Truth or Dare

George and I knew that Wesley wanted to have sex with me it was somewhat my fault as well as George’s though. I mean I had given George a blow job on the couch while him and Wesley watched the game.

Wesley watched more of me giving George a bj than anything though. That and the fact I was nude almost every time Wesley came over. For the most part I put on a gown or lingerie robe.

I just remember how wet and twitchy my pussy got just knowing that wesley was watching George’s cock in my mouth and the slobbery noises I made while blowing George.

I know it had me dripping wet knowing Wesley could see my head bobbing up and down as I sucked George’s cock. I even slowed down and made sure I made a lot of slurping noises as I sucked George off.

I think the fact that when george came and I kept my lips wrapped tightly on his cock as I swallowed all of his cum and then licked my lips and lovingly cleaned his cock off with my tongue was when wesley said holy fuck Jesus man she fucking swallows too.

Where did you find her at. I raised up my head and said he’ll never tell and started laughing and I said aw does poor wesley have a nice hard cock in his jeans. Wesley was like well um yeah holy shit live porn what did you expect.

I teased him and said he should have looked away he said yeah ok and what about all the noise you two made. I jumped up and said you two enjoy the game I’m going to take a shower.

Wesley was like oh yeah leave a poor man hard and aching. I looked over my shoulder and tapped my butt and told him get a girl friend and swished my butt as I walked away. That day kind of set the stage for what would later happen.

George had told wesley to play truth or dare with us and that I never backed down on a dare and if I was drinking I was more prone to say dare than truth and if I hesitated on a dare the triple dog dare worked every time.

I let the water wash down over me and daydreamed about Wesley and just what he had down there. My fingers soon found my pussy and I leaned back and held my cunt open as the water beat down on it. I was making little moaning noises in my throat.

Sucking Georges cock had my pussy tingling and wet. I thought I saw a shadow on the shower glass and I closed my eyes and slumped down on my butt with my legs spread open facing the front glass.

I was fondling my breast and softly pinching my nipples as my two fingers moved in tight slow circles around my clit. I closed my eyes and watched myself giving George a wet sloppy bj. My hand and lips moving up and down on his shaft then I’d lick around and under the head all the time looking at Wesley.

In my fantasy Wesley approached me from behind and I heard his zipper open and then I felt his hot hard cock nudging at my slippery wet pussy. I felt his hands on my hips as he slowly entered me.

I let out a long low moaning sigh and pushed myself back on his hard cock. Not a word was spoken by the two as Wesley slowly fucked me. He’d bury his cock in my warm wet cunt and then grind and make little circles as he held himself deep inside my pussy.

The room was filled with the wet sounds of Wesley’s cock as he fucked my dripping wet cunt. As well as the sounds of my wet lips as they went up and down on George’s cock.

Wesley was slowly going faster and harder now as my pussy squeezed down on his short fat cock. Though it was not long it was very, very fat with ropey hard veins that stood out enough that each time he pushed his cock in me I could feel them.

George was the first to start grunting and he held my head firmly in his hands as I took him down my throat and let him throat fuck me. I was making gurgling sounds as his cock would slide in and out of my throat. His cock pulsed and throbbed and he let out a long grunt and then his sperm came shooting out of the end of his cock.

I wrapped my lips around the head of his hard cock and his shaft slid easily up and down in my hand. I sucked hard and my tongue danced like lightening under the head of his cock as his cum splashed into the back of my throat.

I swallowed and swallowed getting every last drop of his thick hot sperm. Wesley grabbed my hips and started pounding his cock in and out of me.

I was moaning out loud uh huh uh huh oh god yes , yes , yes Wesley god yes fuck my pussy, fuck me uh huh fuck me yes fuck me uh huh just like that oh god right there oh god oh god I screamed as I reached down and rubbed my clit until another orgasm erupted and sent a stream of bubbling hot pussy cream onto his hot hard cock.

Wesley rumbled deep down in his chest as a long loud grunting moan came out of his mouth as he slammed my pussy with short hard deep strokes with his throbbing cock. With one last lunging powerful stoke he buried his cock deep inside of me and kept his throbbing cock deep in my quivering wet cunt as his cock throbbed and blast after blast of his hot stringy sperm splashed deep inside of my wet sloppy creamy pussy.

