return of Jimmy James

Everyone please understand i began this w few weeks ago...i finished it but i was pre-occupied so if it's not the best, I apologize, Anna

I lay there listening to Richard quietly snoring after our love making. I got up and rummaged around and found a flashlight and I got a beer and drank it and gathered up shampoo , conditioner , and towel. I grabbed two more beers and stepped out of the tent.

I had taken about four or five steps when I heard a voice say I was hoping you’d come out my dicks so hard from listening to you getting fucked it’s about to explode. I said Jimmy? and he said yeah it’s me and Joey if you remember him. I said oh I do and started walking to the lake.

The two boys walked beside me and I asked you headed for a swim? Jimmy said yeah something like that or maybe to watch a beautiful woman take a bath in the lake. I laughed and said oh you think so huh? They both answered with yeah if she don’t mind.

I told them that I might let them, but once I took my bath in the lake I was going back to the tent to get some sl**p. Jimmy said hey we can wash your hair and things like that. I said you mean if I let you. He said well um yeah , but you’re going to let us ain’t you?

I laughed and said I’ll think about it. We got to the boat launch and I got undressed making sure I was standing in the moonlight so they could see the silhouette of my body and see my hard nipples and the soft curve of my butt.

I’d made up my mind that I was going to get some of jimmy’s sweet young cock. He just didn’t know it yet. I asked Joey if he would run back and get a blanket from the back of the jeep. He said oh yeah you know I will and he took off running.

Jimmy turned to me and said you’re like way hot and so beautiful and he hugged me to him and took my hand and placed it on his hard throbbing cock. I whispered is that for me? Jimmy looked down at me and smiled and said take it out.

I laughed and said Jimmy James you haven’t changed a bit. I turned to lay my towel out and when I bent over Jimmy James finger slid between the lips of my wet creamy pussy. I looked over my shoulder and said I bet you have something bigger than your finger for me.

I got down on my hands and knees and Jimmy’s tongue found my wet cum filled cunt dripping with Richard’s sperm. He must not of cared. Jimmy spread my butt cheeks apart and his warm wet tongue delved briefly into my shit hole.

He said that tight little shitter of your’s is going to be all mine . Jimmy’s pointed tongue opened my anus as it slid into my puckered butt hole . I pushed my musky pooper back on his tongue and let out a sighing moan. I whispered take me Jimmy. Fuck my tight little shit hole. Fuck it with your big hard cock.

Jimmy slid his raging hard cock into my cum coated pussy soaking it with my creamy cunt juice. I said yes Jimmy get your cock nice and wet for my pooper.. Oh god I want you in me so bad. He withdrew his hard cock from my dripping wet cunt and pressed the fat head of his throbbing cock onto my tight pink shit hole.

I bit my lower lip as my asshole slowly opened to Jimmy’s hot cock as he put the head of it into my warm pink pooper. I moaned out Oh’s and aah’s in my throat as it went deeper inside me. He gripped my hips and pushed his cock all the way into my tight hot butt hole.

I threw my head back and moaned out oh god yes Jimmy uh huh oh god yes just like that, take me Jimmy give it to me fuck my shitter slow and deep with your thick fat cock.
Jimmy slowly ground his throbbing cock deep into my asshole. His cum filled balls tickling my pussy lips with each grinding movement that kept his hard thick cock deep in my puckered pooper.

I pushed my butt back and rotated it in circles moaning out as my anal ring gripped his hard cock buried in my musky damp shit hole. Short deep moans poured from my lips as Jimmy’s bl**d engorged cock stretched my shitter open as he began to thrust his hard hot cock faster and faster into my gaping wide poop hole.

Jimmy began to grunt and the sucking wet sounds of his cock ripping into me as I screamed out and moaned in pleasure as his raging cock tore into my shit hole filled the night air.

I reached back and found my clit and began rubbing it faster and faster. I pleaded with Jimmy to fuck my asshole to fuck me hard and fast with his hot throbbing young cock. Jimmy let out a groan and grunted and pulled my hair back as his cock slammed in and out of my gaping wide shit hole.

I cried out in sexual bliss yes , oh god yes Jimmy , fuck me uh huh oh god yes as my orgasm ripped through my body just as Jimmy James began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot sticky gobs of thick burning hot sperm into my damp dark shitter.

