George led me by the hand down a narrow staircase that led to door with a peephole in it.
We were both masked and in costumes.

Tonight was my initiation into the “ Sacred Dark
Heart “ club. I was nervous and both excited by the ritual rites I had to go through. We went into a candle lit room.

Women wore red and men wore black capes. The master wore a golden cape. My eyes cast about trying to make out the dim surroundings of the room.

I held George’s hand very tightly as we watched a woman who was tied up on an X shaped wooden stand have hooks put through her nipples as the room chanted nirvana over and over.

My eyes got real big when I watched her pulled up on a pulley and her nipples bled as her breast wore pulled up and the bl**dy hooks shined in the candle light. She said not a word though nor shed not a tear.

My tummy got queasy watching her naked body now suspended by the hooks in her nipples and some kind of wooden yoke that her arms were tied to.

The most disgusting and shocking thing was to watch a man with a hood over his head be led to a device that they put his penis into and I whispered to George what were they going to do to him and he told me he was to have his penis cut off.

I looked away but curiosity made me look on as a small guillotine like device with a shining blade dangled over him. More chanting of the word nirvana was chanted over and over and the blade came down and I looked away horrified by the site of his bl**dy penis lying on the floor.

He was surrounded by the chanters and dragged away through a dark passage. My hand was still covering my mouth as I felt feint and I whispered to george I didn’t want to be here anymore.

He told me once here we couldn’t leave until after the ceremonies and my initiation was complete. I watched as a young girl was led to an altar type table and her cape and costume were removed.

She was laid back and candles were placed all around her. The man in the golden robe stepped forward and called out the name Siretha and another woman came to him she was carrying a dagger on a velvet pillow.

She got on the altar over top the girl and I was stunned to see her put her head down and offer her backside to the dagger. The master slowly inserted it into her vagina and when it came out it had bl**d on the blade.

Two men approached the young girl and held her legs apart as the master inserted the blade into her vagina as well. The blade came out with bl**d running down it and he chanted bl**d of the virgin mixed with bl**d of a dark succubus.

I moved closer to george and held tight to his hand. I whispered oh god what is my initiation going to be george. He said just remain quiet and observe. I watched as the older woman begin to slither along the young girls body.

Her wet pink tongue flicking out at her nipples and made wet slurping circles around her hard and pointy nipples and down her tummy until her tongue was darting out and flicking at the young girls pussy. I could see she was aroused by the older woman’s tongue because her young lips were shiny and wet.

I stood still as I could and watched her tongue lick and dart into her vaginal canal and when it touched her clit the young girl raised her hips up arching her back and moaned out lead me to nirvana.

I drew in my breath as I realized my own vagina was beginning to get wet and twitchy. I tried to avert my eyes but I couldn’t look away.

The older woman held the young girls pussy open to her lips and her wet pink tongue slid slowly up between her pussy lips. Once again finding her clit as her lips and tongue wetly slid over her virgin clitoris

Two men put their hands under the small of her back supporting her arched back. The master clapped his hands and loudly spoke the word nirvana.

Two women stood beside the young girl and pulled her nipples up and held them there and with their other hand they both put two huge needles just under her nipples and pushed them through piercing her breast.

The young girl cried out and shook as the pain and mixture of an orgasm coursed through her body. The older woman stepped down. The master pushed his cape up and pulled the girl to him.

He placed his swollen hard penis at the entrance of her vagina and raised his arms and ritualistically slowly pushed his hard cock into her virginal tight pussy. He shouted out nirvana and then slammed his hard throbbing cock into her tight vaginal sheath.

The young girl screamed out in pain as his hard hot cock broke through her hymen and buried itself in her young hot wet pussy. His cock came out shiny and wet with her bl**d and natural slippery wet pussy juices.

The master held her tight as he pounded her young hot cunt with bruising painful thrust after thrust that opened her hot dripping wet pussy hole to his thick hard throbbing cock.
Her eyes were closed tightly as tear drops trickled down her cheeks.

I was stunned when I watched the older woman’s arms tied behind her back and she was led away screaming no , no please no. master please I have served you well it can’t be my time. A black hood was put over her head. I held George’s hand so tight he whispered easy Anna and pulled his hand away.

I said what’s going to happen to her, George told me to please be quiet and just observe. The older woman was openly sobbing and crying and pleading with the master to let her free. The crowd chanted nirvana will set you free.

I watched in absolute horror as a larger guillotine device was brought into the room. I looked at George but his face was like a stone, cold and unmoving. I whispered for gods sake George do something ! The master turned and yelled silence. We need silence so nirvana may embrace Siretha into her arms.