I opened my eyes and just knew I saw a shadow moving across the glass of the shower. I smiled my evil little smile and raised my arms over my head and stretched pushing my breast up and out at the same time opening my legs wider and I let out a nice long soft sigh.

I stood up and turned the water off and stepped out of the shower but saw no one. So I thought ok I didn’t see anything after all and laughed at my elaborate stretch to entice and tease whoever was watching me.

I figured the game was over by now and wesley had left so I wrapped my hair in a towel and went downstairs to grab an ice cold beer.

I was greeted with hoots and howls as I went through the living room into the kitchen.
George came out and asked me what I thought about Wesley. I played dumb and said what do you mean what do I think.

I think he’s ok and stuff but he’s your friend more than mine. George said no I mean what if we had him over for drinks and played truth or dare?. I laughed and said you know what happens when I play that game and get d***k.

George said that’s what I’m counting on. I cocked my head to one side and smiled and said George what are you thinking, but I had a shit eating grin on my face. Well he said we could go slow you know so you don’t get in to too much trouble.

I walked up and kissed him and looked up into his eyes and said oh what’s a little bit of teensy weensy trouble and laughed. He said you know little bets nothing to naughty.
Maybe the worse would be if I dared you to give Wesley one of your slutty blow jobs.

I asked George by the way were you two watching me in the shower I swear I saw someone. George grinned and said we’re busted and started laughing. I laughed and said oh great you know what happens when I give a bj I always get wet and horny. So he gets a bj from me, but what do I get out of it?

George looked at me and said anything you want I guess. I said we’ll see I suppose I should get dressed while Wesley’s here. George said no it’s ok I love to see him look at you like he wants to throw you down and fuck you.

I laughed and said well get me d***k enough he might get that chance. George said now? You mean today? I said I mean later after I make supper and we watch a movie or something.

I smiled at the bulge in George’s jeans and put my hand over it and went down on my knees and unbuttoned his jeans and took him out and licked the head of his hard cock.

I looked up into his eyes then slowly took him in my mouth and deep throated his cock and fondled his balls.

He said you’re killing me here I just said uh huh and kept sucking his hot hard cock. I love to run my tongue from his ball sack up along the underside of his cock and then take it in my mouth and let him slide his cock down my throat.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked and saw Wesley standing in the doorway. He had his cock out and was jerking it. Which caused my pussy to absolutely gush. I saw the look on his face as his eyes never left the sight of me sucking George’s big hard cock.

We locked eyes as I slurped and sucked on George’s cock making wet gurgling sounds when his cock went down my throat. I looked at Wesley and looked down at my dripping wet pussy. His eyes followed mine as I put one then two fingers in my tight little slippery cunt.

I gave Wesley a really good show of my oral skills as I took one then the other of George’s balls in my mouth and sucked and licked them. My hand was flying up and down on the shaft of his wet slippery cock.

I really wanted to be nasty and naughty so I turned George around and reached between his legs and jerked his cock as my tongue found his dark brown shit hole. I made a point with my tongue and licked and probed his sensitive anus.

My fingers were moving in and out of my open wet cunt and I could feel Wesley’s eyes on me. George quickly turned around and said hurry Anna I’m going to cum so I took him in my mouth and sealed my lips tightly on his cock as he thrust it in and out of my warm wet mouth.

He started grunting and held my shoulder and the back of my head as his cock throbbed and a huge gob of sperm shot out of his cock like a rocket splashing against my throat. I quickly swallowed it down because I knew George was going to fill my mouth again and again.

George could cum in gobs and gobs of sweet scalding hot sperm always filling my mouth to the point I had to swallow fast or spill it out which I don’t like doing.

George now held my head cradled in his hands as I sucked and licked up every last drop of cum seeping out of his hot withering cock.

I licked my lips and said um that tasted so good , but now I want to get fucked. I looked up into George’s eyes trying to get him to take my hint. He could either let me continue to suck his cock and get it hard or carry me off to the living room. Where he could put me over the footstool or just take me upstairs and pound my pussy until I screamed out in pleasure.