I lay with my head on my arms and my butt up as Jimmy’s cock throbbed in my shitter and dribbles of sperm dripped out of his cock into my sperm filled pooper. Jimmy rolled on his side holding me and bringing me with him.

We lay there spooning in the after glow as Jimmy kissed the back of my neck and his warm lips nipped at my ears. Joey showed up with the blanket and I was like thank god. This sand is scratchy and gets all over certain places.

I got up and ran to the lake and fell into the water. Jimmy James and Joey were right behind me. I swam out to the dock and surfaced underneath it Jimmy and Joey popped up under the dock with me.

Jimmy James maneuvered behind me and held my breast in his hands and made sure his cock was in between my butt cheeks. Joey was treading water in front of me then reached up and grabbed the dock.

His cock was hard and poking into my tummy. I wrapped my legs around Joey’s waist and his cock was rubbing back and forth in the warm folds of my pussy lips. Joey tried to put his cock in me but I told him I don’t like it in the water.

I ducked under the dock and climbed up on it and lay on my back looking at the stars.
The boys hopped up on the dock right behind me and laid on each side of me. Jimmy and Joey Both started licking and sucking on my nipples.

I didn’t protest but did look around to make sure there wasn’t any other late night swimmers. I said mm are you boys trying to seduce me? Jimmy James answered me by going down and kissing and licking my now hot dripping wet pussy.

I raised my hips and made small circles as his tongue found my pussy hole and probed into me. Jimmy held me open and licked and sucked on my outer lips and flicked his tongue over my clit teasing me with his warm wet tongue.

Joey was kissing me with passionate tongue kisses as his hands fondled my breast. Then he lightly pinched and pulled on my nipples. I told him to lightly bite them gently at first then harder. I held his hot cock in my hand and slowly pumped it until I could feel his pre cum oozing out.

Jimmy James had my pussy quivering with spasm after spasm. I held his head to my soaking wet hot cunt. I arched my back and moaned out yes Jimmy oh god yes uh huh oh god oh god oh yes , as my orgasm sent shocking waves of electrical pleasure deep within my pussy.

Joey came over and got on top of me and I opened my legs and my creamy cunt juices flowed like a river out of my drenching wet pussy. I could feel his hot hard cock trying to find it’s way into my dripping wet cunt. I reached down and guided Joey into me.

Joey groaned out long and slow as his throbbing cock spread my wet pussy lips open. I let out a soft moaning sigh as I felt his cock enter me and slowly bury itself in my gripping spastic cunt.

Joey grunted as his cock went deeper and deeper into my slippery wet cunt. I wrapped my legs around Joey as his hard cock slid deeply into my quivering wet pussy. Jimmy James came and lowered his butt hole down on my mouth and my tongue flicked out tasting the tangy musky flavor of his puckered shit hole.

I had my legs around Joey’s waist as his throbbing steel hard cock pounded into my tight creamy cunt. I grabbed Jimmy’s thighs and pulled his pink anus down harder on my tongue and it pierced his anal ring.

Jimmy let out oh’s and ahs as my tongue opened his pooper and my tongue sank into his butt hole. I made slow sensual twisting circles in and on his sensitive puckered butt hole.

Joey surprised me as his thick hard cock began to really pound my dripping wet slippery cunt. He raised himself up on his knees and bent my legs back onto my breast and started to really hammer my slick wet dripping cunt into an orgasm.

My quivering pussy muscles began to grip and squeeze down on Joey’s piston like cock as he fucked my noisy wet pussy hole. He pounded my pussy with hard rapid and deep strokes. I started moaning out loud screaming out to Joey to fuck me to fuck me hard and deep.

Oh god yes , oh god Joey fuck me uh huh , fuck me, don’t stop don’t stop , yes oh god yes Joey fuck me. Joey fucked my pussy deep and fast as I moaned out loud and long. I forgot about where we were I only cared about the cock in me that was pounding deep into my orgasmic cunt.

Jimmy got up and let me scream out in pleasure to Joey, telling him yes oh god yes Joey do it Joey do it fuck my pussy fuck me uh huh god yes Joey right there, until my pussy exploded in orgasm and my hot wet fluids gushed out of my cunt coating his cock as he pumped himself deep into me.

He started to grunt and groan and let out a loud grunt as he started to really pound my wet hot cunt with his hard throbbing cock. Joey was fucking my soaking wet spastic quivering cunt until he filled my pussy with gobs of thick scalding hot sperm.

