Using Andrea Like a Whore

So I was about twenty one and I was with a woman called Andrea who was about thirty six, she was a woman that I had met at a place I worked a short contract for and we had hooked up after a night out.

She was tall, slender, really long legs, a firm plump ass, small tits that you could hold in your hands, well toned body, pretty face, deep brown eyes, long flowing brunet hair and small sexy lips.

She was half Greek so she had olive skin and she kept in good shape, so her naked body was hot especially with cum over or in it.

Our relationship was at the time weird in a way, she would do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and would want to please me all of the time. It actually got tedious and somewhat annoying later on near the end of our relationship, but it did mean the sex was great.

So it was a Friday morning, around nine as I walked through the high street with a coffee and a warm muffin, when my cell went off and Andrea text asking if I wanted her to come round today seeing as I had the day off.

I was fueled up and ready for a day of unwinding, so I text her and told her to do herself up sexy, wear sexy underwear and to pack a bag with other sexy underwear for later and to meet me in the parking lot of a local store.

She lived in a different town, so I went and had breakfast with a friend whilst she got ready, when she was on her way she text ed and I replied saying for her to pretend she was a hooker when I got there.

After I had finished my breakfast and said goodbye to my friend, I walked to the car park and over to my car, next to which Andrea had parked. She was wearing a pair of high heals, a tight black skirt that went to above her knees, a tight black top which she had undone exposing the velvet and lace purple bra.

She had also done her hair and makeup and was looking sexy as she leaned against my car, she looked at me and said hello, to which I replied hello, you looking for some business. She smiled then said Yea what you after with a giggle.

I told her I wanted her to be my whore for the day, I could fuck her, however, whenever and wherever I wanted all day and night. She agreed and we skipped the costs and other stuff and I simply pulled out my dick.

I told her to squat down, which she did beside the open door, as she looked up at me, I told her to pull her skirt up which she did. I then told her to hold her now exposed purple thong to the side so I could see her pussy.

I pulled her tits out and positioned them as my dick slapped her face and she waited to be told what to do next. I then told her to open her mouth and look at me as I pumped my dick, now and then I would slide the tip in her mouth and tell her to lick the tip before taking it out and pumping as she looked at me mouth open.

I built up a thick hot load that sprayed over her mouth and dribbled all over her face as she remained mouth wide open for me before I slid the tip in and she sucked every drop, then she cleaned her self up as I wiped up and zipped back up.

I then told her to follow me and I got in my car and drove off I was going to my apartment, when a friend called asking if I wanted smoke and I arranged to meet him. Now my friend once paid me to fuck Andre, nothing serious, he went in with a condom, fucked her quickly and left, she was happy to do it for me so when I met him, I quickly came up with an arrangement.

Andrea pulled up and I quickly explained that I was getting some smoke and if she was to go and give my friend a hand job I wouldn't have to pay. She said she would do it for me and I told her to do it the same way squatting and showing her pussy so he wouldn't take ages and we could go.

She gave him a condom that I had given her a box of just in case times like this and then squatted, pulled her thong to the side and began pumping him as he stood there moaning and I rolled one up in my car.

Andrea was a real pro when it came to making a man cum, she made the rite moans and at my command talked dirty to him until I heard him moan loud and then Andrea simply stood up and walked over, got in her car and we drove to my apartment.

When we got in to my apartment, she put her bag down on the floor and then I told her to strip naked and get on all fours in the hallway outside in the communal area. My apartment was on the second floor and shared a landing hallway with another, there was two more apartments up above.

The two apartments above were empty, the apartment opposite were away on holiday and the two downstairs were at work, but there was still a chance of someone coming round, not that I cared as Andrea got in position naked in the hallway.

The floor was a vinyl and though it was summer it was still cold on the floor as I stripped off naked and stood behind her, pushing her and positioning her so that I could fuck her from behind and look out across the street as people walked past.

With a bit of spit on her ass hole I slid in until my balls hit her pussy as she moaned, let out a yelp and held in position as I began to pup her ass deep and hard, each time she went out of position I r arranged her and continued umping away.

She took every pump as she desperately tried to stay exactly as I positioned her as I used her ass as hard or slow as I wanted until I began to build up. As the warms sun beamed over me I exploded deep in her tight ass and with one last pump filled her and as I pulled out and slid up between her cheeks I sprayed a load all over her back.

I then walked in to the apartment and cleaned myself up, she followed and cleaned herself up before I handed her a tight red thong with a silver clip on and matching bra and her heels and she put them on along with her skirt and my white shirt.

I then smoked as she danced for me on the solid table in my living room, she teased and slowly danced just how I wanted her to. After a while as she was in her thong and high heels, I told her to get in doggy on the table.

I unzipped and began to fuck her mouth as I stood before her and my pants slid down as I pumped her mouth. I unloaded deep in her as she gagged and swallowed then I told her to clean up as I was don for now, but to get ready for some more when I was ready again.

Andrea then went and changed, returning wearing tight blue jeans, a back pullover and no shoes or socks and as I played and smoked she read a book. The intercom went off and she answered it saying it was a friend of mine called Phil, so I told her to let him in.

Phil was a friend for many years and was moving back to America in a few days at the time as he had been in England for six months. He came up, we smoked, talked and played the PlayStation as Andrea read her book and chatted.

Phil had hid dad coming to get him as they were going away together to see relatives before he went back, so I suggested a goodbye fuck was needed at a price of course, he was up for it and Andrea said she was ok with it seeing as I was her whore for the day, she even joked it would cost me extra later.

Phil gave me everything he had for a fuck with her, but there were rules, she would only fuck him with a condom, no kissing and he had to fuck her with me in the room and once he had cum it was over, after all was agreed Andrea stripped to her sexy black thong and matching bra.

Andrea knew he wasn't going to last long as she slid the condom on then got on top and began to ride away as he moaned and she pulled her legs up so she could go faster.

The sight of her ass riding away in a perfect position for a dick deep in her ass got me so horny that I unzipped, put some spit on the tip then f***ed it deep in her ass as she moaned loud and squirmed on his dick.

I slammed her ass non stop as she rode hard on Phil and as I filled her ass with cum and pulled out I heard Phil cum as she hoped off and my cum dribbled out of her ass. As she cleaned up in the bathroom we smoked and said our goodbyes then a few minutes later Phil left.

Andrea returned and we continued our day or relaxing and fucking, however, wherever, whenever I wanted.

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