Return to the Campground

Richard came by and picked me up in his new jeep wrangler. He was so proud of it. He had everything we needed to go for a week long camping trip. We both knew we were going back to the very spot that we first made love.

I was studying his face to see any tell tale signs of discomfort or embarrassment. I saw none of that, I looked at his shorts looking for any sign of his cock hardening. My own pussy was twitching and getting quite moist.

He sighed and looked at me and asked me if I was ok, I said sure why wouldn’t I be. He said you’re awful quiet is all Mom. I told him I was just reflecting on that night, and the many times we’ve made love since.

He said me too, and said just look at my hard ass cock or feel it if you want. When I looked he had a huge boner in his shorts. I looked around and saw no traffic and said can you drive while I suck that thing?

In his haste he said hell yes then went oops sorry Mom. I smiled and said it’s ok Richard I’m proud of the young man you’ve grown to be, but for now I leaned over and whispered in his ear. Mommy want’s to suck that thick long fat cock of her baby boy.

He looked around too and said isn’t that kind of dangerous out here I mean I have no top or doors on. I told him relax as I unzipped his shorts and pulled them down and his cock sprung out and slapped his stomach.

I held his fat throbbing cock in my hand and marveled at how soft the skin was yet his cock was throbbing hard. I held it to my lips and kissed the head of it feeling the sticky stringy pre-cum bubbling at the tip of his rock hard cock.

I wet my lips and took just the head of his throbbing thick cock into my mouth and sucked until my cheeks and lips were pursed tight around his delicious hard cock. My tongue slowly licked across the underside of the sensitive head of his cock.

Then I held his hard as steel cock in my hand and licked and twirled my tongue all around the head of his thick huge cock. Richard put his hand on my head as I took him in my warm wet mouth and relaxed and let his cock slide into my throat.

I fondled his ball as I moved slowly and slightly up and down keeping his cock in my throat. Richard was moaning and grunting out oh god Mom you sure can deep throat a guy and make him crazy. I smiled to myself as I let him push my head back down every time it came up.

A lot of saliva was dripping onto his cock and balls. I was making gagging and gurgling noises as he fucked my throat with his fat thick cock. I felt his cock begin to throb and pulse so I took his cock out of my mouth and nipped at the head and said not yet my darling boy.

Mommy wants to play and suck your cock some more. Just as I took him back in my mouth a car passed us and beeped it’s horn and people were yelling oh yeah woo who at the sight of my mouth wrapped around Richards big hard cock.

Knowing they saw me made my pussy wetter than it already was from sucking my son’s beautiful cock if that was possible as my pussy juices were flowing freely out of my hot tight cunt.

I wanted to take my time and savor the taste and smell of his hard thick cock as I now slowly pumped my hand up and down his thick shaft as my lips were wrapped tightly around the head of his hard cock.

Richard held the back of my head and started moaning out oh god Mom I can’t I can’t oh shit I’m going to cum. My only answer was to rapidly pump the thick hard shaft of his cock until I felt him on the verge of shooting his thick creamy hot sperm into my mouth and down my throat.

Richard pulled over just as his cock exploded in my mouth filling it with his thick scalding hot sperm. I greedily swallowed every last drop then squeezed his cock to get out the last drops of his hot sweet sperm.

I looked up and said that should hold you for a little while and he laughed as I tucked him back into his shorts and sat back with a big satisfied grin on my face.

I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said you are going to fuck your Mother aren’t you Richard. Are you going to pound her hot wet tight pussy with your big thick hard cock until I scream and moan as your cock fucks me into orgasmic bliss.

He said no, and laughed, I turned and punched him and said well you’d better. He said I’m going to tear that pussy up and fill it with my hot cum until you can’t take no more and then bang that tight little pooper of your’s.

I leaned over on him and said promises, promises. He said shoot Mom the whole campground’s going to know you’re getting that sweet tight hot cunt of yours pounded by my big hard cock when I fuck your brains out.

I settled back in my seat and said god now I’m all gooey and wet. Richard said I double dog dare you to take off your jeans and play with your pussy right now until you have an orgasm!

I said oh you little brat you, what you don’t think I will? So I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and slowly did a little striptease right there in the jeep. I sat back and put my feet up on the dash and felt the cool wind on my burning wet pussy.

I started out slowly rubbing one finger up and down between my pussy lips. Then gently and barley touching my clit. I ran my finger down between my swollen soaking wet pussy lips and dipped my finger in and gathered my hot wet juices.

I put my finger under Richard’s nose and teasingly ran the tip of my finger over his bottom lip. I said smell anything you like?, he smiled and said ok Mom either you stop that or I’m going to have to find a place to give you a good hard fucking.