Joey lay on me and kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear how much he loved to put his cock in my tight pussy. I squeezed down on his withering cock and said I like to have your hot cock in my me too.

I laughed and said will I ever get that bath, and I cracked up because Jimmy James was already hard and guiding my lips to his hard throbbing cock. I looked up and smiled and said nope you haven’t changed.

I opened my mouth to take his hard sweet cock into my warm wet mouth I twirled my tongue around and around his throbbing young cock. He gently held my head and slowly fucked my mouth until his hard cock down was my throat.

I felt Joey behind me reach around and cup my breast as his fingers made slow circles around my nipples. Joey ran his fingers over my them and was gently pinching my hardening nipples.

Wet gagging noises came from around my mouth as Jimmy quickened his pace as he fucked my mouth with his hard throbbing cock.

Jimmy held my head as he laid back on the dock. I fell forward with him, which put my butt in the air. I felt Joey rubbing his hard cock between my soaking wet pussy lips.

He put his cock in me and I sighed out a long pleasurable sigh. Joey was pumping his hard cock in and out of my hot wet cunt with short thrust. I sighed and moaned oh yes uh huh god yes uh huh oh god Joey just like that slow and easy.

I felt Joey’s wet finger on my pooper as he made slow little circles around it. My anus tightened up at the initial probing of his finger then relaxed as I thought of Joey’s cock stretching my butt hole open.

I was moaning out loud and long as his hard cock slid easily in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Joey spit down on my poop hole and I relaxed more as I waited eagerly for his hard cock to penetrate my shitter with his pulsing bl**d engorged cock.

My mouth opened and I gasped in a huge breath as the big head of Joey’s cock pierced my sphincter and slithered it’s way into my damp dark shit hole. Joey held my hips and started thrusting his hard cock into my tight pooper. I felt his cock plunging into my asshole until it was buried deep in my shitter.

Jimmy James held my head in his hands and started face fucking me and Joey was hammering my gaping asshole with his fat hard cock. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the pleasure of two young hard cocks fucking me. I tried to moan around Jimmy’s cock as Joey pounded my tight little pooper.

I felt Jimmy’s cock jerk and throb and I swirled my tongue under the head of his thick cock. Jimmy grunted and groaned as his fat cock sent his cock cream shooting onto my tongue and down my throat. I held his cock in my hand and licked and sucked his cock clean of his sweet tasting sperm.

With my mouth empty I moaned and sighed as Joey rammed his cock in and out of my slippery wet poop hole. I looked over my shoulder and said uh huh oh god yes uh huh oh god yes Joey fuck me , fuck my asshole with your big hard cock.

Joey had his eyes closed and had a dreamy look on his face as he thrust his fat veined cock deep and hard into me. I heard him whispering oh fuck oh shit yes fuck I’m going to cum in your ass oh fuck oh shit here it comes.

I moaned out yes oh yes uh huh yes Joey cum in me cum in my shit hole god yes Joey do it uh huh oh yes fuck me , fuck me Joey fuck me harder , uh huh yes cum in my ass Joey , uh huh that’s it oh yes fuck my ass joey cum in my tight little shit hole.

I felt Joey’s cock slam hard and deep into me as his cock shot out gobs and gobs of his hot creamy sperm. I pushed back on his throbbing cock and tightened my sphincter as his cock shot out jets of hot sweet cum into my asshole.

Joey held me to him as tight as possible as his cock pumped out the last drops of his sperm into my shit hole. I fell forward and lay on the dock catching my breath.

Before I could even move Jimmy positioned himself over me holding his hard cock in his hand and guiding it into my cum filled poop hole. I sighed and moaned out as Jimmy’s hard hot cock slowly entered me.

Jimmy leaned down and said uh huh now it’s my turn to give that tight little shitter of yours a nice slow deep grinding fuck. I pushed my ass back and moaned out as I took his thick hard cock into my cum filled slippery pooper.

Low whispering whimpers escaped my lips as Jimmy said yeah you like my cock up your ass don’t you Anna. I sighed out god yes Jimmy I love your cock in my tight shit hole.

I moaning out yes oh god yes Jimmy give it to me give me that fat hard cock uh huh oh god yes fuck my tight hot pooper with your big hard cock.