I covered my mouth as I watched Siretha f***ed to her knees as she cried and sobbed. Her head was placed into a carved out slot on the guillotine and then a wooden carved out slot was lowed onto her neck. She kicked and sobbed as her head and neck were trapped by the locking device.

The crowd chanted lowly nirvana as 3 men stood behind Siretha each representing Earth Wind and Fire. The first got behind her and slowly slid his long hard throbbing cock into her sobbing and crying body.

Over and over the chant of nirvana was heard as he fucked her frightened cunt as she cried and sobbed. She pleaded loudly through the black hood to the master to spare her and let her loose so she could serve the Sacred Dark hearts clan. I was stunned to discover that my own cunt was dripping wet.

Earth began to slam his long hard throbbing cock into Siretha’s whimpering cunt as he shouted nirvana and he emptied his hot burning sperm into her quivering trembling cunt.
Wind now took his place and brutally rammed his thick hard cock into her sperm filled cunt.

Wind was grunting and thrusting into her sloppy cum filled pussy as she cried and whimpered as wind pounded her with his thick fat bl**d engorged cock. Siretha cried out to the master to free her, over and over she pleaded but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Wind began to fuck Siretha with short powerful deep strokes as his cock pulsed and throbbed inside her hot wet cunt. He threw his head back and roared nirvana as his cum shot out of his throbbing cock and splashed her already cum filled pussy with his scalding hot thick gooey sperm.

The master approached Siretha and said it won’t be long now and you’ll be in the gentle loving arms of nirvana. I saw her body tremble and visibly shake as she whimpered and sobbed.

Fire now got behind her and rubbed his cock up and down between Siretha’s cum dripping cunt lips. I watched as he placed his cock head to her puckered anus, my own cunt and anus twitched and I shook my head not believing that my body was aroused by the scene taking place right before my eyes.

I reached over and felt George and found he had a raging hard throbbing cock. Shame burned my cheeks as I slightly spread my legs and my finger sought out my dripping wet slick pussy. I quickly looked around me to see if anyone had noticed but they were all holding hands and chanting nirvana.

Fire was pounding his cock into Siretha’s tight hot asshole as she cried in loud sobbing moans as his thick fat cock pierced her puckered frightened shit hole. It was as if she now knew the master would not stop the ritual of her going to nirvana.

I watched as her body slumped and she cried out a long sobbing no as Fire gripped her hips and began snorting and grunting, his chest heaving as he drew in deep gasps of air into his lungs. His thick cock began to throb and swell inside of Siretha’s gaping wide open dark damp musky asshole.

He was pounding his thick fat cock in and out of her trembling frightened body. His cock shiny and wet in the candle light as he fucked her deeply in her bunghole. I watched as a masked hooded man approached the guillotine and took a rope into his hands.

Siretha must have sensed his presence as she screamed out no. no, oh god please no. My lord my master not now please not now. I only want to serve you and you alone. The master roared silence and shouted Siretha prepare to meet nirvana.

At the very moment that fire’s hard fat thick cum filled cock began to spit his hot scalding thick sperm into her hot damp trembling bowels Fire roared out nirvana the hooded man pulled the string and my hand flew to my mouth as I watched in fascinated horror as the sharp shiny blade fell and Siretha’s head fell onto the floor to roaring chants of nirvana, nirvana.

I woke up and let out a loud scream that woke up George who lay peacefully beside me. I was shaking and sweaty. He held me in his arms as I sobbed and told him of my terrible nightmare. He softly kissed me and nipped at my neck.

My tongue came out to dance with his as his hot thick cock easily slid into my already soaking wet pussy. He slowly fucked me and kissed my forehead and nose and cheeks as his cock sank deep and deeper into my warm wet tight little cunt hole.

George whispered loving words into my ear as his hips rose and fell in slow gentle waves as my pussy clutched and tried to squeeze his hot burning cum out of his cock.

He smiled down at me and said oh no I’m going to make love to you until you forget all about that horrible nightmare.

I smiled up at him and once again squeezed down on his hot throbbing cock. And wrapped my legs around his waist and offered my burning hot wet cunt for him to take….Until next time Mrs. X
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4 years ago
people have asked me about this story...the only explanation i have for it is that we watched an episode of " TUDORS " where Queen Anna was beheaded.then my drunken mind conjured up this crazy dream...Anna
4 years ago
wwooowww lil' lady that is not a very good place for you or anybody to wander into
4 years ago
You were in a dark place, that is for sure! Very hot, though, very hot.