I said I thought you dared me to play with myself, he said I did just don’t get your finger all wet with your pussy and put it under my nose and on my lip. I said aw why not.

Richard looked over at me and said because I’ll find a two track and bend you over and fuck that sweet hot tight little cunt I love so much. I laughed and said is that thing hard again already? He said see for yourself.

I reached over and felt the outline of has hard throbbing cock. I laughed and said jeez Richard that things hard as hell. He said uh huh and I see a two track. Should I turn in. I looked at him and smiled and shrugged.

He slowed down and my pussy started gushing and twitching and quivering as I knew he was going to bend me over and take me doggy. He drove down until it looked like we far enough off the main road.

He turned off the jeep and said ok my Mother the tease get ready to have your hot mommy pussy fucked hard fast and deep. He said it’s hard to believe I came out of that tight pretty pussy.

I laughed and said well hurry up and get back in there. As I pulled my top off and kicked my jeans away and leaned over the seat and pulled my butt cheeks apart offering my son my dripping wet slick gooey pussy or my tight pink puckered shit hole.

I looked over my shoulder at Richards big huge cock slapping his stomach. My pussy quivered and spasms went from my wet slippery hole to my clit. I felt his hot hard cock rubbing up and down between my soaking wet cunt lips.

I hung my head and closed my eyes waiting to feel his thick hard cock enter my wet tight pussy hole. I could feel my lips being pushed apart by his huge cock as he slowly put himself in me.

He held my hips and slowly started fucking my aching wet cunt. Low soft moans came out of my mouth as Richards hard thick cock burrowed it’s way deep inside me. I reached down and softly rubbed my clit as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my waiting pussy.

I could feel his big balls swinging and slapping my thighs as he began to really ram his cock in and out of my slippery wet pussy.

As he fucked me I bore down on his cock with my pussy muscles and moaned out yes , oh yes, oh god Richard your cock feels so good in mommy’s soft wet cunt.

His answer was a hard driving f***eful plunge into my hot slippery pussy. I moaned out in pleasure as his cock pierced my aching wet creamy cunt with his rock hard cock. Doggy style he could get so deep in me that at times I moaned out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

My finger now moved much faster on my hard swollen clit. As I screamed out oh yes uh huh right there oh god yes Richard don’t stop don’t stop baby fuck mommies cunt just like that uh huh oh god Richard you’re going to make mommy cum. I screamed out as a long loud moaning orgasm tore through me.

Richard pummeled my hot slick slippery pussy with his hard thick fat cock. He had me pushed down on the seat as he thrust into my slippery soaking wet pussy hole. I was moaning and groaning as his hard thick cock tore into my pussy at a relentless hard deep driving speed.

Richard threw his head back and screamed out oh god uh fuck shit god fuck I’m coming mom I’m coming in your sweet tight creamy hot pussy. I groaned out yes baby yes give it to mommy give all your scalding hot thick sperm to mommy. Fuck mommy baby yes fuck her pussy oh yes oh god Richard I’m coming too.

My hot quivering pussy went into rapid spasms as another orgasm rocked my already soaking wet cunt with tiny explosive burst of pleasure that turned into one long shaking trembling orgasm that erupted deep down inside my cum filled pussy.

I wiped my pussy as best as I could on the roll of toilet paper Richard packed but I still felt all sticky and messy. I told him drive us to the lake as I needed to clean up. He must have shot a gallon of sperm in me.

I threw my jeans into the back of the jeep and put my bikini bottom on and put my shirt on.
When we got to the lake I did a double take and realized Jimmy James was standing on the boat launch.

I smiled to myself and thought mm this could be an interesting camping experience. I swam out to the dock and I heard hey is that you Mrs. X I looked back and yelled yup it’s me.

Jimmy jumped in the water and swam out to the dock I was under the dock and had taken off my bikini bottom to wash it out and clean my pussy of Richards dripping gooey sperm.

Jimmy James dunked under and came up and asked if we were going to camp there. I told him uh huh for the week. He smiled and said what are you doing.

I laughed and said nothing he came closer and reached down and started laughing and said you got them off for me. I said no I just felt all sweaty down there and wanted to wash them out. Jimmy said uh huh yeah and laughed and said I think you got that pretty little pussy fucked.

I shrugged and said maybe and swam out from under the dock. I lay on the dock letting the hot sun warm me up and it felt so good. Jimmy James laid down beside me and I felt him trying to get his finger under my suit.

I raised my head up and looked around and saw no one so I didn’t stop him. He said oh yeah just as hot and wet as I remember it. I lay my head facing the shore as Jimmy James started finger fucking me.

He whispered you are going to give ole Jimmy James some of that hot tight ass pussy aren’t you. I smiled and said I think Jimmy James is getting some now. He said yeah but with my finger I want to get my cock back into that hot wet tight pussy of yours I told him flattery will get you everywhere.