Jimmy whispered in my ear as he slowly fucked my cum drenched asshole with his long thick hard cock how he loved fucking my hot tight little shit hole.

Joey was on his knees beside us holding his throbbing cock in his hand slowly masturbating as he watched Jimmy James shiny wet cock slowly fucking in and out of my gaping asshole.

I reached out and put my hand on his cock and slowly pumped my hand up and down matching the slow sweet fucking Jimmy James was giving my poop hole.

Jimmy said you want us both Anna. I sighed out mm god yes uh huh I want both of you in me at the same time. I want your cock in my ass while Joey fucks my dripping wet cunt.

We switched positions with me riding Jimmy’s hard cock reverse cowgirl and I leaned back so Joey could get his fat thick cock into my dripping wet pussy.

That didn’t work out so good so Joey lay down and I straddled him and guided his throbbing hard cock into my wet slippery cunt. Jimmy James slowly inched his fat hot cock back into my warm wet butt hole.

I sighed out uh huh mm yes slow and easy uh huh just like that fuck me slow and easy.
My shit hole made little farting sounds as Jimmy’s cock slid in and out of my gaping wide pooper.

Joey slowly and rhythmically fucked me with grinding strokes of his hard cock. I was sighing and moaning as their cocks filled my wet cum coated cunt and my cum filled damp musky shit hole.

My body was drenched in a sheen of sweat as Joey and Jimmy slowly and gently fucked me into a state of sexual ecstasy. I lost count of the number of orgasms that slowly built up and then exploded erupting deep within me.

Quiet gentle whispers and sighs filled the night as Joey and Jimmy slowly quickened the tempo. Moans and groans were mingled with grunts and sighs that became louder and louder as my creamy wet pussy and my musky tight shit hole was filled with hot throbbing young cocks.

I was crying out and sighing and whimpering little moans that began to get louder and louder as Jimmy and Joey started pounding my dripping wet cunt and gaping wide pooper hard and fast with their endlessly hard erect cocks.

I held nothing back now as I cried out fuck me , uh huh yes oh yes god yes fuck me, fuck me uh huh god don’t stop , yes fuck me fuck me just like that, yes oh god yes pound me, yes uh huh uh huh uh huh fuck me fuck me.

Oh god yes Joey fuck my pussy uh huh yes oh yes , oh god yes Jimmy fuck my shit hole. Fuck me , uh huh fuck me now , yes hard like that fuck me harder oh god yes now, don’t stop uh huh , oh god yes fuck me oh , yes , oh god yes.

I screamed out as an orgasm started deep in my tummy and shot through my shitter and pussy. Joey was grunting and pounding my wet dripping cunt as Jimmy hammered my gaping wide shit hole.

Joey was grunting out oh shit oh fuck oh damn god shit damn fuck yes here it comes as his cock blasted my vagina with searing hot sperm. Jimmy was breathing hard and deep as his raging hard cock exploded in my asshole filling it with warm gobs of stringy sperm.

We all collapsed and lay on the deck totally spent and sated as we slowly got our breaths back. I reached out and grabbed Joey’s and Jimmy James’ cocks and sighed oh god how I love your never ending hard cocks.

I leaned over and took Joey’s cock in my mouth and licked it clean with my tongue. Tasting a mixture of my creamy pussy juices and his salty sperm. I smiled at Jimmy James and leaned over and took him in my mouth.

I savored the musky flavor of my poop hole and his sweet tasting sperm that filled my mouth as I bathed his cock with my warm wet tongue licking and cleaning the mixture of our juices off his cock. I sighed out and said I think I’ll go take that bath now I’m a mess of sticky sweaty sex.

By the time I got back to our tent I was all fresh and clean. Well almost , my butt still had oodles of sperm in it. The sky was dusky gray when I slipped into the tent and got undressed and snuggled up to Richard.

He put his arm around me and in his sl**p his hand found my boob and playfully rubbed his finger around my nipple causing it to harden to his touch. He shifted around until his warm cock found my butt crack and he sighed in his sl**p.

I smiled to myself and wiggled and shifted my butt so that his sl**py semi hard cock was now nuzzled snugly against the warm lips of my pussy. I let out a sl**py sigh of contentment. A gentle smile touched my lips when I felt Richards cock stir to life.
Until next time…Mrs. X.
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good history
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another cum blaster anna dont give up
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