He tipped my chin up and looked down and said give me a few minutes and an ice cold beer. I said fine but my pussy is all twitching and dripping wet and really wants a cock so bad George.

I know now those very words led to an evening of total abandoned wild sex. George pulled me up to him and hugged me and kissed me then whispered in my ear how bad do you want to get fucked, I teasingly replied oh George so, so bad my pussy is dripping wet and I took his hand and put it on my hot wet pussy.

His fingers easily slid into my burning wet cunt he fingered me while whispering in my ear uh how about I blindfold you and put you over the footstool or lay you blindfolded on the bed. My aching pussy was quivering and a steady flow of my juices were bubbling up and running out of my cunt as he fingered me.

I asked why the blindfold, and he whispered back well what if you don’t know who’s fucking you. Would that make it easier for Wesley to fuck that tight little hot cunt of yours. I whispered don’t be silly I know that sweet thick cock of yours to well I could tell the difference.

He whispered even if you’re a little d***k as he said that he fingered me harder and my knees were weak and I held onto him and said you don’t need to get me d***k you can’t feel my hot dripping wet pussy gushing all over your fingers.

He whispered then I can blindfold you, I kissed him and looked in his eyes and said I love you George and only you and you have to understand that before I say yes. He kissed me back and said Anna I love you you’re my whole world. I smiled and winked and said let the games begin.

I dodged and ran away to the living room and George yelled out stop her don’t let that sweet ass pussy get away. Wesley reached out and grabbed me by my waist and held me up off the floor and said like this? I screamed and kicked and laughed and said put me down you two sicko r****t!!!

Wesley put one arm around my waist and the other under my butt and my pussy went into spasms as I thought of his strange cock sliding into my burning hot pussy. George came up and blindfolded me though I twisted and shook my head to show some resistance.

George told Wesley to take me to the living room and put my over the footstool. Wesley’s arms somehow slid up and his one hand cupped my breast sending a shiver through me. His other hand I was sure could feel how wet my cunt was as it was dripping soaking wet,
and his hand brushed along the inside of my thigh and pussy.

Wesley put me down and George guided me over the footstool and then my nerves hit me and I said george can I sit here and have a beer please. He said of course and went and got me two beers he knew I’d need them. I sat drinking my beer when George said are you ok with this?, and I said okay with what? Being blindfolded and fucked in front of your friend?

George came to me and whispered in my ear that he thought it was ok for Wesley to fuck me. I sighed and whispered back jeez George at least play along with me. Plus get me more beers I think I need them.

I could hear them talking in low voices in the kitchen when they came out George said Anna truth or dare?, I said truth he was like shit um ok have you ever had sex with another woman? I answered yes. 3 beers later George said Anna truth or dare? I said dare. George went yes and said I dare you to lean back on the footstool spread your legs and play with your pussy.

I smiled and said help me so I don’t fall. I laid back on the stool and slowly spread my legs open and reached down and held myself open so that they could see how wet and shiny my pussy was and see better as I played with my clit. Low soft moans came in sighs of pleasure as I lay there with my pussy wide open to Wesley’s piercing stare.

I ran my finger up and down between my soaking wet pussy lips and then put two fingers inside me and brought my finger to my lips and licked myself off my fingers. I sighed out um that taste so good my pussy is so hot and dripping wet. I found my clit and soon my body tightened up and I screamed out as my orgasm exploded through out my body.

I smiled and said was that ok, I heard two stunned voices say hell yes holy shit. George said it’s time Anna I’m going to put you over the footstool. My tummy got all fluttery as I knew that Wesley’s cock would soon be buried in my hot wet slippery cunt.

I was surprised though when I felt who was obviously George enter me. Then I felt a warm cock with pre cum on it brush my lips I snaked out my tongue licking at the pre cum it was kind of salty and a little bitter.

I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over my lips getting them soft and wet for Wesley’s cock. Somehow I felt better that it was George who entered me first. He was now starting to really fuck me hard and deep and I just went uh uh uh uh huh oh yes uh huh oh god you feel so good in my hot cunt george fuck me uh huh fuck me george.

Wesley reached out and guided my head to his cock I opened my mouth and felt a nice thick hard cock sliding past my lips and over my tongue and touching the back of my throat. I savored the taste of a new cock and swirled my tongue all over it feeling the throbbing veins and the plump head of his cock.

