let out a long sigh and whispered now, now Tiberius.

I bit my lower lip as I felt him pushing with a little more pressure and I could feel myself opening up. God I moaned I want this so bad. Oh Tiberius be gentle but please take my promised rosebud.

I pushed back as I felt him slip inside me. I let out a muffled shriek and he paused. No Tiberius I’m ready please fuck my treasured rosebud. Tiberius scooped my pussy juices and rubbed them on his cock and my asshole.

Then I sighed in disappointment as he withdrew all together from my tight little rosebud. His tongue on my shit hole made me sigh out and squirm as he probed my anus with his long wet pointed tongue.

Long loud sighs once again filled the room as he probed my anus with his tongue. As he licked and probed my anus he began to finger fuck my sweet little pussy. My thighs trembled and my breath came in great sobs as my hips twisted in sexual pleasure.

Tiberius left a dollop of saliva on my rosebud and gently spread it around with his finger. I felt yet another dollop and then I felt his finger ease past my sphincter muscle and I relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation of his finger in me.

This time my heart leaped and beat faster and faster when I felt him shift his weight and get behind me. I felt him nudge my thighs apart and then I felt his fat cock rub along my pussy and then pause at my tight crinkled rosebud.

I sighed out and held my breath as I felt the fat thick head of his long cock press into me. I slowly blew out and relaxed as I felt myself open up once again to him. This time he slid in past my anal ring. I bit my lower lip and a rush of air was expelled from my body as his hard thick cock slowly began to enter deeper into me.

I began to roll my hips and push back and moaned and sighed in pleasure as his thick veined cock sank deeper and deeper into my hot wet bowels. Oh god I finally cried out, oh god yes as I felt him slide even deeper into me. Yes, yes, oh god yes uh huh fuck me, oh fuck my tight little rosebud with your hard thick cock.

God yes oh , oh god oh god yes uh huh . Fuck me. Oh fuck me, oh fuck my tight little asshole ugh, ugh, oh god oh fuck, uh huh yes. Yes, oh god yes I moaned over and over.
Tiberius fucked me slow and gentle until I began to open up to his hard thick cock. Then he began to fuck me with more powerful hard deep strokes. He pulled me up doggy and held me by my hips and started to really pound his cock into my tight damp wet bowels.

I threw my head back and screamed out yes, yes, oh god, yes, uh huh that’s it, oh god yes, that’s it oh fuck me Tiberius oh fuck my tight little asshole. Fuck me, fuck me I screamed out in wild passionate abandonment .

I was oblivious to the fact that my husband’s best friend had his thick hard fat cock buried deep inside my husband’s treasure. I was oblivious to guilt, all I felt was the immense pleasure of having a man’s cock buried deep inside my bowels.
I reached down and when I touched my clit I was stunned by the amount of pussy juice that was flowing from my happy cunt.

I looked over my shoulder at Tiberius and begged him to fuck my tight pink rosebud all night long. To make me forget about wars, and landlords and husbands who were off to war. I begged him to fill my bowels with his scalding hot stringy sperm then let me suck his cock hard and fuck me again and again… Until next time Mrs. X…

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1 year ago
a deep satisfying fuck and delicious woman enjoying and ravished by a desired and dripping cock
1 year ago
You sure know how to string your words, well done!
2 years ago
Anna! You take such care with all the little details. You recreate so beautifully the hot, sensuous movement of this union. I felt the warm and exciting flow of your cunt crème...the pucker in that treasured little rosebud.

Love it!
2 years ago
I guess that's one way to forget the loved ones fighting over there, at least for awhile, very passionate story. keep it up!!
2 years ago
OMG!! this is really good.. well written and very erotic!! Cheers!!