I reached back and felt his hot hard cock and said um that things just as hard as I remember it being. I told him my son was with me so we’d have to be careful. I rolled on my side and I felt Jimmy pulling my suit to the side and his hard cock rubbing against my pussy lips looking for my hot wet hole.

I sighed out and said be careful it’s broad daylight. Jimmy said I know that’s what makes it so cool. I felt his cock nudging the entrance of my slippery wet pussy. Then gasped out and bit my lip as he pushed his cock into my soaking wet cunt.

I said you’re fricken insane but giggled and said we’re going to get caught. Jimmy said no not really and if we have to we can jump off the dock.

He said look no one’s even watching. I said mm I see that. He slid his big cock slowly in and out of me. I was thinking what a slut to myself.

I thought two cocks already and it’s not even night time or am I d***k. Jimmy started pounding my wet hot cunt with short hard strokes. I clamped my pussy down each time he started to withdraw his cock from my hot soaking wet cunt. Short little sighs escaped my lips as he gave my pussy a good hard deep fucking.

I could only moan softly out of fear of getting caught being fucked on the dock. I whispered uh huh uh huh fuck me Jimmy James fuck my hot tight little cunt with your big hard cock. Oh yes uh huh just like that uh huh oh yes uh huh fuck me with your hard hot cock Jimmy.

I felt Jimmy James go taut and he pumped my cunt with short hard deep strokes as I felt his cock throb and shoot gobs of his hot cum deep up inside me. I gripped his cock with my pussy and pushed back on him and said uh huh oh yes fill my hot wet pussy with your sperm.

Jimmy held my hips tight and pounded my pussy with hard short deep strokes as his sperm splashed into my pussy flooding my tummy with a warm satisfied feeling. Jimmy whispered if I can I’ll make it up to you tonight. I told him we’ll see.

I straightened out my suit and dove in the water and under the dock to clean my pussy and bikini bottom’s again and laughed to myself. Jimmy popped up and said, I’ll try to make it up to you by eating that sweet tasting honey pot of a cunt you have.

I kissed Jimmy and said we’ll see, but for now I need to get out of here and set up camp.
Richard and I set up our camp then we drove to the store to get beer and ice and snacks.

By the time night fell we had eaten and cleaned up our supper mess. We had a nice warm fire going and I had my head on Richard’s shoulder staring into the fire.

I was thinking back on the men in my life and I shook my head and had to admit Richard was one of the best lovers I’d ever had. Then came Timmy, and Jimmy James. Jimmy James was pretty big, but even so Timmy was smaller but he was so attentive and in tune with what a woman wants.

Richard said hey Mom what you shaking your head about. I looked at him and said oh nothing I was just thinking. He asked me what was I thinking. I said I’m thinking after a few more beers I’d like to have your hot wet tongue on my shit hole then I’d love to have your hot hard cock in my ass.

Richard said after I rub you down and we finally get time to make slow sweet love. I smiled at him and said aren’t you the romantic, he said no this is our place Mom. I want to make tonight special.

I told him every time we make love it’s special, and he said that’s just it mom, we only fucked today. I giggled and said well I guess that’s true. So you want to make love to your mother?

He took me in his arms and said let’s go in the tent so I can make love to the most beautiful mom in the whole world. I smiled at him with a melting heart and said you’re the best son a mom could ever have.

We went into the tent and he stripped his clothes off then turned and held me to him as I felt him unbuttoning my jeans and his finger found my wet warm pussy. Our lips met and we kissed with passion only lovers can know.

He whispered you’re so beautiful and sexy mom, I looked up into his eyes and said I love you so much Richard. He lifted me up and carried me to our camp bed and laid me down.

He took off my top and his lips found my hard sensitive nipples. I held his head to me as his tongue slowly circled and then flicked at my nipples. My own fingers found my wet clit and matched the circles he was making.

I was soon moaning and sighing as he kissed his way down to my soaking wet pussy. His warm breath on me had me raising my hips as his tongue sought out and found my dripping wet pussy hole. He spread me open with his fingers and pushed his tongue up inside me.

My hands held his head and I whispered uh huh mm oh Richard that’s so good so soft so sweet my love I love the way you make love to my pussy with your lips and tongue.

He grunted and sucked on my whole pussy and found my clit and had my hips rising and falling as I whimpered out yes oh god yes Richard uh huh oh god mommy loves your mouth on her. I want your hard thick cock in my pussy. I want you to take me and make love to me.

Richard held himself over me and lowered his cock until it touched the top of my pussy and he pushed down and his cock was trapped between my legs just below my wet sticky cunt. The shaft of his cock was rubbing against my clit. I started rotating my hips and pushing my clit against the shaft of his cock.