George really got me hot and dripping wet when he started saying things like that’s it bitch that’s it you fucking whore suck that cock bitch suck it good or I’ll ram my cock right up your fucking tight little ass. Moans and gurgles was all you could hear as my mouth was stuffed with a hot hard thick cock and I loved sucking on it while having my pussy fucked really hard and deep at the same time.

I had to take Wesley’s cock out of my mouth to take in huge gasps of air but my hand kept sliding up and down his wet saliva coated cock. I was moaning out long, long slow sighs of yeses and oh gods and please fuck me yes fuck me just like that oh god George I love your cock in me.

George grunted and said as soon as I empty my nuts into your steaming hot cunt you’re going to feel Wesley’s cock pound and nail that little cunt. You like that bitch?, you like the idea of another man’s cock in your sloppy wet cunt do you bitch. I cried out yes , yes oh god yes I want it I want his cock in my tight slippery dripping wet cunt.

George said yeah I thought so you fucking whore. You just wait until I get it up again and slam it up your asshole, you going to like that too huh bitch? I screamed out oh god George not my asshole too, please not my asshole oh god don’t fuck me with your huge cock in my ass.

George said yeah well maybe I’ll just let Wesley shove his cock up your fucking shit hole yeah that’s what you need you need a good ass fucking my little slut. I hung my head and barely said in a low whisper yes George I want him to fuck me back there.

George grabbed my hair and said where?, where do you want his cock you little fucking whore. I whispered in my… in my back there George you know where. He yelled I know where you bitch now tell me or I’ll shove my cock up your little shit hole right here and now.

I felt like a little school girl in so much trouble but my pussy was twitching and quivering and my butt hole too as I knew I was going to get fucked up the ass. George pulled my hair and said where do you want him to fuck you? I let out a little sob and said in my ass George yes I want him to fuck me in my ass.

Where? In your shit hole right? Say it say you want him to pound you in your shit hole. I hung my head and said I , I, want him to… I want him to fuck my shit hole George. George said that’s what I thought. He told Wesley come tear her little shitter to shreds give her a good hard deep ass fucking.

I felt Wesley hesitate and I said in a small voice, please wesley please fuck me hard and deep in my tight little shitter please fuck my shit hole. Please pound it with your hard thick cock.

I felt the head of his plump cock at my asshole pressing slowly as my shitter opened up to take his cock I screamed out oh god yes, yes make me your whore fuck me hard fuck me deep and hard with your fat thick little cock. I felt lube running over my asshole and dripping down onto my cunt. I silently thanked George for doing that.

I knew this was just the beginning because I knew also that George and Wesley would both fuck me at some point at the same time. I wasn’t sure if it would be both in my hot wet slippery cunt or one in my shit hole as the other fucked my pussy.

For now the room was filled with my loud long sighs and moans as wesley furiously fucked my shit hole with hard deep penetrating strokes that had me yelping as his cock tore through my anal passage and buried itself so deep in my bowels.

George told Wesley to take his cock out of my asshole and put it in my mouth so I could be a good little girl and clean his cock for him. I felt my cheeks burning red as Wesley came around in front of me and I obediently opened my mouth to take his cock from my asshole and lick it clean with my tongue.

George said you still want to fuck the whore’s hot wet cunt. Wesley said hell yes man. He said then give it to her real good pound the shit out of that wet hot dripping pussy of hers. George said that’s right isn’t it bitch you want him to fuck your hot little pussy until he blows his nut in your sloppy dripping wet cunt. I said yes , yes that’s what I want uh huh I want him to really fuck me hard George because I know that makes you happy.

George said yeah and now you’re going to go upstairs , actually you’re going to crawl on your hands and knees up the stairs and then when Wesley gets on the bed you’re going to straddle him and ride him cowgirl while I shove my cock up your tight little shitter until I bust my nuts in your bowels.

I crawled away feeling so humiliated and embarrassed a part of me wanted to just yell at George and say you know what? Fuck you george but another part of me knew it was a game and that part of me wanted to play.

Crawling on my hands and knees exposed my dripping wet cunt and shiny puckered asshole to them. I found the stairs and started crawling up them I felt their eyes burning into my open cunt and exposed asshole.

