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I had a friend who was dating a girl called Samantha, she was a chubby girl, big tits, blonde hair, big ass, good looking and a total whore. We all knew she cheated on him regularly but he had no idea and one night I was out for a drive when a friend text me to meet at the quarry car park, a local place to hang out. There was a hidden place that you could park close to the main car park and when I pulled in I parked near to it so my friend would see my car as went for a piss in the trees. When I was done pissing heard a moan so I quietly walked to the hidden place and there was a car parked there. In the front seat riding away with her tits out was Samantha pumping up and down on one of her exes and the one person my friend hated so much. She saw me and panicked as she got off him and quickly dressed outside of the car. Her ex drove off in a panic leaving her there as she desperately tried to dress and begged me not to say anything. I explained her boyfriend was meeting me there and would be on his way as she zipped up her pants, told her not to bother dong them up and she looked at me confused for a second until I began to unzip and she said oh so I fuck you and you wont say anything. I explained that we had about ten minutes or more before he arrived so she would be getting fucked until he arrived. I pulled her pants down and made a comment about the condom her ex had thrown out and how I was not going to wear one. Then she was on her back against the mound of grass legs wide as slid deep in her, I just used her pussy pounding in to her, was close when my cell went off and her boyfriend sad he could see my car and asked where was, said was taking a crap n the woods and to give me a minute then as I hung up she held tight and bit her lip as I filled her full of cum and sucked her big tits. I lay there unloading deep in to her as she held me tight and her boyfriend put on some music a few feet away. I then explained to her we were not done yet and that she would need to hide so he didn't find her. She then made a deal offer that if could get her home without him knowing she would put on something sexy and fuck me really good. So after having a smoke with him I made an excuses to leave as more friends arrived and decided to turn around in the hidden area, she slid in the back door and hid until we had driven out of sight. She giggled as we drove along and commented on how she was going to make sure I would never tell him about her ex as she unzipped and began to give me slow road head. She knew how to suck dick so good that as I pulled in to her driveway twitched, shuddered and filled her mouth with cum which she swallowed every drop before licking me clean and zipping me up. She laughed and said so are we good, thinking that was it, but replied what about the good fuck. She began to argue that I had fucked her and she had sucked me off and I still wanted more before she stopped and simply said ok one good fuck but that's it. Then she noticed that her dad was home so she suggested, we go somewhere else, I wanted to build up a load for her and was hungry, so left her at her house whilst I went to my apartment, ate, washed up, smoked and relaxed for a while. A few hours later I was horny again so I text her, she replied she was ready for a good fucking and drove to get her. She got in to the car wearing jeans and a hoody, she had done her make up and hair as well and was looking good. She immediately commented not to worry about what she was wearing the good stuff was under the clothes as she teased me with a flash of red lacy bra. We soon pulled in to a hidden spot in the woods near to my apartment where she explained that the deal was for the rest of the night she would fuck me like we were together and make me cum as much as I wanted so long as I forgot all about her cheating on my friend and I would not blackmail her anymore. I agreed and she told me to close my eyes as she took her pants and top off, when I opened my eyes, wow she looked great, she was wearing a matching set of red bra and thong which had diamond studs on them and her hair was done sexy as she lay back teasing her pussy begging for my dick. She looked so good I wanted to just be in her as she striped me totally naked. I took her to the front of the car and positioned her over the hood as her big tits spread out and she pulled her thong to the side for me. I slid in to her warm pussy and began to pump slowly as we built each other up, we changed positions so she was on her back with her big tits swaying with every pump. As she held them together for me I built up a load and exploded deep in her as she held me deep in her saying quietly shhh its OK baby cum in my pussy. As I pulled out I slid and the tip pushed against her ass hole, she looked at me and sad no not yet you get the ass only when you have another load and smiled giggling as she slid off the hood and got back in the car. Now Samantha was a slut and usually with her was her friend Kayla, Kayla was her follower, everywhere Samantha would go Kayla would go and Samantha would always be able to get Kayla to do what she wanted. Well after we had cleaned up and dressed I drove to another location where Samantha had arranged to meet up with Kayla. It turned out to be Kayla's time of the month and she wasn't gong to let me fuck her at all but she was going to do whatever Samantha wanted her too as she unzipped Samantha's pants before teasing them down as she unzipped me and teased my dick out. My friend had always sad he fantasies ed about a threesome with them both and there I was with Kayla sucking on my dick as I teased at Samantha's pussy. Samantha positioned herself on the car seat with the door open and told Kayla to help me cum in her ass, with a giggle Kayla slid beside me and started to kiss and pump my dick as positioned behind Samantha's big ass. Kayla then guided the tip of my dick in to Samantha ass before spitting on the end and forcing the tip in deeper. Samantha took it all as it went in balls deep and she held the seat moaning hard and loud. As I pumped her ass, Kayla held my balls and kissed me whilst begging me to fill Samantha ass with cum. As I built up in her ass told Kayla I was close and she replied fill her ass and you can fuck me when am off, she promised that could call her and she would cum fuck me whenever I wanted as I exploded deep in Samantha's ass. Once done we spent about an hour making out n the back of the car as they both sucked my dick and teased each others pussy's. Kayla gave me her number to call in a few days for a fuck then went home and I drove Samantha back to her house. As I pulled up to her house she jokingly said ok so no more cum to which I replied by unzipping as she smiled and said something about so much of my cum in her in one day. Her cell went of and it was my friend her boyfriend, she told him that she had just got home and they started having a conversation as she pumped my dick in her firm hand smiling as she went faster, soon I was ready to cum and she noticed that I was ready so just hung up on him. She put me in her mouth and as he was calling back swallowed every drop. he was continuously calling as she slowly sucked and cleaned me off. Then answered and made an excuse about her cell screwing up as she licked her lips and walked inside her house. I zipped up and drove home.
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9 months ago
They were great.
9 months ago
Great story, they sound like my kind of girls