My breath came faster now as I neared orgasm and I could feel my pussy bubbling up with creamy hot rivers of my juices flowing down onto my butt hole. Richard held himself still and I looked up into his eyes as my mouth opened and I moaned out lowly now Richard now please make love to me now.

The fat spongy head of his cock touched my quivering wet pussy and I exploded into a long toe curling orgasm as his hard thick cock found my pussy hole and he slid deeply and easily into my burning hot dripping wet cunt.

He let out a long soft sigh as he entered me and his pelvic bone met mine. I threw my arms around him and spread my legs opening my pussy for him to take me slowly and deeply with his thick fat cock.

I tried my best to moan quietly but soon I was moaning out long and loud deep moans that escaped my lips as Richard’s hard thick cock pounded into my open wet cunt.

The tent was soon reverberating with my uh huh ‘ s and oh yeses as Richard put his arms behind my knees and held my legs open and began fucking me with long hard deep thrust with his throbbing cock.

My warm wet cunt quivered and spasms shook my pussy as Richard’s cock plunged into my sopping wet cunt hole.

Richard withdrew his cock from me and put me doggy and held my ass cheeks apart as his sharp wet pointed tongue found my pink shit hole.

I pressed back and sighs of uh huh uh huh yes mm so good filled the tent now as Richard wet my butt hole with his saliva and my pussy juices.

His tongue had my little shitter twitching in anticipation of his hard thick cock slowly opening my shit hole with the mushroomed head of his thick long cock. I felt his cock slide into my pussy and I sighed out as his throbbing cock buried itself in me.

He spit down on my butt hole and pressed a finger then another into my pooper and I hung my head and waited for his thick cock to open up my asshole and plunge into my bowels.

I was barely breathing when I felt his hard cock nudging it’s way into my tight lubed shit hole. He paused and let my asshole open and relax then he slowly pushed his cock into me until it was buried deep in my pooper.

I pushed my ass back on his cock and moaned out yes Richard uh huh fuck mommies shit hole uh huh fill her pooper with your hot thick cock. He grabbed my hair and said you like that hard fat cock up your tight little shitter huh, I cried out yes oh god yes baby give it to mommy fuck her shitter with your hot sweet cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I pleaded with him to fuck my tight pink poop hole with his hard thick cock and fill me up with his scalding hot sperm. Richard then started to fuck me hard and deep and empty his hot ball juice into my dark moist shit hole. I heard him say here bitch here it comes I’m going to rip your asshole in two.

My fingers clutched the sl**ping bag as I moaned out oh oh ow uh huh mm yes god yes fuck my tight little shitter with your huge hard cock yes baby give it to mommy that’s it uh huh oh god yes Richard just like that oh fuck me fuck me please, please fuck my shit hole hard and deep with your big hard cock.

Richard was breathing hard and fast as his thick hard cock plunged over and over into my gaping wide pooper. He grunted and moaned out yes yeah oh shit yeah here it comes mom. I’m going to bust in your tight little shit hole. I moaned out long and loudly yes baby uh huh fill mommies butt hole with your creamy hot burning sperm.

Richard plowed deeply in to my pink tight poop hole and grit his teeth and threw back his head as his sperm came rushing out of his hot throbbing cock and splashed deep in my shit hole. I could feel his hot warm thick sperm splashing my bowels as I pushed my asshole back onto his throbbing cock milking out his hot thick sperm.

I collapsed forward and he lay on me with his cock still in my cum drenched shit hole he held his upper body up and leaned down and kissed my neck and said god I love fucking your tight little pink shit hole so much mom. I sort of giggled and said I like it too so leave that thing right where it is, deep in my butt.

Finally his withering cock plopped out of my tight anal ring and I sighed as I felt empty without his cock in me. Richard kissed me and rolled over and soon was snoring softly in exhausted sl**p.

I lay there then got up and found the cooler and grabbed a beer out of it and drank it down and looked at Richard sl**ping and I rummaged around for the flashlight and found it and put my jeans and top on, and grabbed another beer and headed for the lake to clean up all of the sex and sweat off my body.

I hadn’t taken but four or five steps when I heard a voice say I was hoping you’d come out my dicks so hard from listening to you getting fucked it’s about to explode. I said Jimmy? and he said yeah it’s me and Joey if you remember him. I said I do and started walking towards the lake…but that’s another story coming soon…Until next time…Mrs. X
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fucking best story yet... love the variety of her talking about her shit hole or pooper.
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Hot mama!
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excellent story
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Excellent! Wall to wall fucking. You make me jealous with all that young cock.
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another nut spiller some double dicks cuming next