I crawled up on the bad and lay there with my legs spread wide open as george told me to do when I reached the bed. I lay there with my arms behind my knees pulling my pussy lips apart and showing my shiny wet cunt hole. Also putting my puckered pink shit hole on display for their eyes.

Wesley got on the bed and george said get on his cock now you whore straddle that cock and take it in your wet hot slutty cunt. I held Wesley’s cock in my hand as I guided him into my hot soaking wet pussy. I threw back my head and cried out uh huh oh god yes, yes I love your cock buried so deep in my cunt.

I smiled at Wesley and gripped his cock with my hot cunt muscles. I leaned down and kissed him and said do you like my hot little pussy wrapped around your thick hard cock
He grinned and said I’ve never had better, lie or no it made me feel really good when he said that. I was in my own world riding and rocking on Wesley’s cock.

When suddenly George pushed me forward and said there’s that hot little shit hole I’ve been waiting to fuck and by god I’m going to rip it to pieces. I whimpered to myself as I knew I couldn’t stop his thick hard cock from ripping into my shitter.

George said hold that bitch still while I ram my cock into this whores pink little pooper! I screamed out and then bit down on Wesley’s shoulder as Georges cock pushed it’s way into me until he was buried in my shit hole. I sighed and let out a long breath of air as I felt their cocks in my fuck holes.

Wesley held my face gently as he slowly fucked me with short slow thrust into my pussy. George also settled into a nice slow pace as his thick cock opened my shit hole more and more with each thrust into me. Soon they had me crying out fuck me oh god yes fuck me fuck my pussy oh god fuck my asshole uh huh uh huh oh yes oh yes oh god yes fuck me.

I loved the feel of their two cocks in me. My whole body felt electrified as they fucked me with slow deep , deep strokes in and out of me. My mouth hung open as I gasped for air as orgasm after orgasm shot through out my whole body.

I whimpered and moaned as they started to increase their pace and I felt their cocks beginning to throb as they fucked me with wild abandon. My pussy and asshole both were twitching as spasm after spasm shot through my wet sloppy pussy and my stretched out warm damp shit hole.

Wesley grabbed my hips and fucked me with hard punishing strokes that sent spasms through out my quivering cunt as George pounded and brutally fucked my ass. I threw my head back and let out a loud primal scream as I felt them battering and punishing my pussy and shit hole with their cocks.

My whole body cam alive as I screamed for them to fuck me to fuck me hard and deep to bury their cocks in me with hard deep pounding thrust. To shoot their scalding hot burning sperm into my waiting sloppy wet cunt hole and into my damp dark pink shitter.

They both roared out and I never felt more like a pure sexual creature in my whole life as I felt their muscled bodies go rigid in orgasmic pleasure , pleasure I knew my pussy and asshole was giving them.

With one final thrust and roaring grunt I felt their sperm shoot from their hot throbbing cocks and shoot into my waiting creamy pussy and stretched out asshole. Hot scalding sperm splashed into me as they frantically and ferociously fucked me until they collapsed.

I lay there catching my breath as I felt their withering cocks slipping out of me. George held me tight to him and told me he loved me with all his heart and soul, and said oh my god Anna I never dreamed of ever having a woman like you in my life, tears of joy fell from my eyes as I buried my face in his shoulder and as he caressed the side of my face.

I finally laughed and said oh you owe me big for this one, and we all cracked up laughing. Wesley said hey I’m down anytime you guys want to play truth or dare. I said remind me never to take another dare from you two. I slowly got up on wobbly legs and made my way to the shower… Until next time …Mrs. X
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2 months ago
She is the hot erotic woman of my dreams who can take two men and make their cocks give up all their cum in her at the same time.
3 years ago
4 years ago
wwwooooowww lil'lady you sure do write a mean story
4 years ago
Very hot story, Anna! I love to get dp'd. Drives me insane to have one cock up my ass and the other reaming my pussy.
4 years ago
now that's a real ball
4 years ago
wow ~ a seriously EROTIC piece...
4 years ago
That's the hottest story that I've ever read on here. You made me cum as well.
4 years ago
another nut spiller