Blackmailing my b*****r's girlfriend into bei

I would say for most of the time I don't try to have sex with straight women as most of my girlfriends are fems and studs,but with my b*****r's girlfriend, I had to make an acception.
Just the way her V line pussy would show in her tight jeans
beautiful as a blossoming spring flower beckoning me to taste the nectar
breast that aged like fine wine with a little of sagging that made me even want
her more,enjoying licking every curvaceous flaw of her body.
I only dreamed of the steamy passion between her and I,never to think it would happen in a million years knowing she was strictly Dicky,always criticizing my lifestyle.
However I had a thought of how may I persuade her into my bed, Bodies on top one of another covered only by the sheets caused me to cum so hard thinking of
such the possibly.It made want to imagine every minute detail of her passion,and how it would play out from the birds chirping why we kissed,the phone ringing but feeling way to good answer the phone.Even how are shoes and panties would lay on top of one another when we kicked them off onto the floor.
I became so sexually devious,I said I'm going to frame this bitch and threaten to call the cops right now if she didn't make love to me.Who would thought the
Universe could be so kind to me that day when she had confessed to me that my b*****r's k**s was not his.Saying what a relief it was to get it off her chest.
Funny how I thought what a relief it would been to get off on her chest.
That's when I tried the subtle approach confide,console,and make your move.
Wow did she flip when I tried to kiss her, bitch I don't role like that she screamed.I wanted this so much I yoked her up by her collar and looked right in
her eyes and said this is going to happen are my b*****r finds out your secret.
Find bitch just get it over with she said.Tears rolled down her cheek as I undressed her so I didn't hesitate to use my bra as a tissue.
Laying lying a bump on a log refusing to engage,I didn't waste time licking every part of her body not caring that she wanted to be a statue.
Even as I enjoyed licking the salty taste of sweat from her her feet taking time to coat my tongue with the taste of her feet,The moment was still so surreal for me knowing that my dream was coming true.
How I never knew I could enjoy so much kissing and sucking of her breast.
Damn bitch she said you trying to give me passion marks all on my titties.
I said I hope you cleared your schdule today because were going to have a long day of passion.I put more passion marks on her body then a wife beaten on by her husband,taking time to craft my pussy eating skills taking tounge counter clockwise.cirles,and deep inside her walls sticking long tounge in and out.
slurp slurp sip sip geting all the pussy jucies out she that she tried ever hard not to let out.Ok she said you happy,I came can a bitch go home.
What part of a long time don't you understand I said,it's time I cum now.
Oh hell no I aint eating your pussy she said.That's ok because that's not what i had in mind I said.I climb on top and sat right on her breast starting to trib her breast so hard you might of thought I felt a lump.I had so much fun tribbing on her breast and pussy making the sheets so wet,the rest of the story is to long to tell how many oragasms had even taking her cellphone putting between are pussies feeling the vibrate from the many calls she had probaly from my b*****r wondering where she was at.

The End

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